New achievements… new asshats

So, Love is in the Air, I hear…

But best hold your noses, because it’s more Pepe LePeau action

First, the good news.

If you’re trying to farm up enough Lovely Charms to make your 4 Lovely Charm Bracelets for the daily quests, it’s not hard at all.

The best, quickest way I’ve found is to get one of the “Battle before the Citadel” style quests from Argent Tournament that send you to joust and kill Lieutenants or Commanders. 


If you’ve got one of those quests, then the area has the right critters spawned for you… and the Skeletons that you run down on your mount, the ones that veritably explode underfoot, and respawn faster than a sheep running at the sound of a zipper, drop the Lovely Charms… a LOT.

I was able to get about 20 Lovely Charm Bracelets after 15 minutes. That’s 200 Lovely Charms. Your mileage may vary.

Oh, and my technique? As a Night Elf Druid, I have the racial Shadowmeld… so I run around, grinding the Skeletons up and spamming my Shield… as soon as they finally dismount me, I instantly pop Shadowmeld, drop out of combat, and then pop Flight Form and go straight up. A quick trip to wait out the 2 minute cooldown and a new mount, and I’m back in the saddle again.

So, now the bad…

Once again, one of the achievements is to get a drop off a boss kill, which CAN be done on normal mode.

There are three bosses currently that can drop Red or Ebon Roses, and only one player in a group can loot them each time.

The three bosses are Maiden of Grief in Halls of Stone, Prince Keleseth in Utgardt Keep, and Prince Taldaram in Old Kingdoms.

I went into normal Halls of Stone with two guildies, we three manned the trash to Maiden, killed, ran out and reset three times, no sweat. All done, all got the Roses.

I then queued up for a random heroic, and got Utgardt Keep.

First warning sign, of course, is that myself and a Hunter are the only new players queueing in. A healer and another DPS clearly bailed on the group.

I catch up, they’re only at the dragons before the first boss. Whatever happened was so bad, two players bailed before they even reached the first boss. And one DPS is soothing the tanks’ ruffled feathers… “No, no, you’re not that bad, they he was just a bad healer, you were fine, he was to blame.”

We clear to the first boss, and yes, he is that bad a tank. He sucks. A Paladin that just cannot hold aggro to save his ass, even WITH Righteous Fury.

That’s okay, everyone has to learn somehow, right?

We get to the first boss, good old Prince, and of course, the Roses drop. Everyone Greeds (I pass, got my Ebon ones), and then… after everyone else has chosen, the tank, good old cocksucker Mindaltering – Alexstrasza (US) hits Need and immediately drops group.

Thanks, asshole!

BTW… please don’t defend the prick to me. I don’t want to hear it. Need the Roses, Greed the Roses, I could care less. If someone really wants them, they can do it on Normal a few times for a guaranteed drop. But you drop group without a word immediately after taking them (or losing on the roll) when you never warned anyone that’s the only reason you came?

Then you are in my opinion a complete prick.

Mindaltering – Alexstrasza (US) you are not only a prick, but I want to make this clear… I saw your tanking, and you SUCK.

Let this be a reminder… the Roses aren’t the only drops people will want, what with new pets and rare mounts coming from the Holiday boss event in Shadowfang Keep. So be careful, don’t be rude but watch how it goes, and don’t be a victim of a prick like him.  

Hey Mindaltering, grats on your Roses. Maybe if you were competent, someone would give you Roses, and your hand wouldn’t have to buy them for you again this year.

What a tool.

41 thoughts on “New achievements… new asshats

  1. When you’re tanking you control the groups direction, should they not like it, they can kick you and wait 10minutes for a new tank. I know that sounds very stubborn and elitist for a tank to think that way, however the tank is the head of the snake and the healer is the heart and blood to keep it going. The dps is the venom to help take down the prey. Like Niceas said, killing extra bosses can take way longer than needed. HHoS takes me 12-15minutes based on the group’s dps assuming i skip maiden and Krystallus. HOK is about 15 minutes too for Prince and Herald (actually a bit faster now with less trash). Currently met a personal record with a non-LFG pug group in OCC for 15 minutes. Nexus can be done in about 20minutes too.

