Welcome to the New Ninja Order!

I’ve been waiting for his post all day. I was online when it happened, and we all helped talk him down off the WTFROFLMAOBBQ ledge.

Dechion, good friend and guild mate, has been regaling us with tales of his bad pug experiences since 3.3 went live. First person that I know to get Perky Pug, first person to catch the wave of asshattery.

Yesterday, yesterday has to cap it, though.

You see, and please read his more detailed story full of facts and screenshots on his blog, he joined a random pug, found the other four members were all from the same server, 3 were all guilded, and they ran Heroic Trial of the Champion together.

Once the Black Knight was down, they used a nice, new technique to ninja the loot for themselves.

Black Knight dies, and as his body hits the floor they instantly kick Dechion from group before the body gets looted.

Let’s get past a few things as we talk about this.

Move past whether or not anyone really cares if they lost a chance at pretty little purple pixels. Move past the fact that whatever asshattery was committed, it happened in a virtual realm, and who cares anyway.

Those are stupid arguments used to belittle a core issue and cloud the conversation with bullshit. 

It makes no difference what Dechion was denied, or whether it was in the ‘real world’ (thanks, Jess) or in a virtual one.

The core issue is that one person played in a group, confident that the rules would allow fair play to equal fair chance at reward, and the others in the group found a way to use the rules to deny him his chance at that reward. 

The ninjas in this case were all from the same server, Dethecus.

Their names are:

The first three are from Axis of Justice, and the last is from Storm Forged, a pretty massive guild on Dethecus.


This couldn’t have been about gear. You look at the gear of these four, and it’s almost inconceivable that any one of them was just dying over a piece of Heroic ToC loot.

Of course, that word may not mean what I think it means, because maybe one of them has been hankering for that one special drop for the last 6 months, and refused to be denied it yet again. You never know what goes on in the minds of asshats.

But if it isn’t about gear, why would they have done it? 

What about… because they could? For a laugh? For revenge that one of them died in the run and has a repair bill, so to hell with Dechion, he’s from another server, nobody will ever know?

All of the above?

Who cares.

The fact is, a glaring loophole has been found that allows a group to run something when short just one person… and then cut that person out of the loop at that last, critical moment.

How would you like this to happen to you?

Say… when Arthas has been defeated at the end of a hard fought Heroic Halls of Reflection, and as you run to the airship with everyone else, you get kicked from the group before anyone even reaches the chest on the ship?

Wouldn’t that be special?

What happens if the loot window opens, and only THEN you are kicked?

Does anyone know if having a loot window open for rolling prevents your being kicked? Or prevents you from rolling on the loot?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you were running in ICC 5 mans, and the Battered Hilt dropped, but before you had a chance to roll, the rest of the group kicked you?

Think about it.

And if you see any of those four, please, from me, and with all my heart, tell them Big Bear Butt wishes them all the karma they’ve got coming to them… and a special, extra kick in the ass just from me for irritating my friend.

One last thing.

We know three of them were from the same guild… and the thought runs through my head…

How do we KNOW that Ortherion was in it with them? What if he was kicked too?

I don’t know… but it takes at least three for a kick, and three were from the same guild, so I’m not budging on that point at all. If someone comes up to me, in all fairness, and says that Ortherion was kicked also, had nothing to do with it, and is hurt that I called him out with the other three, then I’ll certainly give him a chance to make his case, and if he’s convincing, I’ll be pleased to make a retraction.

Until then, well… tarred with the same feather, my friends. And if this spurs someone on to prove they had nothing to do with it… perhaps with screenshots, or by ticketing a GM from that server? All the better, all the better.


55 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Ninja Order!

  1. “Move past whether or not anyone really cares if they lost a chance at pretty little purple pixels. Move past the fact that whatever asshattery was committed, it happened in a virtual realm, and who cares anyway.”

    This is telling it like it is. People who use these arguments to defend asshattery.. are usually some kind of asshats themselves. These things that you are doing, you are not doing them to a bunch of pixels or a NPC. You are doing it to another living, breathing person, whom you might one day meet in real life.

    Another result of these x-realm pugs that I see is that people start to roll Need on off-spec items. (Granted rolling Greed will put you on the same priority as DE, but you can always ask the MS if he needs it first. )People defend this saying stuff like “oh, it’s just a 5-man epic, QQ moar” or “It’s not ninja-ing so long as the person can use it”, “MS/OS doesn’t apply in 5-man pugs”. Orly? You mean my tank just completed Heroic HOR only to lose a roll on a tanking item to the DPS DK who didn’t see fit to tank it himself? How’d the same DK like it if I won his shiny DPS plate boots for lolret?

