Tanking Test! Druid vs Paladin II

Okay, so in Part I, I talked about a subject I know very well.. Druid tanking.

Now, let’s take a look at my experiences with the Paladin.


The Paladin, and let me be clear on this, is NOT easier to play as a tank.

In fact, I want to go on record as saying that Paladin tanking is NOT ‘ez mode’, a claim I have seen people frequently claim, and in very disparaging tones.

What Paladins ARE, are tanks that have a huge number of abilities that deal Holy damage, and Holy damage, thanks to Righteous Fury, is a Paladin’s bread and butter threat generator.

Paladins have a lot of tools in their toolbox, and most of them have cooldowns that need to be juggled, high mana costs, or both. Many abilities are also situational.

I think this is a key component to understanding the philosophical differences between the two classes, but we can discuss that later.

The tools available, if used properly, can generate massive immediate group threat, sustained AoE threat, and thus reduce the likelihood a Paladin tank may lose aggro on mobs to pre-emptive DPS. They can also effectively cause casters to pick up and move, getting them to cluster closer together, rendering player AoE DPS to be more effective.

Again, however, just because the abilities that are available are highly effective does NOT mean that they are easy to use properly!

That’s the catch on the ‘ez mode’ remarks. Somehow, the idea that Paladin tanks can generate a lot of AoE threat is supposed to equate to being easier tanks to play. The threat generated is great, yes, but it is HOW that threat is generated that requires skill. Skill at time management and multi-tasking.

I did a brief recap of the majority of Druid tanking related abilities in the first section, and remarked on how concise, how streamlined they are. 

Time now to do the same for the Paladin. See if you note any differences.

  • Ranged Holy attack that dazes and silences up to 3 targets, based on proximity to each other.
  • Ranged taunt that does decent Holy damage (conditionally).
  • Ranged aggro redirect that tells up to three mobs to leave a poor, scared party member alone.

Key rotation of core abilities based on effective cooldown management, called the “969” rotation.
In no particular order, but always long short long or short long short, are;

  • Holy AoE DOT (9 sec)
  • Holy attack on up to 5 melee range targets (6 sec)
  • Various self buffs/enemy debuffs available for a wide range of situations (9 sec)
  • Single target melee range Holy attack (6 sec)
  • Self defense that increases block, and deals Holy damage to attackers (9 sec)

Various situational benefits;

  • Medium cooldown AoE damage/stun that is only effective against undead and demons.
  • Instant cast self shield with short duration.
  • Medium cooldown ranged Stun.

Various long coolown abilities that are each very powerful, but if one is used it locks the others out for 30 seconds;

  • Self bubble that reduces incoming damage by half.
  • Big damage boost (20%, “on the wings”)
  • Instant cast full self heal

Various situationally dependant Seals, tanks mainly choosing between single target or multiple target damage boosts. 

Oh, and did I forget to mention one of the more confusing, super-powerful party buff systems in the game?

And much, much more!

Yes, so… do you happen to notice any differences there?

To spell it out, Paladins have far more buttons to arrange on their bars, all of which do something that may just turn out to be very, very important at some point in the game.

On the lighter side

I touched briefly on the Druid naming conventions, and how they seem, at least to me, to be evocative of function. To me, a Bash means something quite different, evokes an entirely different feel than a Mangle or a Swipe.

Perhaps others feel differently… but I challenge anyone to tell me that you can easily picture what the difference would be between Shield of Righteousness, Holy Shield, Sacred Shield, Divine Shield and Avenger’s Shield, or between Hammer of Wrath, Hammer of the Righteous or Hammer of Justice, or what about Divine Shield, Divine Intervention, Divine Protection or Divine Plea, or how about Righteous Defense, Hammer of the Righteous, Righteous Fury and Shield of Righteousness, or…

Well, I think you get my point.  It’s damn silly, is what it is.

I think the new level 85 ultimate ability for Paladin tanks in Cataclysm should be called “Divine Holy Shield of Righteous Hammering“. A single Paladin protective self-bubble that casts a Judgement dealing Holy Damage on each individual target that tries to hit him. Just go with it. Give in. Do eet!