    In a sense, keeping as close to the 15m mark so you can requeue right after you’re done makes Emblem farming way easier, regardless of how many bosses you kill in the instance.


    Assuming you have your frost daily out of the way, Running 2 HOKs back to back due to random in 15 is better than spending 25-30m for the extra 3 emblems. 4+4 = 8 in ~30m as opposed to 7+7 = 14 in ~ 1h which is 7 per 30m. 1 emblem off, but assuming you are power grinding heroics for emblems the long run helps.

    If time constraints aren’t an issue, then disregard everything I say >.> however I have to pump 4 80s through the daily, none of them need triumph emblems anymore, if anything the gems they feed help a bit or the pvp gear for pvp fun. I want to spend as little time in heroics as possible.


  2. Needing on roses after everyone else has selected Greed for, and then instantly dropping group in a Heroic instance is a dick move, no question there. That’s a combination of actions that says “I did this deliberately, please /ignore.”

    However, on my server people tend to Need on Holiday gear that drops from bosses that they need the achievement for. Need is for “I don’t have this achievement this item will get me.” Greed is for “I have one already, but this is a different color I would like.” Pass is for “I don’t want it.” Granted, if I saw everyone Greeding, I would ask to make sure. In fact, I did ask in previous Holidays. This system makes sense to me. (And, obviously all the people I have grouped with in previous holidays.) The couple of random groups for this Holiday where I’ve wound up in UK worked the same way, even with people not in my server. I lost several Roses to other people who also Needed, congratulated them, and no one said anything about “Why did you need?”

    I was in a dungeon the other day with a group of friends (4 of us total) and a random tank. We all Needed the Roses, being used to that. The tank Need as well. The tank went on endlessly about how we tried to ninja him. He said he Needed as well, having “waited to make sure no one would ninja”. He didn’t seem to take the “that’s just what we do… and we are _glad_ you Needed with us, honest” for an answer. After that, he complained bitterly and horribly about our hunter so constantly and so obnoxiously — even trying to kick him from the group — that the group kicked him. We assumed he was just a childish jerk.


  3. @Spawnofmoose

    I’ll generally quite happily skip things as long as its a group decision and not just one person trying to railroad everyone else. However, especially on my tank, people will spend so long arguing you’re better off clearing the extra bosses because it wil probably be faster. I know for a fact I can do the crystallus trash in only a couple pulls and be killing the boss inside a couple mins, and the same is true for maiden. Thats pretty quick imo.

    I also tend to avoid helping people with their classes. Just because more often than not it’ll turn into an arguement :s


  4. I had a few comments I wanted to make regarding the above:

    First off, on skipping bosses – As a tank, healer and DPS, if someone wants the bosses, I usually have no issues killing them. That being said, though, if all you want are the extra badges, skipping bosses usually nets you more badges as long as you keep re-queueing, as the ‘optional’ bosses can take 15 minutes to do on their own (see HoK, HHoS).

    Secondly, on getting the achievements – remember that you can get 30 of the tokens a day – which makes it very easy to get all of the necessary ones for the meta – the exceptions are “I pitied the fool” and the bouquet of roses, and even those are easy enough to do, if you have the will.

    On ninja-ing etc, I go with the “if you need it, need it rule”, and also I make a point of completing an instance even (especially) after I get my drop. I think that BBB is correct in calling out the type of idiocy that he observed.


