Welcome to the New Ninja Order!

I’ve been waiting for his post all day. I was online when it happened, and we all helped talk him down off the WTFROFLMAOBBQ ledge.

Dechion, good friend and guild mate, has been regaling us with tales of his bad pug experiences since 3.3 went live. First person that I know to get Perky Pug, first person to catch the wave of asshattery.

Yesterday, yesterday has to cap it, though.

You see, and please read his more detailed story full of facts and screenshots on his blog, he joined a random pug, found the other four members were all from the same server, 3 were all guilded, and they ran Heroic Trial of the Champion together.

Once the Black Knight was down, they used a nice, new technique to ninja the loot for themselves.

Black Knight dies, and as his body hits the floor they instantly kick Dechion from group before the body gets looted.

Let’s get past a few things as we talk about this.

Move past whether or not anyone really cares if they lost a chance at pretty little purple pixels. Move past the fact that whatever asshattery was committed, it happened in a virtual realm, and who cares anyway.

Those are stupid arguments used to belittle a core issue and cloud the conversation with bullshit. 

It makes no difference what Dechion was denied, or whether it was in the ‘real world’ (thanks, Jess) or in a virtual one.

The core issue is that one person played in a group, confident that the rules would allow fair play to equal fair chance at reward, and the others in the group found a way to use the rules to deny him his chance at that reward. 

The ninjas in this case were all from the same server, Dethecus.

Their names are:

The first three are from Axis of Justice, and the last is from Storm Forged, a pretty massive guild on Dethecus.


This couldn’t have been about gear. You look at the gear of these four, and it’s almost inconceivable that any one of them was just dying over a piece of Heroic ToC loot.

Of course, that word may not mean what I think it means, because maybe one of them has been hankering for that one special drop for the last 6 months, and refused to be denied it yet again. You never know what goes on in the minds of asshats.

But if it isn’t about gear, why would they have done it? 

What about… because they could? For a laugh? For revenge that one of them died in the run and has a repair bill, so to hell with Dechion, he’s from another server, nobody will ever know?

All of the above?

Who cares.

The fact is, a glaring loophole has been found that allows a group to run something when short just one person… and then cut that person out of the loop at that last, critical moment.

How would you like this to happen to you?

Say… when Arthas has been defeated at the end of a hard fought Heroic Halls of Reflection, and as you run to the airship with everyone else, you get kicked from the group before anyone even reaches the chest on the ship?

Wouldn’t that be special?

What happens if the loot window opens, and only THEN you are kicked?

Does anyone know if having a loot window open for rolling prevents your being kicked? Or prevents you from rolling on the loot?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you were running in ICC 5 mans, and the Battered Hilt dropped, but before you had a chance to roll, the rest of the group kicked you?

Think about it.

And if you see any of those four, please, from me, and with all my heart, tell them Big Bear Butt wishes them all the karma they’ve got coming to them… and a special, extra kick in the ass just from me for irritating my friend.

One last thing.

We know three of them were from the same guild… and the thought runs through my head…

How do we KNOW that Ortherion was in it with them? What if he was kicked too?

I don’t know… but it takes at least three for a kick, and three were from the same guild, so I’m not budging on that point at all. If someone comes up to me, in all fairness, and says that Ortherion was kicked also, had nothing to do with it, and is hurt that I called him out with the other three, then I’ll certainly give him a chance to make his case, and if he’s convincing, I’ll be pleased to make a retraction.

Until then, well… tarred with the same feather, my friends. And if this spurs someone on to prove they had nothing to do with it… perhaps with screenshots, or by ticketing a GM from that server? All the better, all the better.

55 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Ninja Order!

  1. “My tolerance for any kind of jerk-ish behaviour has been lowered sooooo much lately. As tank – I have a 3 second queue.”

    The post above by Daniel had me confused. I was pretty certain a person could quit a group at any time and had intended to point this out. Then I realized there is a reason to coerce the group into kicking: avoidance of the deserter debuff. At this point I have to seriously wonder if the poster in question was kidding. Because if not, that is about the most shameful behavior a tank could exhibit.