The lesson to be learned from seeing that list of powers is that Paladins have a lot of choices to make. A lot of options to work from. Many of them are situational. Almost all, if not all, cost mana. Almost all have cooldowns of varying length.

In short… before you can effectively tank as a Paladin, you have to give careful thought and devote time and effort into researching your abilities, understanding what they do, how they are meant to be used together, what situations each is effective with, and why. If you don’t, it gets ugly.

Let’s talk about the simplest of Paladin pulls.

Three mobs standing close together, one a caster.

The Paladin starts by selecting an Aura. These are weak mobs, so instead of increased armor, he chooses Retribution Aura to deal out constant Holy threat every time he is struck.

The Paladin makes sure he’s got the right buff for the encounter… let’s say Blessing of Sanctuary. It’s the most obviously “tanky” one. He makes sure he has Righteous Fury up, so that his Holy abilities deal a LOT of boosted threat. He makes sure he’s got an appropriate Seal active… we’ll say Seal of Command because it’s 3 enemies and none of them are bosses, so the multiple mob attack is more beneficial in this situation.

He triggers Divine Plea, so that his attacks will return a portion of mana, and does it now so that he doesn’t waste a precious GCD during his rotation later.

Now, he steps forward and tosses his Avenger’s Shield, applying a light daze that slows all three, and silences the caster so all of them step forward, closer together and facing the Paladin.

He drops a Consecrate, his persistant Holy AoE DOT. This triggers a 9 second cooldown.

Next he lets loose with Hammer of the Righteous, which hits all three mobs for a nice big chunk of threat and triggers a 6 second cooldown.

This is followed up with, in this case, Judgement of Wisdom. There are many Judgements he could choose from, ones that slow the enemy or get healing back, but with worthless trash like this in the way, the more mana back the better to prevent having to stop and drink. This triggers the 9 second Judgement cooldown, shared amongst all Judgement effects.

Now comes the other 6 second cooldown ability, Shield of Righteousness, that deals solid single target Holy damage and threat.

Finally, we have our third 9 second cooldown ability, Holy Shield, that increases your chance to block attacks, and deals out Holy damage to anyone that tries to attack and gets blocked. In effect, another short lived Holy AoE.

Now we have come full circle. Hammer of Righteousness has come off cooldown, and once that is popped Consecration is in the chute and ready to rock. The 969 rotation is in full play.

During the entire sequence, the Paladin has to remain aware of the situation. Is his mana level dropping too fast? Is he not taking enough damage for heals to replenish his mana? Should he drop one or two abilities from his rotation to conserve mana for later? Are the targets undead or demons, and would Holy Wrath be more useful here? Is he taking enough damage that using a Divine Protection mini-bubble is called for? Should he use Avenging Wrath instead for increased damage and faster mob kills?

Are the rest of the party suffering from excessive AoE damage of their own? Can the healer keep up, or should Divine Sacrifice followed by Divine Protection be used to slow their rate of death and give the healer a chance to keep up (such as can happen with Forgemaster Garfrost in Pit of Saron).

You get the idea. I intentionally didn’t mention many of the variables that really go into normal Paladin tanking, because I think the point is made. The act may appear simple, but Paladin tanking is a dance among the activations… and there is rarely down time to be looking around and bouncing wildly. It’s all careful planning, preparation, knowing what you CAN do, and being prepared when the moment comes.

Serious choreography.

What I found, personally, while playing my Paladin was that it felt very smooth, very tightly controlled. Having the ability to Silence your opponent is, frankly, overpowered, but then again Feral Charge is on a damn short cooldown. 

Everything else is fairly comparable, and once the proper groundwork is laid, the Bear and the Paladin are on very even terms. Drastically different styles, but equally effective.

Without a Silence or Death Grip, Bears tend to be more mobile, running all over the place. Paladins and Death Knights are more about bringing the mobs to them.

