Some discussion about Bear Threat and Faerie Fire

In previous posts, I’ve talked a lot about the creation of Threat.

What I’d like to do now is provide some numbers, for your use in understanding how much threat can be generated, and how it all compares.

The first thing to understand is, Threat scales based on Attack Power, even your Faerie Fire (Feral). It’s well known that the more damage you deal, the more Threat your attacks generate, especially when properly Talented. What isn’t as widely understood is that even Faerie Fire is affected by gear.

Let’s take a look at two cases, side by side. One with full gear, the other naked. We are only interested in the results of successful hits of each ability, not overall results factoring in misses.


As you can see, the variation in your gear can have drastic affects on your Threat generation, more than you might believe.

The other thing you can see is the disproportionate Threat of Maul as regards Attack Power. Certain abilities, such as Faerie Fire (Feral), Maul and Lacerate all specify that they do a certain amount of damage, plus a “High amount of threat”. That’s part of why you see a disparity between Auto-Attack Threat scaling and Maul Threat scaling in the chart above.

Regardless, by looking at this chart, you should be able to arrive at some conclusions when thinking about your Threat rotation.

First, Maul indeed causes the most Threat of any of your attacks per application. If you have the Rage to keep it constantly queued up at all times, it will also be your highest Threat Per Second attack on one target (plus a buddy with Glyph of Maul!). It also will apply Infected Wounds in your target, which slows their attacks. So, all around great.

The drawback to Maul is that it must be queued up. It is not an instant application of Threat. Once queued, it replaces your next scheduled auto-attack. Another drawback, but one much more minor, is that Maul costs Rage, while an Auto-Attack generates Rage. Use Maul all the time, and you’re losing a good bit of Rage income. Just a point.

The second thing to think about is that, of the instant cast abilities open to you, Faerie Fire (Feral) does a very solid amount of Threat… it’s ranged, and it costs nothing to cast except an activation of the Global Cooldown. All great things, but the key here is that it’s RANGED, and this adds another tool to our toolbox.

This makes Faerie Fire (Feral) a must-use Threat tool… but who you choose to use it on may depend on circumstances. More on this in a bit.

Mangle (Bear) has received a pretty bad rap, and the reasons I thought it did just don’t seem to be there. Thanks to your comments and my research into Threat, I now know that it delivers a solid amount of Threat, it also adds Infected Wounds to the target (when Talented in Infected Wounds), and when Berserk is activated it will hit three adjacent targets on every hit, as fast as the GCD allows you to fire. That’s a lot of Threat applied very fast to three targets.  

Lacerate does less Threat than many other attacks, but with Primal Gore, each tick of damage has a chance to Crit, providing bonus Rage (and bubble procs). What it primarily does for you is apply a Bleed effect to the target. With 5/5 in Rend and Tear, your Maul will do 20% more damage. That’s a hefty Threat increase from Maul, and very valuable. That is why you will see people recommend that you get Lacerate in early, so that you are getting the full benefit to your Maul of a Bleed effect being on the target. And don’t forget that your Mangle puts a debuff on your target so that it takes more damage from Bleeds like Lacerate in the first place, which helps Lacerate do more Threat, too.

Finally, Swipe. Swipe does more Threat than people tend to realise. It doesn’t have the slowing or Bleeding goodies of other abilties… but it hits as an AoE, and every single individual target hit can be a Crit, with all the yummy bubble procs and bonus Rage that goes along with it.

This congruence of factors is why, in my own pulls, I will favor pulling with a Faerie Fire (Feral), use Swipe to start Threat on the entire group and counteract AoE and healer threat, start queueing and keep up at all times Maul, get a Mangle on my main target to start a enhanced damage from Bleed debuff, another Swipe, Lacerate for the enhanced Maul damage, Swipe, Faerie Fire (Feral), and then settle down and focus on keeping FFF up, working Lacerate into the act to add more stacks, and again… keep that Maul, which does NOT trigger the Global Cooldown, up at all times.

Now, about that Faerie Fire (Feral).

It is instant cast… it’s free to use (activates the GCD), and it’s ranged.

One other thing about it.

You do not have to be facing the target to trigger it. You can cast it at a target behind you. You can cast it from your butt.

And it does a really marvelous amount of Threat.

Remember, when dealing damage on a mob, damage equals Threat. When someone is Healing damage done to a player, their Threat is divided amongst all the mobs that are aware of them. Divided.