    Apologies for the rant. Asshattery gets to me sometimes.


  2. Wow, that’s a new level of indecent behaviour to be had! To be kicked by group just as the boss dies. You see a new ninja technique every day it seems.

    Although Dech may have gears that outlevel anything H ToC might drop, still it doesn’t excuse the fact that he was cheated out of his fair due – doesn’t matter if it’s just a “pretty little purple pixels” or that it happened in a “virtual realm” and that “who cares anyway” thing. The run was real – it took time to accomplish, REAL time not some “virtual” minutes/hours. The conduct was real – you were kicked out of group before you have a shot at loot, REAL vote not some “virtual” oh-it’s-a-temporary-thing-or-whatever. By REAL people, not some lame NPC.

    And yes, to those people whose usual response would be to defend this idiotic misbehaviour (QQ moar, it’s virtual not real etc) I have one question for you – the same question that Bear was asking in his post: “How would you like this to happen to you?”

    Answer that question honestly (I’d look you up in the eyes if I could). I know I wouldn’t like it to happen to me, which is why I try my best to not commit something as vile as this.

    – Aenur of Hydraxis
    .-= BlackDragon´s last blog ..Of Screwed Schedule and Forgotten Alts =-.


  3. It’s a crazy tale, all more crazy because it happened to a great bloke like Dechion… I dare say bad things happen to good people all the time and never get heard of again.

    Those uber players that bag out the recent 80’s for low dps, the Occulus dropkicks the…. Well you know them, most likely have randomed with them.

    The one advantage Dechion has is a channel to vent on, both with you his guildmates and us his blog readers. How many good people will loose faith with WoW and humanity in general because of stupid acts like this.

    It makes me so angry that fire shoots from my finger tips!

    Ohhh btw, I would never steal Dechion… But maybe his little brother Dechionaggedon… BBBaggedon is always welcome in the guild that is not a guild as well… Finally have a tank (Cranky Old Gnome)… At level 5 with lots of level 1 dps in the guild the intention is to 40 man raid Princess, then progress to Hogger…. Well maybe on the last day of WoW…
    .-= Gnomeaggedon´s last blog ..My Xmas Present to Me =-.


  4. Very frustrating – I agree. Here’s the bottom line – I spend time playing the game, and my time is worth something to me. My time may not be worth anything to you, but if I choose to spend my time playing a game and I desire to have a fair chance at whatever purple pixels may come up, then I deserve that chance just as much as you (or said asshats) do. In my opinion, that’s the most important argument that is ignored by those who say it isn’t real or it doesn’t matter. If you’re into economics, it’s all about opportunity cost, and that is why it matters – I could have spent that hour making money, or enjoying myself in some other fashion… I could have even joined a group where I knew the loot was reserved if I chose to do so – but that was NOT the case in this pug, and that’s why those people deserve all the bad karma they get… I hope I am never subjected to a group like that…


  5. There are several major flaws in the new LFG system; this seems like the worst so far.

    I’m also finding (as a resto shaman), that it’s way too easy for “best available” cloth and leather drops to get DE’d by puggers doing a DE roll before I have a chance to say “Wait, please”. I cannot need-roll on them – Blizzard won’t let me. I now have a ‘wait, please’ macro, and ask folks at the start of a run to be considerate …. and that works, even if I feel kind of stoopid doing it 🙂 It’s .. kind of frustrating that most of the suitable helms, with a meta slot, that drop from 5-mans – are cloth or leather. I’ve seen a major upgrade get DE’d twice now…

    But that’s minor. Players abusing the system (the “Axis of Injustice” maneuver, or the needing-for-offspec against someone needing for mainspec) – is far worse.

    I hope Blizzard will fix this soon. IMHO, they should do at least the following:

    * Make it impossible to vote-kick between the time that a boss fight starts, and the time that all loot from that boss is distributed.

    * Make it impossible to for off-specs to roll need if there is a main-spec present who is rolling need. If the off-spec rolls first, their ‘needless’ roll should be downgraded to a greed roll, automatically, when the main-spec rolls need (with an appropriate message, of course – don’t leave people wondering).

