Sports and WoW have more in common than I thought

Obviously, there’s been a lot of whining on blogs about poor sportsmanship in PUGs lately.

What I like about the blogging scene, is that this kind of thing is usually followed by metabloggers complaining about bloggers complaining. 🙂

Let’s swing away from WoW for just a second though, can we?

I promise we’ll still talk about games, and the people that play them.

This last Sunday, in the US, two football teams, the Minnesota Vikings fought the Dallas Cowboys in a hotly contested match.

As an aside, I wish I lived in a world where, if I told you I saw the Vikings slaughter the Cowboys last Sunday, we’d be talking about guys on horses, bang bang six shooters, getting massacred by guys with axes wearing furry hats with horns on. Moving along….

Anyway, listening to the sports journalists and armchair quarterbacks in the week leading up to this game, the expectation was that this was either going to be one close, brutal hard fought game that could go either way, or it was going to be a stunning Cowboys victory.

The Cowboys themselves seemed to think it was going to be a Cowboys victory, but the Vikings quarterback talked a little trash too. Just a teeny bit.

However you slice it, one thing was certain; with the Superbowl game coming up, everyone expected the teams to bring their “A” game.

So yesterday, they played.

The end score last night?

Vikings destroyed the Cowboys, 34 to 3.

Now remember, when you see a score like that, we’re not talking about some kind of unfair matchup, Harlem Globetrotters against your Kindergarten class Little Dribblers.

We’re not even talking about The Vikings against the Jets. (I kid, I kid).

We’re talking about two teams both at the top of their game, both with not just a winning season but a dominant season… and the Cowboys were widely favored because, as one reporter put it, “Having had two powerful wins in a row, the Cowboys are very hot right now. The Vikings have home field advantage, but the Cowboys are the team to beat.”

This is NOT a bully stealing a little kids lunch money. This is not even regular season, this was a game to see who was going to appear in the NFC Championship game next week.

That other team going to the NFC Championship with the Vikings? Yeah, the New Orlean Saints, who ALSO destroyed their competition last weekend, shellacking the Arizona Cardinals, 45-14.

Why am I even talking about this?

Because this morning, every headline about the game that I can find has, as some form of it’s title, mention of Cowboys player Keith Brooking, who is enraged, ENRAGED, that in the last minutes of the game yesterday, instead of the Vikings giving up and pussyfooting around, or taking a knee and handing over the ball so the Cowboys could have a chance too, or whatever, that the Vikings continued to fight hard on their drive, went for and made a last touchdown, a touchdown clearly unnecessary to win, a touchdown being characterized as poor sportsmanship.

It’s being called “running up the score”. It’s being called “poor sportsmanship”.

Or, as Keith Brooking said, “I thought it was totally classless and disrespectful. This is the NFL, that’s not what this is about.”

Oh, sorry, Keith… I thought the point was to give 110% of yourself, every minute you’re out there on that field. I thought that the point was to never give up, to never back down, to fight, and win, never counting your victory until they’re spraying champagne on your car in front of the cameras.

I had no idea that, in the NFL, in a game to decide who goes to the NFC Championship, professional athletes making millions of dollars to play a game most of us play for fun would have the balls to throw a temper tantrum and scream “It’s not fair!”

Maybe I’m naive, but I had no idea that the Cowboys were a special needs team that we needed to coddle, and make sure they left with their self-esteem intact, no matter HOW they performed.

You know what? You don’t like getting crushed? Then how about you bring that outrage onto the field, and translate that into a WIN.

So Keith Brookings is pissed off that the Vikings didn’t give up… apparently, when the Cowboys quit trying and gave up, the Vikings failed to get the memo.


I don’t even follow sports that much, but this kind of whiny bullshit is ridiculous.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but if you’re getting paid millions of dollars to play a game in front of thousands of fans, most of them hard working people who had to pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege of seeing you play live…

You bring your “A” game.

And not just for the first half, until you see who the clear winner is, and then give up and coast so you don’t risk an injury.

You give your “A” game the entire freaking game. Right up until that last second, you fight.

You fight, damn you.

And if you lose, you do not get up in the winner’s face and complain that they fought harder than you!

Keith Brooking, you’re an asshat. We see them in the game WE play all the time, we know what they’re like, and that’s you, babe. All over.

