Oh god… it came from the pug

In deference to the comments you left in my earlier post today, here’s a mini story… call this one “It came from the pug”.

In the comments, Naturalregis made an in-joke about Kings.

Here’s the story. 

The very first run I did in the series as a Pally tank this last week, the first resurrection of my tanking on him in months, I got Violet Hold.

I saw there was a Death Knight in the group, and I “know” (see below in the comments for more details) Blessing of Might gets overwritten by the Horn of Winter, so I made sure I had Kings set up for folks on Pallypower instead on the fly, quick buff and off we go.

Death Knight says, “Kings”.

“Shadow, Kings” (Because, as the only Pally in the group, there is confusion as to which Pally I think he’s talking to?)


Now, I use Pallypower. When you are in combat, Pallypower grays out (for me at least), meaning I can’t cast it on the fly from the Pallypower panel, I have to manually cast it by clicking on Party Bars and Spell Icons. At the moment, guess what, I’m in the middle of trying to pay attention and remember how to tank groups in a heroic instance and hold aggro from strangers competing for damage meters.

This may seem elitist of me… but do we really need to be spazzing over Kings on the first pull of a heroic Violet Hold? Can we truly not wait five damn seconds? Is your extra 15 dps REALLY make or break for the srs bsns of VH?


This Death Knight is damn near chanting “Kings” in chat.

“Shadow, Kings”
“I need Kings”

Now, I’m getting pissed, and I’m also getting distracted and losing mobs and split pulls are flying all over the place and I’m getting frazzled and upset, I’m desperately trying to do my job and also figure out why he’s not getting Kings and what the hell is going on, and it just SUCKS. 

Why am I letting this get to me?

Because stupid ass that I am, if I’m not doing MY job and giving him the right buff, I want to fix it.

Then I stop, pulls or no, and scan every. single. buff. the Death Knight has…

He has Kings.

He HAS Kings!

The little worthless son of a bitch has Kings already! He had it the ENTIRE F’ING TIME!!!!

I type in chat, “You HAVE Kings, damn it! Shut up!”

There is a pause.

“Gimme Might”
“Shadow, Might”


I said, “You don’t need Might, your Horn overrides Might.”

He replies back, “Do you see me using Horn?”

Then he resumes the chant.


So I replied with one word.


I actually, in real life, mimed a hand gesture of taking a rolled up newspaper in my hand, and swatting the Death Knight on the nose as I said it aloud to myself, drawing it out the way Lewis Black does…


Then I put him on ignore for the rest of the run.

I related the story in vent later that night… and now, SOME people won’t let it go. Ahem, [Regis], ahem.

30 thoughts on “Oh god… it came from the pug

  1. Brass… sorry, I’m sure you said something really cool…. but when I read your first few words…

    All I could hear in my head was the goddess Alyson Hannigan saying, “This one time, at band camp….”

    Excuse me while I go scrub my brainage


  2. One time on HHoL we had a druid healer who was in such a crazy rush he was going cat form and dashing to pull adds as well as DPSing. Which might be well and all if he were also keeping us alive at the same time. Which he wasn’t. His hurry lead to three stupid near wipes. So we get to the last boss and he starts spamming me for bloodlust. Which, due to his annoying/killing us hurry, I was jackass enough not to punch. Especially when he began spam yelling it, spam whispering it, and passed me lead before more yelling and whispering for it. Guy, I’m certain an extra 15 seconds on this boss will not crimp the style you set by trying to get us all killed as often as possible. Get a guild group if your raid time is closing in on you.


  3. That’s one nice thing about playing a resto shaman. No one ever asks me for a specific buff. Tremor on occasion but the earth totem slot for rest isn’t much use so I just default to tremor anyway.

    I did get a complaint once that I had cleansing totem down when there wasn’t anything to cleanse. Of course, we didn’t need mana spring or healing stream either but popped in something else just to make the whiner happy. And then switched *back* to cleansing totem when we got to the part of the instance where there was stuff to cleanse.


  4. Glad to see I’m not the only one who makes “hand signals” at the monitor.

    Good thing the whole transaction was not on Vent, ikes.


  5. Oh boy. I had a similar experience myself. I got into an occulus. Don’s remember if it was Heroic but it probably was. It was a random. I loaded into the instance and start to eat my clam chowder, it’s easy to make and I like to make things as fast as I can. Next thing I know tank takes off and starts pulling stuff. I take off as well, I’m a cat. A couple of the little whelps and such later I find the tank asking for MoW. I do pop out of form to cast it and go back. After the fight, I try to explain that they’d have had it if they hadn’t taken off before asking..or looking…to see if everyone was ready. To which they start to talk back with all kinds of attitude about how I should stop in the middle of a fight to cast a buff. I told them how I wouldn’t be taxing the rest of the group for their failings and got out of there.
    If you think you need a buff so bad that someone should stop in the middle of a fight to give it to you….stop now. Nothing’s more annoying than someone focusing on what buff they might be missing than fighting,tanking or healing.

