Dechion seems bummed

If you check out Dechion’s latest blog post, you’ll find a rant that, really… /sigh. /swoon.

You know, I used to do rants like that. Good ones, just letting the barking dogs in your skull loose to roam free for a bit.

Ahhh…. memories.

You can have a lot of fun, letting it all hang out like that.

Dechion, I wanted to share with you my new response, macroed, for when someone is an elitist asshat.

I pulled it straight from the video I watched on Leafshine’s recent blog post, Guild Application.

It’s very simple.

“Oh yeah? Well I’ve got something YOU don’t have! My collectors edition Sparkle Pony. Because it sparkles.”

In other news… I’ve seen mention on a few blogs now, and in chat in the guild, about how sick people are of elitist whiny snob bloggers.

Umm… I don’t know who you’re talking about, because… I don’t have anyone in my feedreader that has said anything like that.

Which I suppose lets folks know two things.

  • One, if you blog like that… I don’t bother reading your shit.
  • And two… if I blog like that, nobody tells me. 🙂

In other news, for more tanky goodness, why not go check out another blog about Druid tankyness, Bear in the Purple Hat?

And as long as I’m mentioning good tanky blogs…

6 thoughts on “Dechion seems bummed

  1. Excellent post by Dechion. It puts to words many of the things that I’ve had difficulty vocalizing. The best way that I can describe it is that to me, much (not necessarily all) of the “elitist” and “hardcore” attitudes regarding things like Emblems and their acquisition in Heroics stems from a worry that they won’t be perceived as “special” anymore. That, to borrow from Dechion, they won’t have the “shiniest purples” anymore.

    My acquisition of Emblem gear (a full Tier behind what’s current, no less) does not detract in the slightest from what the “hardcores” have done. They can look at it from the perspective of both “We did it first” and “We’re wearing items what actually drop in the Raid. YOU’RE just wearing Emblem gear.” How MY having fun in my own way detracts from THEIR having fun I’ve never been able to understand.


  2. I sometimes have days I rant too, I try to keep them minimal! Speaking of snobby bloggers, I’ve found a few.. playing as many games as I do I read a lot of different blogs. Some of them are quite snobby, I need to sift through my feed reader and remove a few 😦

    Speaking of fun lighthearted bloggers.. Hope you have a nice Christmas Bear 😉
    .-= kaozz´s last blog ..Up and Running Again… =-.


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