Thanks to your sense of entitlement, the Vikings don’t get headlines focusing on two teams coming from powerful victories over the weekend heading for an NFC Championship confrontation.

No, we get “Were the Vikings poor sports?”, “Did the Vikes run up the score”, “Vikings throw late TD in blowout, Brooking goes after Favre“, “Cowboys star calls Favre, Vikes ‘Classless'”

Classless? Yeah, I think I’ve got a handle on who is classless here.

39 thoughts on “Sports and WoW have more in common than I thought

  1. I hate when teams just take a knee. I am glad the Vikings scored again. I want Favre to go all the way this year to prove all the naysayers wrong. The guy is still better than 95% of the NFL quarterbacks out there.


  2. What a great game!! I agree 100%, it’s their job to stop the offense from scoring. Be a professional, Brooking! SKOL VIKINGS!!! Miami or bust!!


  3. I agree with Mitch here. You already were kicking ass and taking names, you should have put in the second or even third string. You probably still would have scored more points, but you already won, so start thinking about the future. However, it isn’t uncommon to see cry babies these days in the NFL. Brooks is just basically saying, “You hurt my feelings because you made us look bad.” You played for crap! You are suppose to look bad. It’s like when the Colts didn’t go undefeated at first because they did that game without their starters, what you decided it was okay to play that game at 50% in preparation for the play offs? That seems more controversial but that is just me.


  4. No one likes to get kicked when they’re down. I myself have played on teams during my youth that have gotten the ever lovin’ tar beat out of them, and I can assure you it’s no fun. However, we’re not talking about a bunch of children, but grown men, paid professionals at the top of their game. So to Keith Brooking and any other pro who complains about some other team running up the score, please by all means stop somebody…….Anytime, we’re waiting.


  5. I don’t mean to offend anyone… and I’m sorry that I’m going to make this connection regardless of where the players themselves are from…. but…. only in Texas…..

    I payed about $200 per season I wanted to play back in Pop Warner days of football. I was between the ages of 10-14 and I honestly had 1 good season. However my last year, 8th grade, 13yo we had 2 wins and a tie. But we played all the way through NO MATTER WHAT. I think our biggest defeat was a full shut out, 45-0. If kids can go out and have fun when they are paying to play football, no PAID athlete should ever complain about the sportsman ship in a game where a) they’re in the playoffs and b) the goal of the game is to give you 110% and you start giving 50% because you’re a sore ass loser. I wish I was paid $3-12m to whine when I got my ass handed to me in a game where winning is literally everything and you are too stubborn to take a loss as motivation to do better next year.

    I’m in San Diego and the Chargers got their asses kicked too. Kaeding prob had the worst game he has ever kicked this season. Are they complaining? I don’t think so…


  6. Texans are whiny little pussies. Always have been always will be. btw “what do you call a drug ring in Dallas?” “a huddle”. Get Brookings an apointment with an optometrist and two weeks at Betty Ford. Problem solved.


  7. Yup Mannyac, there’s no crazier fans than English football fans- United/City is a great derby but try Millwall/West Ham or Burnley/Blackburn. Madness….


  8. Did you notice how the Dallas defense stopped playing once the outcome was not in doubt…oh wait..they kept tackling and hitting.
    And the way the Dallas offense chose to take a knee once they realized it was over…oh yeah they kept trying to move the ball and score.

    Hmmmm…so like its ok for the team on the short end of the score to keep on playing hard but the team with the lead is supposed to back off…hows that work?


  9. My only thought about running up the score is Minnesota is dumb for doing it . . . and not because they’re being classless . . . but because they put starters at risk for injury when there is absolutely no way for Dallas to come back. Put in the backups and mark it as a win.


  10. If the tanks stand in the flames and get the debuff they get hit up to 42k right in the face (or even more, thats what he hit me for) compared to 15-18k without debuff. So if the tanks die like that its probably their own fault, same shit happened to us on 25 man version.. 5 wipes and we were out of ICC before someone cared to check the battle logs.