    * Allow toons with higher armor grades (Plate or Mail) to roll need on items of lower armor grades – but ONLY if a) it fits their current main spec, b) there are no toons present and rolling need who can only wear cloth (or leather, etc.). For example – I’m a resto shaman. I should be able to roll need on cloth or leather spell gear. But, my need roll should be disallowed if there’s a boomkin or tree druid present (for leather), and if there’s a mage, lock, or priest present (for cloth), AND they choose to roll need also. If they don’t roll need (don’t want it), then my need roll should be allowed. That’s not a comprehensive example – but I think Blizzard should be able to code something reasonable without much trouble. There should be appropriate messages too, but that shouldn’t be a problem either.

    Apologies for hijacking this post a bit. The Axis of Injustice maneuver should stay front-and-center, and those asshats should get boatloads of bad karma. Frankly, I think this kind of thing is worse for the game than the silly scandal. That was just about a Blizzard goof where a developer “god level” item got into the hands of a player who had fun with it – and got banned. The LFG vote-kick loophole makes chronic, nasty ninja behavior more likely. Which one do you think is likely to hurt more players?

    The new LFG system is good, but certainly not perfect. Blizzard needs to look hard at the problems – and fix them.


  6. Sorry for the broken HTML (oops)! The link was for the ‘Martin Fury’ scandal, but it took over the rest of my post, and the ‘Martin Fury’ title disappeared. (Ah, for a preview feature…)


  7. I’ve just posted a warning on the Dethecus forum, giving a link to BBB’s post. We’ll see if anything happens.

    FWIW, there’s another post on the Dethecus forum (“Dear Dethecus”, 3 pages and counting), complaining about other bad cross-server pug behavior from Dethecus residents.


  8. I’m glad to see someone calling out this nonsense (I’m using stronger words in my head but won’t since I’m in polite company). I haven’t had this happen to me yet but I see complaints about it in trade chat on my server more and more along with a whole bunch of other ninja-related stuff like Oxynia’s Head getting ninja looted — I mean, seriously, taking Oxynia’s Head and trying to sell it to the other raid members? It seems over the last few months this laissez faire attitude about ninja looting has really taken root with a good portion of our WoW players. I hate it.
    .-= Arrowrest´s last blog ..Man Up =-.


  9. I can’t be sure, but I got dc’d on Ick on a run, and logged back in to find I was not in the group but still in the instance. Suddenly a loot window popped up for Ick, I rolled greed, did not win, but it showed all the rolls, including mine.
    .-= Askevar´s last blog ..Baby Warrior Tanking Blues: =-.


  10. Its very unfortunate that dech has to play in a battlegroup that includes dethecus…

    the server takes pride in its douchbaggery, although i do know that storm forged is not a troll guild, most of the others on the server are some of the most obnoxious asshats i’ve ever met.

    their trade chat trolls spend most of their time reading chapters of twilight in all caps to each other on unignored alts.

    so the three likely suspects are probably bragging to have made the blogs at this point.


  11. I play horde on Dethecus (hey don’t look at me I don’t ninja and my guild doesn’t ninja) so I’ll be looking for these douches to gank & camp them.


  12. I read Dechion’s post earlier today, all the way through.

    An hour later, I read it again. It still said the same thing, and what it said was something I had always intellectually known, but really refused to believe, even after 30+ years on this planet: There are people in the world that really are THAT petty.

    Really, if there had been another squishy in the party, I could have at least partially understood. Not agreed, mind you, but comprehended. The plain fact was that there was absolutely NOTHING Dech could have possibly wanted from that instance that any of them could have used, even if they had wanted to. This was an act of pure malice for the sake of malice. There was no means to the end, just the end itself. And that end was, I suspect, “hur hur hur, look how uberleet we arez, kicking the stoopid PUGger so he can’t get teh phat lootz.”

    It not only shows a total lack of ethical standards, in and of itself an offense that there is a special Hell for, right next Shepard Book’s for pedophiles and people who talk during the theatre.

    It is the basest, most despicable behvior I have ever heard of in any game or competition. Sammy Sosa and Lyle Alzado, comical and irritating as they were, at least still allowed other athletes to COMPETE AGAINST THEM while they were jacking themselves up with 6,000 CCs of bull semen.

    Dech wasn’t even given that opportunity, and for no reason at all except because 3 or 4 people thought it would be funny to betray the person that had kept them alive through the entire instance.