This plays out in the AoE, as well. Bears have traveling AoE, Paladins mostly stationary. Mostly.

Since we’re on the subject, let’s talk about some of the few areas Paladins have a bit of a challenge. 

First, moving threat generation.

Consecration is awesome, but it is stationary. Hammer of the Righteous is amazing, but is only effective against targets in front of you. Holy Wrath kicks butt, but it’s on a moderately long cooldown. Everything has a cooldown.

Paladins do not have a comparable, spammable, moving AoE threat generator.

Take a Bear up the tunnel in Pit of Saron, and it’s a bouncefest. Mobs get Swiped and dragged behind, no worries, no issues. It’s relaxing, in a way.

Take a Paladin up the tunnel, and it becomes a bit slower, a bit more careful, as you back up part of the way, or stand still to turn around and get threat off your party members, or use Righteous Defense on your healer. It’s manageable, but certainly a noticeable change. It’s not as easy.

At this point, someone will ignore every single other thing said in this post to object to that characterization, stating that they certainly don’t have a problem with moving threat. In anticipation, I invite you to think on this and wait unti the end; I didn’t say they can’t, I said they had more difficulty. If you haven’t yourself played a Bear tank, and have a direct means of comparison, I invite you to pretend I actually have compared this, multiple times, and also asked other Paladin tanks about their experiences for comparison. Okay? Of course they can do it, the point I’m making is, which can do it smoother.

Likewise, the mana efficiency and management issue can come into play if you are overgeared and overpowered for the content you are running, and the fight drags on a very long time. Even in a level 80 heroic like Halls of Stone, the Brann fight can go on long enough, with just enough time between waves, that your Divine Plea keeps fading and your mana starts struggling. Much lower level content and it’ can be worse. 

With a Druid, the lower the content with big waves of mobs, the better, because every time you Dodge or you Crit, you get fed lovely, lovely Rage. Rage. It’s whats for dinner.

These are, again, not insurmountable problems. Just differences in feel.

In the end, my conclusion for the Paladin tanking style is that it has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, but it is truly equally effective. Not more, not less… because each situation faced is different, and what is awesome for one may not be the best choice for another.

The biggest conclusion is the no brainer of the evening – the playstyles of each are radically different.

My conclusion on playstyles.

The thing that really stood out to me, once I began delving into Paladin tanking, was that there are certain similarities amongst those who prefer it.

Players who love Paladin tanks seem to share an interest in careful planning, dedicated research, and careful micro-management of a lot of different abilties to keep them busy all the time.

You could say that they like to have a LOT of things to keep them busy all the time. A constant stream of activity.

I’ve seen some folks make statements in fora that seem to indicate that, to them at least, having more abilities to manage means that their class requires ‘better’ players. More skillful players.

It’s an interesting point of view, but having played both, I choose to disagree. I think that, once you have seen a Bear tank bounce around annoying all the mobs and never losing aggro because moving is part of his style, just as your standing there and getting everyone to come to you is part of your style, you’ll agree that there is skill used on both sides… it’s just used in different ways.

Another interesting thing of note.

If you look at the Paladin tank bloggers out there, and the Paladin tanking community websites, look at the tone of the conversations.

These are people who like to discuss the best situational use for Divine Sacrifice. The timing involved when using Divine Plea, and whch Seal is most advantageous for different scenarios.

They get into, and are passionate about, the minutia of Paladin tanking. Adjusting and debating placement of the cogs, sprockets, wheels and gears, always seeking to fine tune the accuracy to that of the finest Swiss watch mechanism.

To be blunt, players who seek out and love Paladin tanks seem to posses certain common traits; orderliness, stubbornness,a compulsion for carefully precise planning, and a control of potential variables.

Paladin tanks are the stamp collectors and bird watchers of WoW.

Bear tanks are about movement and flow, improvisation and adaptation, and getting stuck into the face of the mobs out on the deep end.

Bear tanks are, basically, the surfers and base jumpers of WoW.