  11. We fought Marrowgar in ICC on 25-man difficulty tonight.

    We did it as a PuG, and wiped, and wiped (4 times). We were doing it a fifth time, and at about 10%, a tank went down. On Marrowgar, you need 3 tanks, otherwise healing is almost impossible, since massive damage is shared between them. We valiantly held on healing the two remaining tanks, but at about 7%, the next went down. 10 seconds later, the last tank went down.

    This is exactly what happened in the first wipe, where we had wiped at 5%.

    Well, I yelled “spread and burn him!”, threw what DoTs I could, popped Divine Hymn, and spam-raid-healed. To be honest, it made little if any difference (it’s the spreading and DPS that mattered at this point), being somewhat like bailing out a sinking ship with a thimble. I have no idea if the plate-wearers tried tanking, or what – I don’t think anyone knew what was happening.

    There were about 6-8 of us alive, I was bracing myself for the repair bill… then I was shocked and surprised to hear his death-rattle.

    We did it (again, the DPS were the real heroes of the moment).

    And that’s why you play your A-game until your dying breath.

    (Anticlimax: we didn’t kill Lady Deathwhisper, though)


  12. Everybody is an asshat sometimes. It’s just more natural on some people. Context and reputation can clarify which kind of asshatery is afoot.

    Football ethics are a maelstrom of contradiction and irony in general. Sometimes it’s the inconsistency of outrage that is bizarre. Violent crime associated with substance abuse and domestic disputes are considered personal issues for which you can be forgiven almost immediately. Suggesting that your team lost because they didn’t throw to you enough makes you a permanent villain.

    Sometimes it’s the self defeating jealousy that astounds me. The players may be millionaires but they are also the labor for a 32 team enterprise in which each team is worth roughly 1 billion dollars. Maybe America spends to much money on football but as long as it does the American worker shouldn’t complain when another company’s workers get a fair cut. Our legal system works on precedent after all and athletes represent us in the scheme of things, all be it in another tax bracket.


  13. Damn, Savvy-Savage, that is one hell of a passionate and informative defense of Brooking’s emotional state.

    Okay, I recant calling him an asshat. I still think that he could have found a different way to phrase his dismay after he’d cooled off, but if you say he’s been a good guy without a history of that kind of thing, then I apologise for reading too much into one temper tantrum.

    And as Bernie said… Saints versus Vikings ought to be a good game. 🙂


  14. All of you Dallas fans complaing about poor sportsmanship, and the players yelling about the score being run up are a bunch of hypocrits. I would like to remind everyone that Dallas ran up the score last week against Philly, 34-14 (20 pts difference for the texans defending Brooking), and that was totally ok, and was a fair match up, and cleanly played game. Totally hypocritical of Dallas and their fans who defend Brooking and his opinion. I’ve lost a lot of respect for America’s team because of this little stunt. PLEASE get over yourselves. You lost, and badly, suck it up, and bring it next time you guys play. I’m not a fan of either team, my team let their season go awhile ago before I get accused of being Viking fan or whatever.


  15. First, I should put out there that I’m a Saints fan and that gives me any number of biases here. Among them is that Brooking is an ex-falcons star that just defected to the cowgirls. (our rivals from birth) Also among them is that my Saints are tasked with disposing of the Vikings now that they’ve won.

    I like Brooking. He’s always behaved honorably over the last decade in our rivalry and I think he’s a shining exception of class in an otherwise classless cowboy’s organization. He misread the intentions of the Vikings on that play. I believe he was too hurt by the fresh wound of knowing that his decision to move to a storied franchise (the cowboys) late in his career (he’s getting old now) in order to win a championship before retirement (falcons weren’t gonna get him there) had fizzled out tantalizingly close to his ultimate goal (the super bowl is so close!).

    Brett is not a Bully and the coach, Childress, is a smoking jacket/tv dad/librarian football nerd. These guys wanted to run the clock out and end the game mercifully but they had to get 1 first down in order to accomplish that. They called a play and all of the conservative options on the play were covered. Guy open in the endzone, why not? Dallas took the first down routes away by exposing themselves on the back end and basically asked for Brett to score. Brooking will be over it long before the interwebz will be.

    Brooking and Favre can have a beer about it while the Saints (Who Dat!) win the super bowl with the Who playing half time.


  16. That other team beat them other guys from Arizona…..45-14. Who dat nation, go Saints. Should be a good game if we see 2 “A” games.