Healing threat builds up at a pace slower than damage based Threat, when fighting multiple targets.

Assuming, as we should, that most situations of a single distant ranged mob outside your AoE would be that the mob is only seeing Threat from the healer, then this gives us a marvelous tool to stay ahead of healer threat on ranged targets, while still romping on our own in the main group.

I have created a Faerie Fire (Feral) macro for special occasions.

To use the FFF macro, you first need to be able to set a target as your Focus. A Focus is a mob that you want to be able to cast things at, without having to target it specifically each time.

You could simply create a macro that consisted of;


You target a mob, you click the macro, that mob is now your Focus target. If you use UI unit frame mods, almost all of them have a Focus Frame that it will display.

Another option is to use a mouseover macro to make a mob your Focus. Longtime readers know that I’ve long enjoyed mouseover macros; they let you do things to mobs without having to target them first.

/focus [target=mouseover, exists] target

To use that macro, you mouse over the mob you want made into your Focus, then activate the macro. If the macro button is on your bar as #1, for example, you can mouseover the mob and press 1. Instant Focus.

Now, the Faerie Fire (Feral) macro is as so;

#showtooltip Faerie Fire (Feral)
/clearfocus [modifier:alt][target=focus,dead][target=focus,help][target=focus,noexists]
/cast [target=focus] Faerie Fire (Feral)

The line that says /clearfocus means that, if you no longer have a valid mob as a Focus, like it’s dead, or it’s vanished, then it clears the focus window. The cast line will cast Faerie Fire (Feral) at your designated Focus, regardless of what mob you’ve got targeted at the moment, so long as the spell can be cast and the Focus is in range. 

I personally use the /focus macro, and then the macro above. I don’t use the mouseover version of focus, because I really like my current button bar arrangement;


On the bottom, in Bear form, I have Feral Charge and Enrage as two ‘prepare to engage’ buttons.

This is followed by Survival Instincts and Frenzied Regeneration above each other in a stack, symbolizing how I trigger them… one after the other. (My long cooldowns go on the top bar, generally, above commonly used abilities on the bottom).

Then you get into the core of the Bear attack rota, the Demoralizing Roar at the farthest left, the Faerie Fire (Feral) far left, Mangle at left, Lacerate at right, Maul at far right, and Swipe at furthest right. Long cooldown Berserk is right over Mangle, Barkskin is right over Lacerate, Lifeblood is over Maul.

The Swipe button has the word Swipe ON it, because it is my Barkskin macro;

#showtooltip Swipe (Bear)
/script UIErrorsFrame:Hide();
/cast Barkskin
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
/script UIErrorsFrame:Show();
/cast Swipe (Bear)

And then, past the attack rota, you’ve got Growl, Bash, and Challenging Roar, in order of decreasing frequency of use.

The skull and crossbones button saying “Ready” is just my Ready Check macro.

I know this has gone far afield, but the way this Focus macro with Faerie Fire (Feral) can be used is to choose a distant spellcasting target, make him your Focus, target your near mob and make him your Skull kill target, and then charge in on Skull. Attack as normal, Swipe, Mangle, Maul, whatever you like…

But every time you hit your FFF macro, that distant ranged target is getting hit with Faerie Fire (Feral), and easily staying over healer aggro without ever having to actually target him.

In conclusion… knowing your enemy, knowing what they will do, knowing who will come running to you into Swipe range and who will hang back and fireball is most of the battle.

The REST of the battle is knowing what you want to do about it!

41 thoughts on “Some discussion about Bear Threat and Faerie Fire

  1. I have learned over time that everyone tanks differently. Dps mostly is all identical, we all use generally the same rotations just different buttons. I recently started using Charge and Demo Roar. I dont know how you feel about Demo Roar, but I have noticed that when I charge and demo roar, i am able to get a head of the Aoefests that follow my dps. I macro’ed my Mangle and lacerate together and my swipe and maul together. I have noticed threat has been significantly easier to stay of ahead of now that am a little more geared. I recently re talented and found a significant raise in my dps. up from 1.1k to about 1.7 – 2k. I always feel that Bear form needs the same boosted Threat that Defense Stance, Rite Fury and Frost Presence. My toolbar is insane, I have a bunch of buttons on my L1 aggroed to keys near my numbers like my R,F,D,A and T I can mouse and strafe so no need for them to be on my keys. Anyways I like the info about FFF I will start using that on that one caster that I just cannot aggro instead of running out to him and losing my melee aggro to the melees. Thanks for info BBB.