    DK not using Horn….FAIL. I always ask the DK in the group if they could horn if I see it down. Fortunately, never had anyone figure they shouldn’t use it.


  6. Lots of instances of groups not communicating (NB I don’t consider “kings” proper communication), but I witnessed the opposite the other night.

    I was tanking a random norm VH on my 77 bear and one of the “dps” (I use that term lightly) was chatting so much & having such a great rolling conversation with the healer, that he did 150 dps for the instance and 38 dps on the final boss.

    Yes, he was alive the whole boss fight. No, he didn’t have agro & have to stop. No, he didn’t have to heal or decurse or anything other than pew pew.

    Perhaps he was leveling a weapon, like the warrior earlier that day who was leveling his throwing knives the whole run of N HoS, i don’t know. But I do know there’s 2 new toons on my /ignore.


  7. God, I love those “NO!” moments. Had a DK DPS in a run a couple of days ago who kept getting aggro ’cause he wouldn’t switch out of Frost Presence. So of course he starts spamming “heal HEAL priest heal”… That “No” felt oh, so good.


  8. helpfull link:

    just if you want to know what stacks and what not. Sometimes I have to look that up.

    It’s the same as a warrior asking for Kings. that’s why I battleshout as soon as I see a Pally in the group… He will always get that he can’t buff Might. 😉
    Well, for myself I really have to say – there is so much shit going on in Randoms these days that I can really understand how you feel. I usually only make sure we have all buffs when we do things like Halls of Reflection. But really with the gear flowing around you don’t need buffs for geared people in 5mans.

    People should just chill more and not get on the nerves of other people by nagging all the time.
    Just take it easy and try to have fun – and please Blizz, give us an unlimited ignore list.


  9. Kings, Might, Horn, overlapping makes the raid buff obsessive compulsive stacker in me cry…

    Blind leading the blind. XD

    Still! Buddy gets Kings then can stfu. That’s how it should be, how Ghostcrawler intended it to be, and you’ll *LIKE* it!


  10. imp SoE totem > horn
    Kings > Forgotten Kings
    Might > battle shout (depending on each buff giver’s talents)

    On my tankadin I just give everyone kings, if they want to complain they can leave and we can replace them in 5sec or less. I know that sounds like an extremely rude thing to say, and that “Just because you ARE a tank, doesn’t been you should be a complete d-bag”, however as a Tank I do hold all hte cards. I dont know about the rest of you, but in my battle group (Shadowburn) we’re on a shortage of tanks.

    2 BIG rules in a PuG:
    1) Respect the tank. Assuming he isn’t doing a terrible job at holding decent aggro or over pulling more than his capabilities can handle, he’ll do for this one instance. After all, even if he isn’t super geared, we all have to start somewhere right? And without him, you have to wait another 5-10minutes for a new one.
    2) Respect the healer. If you compete for the highest ep33n in PuG groups and happen to pull aggro continuously, odds are you’re relying on the healer to get you through this. Sure you can replace a healer in 2-3 minutes, but that just slows everything down. The biggest form of respect for a healer would to not complain about buffs, not complain about not getting healed (if you’re dps, why are you getting hurt on trash?) and most definitely not pulling a random group so the healer gets healing aggro while the tank assesses the situation.

    the 1 lesser rule applies to the dps only:
    3) you’re DPS. DPS to the best of your ability. If you’re pulling less than 1.5k dps at 80, learn your class, or feel free to ask someone (hell even if in a PuG there ARE people that help). If all else fails YOU ARE REPLACABLE. The group really doesn’t need you if you’re gonna be a “bad player” or a “terrible player”.

    As a healer, I don’t heal people that rip aggro throughout the whole instance. I’ll let them die, and run back while we continue to clear. I don’t want to be in there longer than I have to. If they feel that they can tank, that’s fine, but I have a tank to keep up tyvm.


  11. Okay, the buffing issue has officially gotten out of hand. Last night I got a similar thing in HHOR, after our second gauntlet wipe while I was running back…
    tank: priest buffs
    tank: priest buffs
    tank: priest buffs
    me (shadow priest): I’m not there yet!
    warlock:priest buffs?
    me: Underwater BREATHING!