  17. I’m a Dallasite, and I can assure you of two things. First, it was poor sportsmanship. That is what it is. It was also a personal insult, and Texans do not take personal insults well. A new rivalry was born in those two minutes, and I don’t think that the Vikings have any clue as to what they just stepped into. The Eagles, the Redskins, or the 49ers could enlighten them.

    The Vikings have had a good year, but they won’t have as many as the Cowboys, and we hold grudges like dwarves.

    Get that looked at then?

    Really, I’m neither a Dallas or Vikings fan. I’m hardly what anyone would call a sports fan, let alone a football fan, but (and correct me if I’m wrong) it’s a game you play to win, not make the other side feel good about losing, right?

    Winning 34-3 is poor sportsmanship?


    Because it looks, to me anyways, like one team got the advantage and ran with it to the best of their abilities.

    The only poor sportsmanship I see is one of Dallas’ own players whining about losing without even his dignity intact.

    Frankly, were I in charge of the Dallas Cowboys organization, I’d have fired Keith Brooking on the spot for taking that obliterating defeat and making his team look like even bigger jackasses.

    Only petulant children whine like that. Adults get up, dust themselves off, and look at what they can do to prevent that from happening again.

    Mr. Brooking is a disgrace to his team and to the sport, and you’re a disgrace to fans for taking what really is entertainment and a game to personal levels of insult.

    The Vikings didn’t insult you, or anyone else. They played a game, and won. Whining about it will do nothing but lower other’s opinions of you and “your team”.
    .-= Keristrazja´s last blog ..You May Want To Get That Looked At… =-.


  18. Speaking as someone who’s played more competitive sports than most people, there’s definitely a point where it’s poor form to keep running up the score. Mostly when you’re playing a clearly inferior team who can’t do anything to stop you.

    That being said, this is the NFL playoffs here. All of these teams are good. And the Vikings coach probably felt that his team needs to be fired up and sharp going into next week. He knew that game was over. But his goal isn’t this week. It’s the Super Bowl. And what he did is completely fine — totally agree with you, Bear.


  19. Sorry Cowboys fans, but if you’re gonna try to put a spin control on this by calling me a gloating Vikings fan, well, you’ve got two problems.

    First, anyone that actually reads this blog knows that I could not give a shit less about the Vikings, or any other sports team. No, really. I think spending my time watching people get paid millions of dollars to play a game I love to play for free is one of the most incredible wastes of time in the universe. I think that using a game as an excuse for guys to get together is fine, and devious, “But honey we have to watch the game”, but to actually, seriously live or die on how some other strangers do in a sport is just completely beyond me.

    So, really, any sports fan that is coming here, don’t bother getting offended at my attitude towards your team, when you ought to be getting offended at what I think about the entire concept of your watching the games and giving a shit about who wins in the first place.

    Those commercials showing three or four guys watching sports on TV, leaping up and high fiving each other when ‘their’ team scores a touchdown on the screen?

    Those people are an alien lifeform to me. Absolutely NO clue what the hell is going on in their heads.

    Second… I’m not calling out an entire team, I’m calling out a single player that acted like an asshat. And to be more precise, I’m calling out the behavior. Now, if you don’t like it, then you argue that the behavior was appropriate. If you choose to do that by saying the Vikings were also acting offensively or rudely, back it up, cause I haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere. And no, I’m not giving you a pass on saying that X person’s actions was excusable because of Ys behavior.

    But mommy, he did it first!

    Give me a break, and bring better rhetoric for your spin control, I’m not buying it.


  20. I’m a Dallasite, and I can assure you of two things. First, it was poor sportsmanship. That is what it is. It was also a personal insult, and Texans do not take personal insults well. A new rivalry was born in those two minutes, and I don’t think that the Vikings have any clue as to what they just stepped into. The Eagles, the Redskins, or the 49ers could enlighten them.

    The Vikings have had a good year, but they won’t have as many as the Cowboys, and we hold grudges like dwarves.


  21. Speaking of Vikings, with axe, shield and sword, fighting against the six-shooter cowboys, that is how I picked my football line-up at work a few years ago. Dolphins vs. Pirates? Pirates! Broncos vs. Cardinals? Broncos! Saints vs… darn can’t remember any more mascots. Well, you get the point. My coworkers did not appreciate my new take on the game. Choosing who will win based off the mascots will get you kicked out of participating in future picks.


