Fight the power!

Happy New Year!

Ahhh, the first post of a new year.

The first post of a year really should set the tone for where you plan on going, don’t you think? Give people a heads up on what to expect?

Hells yes.

So, I have an idea for my fellow player-parents in the audience. Those with children in the 5 to 7 year range.

You know how you’ll get, over the course of the school year, invites to birthday parties from the parents of one of the other kids in class?

There you all are, a room or a field somewhere, kids all running around screaming, playing games, having fun.

And most of the parents stay to supervise their kids, and stand around chatting and drinking coffee or whatever.

Sure, you lose some of the parents, as they are just too important to spend an entire 2 hours near their kids. They’ve just GOT to drop the kids off and hightail it somewhere else.

But most of you are there… bored… letting the kids have fun. No teacher in sight.

The parents of the entire class, for the most part, gathered together without supervision from school authorities.

So here’s what you do.

You propose that you and your fellow parents have a “Sabotage the Teacher” day at school.

What you do is, you make sure all the parents have Pixie Sticks, and hand out two of them to their kids to chug down, RIGHT before dropping them off at the classroom door.

Then, you RUN.

An entire classroom of kids dropped in their unsuspecting teacher’s lap, with the sugar time bomb ticking quickly away.

Ferrats on sugar shock highs are NOTHING compared to that.

Think of this as your little way of getting your own back against the school bastards that send home crap you are ordered to sell to all your co-workers and family members, in order to extort money out of you on a personal basis. And who make sure that your own children are indoctrinated that if you DON’T sell enough, you and your family are LOSERS.

Happy New Year, my subversive brothers and sisters. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Fight the power!

  1. Wow, senses of humor at an all time low, here.

    I’m actually offended people are taking this seriously enough to get offended.

    I’ve written over 1000 posts of snarky, light hearted pissiness. I think at this point, people should be used to my brand of joking.


  2. You want to fight the power? So fight the POWER, not the classroom teachers who are lowest of the low and being forced to send stuff home to you. I’m with Phaedra here.

    Shame, Bear.


  3. i remember selling sausage for the FFA when i was a freshman, I went (me personally) door to door in our neighborhood and sold the stuff. I always considered the kids that just handed the order form to their parents to sell for them as lasy little brats. Now fast forward many years to where i’m a parent, and yes, they are sending that junk home. unluckily, i’ve only had raffle tickets for the hallows end festival. which raffle tickets are a worse ripoff than selling an actual product…. Raffles and lotto are a tax on people that can’t count.

    The only sale that I do look forward to is the girl scout cookies, but even those are becoming a nightmare, the prices for a box of cookies is insanely high. mmm i’m craving thin mints now….

    And since i have 4 girls now, ages newborn, 4, 5, and 6. I know i’m going to have to help them sell a zepplin load of cookies over the next decade or two.
    .-= Kattrinsaa´s last blog ..Flailpugs are Us =-.


  4. I’m going to have to speak against this. I’m friends/related to too many teachers and honestly, it’s not the TEACHERS who are sending that crap home. It’s the school board.

    I know you’re being silly, but I’m just picturing my poor sister-in-law, who already has to deal with prima-donna parents of students who can do no wrong (or homework, or studying), or my friend who works with special needs children, and I can only shudder.


  5. HAHA that is great Bear. Thankfully my son is like that everyday. My little way of getting back from my school days LOL. I love Tesh’s answer. I think we have been doing that so far and didn’t realize it. 🙂 The other thing we do is continue the “why” questions. Like “oh honey that is a great question WHY don’t you ask your teacher.” LOL


  6. When I interviewed at the private school my daughter is starting at in under a months time (OMG how can she be old enough for school already!), one of MY questions was to make sure they DON’T view selling crap like chocolate etc as appropriate fundraising. Really, it’s just begging.


  7. That’s drastic, but effective. I get so tired of the open hand policy of most schools. I have to pay for all my kids school supplies, then the PTA, and then all the misc. fundraisers they have all year. I think it might be cheaper and less stressful to put my kids in private school.


  8. My little bear (she tanks the furniture and cat with her face) is still just shy of two, but I’m right there with Tesh. I plan on giving her the straight up truth and teaching her what schools tend to ignore or shy away from.

    It’s fun having public school faculty for family members. I see what makes them twitch, then add another bullet point on my list.


  9. lol.

    I have not yet met a teacher I disliked so much that I’d do that to the poor bastard.

    Wait . . . no . . . there was the bitch who supervised my student teaching. But that was a high school teacher.


  10. @ Brewa – not strictly cat druid stuff, but has a good collection of articles from various sites. Secret Agent Cat has been on hiatus for quite some time, and I haven’t seen anything that really grabbed my attention much.

    OMG – my nephews are 9 and 11 and are just fun! I’m enjoying my chance for sibling revenge >=) This year’s Christmas gift was those huge, fully automatic, self loading, Nerf cannon-gun things! So much fun! [I may have exaggerated slightly, but hey, at the rate they can load those things… yeah…]


  11. I’m going to be a party pooper and change the topic. Since you are all such nice people, I want to warn you against the sponsored armory link on google at the moment.

    If you google EU armory or wow armory the first (sponsored) result is for a phishing site at

    You’ll know you’re at the wrong place when you are asked to “log in” to view the armory. It very nearly caught me early one morning, but I was too tired/lazy to enter my credentials. Sloth-ery for the win.

    For your own sakes, please be careful.


  12. lol. I love my 2nd grader’s teacher, wouldn’t do that to her. As for the 1st grader, she get’s in trouble enough as it is, unfortunately. But like the theory, although, I think it already happens for a month out of the year, they call it, December. OMGitsChristmasbouncebouncebounce 😉

    On an unrelated note, do you know of any good resources for kitty druids out there?


  13. Sorry, it’s an unoriginal idea.

    Blizzard thought of it first, when they allowed Living Bomb to be cast on multiple targets simultaneously.


  14. Oh excellent … I can picture it now. We have so much crap come back from the school – I mean, how many “voluntary contributions” do they expect us to make?!


  15. AHahahaha I love it! That is why the only time I let my son have fruit shoots is just before he goes to nursery… he goes so hyper and I don’t have to put up with it! bwahahaha 😉

    Happy New Year to you Bear, and to Cass and the lil guy too! xx
    .-= Softi´s last blog ..Happy New Year! =-.


  16. Lol

    My 4 year old recently referred to my 6 year old’s open day at school as being “Open Season” on the Teachers.

    I had visions of parents with snipers rifles and special whistels to attract Teachers…


  17. I dialed 911 a long time ago!

    The new one they’ve sent home is candles. Overpriced gag-inducing candles. They have a great racket going. I told our school last year they can go jump into a lake, I’m not selling this crap anymore.


  18. Studies show that sugar does not make children hyper. I think that’s hooplah/propaganda written by folks who don’t have kids or school administrators (haha). Happy New Year!


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