The Culmination of a Year’s Plodding

The Culmination of a Year’s Plodding (I mean Plotting!)

You may or may not know that, among the things I enjoy doing in game, one of them is collect neat non-combat pets.

I’m not a fanatic about it. No, not in the slightest.

I do not have most of the pets available from the Argent Tournament, although I did max out all reputations with Alliance.

I do not have any of the farmable rare Whelplings. I always wanted one, but never was able to spend more than a few hours grinding before my attention wandered away.

I’ve also never been any good with money, so I haven’t bought any through AH manipulations.

Still, I’ve been quite happy with the pets I’ve managed to get. I even reached over 75 pets a few months ago, and got the cutest little leaping baby deer ever, Little Fawn’s Salt Lick.

But there has always been that one pet.

The one which requires ridiculous dedication, patience, and above all else, luck.

The pet that is a menace to sanity if you can’t spend 12 hours sitting waiting for a single spawn, in the hopes it is finally what you want.

I am speaking, of course, about the Kirin Tor Familiar.

Yeah, after that lead up, I’ll cut right to the chase. Last night, I bagged the little bastard!

Kirin Tor familiar

Isn’t he just the cutest?

I started my quest for this bad boy the first time Wrath of the Lich King was released, over a year ago, and visited Warcraft Pets (home of the wonderful Breanni), to see what might have been added.

Over time, Warcraft Pets posted a detailed strategy guide for what you had to collect (various specific books), where the various books spawned (all over Dalaran), the truth behind the deceptive fact that it wasn’t just ANY spawned book you needed at each location but only those with a specific title (The Schools of Arcane Magic: something something), that all sorts of other books can spawn in the same location as the one you want but don’t count, and that once anyone has read a spawned book, it would last for exactly 3 minutes for anyone to read before it went poof and vanished.

Yes, I wanted a pet, and Breanni did 100% of the work on researching how to do it. Thank you, Breanni! 🙂

I did very good on following the routes she proposed, and as I found the right books, I cut down on my route.

Eventually, I found myself needing only three; the Necromancy book from the second floor of the Legerdemain Lounge, and, amusingly enough, both books from the Violet Citadel.

Thanks to paying close attention to Trade chat (and didn’t that sear my retinas forever), I saw someone announce “Books up in 2nd floor of lounge) and I scurried my furry butt on up there just in time.

That was over two months ago. Well over.

Since that time, I have, when on Windshadow, made a point of ALWAYS logging out on the upper level of Violet Citadel, next to the bookcase, so that every time I came in and out I had a chance to see both books.

I saw a lot of books, all the wrong ones, but I bided my time. I was patient.

I became a lot LESS pleased with myself when I discovered, purely by chance, that if you’re standing on the balcony upstairs, and a book spawns downstairs, you can’t see it. You need to move your furry tail up and down the stairs to make sure you catch ’em.

But then came LFD. And porting in and out of instances from wherever you happened to be.

That one thing allowed my chances of finding the right two books to skyrocket.

By standing in front of one of the spawn points I needed, I could do instances as much as I liked, and every time it was over, pop right back to Violet Citadel to find out if a book was spawned or not.

I tried addons, Higher Learning etc, but the timers never seemed to work on my system. Simply waiting, and logging in and out at the right spot, was what I went with.

That, and patience.

One thing I found was that, in the last major patch, Achievements you choose to track are persistant through logging. By tracking the Higher Learning Achievement and keeping it up all the time, it served as a constant reminder of my purpose… it kept it right up there and visible all the time. That really was a big help in staying focused and reminding me that, yes, after visiting the Auction House, I needed to port back to Dalaran.

If the Kirin Tor Familiar is a pet you have sought yourself, or if you ever wondered what it took to get one, I wish you luck and good fortune in your search, and I recommend you visit Breanni, bookmark her website, and pay homage to the mistress of pets.

She truly has the Higher Learning needed to get the quest done!

By the way, if you are pursuing the books yourself, and you have the great good fortune to find one, why not be a nice person, and call out in /Trade, “Book spawned right now in XXX location!”

I assure you, people WILL be watching, and will appreciate the help.

14 thoughts on “The Culmination of a Year’s Plodding

  1. GRATS, Grats, grats!

    I’m between Stinker and the Faun. I was so pleased when I got my Kirin Tor Familiar! Most of the books I found by peeking in when I was doing the cooking dailies. I knew it’d take a long time so I didn’t stress over it.