  22. The task of the team on offense is to score. The task of the team on defense is to prevent the offense from scoring. Complaining because you did your job poorly and the other team did it extremely well is just… silly. It’s sadly common, though; I can come up with at least three other examples in sports where fans pitch a bitch fit because of one single event that “cost them the game” even though the team they’re defending had the entire game to play, and it was their entire performance the win or loss depended on. And I don’t even watch sports voluntarily except for boxing.

    Scoring continously is not “poor sportsmanship”. Poor long-term tactical thinking, maybe, but those are two completely different things.

    Meanwhile we have one die-hard Saints fan and one die-hard Vikings fan in the core raiding team. I am so not looking forward to next Sunday’s vent chatter. Or the raid warnings.
    .-= LabRat´s last blog ..Back In Black =-.


  23. Eluniar: I’ve been to a “real” football game (City/United). The players that gave up would not really have to worry about the media. They would be lucky to survive the fans…


  24. Indeed, Agreed, Here Here BBB. This is a “professional” sport, where you are supposed to bring the heat 110% of the time. If the shoe was on the other foot, would the results have been different? Debateable. Shows whiney,classless asshattery. We live in a performance based society, I thought. Kudos to Favre and the Vikings for performing at their best.


  25. Hehe really highlights the cultural difference between the USA and England. In Football and I mean the real football not soccer (what you in the USA call Football is more like Handegg) you are as you say expected to put 110% in for the entire 90 minutes. Our media would attack any player or team that started playing poorer purposefully if they are winning, yet yours asks if securing a powerful victory was wrong?


  26. As a long time Dallas fan, I would agree Brookings should have certainly kept his mouth shut. It served no purpose, came across as whining and he certainly can’t have been surprised. Brett Favre is one of the all time great football players but no one can ever accuse him of having the slightest smidge of class.

    It’s your blog, BBB and if you wanna gloat that your team won, wonderful. (I assume that’s your team as don’t you live up in one of those cold and slush states?) The Vikings schooled the Cowboys. Badly. They deserve to gloat a little bit. But for a guy who consistently posts about honor, truth, conviction and passion in one’s beliefs and the great American way, hiding your own gloating as some kind of WoW or sports-as-life parable while leaving out any context on the tale at all certainly left me eye rolling. Brookings is a very emotional player. He was as a Falcon and he is as a Cowboy. The Vikings offense was, by all accounts, engaging in taunting and trashtalking at the end of the game. Classy, huh? Brookings only mistake was making it public in front of the press who will vulture over this for days.


  27. Historically, Vikings and Scandinavian marauders didn’t wear horned helmets. They also fought with sword and shield, not just axes. And they would’ve made cowboys shit their pants.


  28. While I see your general point here, I think that calling Brookings an asshat is a bit over the top.

    Here is a guy who just spent three hours busting his ass, dealing and taking physical punishment. And after that, his team came up way, way short. In those last moments, the Vikings rubbed their victory in the faces of the Cowboys.

    You reaaly can’t understand why Brookings would have an emotional outburst there? Lashing out at his tormenters?

    Heck, I think that he showed that he really *cared* about the game. A primadonna athlete in it only for the money would have tuned out about a quarter earlier.

    So argue all you want about whether the Vikings were right or wrong. But don’t hate on Brookings. His emotion is something that the NFL lacks these days.
    .-= Dinaer´s last blog ..Rogues nerfed, news at 11 =-.


  29. This is why I don’t pay money to go see professional sports. (except nascar or F1 racing) I would much rather go to a highschool or college game. These guys aren’t being paid (officially) to play, they are there because they love the game, and hope/dream that they can have a shot at the big leagues.

    When I have to struggle daily at a real job where i have to use my brain and make barely enough for my family. It really honks me off when these multi million dollar contract “professionals” have temper tantrums, set a poor example for the kids that look up to them, and don’t even blink at getting fines in the hundreds of thousands or millions. If not for the commercials shown during it, I wouldn’t even watch the super bowl. and I could care less who plays in the game. I probably won’t even watch it for the commercials this year, can always view them online later. Much better use of my time to watch a movie with the family, or run some heroics.

