It's time for a trifecta of terrific tales

It’s been long enough, I think.

We’ve castigated it for long enough, viewed it with eyes blackened by it’s sequels, and in such light, rendered it trite, and without meaning.

But it’s been long enough.

Are we not human? Can we not, after all this time, finally find it in our hearts to forgive?

I think so.

Left for so long, we can brush it off, straighten it up, put a nice pretty tie and new suit of clothes upon it, and look at it as if for the first time.

I speak of that classic movie from 1999… The Matrix.

Wait, wait, put down the pitchforks, hear me out!

I don’t suggest just rushing blindly off to view it, as though none of the preceding years (and sequels) had happened!

No, I urge a more gentle approach, a more measured progression, leading up to the movie itself. 

We must throw off the shackles of memory that bind us to the past, and see it with eyes cleared and new.

Let’s take this time, 10 years after it’s unveiling, to sidle up on it as if we were stalking prey on the veldt.

Hey, I’m feral. I can’t help thinking like a predator. Hmm, another good movie, there.

No, why not, during this holiday season, give it another chance.

But first, let’s view two movies that will help us set the tone, and gain the appropriate mindset. Immerse ourselves in the ambience.

I propose this, my erstwhile companions upon the road to entertainment.

First, view The City of Lost Children, a masterpiece from 1995.

And then, follow it up with the Director’s Cut of Dark City, from 1998.

No, I’m not putting links in. Don’t go reading a synopsis from Wikipedia, go watch the movies cold.

It’s about mood, style, immersion in a view of a world foreign to ours, but so real, so tangible, that you can come to feel that it may just be there, in some other dimension just a little out of tune with ours.

Then, and only then, watch The Matrix. And leave the damn sequels on the shelf.

Ahhh, it’s enough to make an old geek feel alive with the possibilities of pure imagination, all over again.

For those of you, brave pioneers all, that choose to take up the mantle of holiday forgiveness, I hope that you will come and tell me what you thought.

8 thoughts on “It's time for a trifecta of terrific tales

  1. Just picked up the two packs of three movies each for a good price at Walmart. Predator, Predator 2, AVP for one; Alien, Aliens, Aliens 3 the other. I don’t believe in AVP:R, the time spent in the theater was I hope really spent drooling in the gutter, which explains how the money spent on tickets vanished.

    Matrix is good, two and three you can skip a majority of and just pick the parts you like without missing too much. Please, don’t pay full price for them though. It’s not worth it.


  2. Ahhh, Dark City.. and Melissa George’s first major movie role after coming out of “Home & Away” … and yes they did show her full frontal ! 😉
    and the Matrix, makes me proud to be an Aussie and claim that it was made here !


  3. Dark City… So I wasn’t the only one who fell in love with that movie 🙂
    Oh well, time to look up “City of Lost Children” and watch it too. I think there was a video game based on that movie.


  4. Nice to see some appreciation for City of Lost Children. I would add The Thing and of course Blade Runner to any list of moody, ambient science fiction movies. And Smeila’s Sense of Snow, just because she’s gorgeous.


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