    I certainly hope Blizz watches some of these blogs, and someone has osted all of this publicly in the WoW forums, as well. The more light that is shined on these types of people, the less the rest of us (who may or may not be still trying to gear) have to worry about it.


  13. Here’s a suggestion some might find a bit extreme, but extreme circumstances drive extreme solutions: Boycott random groups with any player(s) from Dethecus.

    Post on all the server forums for that battle-group and ask them to join the boycott, until such time as the (ir)responsible guilds disown (i.e., /gkick) the offensive asshats. If nothing else, it’ll generate a helluva lot of discussion, and probably a WoW.com feature. (Tongue only slightly in cheek there.) If there’s a 3-page thread on the forums already regarding such asshattery, then blowing it up even further just might spur Blizzard to implement some fixes to some of this unadulterated BS.
    .-= Kestrel´s last blog ..Great Wallpaper Site =-.


  14. Are all of you really so angry over a heroic? Heroics in decent groups take 20 minutes TOPS. 20 minutes and you are so bent out of shape? Talk about generalization, you base all of a server on a few people? Well, thats probably true. As you can see from this link, http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=dethecus , Dethecus has been the same way for over 3 years and isn’t going to change any time soon. And I sure am glad it wont. Another fine thread about Dethecus.

    Myrx, you posted a “warning” on our forum? lol

    Grats Nocando, Giantswan, Roxannaand Ortherion on your newly acquired loot.


  15. I haven’t really played with my level 80 since patch 3.1, so I haven’t had the pleasure of doing many level 80 random heroics. The one I did get into just had a bunch of people that left at the start so nothing too terrible. The lower level ones have been pretty entertaining too.

    This… Wow, I have no words to express how passionate loving retared that is. I almost can’t believe that there are people who would do that. Thankfully he didn’t need anything from there, but still…


  16. Did he try putting in a ticket? That kind of behavior might warrant action from Blizzard. Suspension, warning, whatever. Its definitely worth a try.


  17. “The first three are from Axis of Justice, and the last is from Storm Forged, a pretty massive guild on Dethecus.”

    Do we know that all four were implicated?

    Not knowing these guys from Adam it seems distinctly possible that the 3 from the same guild kicked both Dechion and the Storm Forged guy so the 3 of them would get dibs on loot meant for five.


  18. Unfortunately, I’ve heard this sort of story more times than I would like. I hope Blizzard will tweak the system somewhat so that a votekick CANNOT be cast while in combat, until after all loot has been rolled for (something like the changing of the loot system in a raid?).

    In the meantime, I make it a rule to never stick around in a group with more than 2 people from the same server. Doesn’t matter if they’re from different guilds; I really don’t want to be left in the dust from such attitudes.


  19. @ Satiel

    If you read BBB’s post and most of the other comments, you’ll see that it’s not about “a heroic”, but about the conduct of those players. It’s two totally different things. So why are you focusing on “a heroic” instead of “the players’ conduct”, may I ask?

    Regarding the state of Dethecus – I’m glad you like the way the server is, and you’re happy it isn’t going to change anytime soon. The rest of us don’t (well, maybe not me since I have yet to see anyone from Dethecus) and being boycotted by an entire Battlegroup isn’t a light matter. You may think that it won’t happen, but don’t underestimate the influence some WoW bloggers have.
    .-= BlackDragon´s last blog ..Of Screwed Schedule and Forgotten Alts =-.


  20. First off, I think kicking someone for the sole reason of hoarding loot is a terrible thing. It needs to be fixed.

    With that said another possible reason that some people might feel entitled to this type of asshattery is if they someone wasn’t “pulling their weight”. Elitist asshats that used to say things like “If you can’t tell left from right you will not be allowed to roll for loot” in a Naxxramas run. Or “if your DPS is below >this< you will not get loot". This is someone that feels they have a responsibility to give loot out to those that "deserve it" in their eyes.

    The flow with this reasoning is that everyone present is saved to the instance, and everyone contributed in some fashion to the success/failure of the raid. So the logic follows that everyone present should have the same entitlement to the loot.

    I've actually found the kicking rules to be backwards. I'd rather kick an asshat or slacker right away in an instance. I've had people say "Gotta smoke BRB" as soon as they instance starts. WTH! You can dequeue yourself for something like that, why force the group to wait on you? Also when H FoS comes up some people just aren't geared for the pure random heroics. You'll get the guy that just dinged 80 and he's not able to be an effective member. If said member is a tank or healer your group is really in trouble.

