Retro raids, revisited!

I’d mentioned a long time ago that one of the things we like to do instead of actual raids, is to have fun in older, less frequently visited content.

Along those lines, Cassie put up the Black Temple on our raid calender, and the Sidhe Devils went in tonight and for the first time sought to explore it’s vast, cavernous interior.

Most of us had never seen it, and of those that had, we didn’t have any that had gone the distance. Most of the boss explanations we gleaned from World of Raids or Wowwiki, and then we winged it.

There were anywhere from 12 to 15 of us at any given moment, all but 2 level 80.

We had two tanks to start, myself as Feral Druid and Caladorn as Prot Paladin, and Sux as Feral Druid backup in case we needed a third. We quickly changed the plan to being one tank, me, and Sux as second tank if and when we needed one, which was rarely.

We went in with three healers, Jardal on Tree duty, Shadewynn on Priest and Kitsen as Shaman for a nice rounded mix.

Everyone else was DPS, and a lot of that was melee.

We cleared Black Temple, a new group learning as we went, in 3.5 hours exactly (30 minutes of that spent taking an afk break for bio), without a single wipe.

In fact, the only fight that we found truly taxing was Mother, and the Illidari Council of course.

Over the course of the evening, we reached Honored with the Ashtongue, we witnessed epic struggles, took part in bringing down Illidan Stormrage himself…

…and saw the drop of a legendary Warglaive go to Kaelynn the Rogue.

It was a wonderful night, sure to be remembered for a long time. Having nothing but friends by your side as you fight legendary battles, rather than pugging another meaningless heroic, is a priceless gift.

If you’re in a guild with a bunch of friends, and you occasionally find yourself at loose ends trying to think of something fun and different to do… why not give it a try?

I leave you with a few parting snapshots. πŸ™‚





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  1. Illidari Council can still beat down groups if they don’t know what they are doing. I ran on my Holy Priest a couple weeks ago and we had 21 ppl in the raid. We had a lot of problems because ppl didn’t seem to understand the fights and thought they could do whatever because it was lvl 70 content. By the time we got to Illidari Council we just kept wiping and couldn’t seem to get it down. As of now I stil don’t have the BT completion on my main…ugh.


  2. My guild pulled together a BT run a couple months ago…

    i would encourage everybody who gets the opportunity to try to run old content, it’s fun and different than the run of the mill stuff to do…

    and if you have few enough people, it can still be REALLY hard πŸ™‚
    .-= Kaethir´s last blog ..Icecrown Ramblings, Part 2 =-.


  3. Hi BBB,

    Long time reader, first time commenter, and I have to preface this by thanking you for all the info I’ve gleaned from your articles! πŸ™‚

    I have to say that, and this also relates to your recent article entitled “New project: Tanking through the levels,” this sounds like so much fun. I leveled my druid to 80 with very few dungeons, as kitty, and I started playing WoW when TBC came out, so I was generally late to the party. As such, I have gone back and hit up a few oldies, such as Kara with guildies (we call them gold runs) and Stratholme by myself. However, the new dungeon finder provides many opportunities for exploring old content, and fun runs are another great way to both revisit old haunts and explore.

    With this in mind, I recently started a new druid (although I had neither the desire nor the big bear balls to delete my old one!!) with three express purposes:
    1) see old instances and quest in areas I missed before, especially those that are slated to get major upheavals in Cataclysm,
    2) level as balance spec, since that is almost totally different than how I play my main (kitty/bear), and
    3) have fun!

    Last night, I drew 2 Ragefire Chasm runs in a row, with the first featuring a bear tank who did a very nice job, and the second featuring a pally and a warrior (no weapon, btw) duking it out to see which could butcher their tanking duties worse… This morning, I had an eventful run through Wailing Caverns, also featuring a bear tank who did ok. It was a druid-fest, though. By the end of the run, after losing one druid healer for another (and with me healing some of it in the meantime), and losing our mage for a kitty, we had, yes, 4 druids and a rogue. Hilarious! Overall I was glad to see the old content, and it was interesting to see the group dynamics at a low level, where you have to use your head a little bit (it’s certainly different than steamrolling through a PuG heroic everyday).

    I’m excited about the prospect of running dungeons and raiding through Azeroth and Outland, and I’m glad that you guys had so much fun with it. Keep sharing!
    .-= Russ´s last blog ..The new gear is definitely working =-.


  4. We used to do these quite often before the old core fell apart, and I’ve heard a few folks kicking around the idea of reviving this tradition now that we seem to have a new one. They were crazy fun.

    Except Sunwell. We learned that that place is still more than capable of kicking the asses of raiders who show up expecting to faceroll it.
    .-= LabRat´s last blog ..WTB DPS =-.


  5. That quiet yearning I have had for a while has now been turned into a burning passion. I’m over the emblem runs and I haven’t the overwhelming desire to do the latest raids. I see requests for bodies in LFG for the old raids quite often.

    Time to fill my Looking for Raid interface with “old world” raids and have some fun.

    Thanks for stoking the dire in the belly of this Fire Mage
    .-= Gnomeaggedon´s last blog ..I Love CriticalQQ: PvP for Fire Mages! =-.


  6. Never been in there before we did it lastr night. It was major fun, reading the boss info before we tried each I could see how this must have been really hard as a lvl 70 in the day.


  7. Grats, Bear! Going in and whomping something like that is always awesome! The only time I saw Illidan was an invite from a friend’s raiding guild just before Lich King came out… they had a healing hole, and he (bless his HEART!) suggested me and they took me in. Then they needed another healer, so I got to bring in my friend and guildie Ren and together we saw the Illidari Council and then Illlidan himself go down. πŸ™‚ Doing it with our friends and guildies would have been infinitely better. No loot, but we saw content we never thought we’d get to see, and that alone was worth it. πŸ™‚


  8. My guild also love old raid runs. It’s awesome πŸ™‚ We went to Karazham last week, and it was the first time I’d ever been there; I haven’t had so much fun in ages!!! We tried to 7-man AQ40 a few weeks ago as well which was ok until we got to the Twin Emperor’s… So good!! I want to make sure I see as much old stuff as I can before Cataclysm hits. πŸ™‚


  9. I love hitting up older content. I like to go re-live raids that had fun fights (C’thun) or a cool storyline (Hyjal!), without the imminent threat of wiping every 5 seconds.

    Every once in a while someone will get the bug to go do Molten Core, and it’s crazy fun to hit that with a 5-10 man group and just tear through the place with wild abandon.

    Try doing Blackwing Lair without a rogue. The trap room becomes a ridiculously long survival fight, still capable of killing lv80’s.
    .-= Keristrazja´s last blog ..Swimming In The Shallow End… =-.


  10. You know, it’s things like this that bring tears to my eyes.

    Long time ago, back when WoW was just released, I played with a bunch of college friends. We stuck together until we all hit 60, made a guild, and had loads of fun. Real-world drama destroyed that.

    I wandered alone across servers for a while, until about a year later I finally found a group of people worth playing with. After about a year, real-world drama again destroyed it. I was so frustrated I actually quit playing for a time.

    Then I got back to it again for Wrath of the Lich King, but resigned myself to being a wandering druid. I have yet to find a guild worth joining, a guild to have fun with. I began to work on Loremaster while pugging groups for instances and the odd raid, hoping to again meet people worth playing with, but so far I’ve yet to find a group I fit with.

    When I read the posts about you and your guild, they definitely remind me the fun I used to have in this game. This game needs a Looking for Guild tool real bad… ^_^

    Are you guys by any chance accepting new players? ^_^


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