  2. Bearbutt, a paw up for u, I myself am a clicker on my bear ^^I play several classes with macroes but happy with my bear clicking, find it effisient and easy, also wants to tankzy u for all ure good tips and tricks, vent in a few weeks from newly dinged terrifyed tanking bear in heroics to Lich King ^^all thanks to u a solid bear today with mutch still to learn but Im gething there , paws up guys and girls. Still training on Lich *grin*


  3. Hey, BBB! I am a brand spankin new bear, and want to thank you so much for getting me on the ball! With the help of your wisdom and insights, I went from dinging 80 and being a terrified newly bear specced tree to tanking Ony and the ICC 5 mans in a week! 😀

    I don’t have much experience with macros, but with all the reading I have been doing about bears lately, they have been on my mind… I loved, loved, loved the idea of your FFF macro as I was struggling with how to control pulls with casters spread out… I ran into some frustration though, in that sometimes when I pull an all melee group, I have to focus one of them or use a normal FFF button. It seemed silly to me to have 2 pretty pink buttons, so I wracked my poor untrained mind on how to make the macro do what I want–and here is my (now obvious) simple solution:

    #showtooltip Faerie Fire (Feral)
    /clearfocus [modifier:alt][target=focus,dead][target=focus,help][target=focus,noexists]
    /cast [target=focus, exists, nodead, harm][target=target] Faerie Fire (Feral)

    It has the exact functionality of your macro, with the exception that in the absence of a living mob set as my focus, it will cast FFF on my current target. It seems nice both for those all melee pulls when I don’t want to focus a mob, and when a new ranged mob pops into combat and I want to get it under control NAO rather than after I have used a focus macro.

    Sorry for the rambling–it’s past bedtime but I realized the fix I was searching for and hope that it might benefit someone else.

    Thanks again for straightforward advice on learning to be a good growly bear.


  4. i dont even have maul on my bar, instead i have it macro’d in for example, simple 2 line macro for my mangle

    /cast Mangle (Bear)(Rank 5)
    /cast Maul(Rank 10)

    same with my lacerate


  5. I think the best macro in the game has to be….
    /p or /ra “DPS” If you DONT want to DIE real quick..count to 3 before attacking…and only attack my mark…

    oh ! btw this has to be one of the best bear tank sites around ..has improved my game playby 100%



  6. Morphster: As bears, we really only have two “panic buttons”. We’ve got barkskin, and glyph’ed Frenzied Regeneration. Both of them make you easier to heal, and improve the odds your healer will “catch up” or heal you past a burst. I use Barkskin on it’s own button for this generally.

    I don’t generally use Frenzied Regen by itself since it’s on a 3-minute cooldown, and I haven’t seen a reason to split it out.

    Survival Instincts is great and all, but my experience is that if a healer can’t keep your health up, giving them another 25k to burn through isn’t going to help. And then you die when Survival Instincts expires. There are a few cases where the healer can be disabled or go out of range, and then “catch up” if you pop Survival Instincts, but against a harder hitting boss, either you’re getting heals or you’re dead.

    But Frenzied Regen combined with Survival Instincts means that the healer has an easier time to heal you back up, and you contribute 25k or so of your own health to the process. And conveniently enough, Survival Instincts is also on a 3 minute cooldown.

    So SI/FR works for me as a great once (perhaps twice) per combat panic button.

    Since it’s a “panic button”, throwing in the healing potions (and the Endless one is free), Healthstone, and trinkets just makes sense to me. And they get the additive effect of the Glyphed Frenzied Regen. Individually, they aren’t enough to worry about and by the time they were clicked one at a time, I’d either be dead or healed fully, I’d expect. (And the article you link to mentions combining them with SI.)

    Putting the Barkskin at the beginning is just gravy. If your healer really is out of range, that might reduce incoming damage enough to get things back to stable. But it isn’t a big deal if Barkskin is on cooldown either before or after the panic button. I just haven’t been in any fights where Barkskin timed with a bosses ability is the primary difference in surviving; so burning it during an emergency doesn’t bother me. That may change as I get further into ICC.