    So my idea is actually reverse the kicking rules. Allow kicking of someone within a certain time period of starting the instance (maybe all the way up until killing the first base and getting saved). After that, no kicking allowed.


  21. Wow, Satiel, not only do you lead with your chin by trotting out the usual bullshit arguments like “It’s just a heroic” — the sort of nonsense that BBB helpfully pre-demolished for you in the first part of his post. But then, after making the (perfectly valid) point about assuming an entire server is bad news because of a few jerks, you then provide independent evidence that, in fact, the server is EXACTLY that bad, and for good measure you proudly wave the asshat flag yourself.

    Leads me to believe that you’re either:

    a) New to this arguing thing
    b) Working for the other side. Are you trying to chase people away from Dethecus as part of some AH gambit?


  22. Lol. Nice Post. I got my little puggy and have not had any issues so far (KNOCK ON WOOD). No real ninja’s.. As a matter of fact I was able to gear up my offspec in all T9.25 (232ilvl) gear in between driving myself insane with LoreMaster. Possibly someone needed an orb or something once but I do not remember. I do not really care about the 7g orbs. I do agree with you though that ANY asshattery is bad.

    The troll in your comments is a retard too. Probably eleven. By his logic if I find a wallet I should take all the money because he is too dumb to keep it.

    Last night might have been my worst pug because the Tank was in all blues, doing Pit of Sarron, and he was a bad tank. He died like twice. Then dps pulled when he said “brb”… THEN he quit. So I said “ok, I will tank”. I kinda like Tanking but it’s more stressful than DPS. I had not run the Pit as a Tank or Halls of Reflection.. but we did both with only one wipe. I really like the LFG feature. Possibly I am just getting lucky.


  23. This happened to me last night! I thought for a moment it was a glitch or some sort, but upon scrolling up in my combat log I found that they had booted me. Same exact thing – 4 guilded people from another realm, with me the tank being the only PUG. We finish the Arthas gauntlet in heroic HOR, and as soon as the “You relieve Emblem of Triumph” message appeared I was instantly booted. I looked them up and judging by their gear, I suspect I was booted so they could have all the loot.

    Glad I’m not the only one this happened to. I thought I was going crazy or something. At the behest of my guild, I ticketed a GM, and reported the whole issue, including realm, guild, and toon names. I have yet to get a response, but will tell you guys what happens.


  24. @Black Dragon

    Satiel is ignoring BBB’s point to focus on his own little irrelevant, self-serving criticism because he’s a no good, god damned, fucking troll.


  25. I’m pretty certain that most of the players on Dethecus are honest and ethical like most other servers… and that if the culprits are bragging they are only sending caution to the wind for the other players (and being put on ‘ignore’).

    What really pissed me off from the moment I heard about this the other night is the whole ‘premeditation’ of their act. If it can be proven (which logs should should that sort of action and if the 3 voted)… then the culprits should certainly be banned, period.


  26. Wow, unreal

    Well, now if the real world had a sense of humor, the next time they got “lucky” their partner(s) would boot them right before…


  27. I have a tail of two ninjas I’d like to share. First involves me, second involves my guild. I’m afraid I may have actually participated in the first ninja with out knowing, but when the 2nd one came up, I recognized it and wanted to mention something. Last night I get the quest for the weekly raid. My guild is on break for the holidays, so I have to pug it.

    I get invited to an Uld 10. Easy peezy right? Kill Flame Levi, and nuke Ignis in the water. Piece of cake, and 5 Frosty badges for me. A healer joins, one that I have known since BC Kara pugging, and says hi to me. Then he mentions to group he is saved to a fail Ulduar, and everything is cleared to Ignis. We all drop group and all get reinvited back to the healer who is now raid leader. I ask what happened, and he says that the group wiped several times and people left and the group fell apart. We get to Uld and try to get in instance, but there is still a player in there from the last run under the same ID. This healer goes in and talks to him, and says “Ok, he hearthed out”. We all were wondering what the heck, this guy was camping the ID for some reason?

    I whispered the Healer that it would probably be considerate to ask somebody that was not saved to step out so the guy that was saved could do the weekly quest. I even volunteered, though that didn’t work very well because the guy was not a tank. We teleport to Iggy, and sure enough several skeletons still around the fight area. We buff up, and one shot it with extreme ease. No deaths, nothing. I say “that was awesome” and head out my time on my main done.

