Patch 3.3 Bear Gear – Consumables

To round off the stuff that will help you prepare your Bear tank, there is just one last area to explore – temporary buffs.

Temporary Buffs are things you can bring with you to help get that last little bit of preparation for when you’re tackling the big jobs.

If you’re going into Drak’theron Keep or Utgardt Keep, generally speaking when you’ve got good gear, consumables are entirely optional.

If you’re facing a big challenge… well, we can always use a little boost at times, right?

1) Food

For Bear tanks, the best choice really is Blackened Dragonfin. If you are looking for the best tanking results, then Agility plus Stamina is it. It’s all I ever carry around for tanking food. If you’d like some alternatives, then a combination of Crit and Stam, or Hit Rating and Stam, or Expertise and Stam are all also good. Just, not nearly AS good.

2) Flasks or Potions


Flask of Stoneblood – increases maximum Health by 1300 for one hour. I’m sorry, that’s about the best all around Flask.


If you prefer to go with Elixirs, then there are some to look at;



3) Finally, other forms of self buffs.

There are two relatively new items that can be crafted that can be used by anyone that are of special interest to us.

Inscription: Runescroll of Fortitude – increases Stamina by 165 for all party or raid members for one hour. For when you don’t have a Priest in the party, can be used by anyone, and only takes 1 Snowfall Ink and 5 Resilient Parchment to make a stack of FIVE.

Leatherworking: Drums of Forgotten Kings – Increases total stats for all party or raid members by 8% for 30 minutes. For when you don’t have a Paladin in your group. 8% is a LOT, my friends. It’s crazy. It takes 8 Heavy Borean Leather and 8 Icy Dragonscale to make one, but’s it’s usable by anyone, and has 50 charges. That’s not a typo, it’s FIFTY charges.

11 thoughts on “Patch 3.3 Bear Gear – Consumables

  1. I find the Indestructable Potion a nice extra “amagad” button; it helps the healers towards the end of a fight, when mana resources are getting low and damage is increasing – Festergut springs to mind.

    I was hoping this topic would be revisited again, always good to hear options. I had never thought about using Gurus Elixir before!


  2. How about the flask of chromatic wonder?
    +18 to all stats is a really nice boost,
    but what I’m wondering is how much LESS damage do you receive due to the 35 resistance thats added to all forms of magic?
    With bears sucking at magic avoidance wouldn’t this help out a lot?
    The fact that you don’t have to take a new flask every time you wipe is great too.


  3. So, coming back to this..
    I tested out a few alternatives.
    I usually use Elixir of protection & Guru/Agility
    Even in ICC progression.
    Yes it may be more expensive if we wipe alot. however I have come to find myself sitting at close to 40K unbuffed HP
    I felt (and still feel after trying a few other combos) that the 1300HP from the flask is not a huge increase for me (key word “me”)
    I would much rather the benfits of 10 agility,10 strength, etc from the guru, and the 800 armor from the protection.
    Actaully, I even like the idea of using a hit or xpertise elixir for more threat/dmg
    I am in no way a numbers guy, and I dont have any calcualtions to back up my statement.
    Lets just call it a gut feeling, and my gut feels better in my elixirs than the flask.
    If I am incredibly wrong, can someone confirm this?


  4. Yeah, Rawr keeps recommending Elixir of Protection as my guardian potion.

    But either I’m content where we wipe (mostly not due to my gear), in which case I’d rather have the flask.

    Or we’re on content where the Flask is “good enough”.


  5. Defense Rating never “caps”. You still get benefits from Defense Rating even if you are already uncrittable. Specifically, you get extra Dodge and Miss. Don’t enchant / gem for it, but don’t think of it as “wasted”.


  6. What aboout Elixir of Protection? (+800 armor)
    take that with a guru or an agility.
    Is it worth it? I see the armor being more useful for a bear then the defence. But I could be wrong.


  7. ATM I’m not sure if 40Agi/40Sta is superior to 40Exp/40Sta. I really don’t know.
    If you’re below 26 Expertise, I’d take the meat not the fish. Beyond 26 Exp (Dodge cap for ExP) 40 Exp is still really challenging, although I’m fish eater. 😉
    My guess is it depends on fight mechanics and equipment, but what in WoW doesn’t? ^^ 40 exp is roughly 1,25% less parry (and dodge if below 26). Parried attacks reset bosses’ swing timer AFAIK, making next attack come faster. I don’t like hard hitting bosses pushing a 2nd attack faster than healers reaction time.


  8. Indestructible Potions are also nice, IMO, since they have a longish duration for a potion. Pop it before the fight starts and it’ll still be active when the potion cooldown fades, letting you use a healing potion during the fight if you need.


  9. It’s not purely a tanking flask but I will opt for Flask of Endless Rage at times. It’s a good threat boost when you have content that requires increased DPS to get through. Otherwise I will use Guru’s Elixir and Elixir of Mighty Defense. I like the additional stamina + agility over the pure agility in Guru’s. And taking less damage over time is better than the health + regen of Mighty Fortitude. But yes all of these are great options, and if you have them they are better than not using anything at all! I try to keep these up even when PUG-ging. Set the example! 🙂


  10. I love my drums. And it’s always a good laugh to have someone ask for “wisdom plz” after I use them. Most Pally’s are also cool with passing out wisdom & might when I mention that I’ve got the drums.

    Scroll of Agility VIII is also good. +30 Agility for 30 minutes. I guess it doesn’t stack with some class buffs? Strength of Earth Totem? Horn of Winter?


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