    But the biggest role of the panic button macro is for when your healer DC’s (or does something else stupid) in the middle of a 5-man boss, and you need to survive. Then burning all your healing abilities (since no more healing is ever coming in) while you’ve got FR up maximizes those. And I assume that’s all the healing I’m getting. And 10-20 seconds of that is enough to kill most bosses outside of the new Icecrown instances. (We 4-manned the first boss of Halls of Stone the other night with me and 3 pure DPS and the panic button halfway through.)

    So the panic button isn’t for “graceful communication with your healer managing the ebb and flow of healing and health during the fight”. It’s for “OMG, I’m about to die because something is WRONG.”


  7. I’m a half-clicker…

    I keep my most-used abilities in numbers 1-6… which I can, for the most part, comfortably reach from the WASD keys. I move with those. I also have a fairly high-buttoned mouse and an addon to bind abilities to each button…. which I mostly only use for healing. For tanking though, I get by with pretty much those 6-ish abilities and clicking when I need the rest.

    For healing, I use grid and clique… too hard to do otherwise, IMO.
    .-= Kaethir´s last blog ..Life’s Little Joys =-.


  8. A great post – and I love it when bloggers like yourself makes the life of the “math-hating” players easier!
    I actually used to run with the FFF rotation (didnt used iMangle) untill recently when I came across the change into swipe threat (increased in 50%)- but maybe I shouldnt have?
    I was wondering if these values are updated according to that? (I just want to make sure, cause if it is, it will change my rotation back to the FFF one!)


  9. I never thought for a second you were unhappy, but it was a little silly of me to think you’d not heard it all before. 🙂

    Still you can be happy and be at a disadvantage at the same time. For example I am a habitual nail biter and while that doesn’t make me unhappy it does force me to use unconventional means to perform a multitude of tasks that others with longer fingernails take for granted. I keep a small knife on my keyring and have a small screwdriver in like every room in my house. 😉

    Two words, jump shot; the process in which from a dead run you jump up spin 360 degrees with your mouse fire an instant cast behind you and land again with no loss of forward momentum or speed. Just one of many maneuvers albeit a more flashy one that forces a certain control style upon anyone wanting to use it.

    I know a druid that heals everything using pretty much exclusively regrowth despite gentle coaxing toward other spells. Obviously it works for her and she is happy to do it, running heroics and a guild 10-man every week. Other healers pick up the slack and in 5-mans we often call upon the services of an off healer for more challenging encounters, but we can’t outright call her wrong (well we could, but what kind of guild would that make us) only politely point out that there is a better way.

    Any system that can meet and exceed the capabilities of another, which I have just demonstrated, is better by definition. The assumption lies in whether or not those extra capabilities are needed/wanted.

    The same cannot be said for any funhouse mirror reflection keyboards or graphics calculators of mice, they have buttons and you push them and provide nothing more that can’t be duplicated with equal performance on conventional hardware. The same is true of redesigned UIs; they might be perceived as prettier and cooler, but offer no tangible benefits in addition to the default UI with a couple unobtrusive add-ons.

    I and many others that think/play as I do had a little bit of advantage that carried over from first person shooters. Back in the day WASD was not a default and you had to customize most every game to use those keys in favor of the default cursor keys. Soon after newer games, Warcraft included, started using WASD as the defaults because it was proven time and time again to be better. Turn with the mouse, move with the keys.

    Warcraft was a bit of a change from a first person shooter in that instead of shooting a weapon with a mouse button or two, the number keys previously used to select weapons were now used to use abilities. The mouse buttons don’t shoot anymore since they are needed to differentiate between looking around and turning vs clicking UI elements. A smaller difference was that instead of strafing A & D turned left and right. The biggest change though remains the sheer number of abilities which turned many to clicking once the number of abilities exceeded the accessible default keybindings.

    Compare that to the RPG crowd that used arrow keys and clicking to play; sometimes making use of number keys, but often it was easier to just click. Two groups of players merged into a single game which caters to both. Speed was never as large a concern to an RPG player compared to a FPS player and that roughly translates into PVP and PVE. Proficiency in one provides advantages to the other, but to dismiss one outright due to contentment with the other offers no such benefit. As it is with clickers and keybinders, keyboard and mouse turners.

    Yes even keyboard turning has its advantages, but not at the exclusion of using your mouse. I often make use of the keyboard to navigate while clicking infrequently used actions like a battle rez or innervate, even while looking up an achievement or quest while running/riding somewhere.