    Later in the evening a guildie of mine comes on /gchat and asks who wants to run the weekly raid, he is saved right at Ignis. I think this is odd, twice in one night? I ask “What happened, you guys fail at it and the raid fell apart?” His response is “We kicked everybody out of the raid after we cleared FL”. I’m stunned. They kicked everybody out of a 25 man raid? The just screwed twenty something people out of 5 frost badges? HO. LEE. SH. EET. That’s like 100 frosts that he stole from the community!

    I think about it, and knowing that English is a second language for the guy that said it, I don’t immediately kick him from the guild. He may not have been serious, I’m not sure. Another guildie tells me in private that it isn’t what I was thinking it was, though I will be investigating it and if I find out that my guildies ninjaed a raid ID off of a bunch of people, I’m going to be doing some heavy recruiting to replace all the people I kick.

    After this, I look back on my first Uld of the evening, and I start to wonder if I unknowingly participated in the same thing. Obviously I didn’t do the kicking, I just joined later. But I think from now on when I’m offered the same situation again I’m going to decline it just to not be a part of a possible ninja.


  28. Sadly, my server (Garona) is in the same battlegroup. The few problems I’ve had with idiots in PuGs (refusing to quit the group and refusing to select a role to requeue to alllow us to replace a missing player, wanting us to votekick him; one individual ninja’ing all 3 items from an Occulus run last night and then quitting the group immediately; an abusive/obnoxious mage who blinks ahead of the group in HCoS and then whines and bad mouth’s the healer (me) when I was OOM and busy drinking at the other end of the gauntlet) have all been folks from Dethacus. Good thing IgnoreMore allows me to keep all these idiots at arms length once I’m exposed to them once. Screw with me once, shame on you. Screw with me twice, shame on me. (to badly paraphrase the old saw) They only get one chance.

    On the other hand, those 3 incidents are pretty much the sum total of the BAD incidents that I’ve had in running close to a hundred random instances so far (between 4 different toons) with at least one random player.


  29. The good and bad things about MMOs are the people. The anonymity the internet gives results in alot of behavior you would never experience face to face. I actually just did a piece over at http://www.talesofpriest.com on pug groups and how to deal with it. However, this is a new form of asshatery I have yet to experience.

    Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do. Obviously, I’m not condoning this behavior – I don’t think anyone is – but all you can do is shake your head & laugh. We actually made a post on our forums ( http://bit.ly/8vb1su if anyone cares) for venting about things like this and the players we encounter. I’ll have to add a link to this.


  30. Having read Dech’s explanations, I’m thinking this is not about ninja (obviously none of them would get use over a SP item, so, what, ninja a shard?), and while petty revenge is a possibility, I think that they were just overeager to get him off their hardcore superleet group so they could queue for the next random.

    This doesn’t justify their behavior, but if it’s impatience rather than vengefulness that’s to blame, it does put a different spin on it.


  31. that is pretty ignorant for those guys to do that but sadly theres alot of players like that from dethacus being from there myself. I know one of the persons
    u listed was from stormforged i could pretty much guarentee he wasnt involved. theres a few guilds that have decent upstanding people stormforged being on, and delegated authority being another which is the guild im in.


  32. @BlackDragon

    Good luck at getting alliance AND horde cooperation in an entire battlegroup wide boycott from Alexstraza, Alleria, Balnazzar, Blackhand, Cho’gall, Destromath, Garona, Gorgannash, Gul’dan, Hellscream, Illidan, Kael’thas, Kirin Tor, Ravencrest, Spinebreaker, Stormreaver, and Whisperwind. Everytime one of your “boycotters” leaves another will take their place. ^.^


    Well to be honest, yes, we do often try to get people not to transfer here. Dethecus for Dethecites.

    @sirfwalgman & Jack

    I am not a troll. I play tauren. And I am just one of many ambassadors from Dethecus.

    Couple tings though, he may have been kicked for below-average performance, or they wanted to requeue and didnt ask him. Oh well. (Oh and you can put people on ignore from cross server instances in order not to queue with them again btw!)


  33. @Satiel

    Kicking for below-average performance may be ok. But not before loot is distributed. EVER.

    Anything thing else is asshattery at best, ninja-scamming at worse.
    For reasons why – see my wall of text on Dechion’s blog.