    Todays sports figures should not be idolized or made into heroes. Those of the past who did amazing things, yes. but today’s crop.. no.
    .-= Kattrinsaa´s last blog ..Katt the second awake again =-.


  30. Speaking as a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan…Keith who? STFU and be a man. All of you, as a matter of fact.

    Now, that being said, there’s a point where you’ve beat the stuffing out of your opponent and it’s definitely poor sportsmanship to taunt your humiliated opponent. But these days, football players are, by and large, a bunch of fools who start dancing and jiving and generally acting the fool because…they did their damn job. So the NFC East Division Champion is gonna bitch about scoring one more touchdown? Puh-leeze. If you knuckleheads had done your jobs (see above), then the score wouldn’t have been so lopsided. Or maybe you’d have even won!

    Where you draw the line is what makes the difference, and as Kaethir said, different folks draw it in different places. But anyone who drew that line before Minnesota’s last touchdown yesterday is just a wus.

    Man up.


  31. Kaethir… I totally agree with you that it can be a smart tactical move in a playoff game, to rest your strongest lineup after you’ve scored a solid lead and field your, well, the talent you are growing, give them field time and experience, and try and prevent silly injuries that can hurt your position in the next game.

    I’m sure that if I was the coach at that point, I’d be looking ahead to the next game, and thinking, “Shit, what if Favre gets sacked hard and busts a knee now? Omigod, we’d be screwed.”

    There are lots of reasons why the Vikings could have done things differently in the fourth quarter.

    To my mind, none of those reasons should include “So we don’t hurt the Cowboys feelings by causing them to lose by an even wider margin.”

    What kind of message does that send? That the Cowboys were so far out of their depth that they had to rely on the Vikings to go easy on them? That in fact they DESERVED the Vikes to be gentle?

    What, are the Cowboys the pillow biters of the NFL now?

    I don’t care why the Vikings kept pushing. For all I know, they floored it to the end because Favre didn’t get more votes as MVP and wanted to drive his displeasure home. Maybe Favre was trying to prove to the world that he could lead the Vikings to a stunning victory over the Cowboys.

    I don’t know. I don’t care. As the winner, he and the team earned the right to have whatever they want as their core motivation. It’s not like I saw any clipping, facemasks, false starts or rushed sacks that were in any way poor sportsmanship. I didn’t hear of any cheap shots or crude manuevers on the field.

    All there is to the story, is they kept playing and giving their all. And the loser is angry about it. Blows my mind.

    Brookings lost his cool during the game, and then after he could have cooled down he expressed the same opinion to the media afterwards.

    All I can say to that is, “Wah”.


  32. Yes, THANK YOU! My own team (the Colts) have scored 21 points in a quarter or even part of a quarter before so like you said, the game is NEVER over until the clock is at 0:00. You can never depend on a cushion lead because anything can happen.

    Whining itself is considered poor sportsmanship. The Vikings were doing the smart thing, not scoring out of spite. You want them to stop doing it? Tell your defense to make a play once in a while! Geez, it’s like the guy doesn’t know how football is played.


  33. Here’s what it comes down to, in the end.

    I’m the kind of person that, were I in the Vikings’ coach’s position, I would have been running the ball to try and shorten the game and kill the clock, and get the already-determined game over with to protect my players from injury.

    I know a lot of folks that wouldn’t, that would be using everything in their power to keep scoring.

    Most of the folks in the first category will be upset by the situation that happened, and most of the folks in the second category will not.

    Personally, although I wouldn’t have done what they did, I don’t see a real problem with it – you’ve played yourselves to your victory, you can finish it in whatever method you deem appropriate.
    .-= Kaethir´s last blog ..Alt-o-clock! =-.


  34. I’m truly shocked that they are crying about poor sportsmanship. Truly shocked! You’ve got to be kidding me… They can’t be serious! Are they that spoiled? Are they that ignorant of their own (lack of) action?

    Okay… I’ll stop saying “they” and focus on the one who is the fool. Mr.Brooking is the one that is spoiled, ignorant and should never be allowed to talk to the media again! Just hand him a phone so he can call his mom instead!


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