    Who knows when a dog might need some attention or a degu might escape from its enclosure and you might need your mouse hand to deal with it. Ok that is a bad example for no clicking, but a good one for keyboard turning since you can basically play with one hand with the proficiency of a clicker for basic rotation stuff. I’ve tanked many a heroic one handed a good way while picking up a phone or having a snack. Don’t text and tank kids!


  10. A standard disclaimer : I’ve not tanked much high-end content so take my remarks with a pinch of salt.

    I tend not to use FFF in rotations as I prefer to be specced into Imp.Mangle and use a 3-stage rotation, typically something like:
    Mangle – Lacerate – Lacerate (until 5 stacks)
    Mangle – Lacerate – Swipe (or Swipe – Swipe)
    with any Lacerate/Swipe being replaced by a Demo Roar if needed.

    Essentially, Mangle is your top DPS, top threat and you need to be hitting it as much as possible, fitting everything else in around it.

    One minor correction to your post is that FFF has a 1 second cooldown, instead of the usual 1.5 second (global) cooldown. This probably makes no difference to most cycles, but it does mean you can (Feral Charge) FFF & Mangle in quick succession, then start your rotations.

    I have three macros set up for Mangle, Lacerate and Swipe, each of which also does /cast !Maul – there’s a downside to that if you find yourself rage-starved, but most times you won’t be and it saves you a click.


  11. I always find it fascinating how different people bind their keys and how everyone has their own method. I use a 5-button mouse and a standard keyboard. During a pull I generally keep my left hand on keys 4 (swipe),5 (lacerate),6 (maul),7 (mangle) and my right hand alternates between the arrow keys (if I need to reposition/kite) and the mouse (to spin my camera angle or to move forward (left and right mouse buttons together). I also probably have an unconventional way of targeting. I use Healbot as a tree, but when I tank I have it programmed so a left click on a person’s name assists. Thus, if dps/heals pulls someone off of me I simply click on my party member’s name and fire off a taunt (2) and fairie fire (1), a combination which has become second nature for my pinky finger. At the end of the day whatever works is best 🙂


  12. Sarah… it’s nice that you spent so much time writing that down… but why the assumption that I’m at all unhappy with the way I play, and have just been lacking pointers on how to change over?

    I kick massive ass the way I do things, enjoy it very much, and get no complaints at all. What I do is smooth, fast and fun for me.

    So, why would I even think about changing? More than that, why assume that the way I do things is not as good as yours, or anyone else’s?

    There has long been this implication that one way is better than the other… do we both get sneered at by those people with the one hand mouse/joystick combos with a gazillion keybuttons on the side? Or the keyboards with the Z-board overlays?

    Or what about the people using UI mods that place drastically remodeled buttons everywhere in big clumps, and the map at bottom center, and such?

    Everybody has their own way of doing things, and as long as you’re happy, seems to me thats a win.


  13. From one reformed clicker to another. Bind as much around WASD as you can reach to action bar slots (even if you still continue to click it you will see the key binding on the icon and it will sink in eventually). Populate your action bars so that your most use abilities are on the easiest to reach keys. Infrequently used abilities go on the harder to reach ones.

    Over time (a few minutes really to start seeing results) the benefits are high mobility with little to no sacrifice of access to abilities and much faster response times on using the ability you want when you want. Another perk is you aren’t screwed when you lose the mouse cursor in the heat of battle. Longer term you start developing a muscle memory which enforces the aforementioned benefits and in turn helps with additional classes/specs. For example you’d probably stick your druid’s Bash in the same spot as your paladin’s hammer of justice. So if anything I noticed that it has improved my cross class/spec play style rather than confuse me.

    Some abilities have a very tight correlation with abilities in other classes, other are more open to personal interpretation. Basically, you just match abilities based on what you think when you use them. Things like I want to keep that guy from chasing me, I don’t want to die or I am out of mana and need more. Some are just oddballs and you sneak them in where you like.

    Core abilities in your “rotation” (we use the word but does anyone still have one?), charges and interrupts will be the first things that become second nature. I’ve only recently begun getting better at some secondary abilities. For example I have B and V bound to a couple slots on my right side bars and on my hunter those are aspect of the dragonhawk and aspect of the viper. Getting away from clicking those was so very liberating and I found I wasn’t forgetting I was in viper as much.