  5. The Ulduar / Jousting / Bombing methods appear to have been nerfed, FYI.

    Thankfully, I had all the achievements done from last year, except for Peddlefeet, so I just did some dailies and got it. For those of you who did not get a chance to use these methods – you can now get charms from groups / raids even if you don’t get the killing blow, as long as the enemy can give XP (i.e. is green and not a “poof” mob like the skeletons in Before the Citadel)


  6. @echo

    I ask every tank to take the shorter route in long instances. 2 boss OK run, 2 boss HoS, skipping mobs in any possible situation. In all honesty, it’s about timing. You as a tank have an instant que (I have 2 tanks and I LOVE it), so getting 4 emblems in 10m instead of 7 in 30 is a pretty good trade off, especially if the rest of the group just wants their daily done and then you get an instant que when you’re out. However, to better counteract this “skip to last boss” phase we’re all going through, they should force people to kill EVERY boss in the instance.
    I have to go through 4 80s myself with daily randoms, so I can understand when people just want to get in and out and on to their next toon for their emblems.
    What I CANNOT stand is when DPS expect to pitied.
    Last night I walked into a group and my EG came up (ElitistGroup, get it, it helps the LFG community that uses it, so the more that use the more notes we can go off of) and told me the “dps” frost DK had 0/68/3 and average ilvl of 190. First thing I think, new 80 and must not know his class. I figure I’ll help him out if he needs it and I say “Don’t take this offensively, but you may want to revise your talents.” Now, I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t sound like a terrible comment at all. I figure I’m talking to a new player with a spec like that, who wouldn’t? He’s response is “I’m a tank but I don’t have the gear to tank heroics yet, do you have a problem with that?” It’s at this point that the tanking DK says, “Yes, looking at the meters…” I chuckle to myself IRL, but this guy just wont stop bashing at me, telling me to mind my own toons and, being the big man he is, pulls out his big fat epeen with a “I have 5 80s, I’m no noob”.

    This gets my gf angry that he’s arguing with me when I only want to help. which is in direct violation of LFG rule #2: Don’t piss off the healer. Needless to say that guy didn’t get ressed when he died, and was kicked before we got halfway to Anomalous(sp?).


  7. I really don’t undestand audacity of people who get on the internet (where one wrongly typed key can take you to a porn site) and criticize someone just because they used a flavor of language. Do you walk over to the construction workers if they happen to curse while you are walking by and reprimand them? When you are in a public place or a public domain you should expect the unexpected and not scold others just because your sensitivities are different. And on a separate note, why do people even care about a stupid word? In 20 or 30 years the “bad” words will probably be something dumb like “gibble” or “blibbetybloo” or other nonsense. Words are simply words and those that get offended should get down off their pulpit and stop judging people for being different than them.


  8. PUGs now have one of two types of people in them. People that are gearing alts with well geared mains, or kids that are such complete douches that no guilds will ever let them raid and pugging a raid always gets them kicked. I run randoms with guildies as much as possible gearing my alt, but sometimes I’m forced to pug someone due to people being busy or not online. Even one pug member being an asshat (I can say that, I’m not a role model) can really mess up a run. Such happened to be Monday evening when I tried randoms with a single pugger. Wiped 4 times in Halls of Lightning before the second boss. A guildies came on and we kicked the pugger (a hunter doing 840 dps) and completed that run and 4 others with zero deaths.

    I HATE PUGS! Sorry, had to say that.


  9. @BBB
    I’ve come to expect nothing less than a potty mouth when reading your blog :p

    @Nightwhisp + Chiraa
    On my DK tank I’ve had it the other way. The healer demanded (yeah, no asking or saying please – DEMANDING we did it his way) we skip maiden and stoney and do the escort. I’m there for the badges and I haven’t had dinner yet so I refused to tank and sat at the start of the instance refusing to budge. As it happens the DPS warrior had almost a full tanking set. After all the QQ (and my dinner) they did the event without me and I calmly votekicked the healer once his debuff ran out and people autoaccepted. They still had adds up and all of them bar the hunter died and dropped group. I then picked up 2 more dps and a healer almost instantly and cleared the rest very quickly.

    I both love and hate the vote kick system. But, when you’re playing with a real asshat its nice to have a button that makes them waste 15mins of their life. I even know a tank who deliberately kicks the assholes before he pulls the last boss of an heroic.


