Name that Bear!

ArcturisOneCarrying on the fine tradition begun with previous awesome Hunter pets, I now ask you, gentle reader, to take on the task of helping me find the perfect name for my new best buddy and bosom pal… Arcturis, the Spirit Beast Bear!

Thanks to Mania’s Arcania, for whom my respect knows no bounds, I knew that Arcturis was making his presence known in Patch 3.3.

I laid in my plans, and following the previous guidance from the commenters on WoWHead, I parked my Hunter in Grizzly Hills, on the west side of Amberpine Lodge, at about 32, 56, hovering in the airspace over that stretch of sharply sloped hill between the Grizzly Bear happy hunting grounds of the river, and the high ground where the Lodge itself resides.

This morning, I logged in quick to do a fast check, and sure enough, Thanks to the addon SilverDragon, I saw a popup to warn me that Arcturis had been spotted!

Arcturis does have the same stats as other spirit beasts, and I know that puppies are more in fashion for DPS these days, but I’ve been hoping for this moment ever since I first saw a PTR screenshot of him. How could I not?

So help a Feral Druid out, by suggesting your idea of the perfect name for Big Bear Butts’ new Big Bear pet!

Thank you, and may the spawn go with you!

38 thoughts on “Name that Bear!

  1. Why, Ursamajor/Ursaminor.
    Now to wait a few days while the BM hunters on my server farm the pet meanwhile an undead rogue sneaks up and kill steals, quite a show.


  2. For now, I had to go with Voytek, per Phelps’ suggestion. After reading the article he linked, I about went in the woods, I swear. I was laughing so loud at work I had to share why.

    So, even though I thought that there were simply kickass names suggested, just from a “Holy shit that story was freaking AWESOME!!!!” I had to go with Voytek.

    Thank you everyone for the great names… I see some fun character possibilities in there for alts. πŸ™‚


  3. Depends on what you’re going for.

    The arr pee game immersion? I like Sarabian’s suggestion of Arthyniwl. If being in Welsh makes the name and its significance more obscure than you want, then maybe FaceTank is right that Smokey works well. It’s in-game relevant and pulls in an IRL cultural reference like the game designers are wont to do.

    At least, FaceTank would be right except that if you’re specifically looking for IRL cultural references, that link Phelps posted is trump. If you want an IRL reference, Wojtek wins.

    If you want to lay claim to it as Big Bear Butt’s bear, my personal favorite is to name it BBB and just call it B (or bee) for short. Or if BBB is “you” and you want to lay claim to it being your bear without using your name, maybe I’d riff off Sarabian’s other suggestion and call it LBB, or LB (elbie?) for short.

    I’d stay away from the butt/fart humor though. Unless you want other players to think your 12.


  4. For no real reason I like the name Barley (not quite Marley from the book/movie). Also, Glass (of course, that may not be a good thing as in glass-jaw, etc.)


  5. Given the blog and alliteration, I’d suggest BigBansheeButt except I’m pretty sure that’s too long (I think the limit is 12 characters for player names and I’d guess pets are the same)…


  6. Here’s a few:

    “Oprah” πŸ˜‰

    More seriously:

    Ursula (too easy?)
    Nanook (or Nanuk) – Inuit for “master of the bears”
    Preben – Contracted form of Danish PredbjΓΈrn, meaning “magnificent bear.”
    Thorbern – “Thor’s Bear”
    Avonaco – Native American Cheyenne name meaning “lean bear.” (Too much like Avacado?)
    Molimo – Miwok name meaning “bear walking into shade.”
    Kuruk – Pawnee name meaning “bear.”

    Hooray for internets!
    .-= Naturalregis´s last blog ..What About BOB? (aka: The Measure of Influence) =-.


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