    In the end I am still a clicker I just click with keyboard buttons instead of the mouse. There isn’t much difference though since I still see the ability I want to use on the screen and then “click” it, it is a very visual process unlike someone who would hide the default UI and memorize key bindings.


  14. Why Sarah… I’m a clicker! Never have found a more comfy solution to quickly using all those buttons, both above the numbered bar and the numbered bar itself, when you play a lot of different chracters and specs.

    I know a lot of people memorize dozens of keybinding combinations… but I just click. That’s why the buttons are arranged for me with a ‘center of bar outward’ arrangement, those most frequently used in the middle of the bottom left bar, and then radiating outwards.

    Azazelle… that chart shows the threat per target. Maul threat doesn’t get divided amongst various targets, each target would get the same amount of threat.

    I’m pretty happy with the chart, and the role it serves in this discussion. As always, as with gear and consumables posts, if people want to go much further in depth than I do in theorycrafting at the advanced level or for raid breakdowns, then I welcome them to perform their own investigative research to answer more specific questions.


  15. Where do you stick your paws to pull off that action bar BBB? I pulled a muscle just thinking about hitting the arrow keys (WASD) and swipe (9) at the same time.


  16. Great post, however your table is missing a bit of set-up. Is this on a single target? (Is maul only hitting one target or two?) Is a lacerate up when you maul? The threat you calculated from lacerate only from its hit, or the tick as well?


  17. Hi,

    As always, an incredibly informative post. I’m most interested in how to set up my UI, actually. It’s all a big mystery to me. The FFF macroing and focus seems a little hard-core at the moment, but I’m sure it’ll come to me with time. It’s difficult for this new bear to get used to all the fiddly little things associated with tanking. I’m still trying to figure out how to keep track of multiple mobs, and figure out who is beating on my healer! As a raiding priest, I’m used to having Grid to figure out who to target. I’m quite lost where it comes to mob management – they needa Grid that can keep track of all mobs in combat! That said, I do use Grid to show who has aggro on them – does anyone know if this is optimal, or is there a better tool?

    One question:
    How come you don’t macro Survival Instincts/Frenzied Regen/Other-healing-thingy together, perhaps with Barkskin? One of my first tanking macros was this – is there a reason to keep them separate?



  18. One trick I recently learned is to macro Maul like this:

    /cast !Maul

    That way it’s never deactivated by pressing the button twice


  19. Here’s my generic Oh Crap! macro:

    #showtooltip Frenzied Regeneration
    /cast Barkskin
    /castsequence reset=10 Survival Instincts, Frenzied Regeneration
    /cast Lifeblood
    /use Runic Healing Potion
    /use Endless Healing Potion
    /use Fel Healthstone
    /use 13
    /use 14

    It activates all your panic abilities at once. Pound on it at least twice to make everything happen, I think. You can remove the Endless Healing Potion if you’re not an alchemist. (And Lifeblood if you’re not an Herbalist.) 13 & 14 are your trinkets. These days most trinkets don’t have an “On Use”, but if they do, they’ll be activated.

    This is useful when your healer DC’s in the middle of a fight or goes out of range or something. In theory, you might want finer control sometimes, but in practice, other than triggering Barkskin manually, I don’t use Survival instincts or my other panic buttons except when it’s an emergency.

    I’ve considered putting Barkskin on mangle / maul / lacerate / faire fire, but it’s handy on lots of bosses to activate it at specific times. Maybe I need 2 toolbars that are identical except for the barkskin version of the macros. (Ditto maul. When you get rage starved, especially on certain phases of certain bosses, maul is a bad idea to have macro’ed, but most of the time, it’s great.)


  20. As an adolescent bear, I really appreciate you taking the time to to make fresh posts on these topics. In many cases I didn’t even know there was a post to search for, so these really help.


  21. Thanks for this!

    I basically do the the same as you (except my action bars look way different, lol, but power to the default action bar people!). Thanks for giving that FFF macro though, I was in use of it =D


  22. BBB, Thanks for this excellent post and the work that went into it.

    The spirits at the start of HoR have been a challenge (well, I’m not the most geared out there), especially gaining aggro on them all, keeping the casters off the off the healer and such. I’ve started throwing FFF on each one, and really was just starting to look for a macro! Any thoughts on HoR and threat? Thanks again.