    And then a bit later, while we were fighting…
    warlock: druid buffs?
    druid: *frantically healing his/her roots off*
    warlock: druid buffs?
    warlock: druid?
    warlock: hey, the druid put me on ignore
    me: *snicker*
    .-= Melfina the Blue´s last blog .. =-.


  12. Actually, the phrase “Do you see me using Horn?” proves that the DK does know what he is doing…. NOT!!!!!!

    First, as a DK (me being one of them), one should know that one’s Horn won’t get overwritten by might, but by kings. This is the buff receivers’ responsibility, for whom will know one’s class better than one self?

    Second, as a DK, one should be keeping horn up, for that is one of the responsibilities. That is the buff one, as a DK, brings to a group. Also, the fact that Horn grants Rune Power, is exactly why one don’t even need to pay attention to track the buff is up or down. It must be always up, and horn should be sound for every opportunity.

    “Get those horns roaring so loud and long that there will be no mistaking their intent! The day can still be ours!” – Krasus, War of the Ancients


  13. Might gets overwritten by Horn? Horn gives str/agi, it overwrites strength of earth totem, might gives AP, it overwrites Battle Shout… Am I missing anything? I mean besides the DK’s are gay and over-ride too many other classes buffs, lol.


  14. Wisdom v. Manaspring – depends who has the most improved. Pallys win at top level.

    Spammed anything deserves a dressing down.

    My current peeve being in WG:

    share quests please x 20

    current response is to share the quest CLUCK!

    I’m not the only one doing that either
    .-= Gnomeaggedon´s last blog ..Grow Up Australia! =-.


  15. You pug with Kinnavieve, you get Kings. Free rebuffs, no charge. You want something else, bring yer own dang pally. Figuring out the optimals blessifyings be reserved fer friends.
    .-= Ratshag´s last blog ..Dwarven Cursing =-.


  16. OMG. That DK sucks then because if he was really *that* worried about his dps, he’d be using Horn in his rotation, for crying out loud. Not only does it buff, but it gives you runic power when you use it. What an idiot.


  17. “Do you see me using Horn?”

    This drives me nuts. As a resto shammy (sometimes elemental), I will drop SoE totem (agi, str buff) UNLESS there is a DK in the group. If there’s a DK, I except him to use the Horn, which means I can drop stoneskin totem instead (dmg prevention).

    I’ll also drop stoneskin if the casters outnumber the melee, but that’s beside the point.

    Is it unreasonable of me to expect every DK I run a 5-man with to use the Horn?


  18. Warrior tanking HHoR with some guildies and one spot remained open – DPS of course. I cried inside as I queued for a pug to fill the spot. We got a mage. I am specced for Vigilance, but really only use it for a raid or when someone is close to pulling aggro due to stupid amounts of DPS and the inability to handle it. The mage wasn’t ever even close to pulling aggro, and my guildies were too good at their jobs to even come close, so I didn’t worry about it.

    “Dude, if you put Vigilance on me, you’ll get some of my aggro” (Oh, thanks! I never knew that!)

    Finally, right before the final run, I told him (using very specific terms) what to kiss and to shut up about it. I didn’t need it so wasn’t going to use it.

    Guildies are laughing on vent and the guy just kept it up. I said “Hey, if you want to play a warrior, go roll one.” and initiated a votekick. Yup, it worked. Bye bye mage!

    A friend popped on at just that moment, so we finished easily – with no Vigilance on.

    Thanks, I’ll play my own character now if you don’t mind. Come to think of it, I will even if you do mind…


  19. See, now Lupius, that would have been a HELPFUL thing for him to say.

    I thought Battle Shout and Horn both overwrote Might, and Manaspring Totem overwrote Wisdom… didn’t know that Might and Horn overlap. Very good to know.

    See? I can admit when I am wrong… 🙂


  20. I think Might is redundant with the warrior Battle Shout, not Horn of Winter, which overlaps with the Strength of Earth totem. (HoW and SoE are +str and +agi, whereas BoM and BS is +AP, or something like that).

    The worst complaining about paladin buffs comes in 25 man raids. Ugh. Such a nightmare. I am envious of other classes with their simple single button buff that buffs the entire raid, and where there is no ambiguity of what to put up. “Wisdom! Hunters need wisdom!” “Yeah, we only have 2 paladins, so you can’t get it.” or one of the paladins changes specs, which causes their blessing to be wiped, and suddenly a chorus of people complaining about buffs goes out.


  21. I would have done one of two things…

    1) given him wisdom, then put him on ignore

    2) answer each of his “Might” requests with “Horn!”


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