  34. @Myrx: I don’t agree about average performers being kicked anymore.

    AFK/DC/plain hopeless and wipe causing – sure.

    The thing is that these days Blizzard has designed the game around the randoms.

    Being new to 80 and thrown into a Nexus run with 5000 gearscore people is not the fault of the new player – that’s Blizzards design.

    If you manually create a pug and you make a bad choice… then either live with it or “carry them”.

    Carrying is a furphy too.

    If you can do Ulduar in blues, the quite obviously 5000 gearscore is not necessary for the heroics. If the 1337 geared players don’t want to accept the chance of having newbies, then they shouldn’t do the randoms.

    The only way for the newbies to gear up is via the heroics – the fastest way, via random heroics. Todays noob will be tomorrows 5000GS – if they are nurtured through runs.
    .-= Gnomeaggedon´s last blog ..My Xmas Present to Me =-.


  35. This happened to me with 3 people from Tha Monsta Inc. The tank was from another guild, all on the same server (feathermoon) and I was kicked as the loot table came up on the last boss. I (stupidly) went over to the forum (where the rant still is located) and tried to warn others of the ninjas. They then proceeded to flame me on my healing ability, and said I sucked. I thought that was precious since we made it /through/ the dungeon and the mistakes that were made were /not/ mine. Furthermore, one of the idiots had /follow ed me through half the dungeon! Of course I let the dude die, but he used it as a reason to kick me after the last boss. I was just a little pissed.


  36. That is just amazing – how do you think of that exploit?
    How do you get your mind to such a degenerate state where you figure that out?
    And then actually do it for laughs …
    What feeds a griefer ? …

    A side-comment: There is no such thing as “below average performance” when the boss is dead (period)


  37. wow this Skeptical guy… his only argument being that dechion probably sucked and he keeps repeating himself and denying any kind of judgement from dechion. that kinda jerk studies at university where he has learned that being sceptical is totally hip in science and prolly writes for republican news magazine from the poison he spills and for the stupidity of his “arguments” which are just tricks trying to make other people look bad and him good. i wished someone picked his comments apart for that guy felt so totally smart when all he was saying was “shit happens” and “you suck” with decent vocabulary. but comments are closed…


  38. Just a quick note:

    Last night I queued as tank for random – and was put in a group with 4 people from the same server. After the first pull, I simply typed into party chat:

    “Sorry guys, I don’t run when there is 3 or more from the same server. Sorry if you really are nice guys – it just isn’t worth my time (I’ve dealt with too many asshats before you). The old adage of “fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me”. You can’t kick me for 5 mins – so I will run until then. Then please remove me when I zone out. Thanks.”

    If I get any crap – I zone then and just hang out in Dal waiting for the 5 mins.

    My tolerance for any kind of jerk-ish behaviour has been lowered sooooo much lately. As tank – I have a 3 second queue.

    Just my .02. Hope it helps others.



  39. Wish there were some way to do a global ignore by account, but if you missed the opportunity to right-click and select ignore on a jerk’s name in chat, or if you want to add that person to the ignore lists of all your characters, the command is:

    /ignore Name-Server


  40. I like this comment by James on the original post:
    It gets even worse the more you think about it.

    You: A priest.
    Them: 2 DK.s, a Rogue and a Paladin

    Assuming you needed upgrades from HToC, what could you have possibly rolled on that they would need?


  41. I went to see the response to Myrx’s post on the Dethecus forums.

    Most server’s forum response would be something like, “yeah, they’re idiots . . . but they’re our idiots . . . so GTFO.”

    However, on Dethecus, it is pretty much as Satiel depicts it: two pages of derisive laughter and “greatest idea evah!” Someone even opined that getting a mention on a “fairly well-known blog” (srry BBB) was fame that was truly “priceless.”

    Which is all quite curious, because, as criminal capers go, this group’s ninja is pretty small potatoes. They group up to rip some poor unsuspecting victim out of . . . a 20% chance at an epic they were going to disenchant anyway? What’s 20% of an abyss crystal worth, anyway? Not exactly Prof. Moriarity material–more like the kind of criminality one sees on “America’s Dumbest Criminals.” But, on shows like that, small time criminals often allow their faces to be shown because hey! We’re famous now! (Yes, millions of people tune into laugh at you–grats!)

    Apparently, on Dethecus anyway, small-time grifting is considered a high art form. Impressive. Well, if that’s all you have going for you, go for it?


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