Someone, somewhere, is going to take serious offense to that. My work here is done. 🙂

Wrap up

I am struck, in hindsight, by all the questions I’ve had over the years from Paladin tanks branching out into Druid tanking for the first time.

The most common question from these people has tended to be, “Is this really all there is? I feel like there should be more. That I’m missing something. It feels… boring. Static. Easy. Oh, and by the way, how come I can’t seem to hold aggro while I stand there waiting for all the mobs to come to me?”

This is where I bring it all back to how I kicked things off in Part 1.

I find it wonderful that the programmers of Blizzard have developed two tanking classes that are each, in their own way, equally effective in the game, right up to the top… but in the way they are played, how they handle on the racecourse of WoW, they appeal to drastically different attitudes and temperaments.

Whether by careful planning or fortuitous luck, the end result is nothing short of amazing.

46 thoughts on “Tanking Test! Druid vs Paladin II

  1. A note: Pally tanks typically (and I use this as a genarilzation, since it’s a damn useful addon and every 80 pally I’ve run with seems to run it) run the addon PallyPower. This takes all the thinking out of Auras, Blessings, and making sure you have Righteous Fury up. Granted, you need to tweak it a little bit raid by raid, as if one raid the only druids you have are Ferals, and the next raid has Moonkin & Trees, those Ferals won’t want Wisdom, and the Owls & Trees won’t want Might (or Sanctuary in the case of bears). I’ve got both a feral tank & pally tank, and I macroed many many abilites for my pally. All my Seals & Judgements are “mod” functioned to typically sway between 2 or 3 abilities.

    As a pally tank, you can typically forget quite a few of the Seals or Judgements, especially if you have a healer backing you. You can forget all about Seal of Wisdom/Light, so long as you’re specced for Spiritual Attunement (gain mana = 5/10% of the healing done on you by other targets), leaving you open to run Seal of Righteousness/Vengeance/Corruption (level & faction-based, Righteous prior to 64 as alliance or 66 as horde, then switching to Vengeance or Corruption, as they share the same ability). I have yet to find a use for Seal of Justice. When I’m party- or raid-tanking, I skip Judgment of Wisdom, as your mana is being regained as you’re being healed. Justice doesn’t seem to be very needed in a party or raid situation, as not many dungeon targets flee at higher levels. Judgement of Light helps to keep the rest of your melee dps/offtank healed, so that’s my choice there.

    So honestly, Pally tanking isn’t as complicated as you make it out to be, but it definitely more involved than druid tanking. Hell, I hadn’t even thought of tossing FFF in my bear rotation; I was to used to being a cat, and just tossing it on a target when I got a sec, or pulling with it.


  2. BEARS ARE SQUISHY! (great job bear. im a tankadin and i study mechanics METICULOUSLY! ive always scoffed bear tanks [truthfully]. this post has opened my eyes more to the idea that bear tanking might be more layed back, but that doesnt make you guys lessed skilled players… necessarily. There will always be compatition and pride between warrs bears dks and pallies, all feeling like they have THE uper hand in tanking. i feel like this gives a more unbiased look at two different yet just as capable tanking classes. bravo) SO SQUISHY!!!


  3. As a druid tank for a long time, it is easy mode as far as the rotation goes, to the point where you can pretty much macro everything to one button, and pop your enrage/survival as needed, furious regeneration almost never gets used by me cept in “Oh !@#$” situations, simply because it sucks all my rage…
    Maybe I’m still stuck in the days where swipe only hit 3 targets in front of me, but I am still always paranoid about aoe tanking, as i sometimes have ppl nuking immediately after the first swipe and pulling a straggler away from me…if its only 2 targets i don’t worry cause my extra maul hit will generate the extra needed threat, but aoe tanking for me, is one button spam, swipe and maul mapped to the same button, and my ‘everything else’ button once i’m down to one target…I would love to upgrade my ilevel 232 polearm, as I know the extra AP would greatly help in early threat generation…but yea, after i get 2 or 3 swipes in, and no one pulls aggro i’m calm again…but yea, great post, learned alot about pally tanks i never knew


