Krizzlybear = Total Epic Win

I hereby direct you to Frost is the New Black, one of my favorite blogs, for my new favorite post of all time.

Calling someone out?

You’re doing it right.

Hell, you’re doing it the BEST.


Go! Go, I tell you! Click this link, click it now!

Oh, and what a way to end a post… I /salute!

Go die in a fire.  Oh wait, nevermind; you were standing in it the entire time.  /facepalm.

15 thoughts on “Krizzlybear = Total Epic Win

  1. @Thyssie. It feels like there are more arsehats since LFD. But to be fair I am running 10x the pugs that I used to x toons I haven’t played in a while. That has to increase the chance of arsehattery encounters.

    Throw in the “we’ll never meet again” aspect and it’s open arsehat season
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  2. Nice link… was certainly an interesting read and glad to see someone take the time to call someone out (especially after such a ludicrous situation).


  3. @Thyssie

    I do tend to…although I usually run with 2 of my guildies, so we control the party. My rule is, if you pull, you die, if anyone decides to help you, they die as well. I HATE people who pull and run back to me, pretending that it was an accident, or taunt off of me and tell me that “u suck @ hlding aggro lol noob”

    My mage just shuts up and goes along with it, bc those queue times are freakin insane.
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  4. I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry. I’ve been kicked from group without getting to explain myself for going oom on a boss after I had to spamheal the mage who was being hit by a mob the tank didnt feel like tanking, I’ve been kicked as a tank for telling a DPS to stop throwing AoE’s before I get to reach the mobs. I’ve been kicked for having too low DPS, even though I was doing more than everyone else. I’ve been kicked because I didn’t cast Rebirth, when it was on CD.
    It’s really a pity that people can’t give anyone the benefit of the doubt and atleast let them explain themselves. :/ It’s sad that we have to have such experiences. A well written post though, /salute! o/

    And is it just me, or do anyone else seem to have more bad experiences in groups after Cross-Server LFG was implented? :s


  5. And the little things get me too. Few people ask “Hi, how are you”, when they join a group and every time I ask if people are ready I get nothing, just what I imagine are blank stares. And while some people say “Thanks for the run” most people don’t open their mouth unless they have something to complain about or (more often than not) to unjustly criticize another player. The lack of little niceties like that make it all the worse, I don’t think asking for simple manners is too much to ask for, and call me old fashioned, but they can make a big difference between having the patience to pound my head against my keyboard a few more wipes and just getting frustrated beyond belief. But maybe thats just me.


  6. Oh dang. Way to give BWR a bad name. You are officially on the “not joining our guild” list.

    Thank you both for pointing this out to me.


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