  23. Fantastic post BBB! I never really thought about combining swipe and barkskin, but with all those mobs potentially beating on me it makes a lot of sense. Happy New Year!


  24. I’ll have to post my panic button macro when Ii get back to my PC, but it combines Survival instincts, feral regen, lifeblood (herbalist), health stone, and a healing potion (and an endless healing potion.)

    Just spam that button when it hits the fan.

    And it saves you a slot on the bars.


  25. Thanks! I rarely play my lowbie feral druid, but love your blog. This type of info is priceless for us stuggling to get a bear tank up!


  26. For those that get your posts through a feedreader, you’ll want to look at the changes I made to the middle section, as I went back and fixed my mistakes. thank you!


  27. Hey Kalthan… umm, hmm. Interesting.

    Somewhere along the way I just ‘knew’ that Lacerate applied Infected Wounds. And apparently, what i knew blocked me from ever actually reading the Infected Wounds tooltip and seeing that it was Maul and Mangle, not Lacerate.

    I have no idea why I had that block. I feel stupid now, but at least you caught it.


  28. Saw macros, took it as my queue to post up the latest version of my “mashable bear boss threat generator”. This is designed to use fff on every cooldown so as to be relevant to your post. I still have it on my mousewheel for cheesy goodness. If anyone wants to use this, make sure to keep all your spells out in case you wanna tag a caster with FFF and it’s not queued up next. That fff really makes the rotation become rage efficient. It’s free!

    /castsequence reset=4 Faerie Fire (Feral)(), Mangle (Bear)(), lacerate, lacerate, mangle (bear)(), faerie fire (feral)(), lacerate, Mangle (bear)(), Lacerate
    /use [mod:shift] !maul

    or if you don’t wish to toggle maul by holding down shift while spamming and prefer it to attempt to cast on each click of the macro:

    /castsequence reset=4 Faerie Fire (Feral)(), Mangle (Bear)(), lacerate, lacerate, mangle (bear)(), faerie fire (feral)(), lacerate, Mangle (bear)(), Lacerate
    /use !maul

    I haz too much fun with this. Really. My fingers are free to do so much more bouncing and spinning during boss fights. I was even able to calmly cast barkskin, survival instincts, frenzied regen, battle rez, innervate on someone while I was tanking KT without messing up my rhythm at all.


  29. I think I love you. And the other 4 members of the pugs I do with my new bear (who’s in her 60s, but just switched from moonkin/tree to bear/tree) will love you too, once I get up the courage to take test-run my setup (which I will now tweak thanks to this post). My main is a healer (priest), so I know how important it is to lock down that distant caster, but I wasn’t quite sure how to do it as a bear.

    Please keep up these bear fundamental posts – they are indeed most appreciated!


  30. Really nice table at the top of the post. Very helpful for new bears everywhere.

    One correction, though. Lacerate does not cause application of Infected Wounds (slowing the target’s movement and attack speed). In bear form, only mangle and maul apply Infected Wounds.


  31. I don’t understand why you say that Lacerate has a chance to slow your target. I’ve never seen this before. I checked the tooltips for Lacerate and Infected Wounds to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Can you please explain how it does this?


  32. Thank you so much for this post! I am working on converting at least one of my prowly scratchy druids into a stompy growly druid, and have been trying to research all the stuff I never needed to know before.

    There really isn’t a lot of reliable up-to-date “Bringing Up Bear” information out there; most of it is directed at the experienced level 80 number-crunchers.

    I suspect that, with the current shortage of tanks in random PUGs, any wisdom you see fit to pass along will be eagerly devoured … at least, by those of us who’d rather not make complete fools of ourselves out there.


  33. Thanks, Greysmoke.

    the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to revisit all the old information so that it’s easier for people to find.

    I’ve been writing for so many years now, that I tend to think to myself, “Okay, I wrote about that already, no need to cover it again”… and that really doesn’t help someone that doesn’t feel like reading three years of archives.

    Also, I have found that my search field on the blog doesn’t even help ME find everything I may remember having written.

    So, another post covering very familiar ground, and i’m sure many readers will sigh at a boring post, but I’ll feel better having covered it more recently and put it on a sticky on the side bar.


  34. Really useful stuff, thanks! Especially the macro and the image of your bearbar; I always like seeing how other people set up their bars.


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