    I’m geek enough that I use Bartender and have a scaled down bar tucked to the side of my UI just for pets. Right now I have the Enchanted Broom (bought from the AH), the Squire (I have Pony Up), a Worg Pup to run with my Wolf; my hunter pet and the Spirit of Summer (for something low key).

    I noticed recently that the proto-drake whelp will follow you when you jump off a balcony while most fliers will take the land path down. He’ll keep up with you when you fly also. I think the Phoenix Flier (can’t remember the name, from H MT) is bugged, he can’t keep up when you run and drops out.

    Good job and happy pet hunting!


  2. This achievement was such a total PITA. I lucked out and was able to get 4 books one day, due to server restarts (ahh, patch day!). The last book I needed was the one that spawns in the Portal room of Dal. Like you, BBB, I would log out there and pop in whenever I was back in Dal. Months went by and it was junk book after junk book. One day, I was working from home to get the heater repaired and as the guy left, I thought to myself “I’m going to log in and check real quick”. Best decision I ever made – my book was up!
    Now, whenever I see a book is up, I /trade and /general to let people know.

    And I am a rabid pet collector (128 and number 1 on my server) and I NEVER got the last Spirit of Competition. I BG’d for days (and I HATE BGing!). My husband, who hates achievements and pets, had to stop deleting the pet, b/c HE kept getting it.


  3. Why should it be Oriental-Type
    Winter Olympics are in Canada.
    A little hockey player would be cool.
    Ha ha hockeyplayer cool


  4. BBB, don’t feel bad about the Spirit of Competition pet, I don’t have it either and I’m a rabid pet collector.

    I just couldn’t get the little bugger. I BG’d like mad for the entire time, going as far as ignoring raids and just focusing on BGs, and I never got the stupid thing,

    I hope they bring it back with the Winter Olympics, it’s the only oriental-type dragon us Westerners can get!
    .-= Keristrazja´s last blog ..It’s The End Of The World As We Know It =-.


  5. Congratulations! I think it took me a good 5-6 months to get that pet.

    The best part, for me anyways, was that my server had it’s own channel dedicated to people following the books. Around a respawn time, we’d all gather up in Dalaran and split up so someone was guarding each spawn point. It definitely lent a feeling of community I don’t usually find outside of guild =)

    Yay for cute friends!!


  6. Congratulations!

    I’m now even more attached to the BBB blog now that I know you’re a pet obsessive as well 😀

    -Csara of Suramar


  7. I just waited until server restarts; everything spawns then. Rare books, pets, mobs, everything. And it’s almost certain that at least 3 of the books that spawn then are higher leaning books. Takes a bit longer, but it works.


  8. Breanni’s tips were really helpful for me – I got mine last spring fairly quickly after I decided to really hunt the books.

    Two things that helped immensely: logging onto the custom chat channel on my server as suggested above – it could be /bookclub on yours, but also look for /dalaranbooks /ktbooks or similar variations; and logging off/on at a spawn point.

    But the thing that helped the most was logging on _right_ after maintenance ended on Tuesdays. I snagged 5 of the 8 books this way. Not everybody knows this, but right after maintenance, there will be a book up at every spawn point. You can quickly run the route of all the spawn points, and usually are able to open most of them before they despawn; your chances of at least one of them being one of the Magic books is very good. (And if you do find one of them, make sure to announce in general chat, and on the book channel for the other poor sods hunting them.) I even had a day where 2 of them were up right after maintenance.

    Good luck to any one else in search of the blueberry!


  9. okay, since I have finally gotten a few pets, I added a little blurb on the sidebar, linking to my Warcraft pets account so you can see what i’ve got fo pets, and laugh at my noobness…

    Like how I failed to get the Spirit of Competition during the Olympics out of laziness. LOL!


  10. Yeah, Doomhammer has that channel, too, but it still took me WEEKS of watching and checking for that last book, that one at the Violet Hold… and so many times it was one of the OTHER books.. ::chuckle:: But finally, it happened the book spawned when I was there and I too, got the little bastard… ::laughing::

    I’m not fanatical about pets, either, but I am drawing close to that fawn… I think I need 5 or so… so I may have an excuse to go back and collect the little fey dragon out of Feralas and the worg pup of many colors… Not sure what else… 🙂 But I’m sure I can find a few…

    I just flat REFUSE to have a cockroach…. lol


  11. I’ve been working this one since I can go to Dalaran on a regular basis now too. One thing that I found useful was that there is a custom channel on our server called /bookclub that people do the same thing.

    I tend to announce when I’ve found a book on both that and the Trade channel. I also mention in bookclub when a trash book spawns as this lets people know about when they should look again.

    congrats on the frosted blueberry pet!


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