    To extort a party into saving you 10 minutes of waiting time by threatening to withhold the tanking you committed to simply boggles my mind. That the excuse for this behavior is something so frail as the mere possibility of being denied a roll on 2 pieces of gear and a frost orb just compounds how terrible this is. I really do hope it was meant as some form of irony. Otherwise, good sir, might you consider looking into a mirror before speaking of a lack of tolerance for jerk-ish behavior?


  2. I love posts like this. It may sound mean but these stories make me laugh, mostly since they let me know I’m not alone in a game with too many Dbags.


  3. I actually did have my first real ninja-looting experience the other night.

    ToC random group… plowed through, quick and clean… good run.

    and then DK needs all 3 items, including the frozen orb, and leaves. classy.
    .-= Kaethir´s last blog ..Life’s Little Joys =-.


  4. Wow. I’d have never even considered a tactic like this and am glad that server isn’t in my battlegroup…

    The worst I’ve seen is Mute Group – for 5 groups in a row.


  5. Vacuous, your comment about “Americas Dumbest Criminals” really does sum it up. For the people who do it, and for the people who comment that are proud of it, both.

    What cracks me up the most is that when they boast about these things, it’s always in terms of being overjoyed at having made people angry or upset or gotten a rise out of people.

    Doesn’t that just show how completely clueless these idiots are? That they really think that anyone has hurt feelings or got angry over this for more than two seconds? That some got, as they like to put it, ‘butthurt”, lol.

    They just don’t get it… we share these stories on our blogs, first as a warning that goofy and pluto got another prize-winning scheme to beware of, and second, to laugh at them.

    Just as you hear about people that set themselves on fire and post the video on youtube in a desperate bid for attention, you point, and laugh, and marvel that anyone is truly that pathetic and in need of attention that they would be THAT lame.

    I think it’s hilarious. Not only that they came up with the idea, but that they’ve got two or three friends who are right in tune with ’em.

    And then they come here and think we’ve invested actual anger at their antics! Good lord, that’s the part that cracks me up the most.

    I picture them sitting there in vent, talking about how high they are, and what they shoplifted from the supermarket that day, and telling themselves about the awesome time they totally ripped that one dude that one time, man, like, that was priceless, man, totally. People actually heard of us, man, we’re like, famous and shit. Pass the joint.

    Ah hahahahahahahah!

    Oh lord, and Dechion was telling me the other day, he suggested this one guy that kept commenting on his blog post should start his own blog, and the guy replies that he won’t write a blog because his e-peen doesn’t need to be stroked. While he’s stroking his epeen in Dech’s comments. Damn, man, that’s so stupid that’s deep!

    That just cracks me up, too, when someone thinks they’re being witty and just blows it all over themselves. That telling transference of motives, which show you exactly why the guy writes anything… to stroke his epeen. He can’t conceive, personally, of another reason to write. Like, maybe, to share knowledge. Or just for the pure joy of writing, and playing with words. Or to learn how to better express himself. Or to have fun chatting with friends.

    Nope, he only thinks of writing in terms of having people look at him with awe at his intelligence… an intelligence that really wasn’t there, in my opinion. Flowery language does not make a keen mind, it just shows that the guy can find thesaurus.com and a spell checker.

    He only writes to stroke his own epeen, and his comment showed he thinks that of course that’s why everyone ELSE writes… a fine example of someone that still thinks that what they think in their head is exactly how everyone else thinks, they just pretend different. LOL.

    Hey, our purpose was served. People have been warned, and we had fun pointing at idiots and laughing at them.

    If the idiots take this as praise… despite what they think, this does not lessen the fact that we’re laughing at them. It just makes us laugh MORE.

    I do know that, in like junior high school, there were kids that would act like dicks, and if you laughed at them, they’d just get furious, and would respond by acting like that’s what they really wanted all the time, with some half assed idea that this stunning reverse psychology would make people angry again for doing what they wanted.

    Did anyone ever actually see that work? All I remember was laughing in their face. That kind of shit has always served to cheer me up immensely.

    I’m sad that this exploit currently works, and I hope that Myrx’s suggestions for boss loot get implemented, but long after the problem gets resolved, we’ll still be able to look back on those idiots, and laugh.

    That’s truly priceless.


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