  10. You’re welcome!

    I never thought to do it solo, it was just something I saw upon doing my weekly (Razorscale). All my alts will have “The Love Fool” now lol


  11. Yes, I seriously want Blizz to require that all the bosses in a heroic be killed to get the “completion” achievement… otherwise it totally puts the tank in a position of power to dictate whether the heroic is cleared or not. And about 50% of them couldn’t care less about the other people they are grouped with. Myself, if I don’t have time to complete the longest heroic I think I might get, I won’t queue for it, as heals OR as a tank. Half the comments I see from tanks and healers on various forums are… “well I can do what I want, or I drop group and just get another instantly”. It’s sad.


  12. /applause

    That was such a thoughtful and classy response!

    And, I might add, one worthy of a role model.

    I also agree that the random PUGs are out of hand. I am particularity frustrated with players wanting to skip the bosses. I don’t think that the game designers intended for players to bust through the first boss, grab Braun Bronson (or whatever his name is), do the super-easy encounter with the computer and then down the final boss.

    It seems like they have made Crystalis harder since the last patch, and the Maiden can be a worthy encounter for the less geared players. Yes the whole instance is “ho-hum” for me but I’m also geared and used to raid healz. I still think that rushing through the instance is cheating the newer players out of an experience that they deserve.

    The other day I was grouped with a tank in this very instance that burned through the first boss like he wasn’t there and he was off to see Braun. He was geared for Icc25 and way over qualified to be running the instance. I said “aren’t we going to do the other bosses?” He replied, “I will for 400 G.”

    Well, like him I was there to get my frosties and move on, but two of the other three were low GS and relatively new to the encounter. . those extra badges of triumph would really make a difference to them, and with him tanking and me healing the other two bosses would have taken maybe three minutes more. If the hunter hadn’t have stood in the sanitation beam, we would have beat the lockout timer, so a couple of minutes more wouldn’t have hurt him.

    One of the other players initiated a kick vote on him right before the last boss, but I voted no, because I didn’t want to wait for fifteen minutes for a new tank, but I do think it would have served him right. Turns out the the forth player was his friend and blamed me for the vote and started giving me crap and the tank whispered me that it was bad Karma to try to kick him. Maybe that explains why suddenly I had aggro from the adds in the last encounter. Of course it was no big deal as I could heal myself through it as well as the group.

    I like to think of WoW as a community and would like to see folks behave with civility and at least a modicum of caring for each other, unfortunately, the dungeon finder seems to attract “asshats.”


  13. BBB, just discovered this blog and have enjoyed it so far…(and now the inevitable “but”)

    But what I don’t understand is why don’t people click Need? I grant you, waiting to be the last then rolling Need is pure douchery, but if you really want it, roll Need, only run with guilides, or don’t pug. I’ve found over time that you have to go into a pug with the mindset that “this is going to suck, just let me get through without dying. I’ll get my badges and move on”.

    Also, any chance the bad tank wasn’t really a tank at all? Just queued as a tank to get in faster? Again, another douche move, but not unprecedented.


  14. Hmmm, reading back I realized that with the flow of comments on this post, that what I just said MIGHT not be taken as the sarcastic joke that it was meant to be. You really do need an edit button on these comments >> . That being said, I know you’re all for some harmless fun, so I’ll share something some of my guildies have been up to. While farming bracelets in an Ulduar all to themselves, they’ve been attempting the Dwarfarmaggedon achievement. Last night someone was 7 short… I’m certain that by the end of this holiday we will have someone successful!


  15. I want to thank Spawnofmoose for suggesting doing the Flame Leviathan mobs to grind Lovely Charms. I had Cassie group with me, changed to Raid, and went and soloed some Dwarves for 15 minutes, maybe 20. Used all three vehicles so there was some testing and running out and back again, but I found the demolisher catapult thingie was freaking awesome. I got so many Lovely Charms that I finished ALL the Love Fool achievements, without bothering to do dailies. I just turned in Lovely Charm Bracelets for Love Tokens and bought whatever I wanted.

    Seriously, kudos. Well played.


  16. It’s been my pleasure to read and navigate being a cat and sometimes a bear as well with your help. I have to say that it’s wonderful to see that some parents moderate what their kids are exposed to. Personally, my parents would help us by talking about whatever we experienced and had questions on. However, it’s very disheartening to see parents at the same time telling random strangers around that they’re role models and they can and can’t say this. There is no such thing as a role model if you want to put it that way. Every person is human and will speak,act and do as they will. Nobody is perfect. I do, in fact, think you’re a great role model as a marine, as a gamer, and as a person who expresses themselves freely.
    That being said, I’m happy I have a tight nit 10m guild to do these sorts of things with as well as a selection of good friends to choose from as well. It’s rare I run into one of these jerks. When I do, I just feel sad for them that they treat a game so seriously that they have to treat other people like garbage. My favorite act lately is for tanks to skip optional bosses in Heroics without stating that they would like to do so off the bat. Cheating the rest of us out of badges we wanted. Such is the game…
    For everyone, I suggest if you need something let your groups know off the bat that you will be rolling need for an item you need and go from there. Avoids a lot of ninja behavior that way.


  17. Firecroch, we sometimes called folks “microkillers”… cause everytime they pulled a complete stupid time wasting act, they’d be killing us…. by seconds. Seconds of our life that we’ll never get back, spent, wasted on a complete sack of crap. 2 minutes of your life, cut away from you.

    That person at the airport, in line in front of you, that spends 20 minutes trying to grasp the concept they need to have acquired a passport BEFORE coming to the airport to fly to Spain?



  18. Im a former Marine myself and I worked for a LtCol once who called these types of idiots Oxygen Thieves for stealing good air from normal ppl. lol

    Semper Fi


  19. Nightwhisp, you’ve certainly got a very legitmate concern there, and thank you very much for sharing it with me.

    I’m delighted that you take such a close role in watching what your stepson is exposed to on the internet. It’s certainly a snake’s nest out here in gaga land. When I see the news reports about predators stalking children and others that are innocent on the internet, it brings me to tears. Kudos to you!

    I think you’ve got the right idea, making sure that the people that your stepson is exposed to on the internet are going to be a good influence, at least as much as is possible when he spends time around classmates or peers.

    I do accept responsibility for everything I post on the blog, or say in person. I certainly agree with your point that the language I used was very strong, and you clealry feel that it is inappropriate for someone of a developing age to be exposed to. I happen to agree.

    I do personally have certain standards that I follow. I make an effort to use gentler language than I would normally, in recognition of the fact that I do not have control over who has access to it, and from consideration for the sensibilities of responsible adults such as yourself.

    Having said that… I also reserve the right to use whatever language I deem honest to describe my thoughts at the time. If my use of the profanity that laced this post was too extreme, I certainly understand, and I do apologise if it was compeltely unexpected. While I may think that the readers I have are used to my writing style and the way I express myself, your comment is an excellent reminder that not everyone may expect or appreciate the salty language of a Marine in their WoW blogging.

    That being said… this IS the WoW blog of a former US Marine who has a certain, oftimes graphic, way of expressing himself. If what you’ve read so far leads you to feel that it’s not appropriate for your stepson to continue to read, then it would make me sad to feel that I’ve offended a reader, but I applaud your convictions and your determination to do what’s right by your stepson.

    I do want to be clear that while I am generally conscious of the use of profanity in my blog, I do not rule out the use of similar profanity in the future in the honest expression of my opinions. I will continue to self-moderate my own language, and it will certainly be the exception and not the rule, but I am a former US Marine. It IS part of my standard lexicon. And I cannot guarantee that such language may not be employed again in the future.

    Again, I apologise for causing this issue in your household, Nightwhisp, but I thank you for bringing it to my attention. I hope you have a great day.


  20. OMG BBB! You are one of my biggest heros! But I can’t belive that you made that post. Yes that guy was completely out of line, but I never expected that much venom or franky that language from you. My preteen stepson reads your blog regularly, and wants to be “just like you.” When you posted about being depressed he cried at the thought that you wouldn’t be posting anymore and I assured him it was just a funk and you would be back; now I’m not so sure that I want you back. Please reconsider your language and remember that like it or not you are a role model.


  21. Just wondering if you have anyone that you called out contact you either by email or in game message would like to hear/see that conversation.


  22. The allure of bouquets is bringing a lot of strange toons into the dungeons. Ran a heroic UK last night where the pally who queued as a tank seemed strangely reluctant to start pulling. Finally he attempted a pull–and on the first heal one of the mobs pealed off and took out our healer.

    Second “pull,” same but worse. We actually wiped.

    The party started asking questions at that point: “Do you have Righteous Fury up?” (rhetorical question–we saw he did not). “Have you tanked this before?” “Why do you only have 17K health?”

    Silence from the “tank”–and then he starts using his Halloween wand to give us costumes. Sigh.


  23. I only just started doing my season events for the VDay meta but I did get the boss down in SFK. Interesting mechanic and nice way to bring up the old world instance in this xpac. Its just really frustrating for someone, like myself, who is color blind to know when to use which potion and which potion to use without taking the time to read the tooltip. After 3 attempts I finally just stopped using them and moved out of any puddle on the ground I saw I was in…lol.


  24. Feel for you Bear, had the Asshat brigade out in force on Sunday (must be something to do with it being the first day of the holiday) met the ninja’s in UK and Nexus then another who waited till everyone else had rolled greed on the wasteling pet then rolled need and vanished into the ether. Eventually thort “Sod this for a laugh” threw on my bear suit and went and solo’d UK for the roses, I’ll be putting a guildie group together for SFK so we can run it then swap in some alts lookin for the Pink Love Rocket 🙂


  25. I’ve started a new toon on a new server (due to drama, and friends quitting…so why not play with friends that are laid back!?), and the same sort of thing happened in my SM: Armory random with the damned tabard. THE. SILLY. TABARD. THAT. ALWAYS. DROPS. We all agree that rolling greed is a good deal, and set in our rolls. And the tank rolls need and drops group. Really? Really? Over a tabard? Really?

    I feel ya, Bear. And I’m glad you called the little buttmunch out. Serves the sucker right. 🙂


  26. ouch bbb, there was so much venom in that post i had to abolish poison three times. 😛
    but seriously, that level of hattery is just uncalled for. there is no reason to ninja 100% drop boss kill items. and to drop group without a word.
    .-= Kattrinsaa´s last blog ..UI addons =-.


  27. You’re starting to sound like a grumpy old man bitching about ‘the kids these days’. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It perfectly befits a bear in winter. 😀 FYI the roses drop in H Nexus too. Saw it today.


  28. My farm spot of choice so far, by the way, is making a raid group with another char, hopping into an Uld 10, driving a demo & pewpewing dwarves. About 30 bracelets in 10 mins.


  29. Another example of asshattery – standing atop the quest giver while mounted on a mammoth. Seriously, why bother.

    The only good thing to come out of it was to witness the good Samaritans who offered advice on how to target the NPS (using Ctrl-V to bring up nameplates).

    It did bring to mind the “Hell I Won’t Achievement” — *sighs* If only….


  30. Well I was in a group with a similar asshat just now. I landed in a Normal Halls of Stone. Me and the healer were both 80. The others were 77-78. I asked which of them was in for the Roses and the healer said he was. Ok. We killed the Maiden, she drops the roses, both me and the healer roll Need, I win the roll. The healer gets pissed that he lost and drops group. I could have dropped group too since I had what I came in for, but I didn’t. I stuck with those lower level guys for another 30 minutes until they finished the dungeon.


  31. Yes, if you want em, and want to say, “hey everyone that wants the roses Need em”, go for it. It’s a 100% drop, why not? Who could possibly blame you?

    But jeez… do the rest of the run, if you queued as a random heroic. If that’s all you wanted, just queue as a normal, and the people you leave behind can run out and reset if they want another crack at it, huh? Ya know?


  32. I’m fine with people rolling Need on the flowers — I did — and I announced it to my party well before I did so, and said basically “If you also need them for your holiday achievement, feel free to also roll Need.” Fortunately I was with a bunch of friends and they wished for me to have my violet proto (tomorrow!).


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