  4. I just wanted to take a quick second and say that I am impressed with your thorough evaluation of both the druid and paladin tanks. I have just started leveling my protection pally and was doing a little research to find out if I have been doing it right. I loved your comparison of pally tanks to stamp collectors; while I would hate to collect something as boring as stamps and would love to surf, I lean to myself not being good at the latter of the two. What I think people are trying to say about pally tanks being easier to play than Druids is that with the constant AoE damage of consecration all around them, agro is almost never lost, even to those annoying Warlocks that AoE before threat is established. And with the myriad of choices you have to built and sustain agro, you can basically ball your fist and smash your keyboard with it and not have to worry about doing it correct. I love the posts and look forward to reading more in the future.



  5. I have both a druid and a paladin tank, I agree that the style of play is very different. In my experience i have found that druids have a sight problem as off tanks, they just don’t have enough rage. so when it comes to oting the druid will find it harder. druids depend on dodge, this means they also find it harder to migrate damage in icc with that nasty 20% debuff. but in aoe tanking nothing beats a druid. the paladin however is an excellent tank, with a few minor draw backs, if 3 mobs get pulled 3 ways, they cant do anything about it. this has happened to me, mainly during onyixa and i found it harder to ot here than i did as my druid. however in single target tanking the paladin owned, racing up aggro with a avenging wrath at the start of combat or when ever they start tanking a boss for the first time. main problem with paladin tanking is just after the taunt they generally can pull the aggro back off the other tank.

    look me up on shattered halls


  6. Well I’ll try not to turn this into a random dump, but just trying to touch on a few of the comments.

    Warriors… the only reason your forgotten is your mechanics are a lot less flashy and hidden in the internals(mitigations and things other people can’t see) of the game, and pallys of course are the flashiest of tanks(though dks give them a close run) but I can tell you now that my icc raids never go without a warrior tank. They just seem to stand up a little better and as long as we feed them things to faceroll they are amazing. NOW THE THING TO REMEMBER IS THAT while they may be less adaptive as the pally they are also the best counterpart for a pally! Often times it is necessary to use the warriors single target threat gen to tank a boss or perhaps an odd mob, while the pally handles the aoe gathering. Decent guilds realize the benefit of warrior tanks and are hard pressed to not have one in a raid. And more importantly to call them “common” ground is incorrect. if anyone Dks are the common ground as they can emulate all three types of pre wrath tanks. prioritize the tanks based on the fight and you will notice that the top end guilds that have the ability to do so end up swapping out warriors for pallys or druids or dks a lot.

    Also someone up there i believe said that druids are hard to get rage on. if you cant get rage on a druid your doing something wrong. a swipe or 2 mangles should give you enough rage to carry you on to the next gcd, the next thing is once you have your dodge high enough and start dodging things or you take a good hit you gain rage. the only time you might not gain significant rage is when the mobs are basically dying before you gain enough back. But if you read the post you’d notice pallys run into the same problem, and i know warriors do. Dks rarely run out thanks to talents, but then again they are a “hero” class lmao.

    Also the whole stamp collector vs surfer thing. I think maybe you should have gone with free-spirited vs technical but props for the diversionary tactic lmao. Give them a spot of attack and take away from flaming you over the rest of the post haha, not that anyone would but ya.

    then someone said dont consecrate right of the bat…. um. why not? Are you aware that if you dont drop it off first your simply delaying it based on the 969696 rule? considering consecrate is simply a placed dot i don’t understand why you wouldnt drop it first, bring all the mobs to you and run through the rest of the 969696. I understand your theory but the simple fact of the matter is that with the threat generated with consecration and perhaps a holy wrath you should have enough aggro to take care of it. (Now this is assuming your talking about regular trash which if one or two pull off you shouldnt care i mean if the dps is strong enough to aoe it off of you then taunt it back, unless your just considerably less geared than the dps you shouldnt lose more than one or 2, if more then that more than likely its one person pulling off cause they are so l33t in which case the blizzard gods bestowed the pally with the ability to, In Holy Fervor, Righteous defense up to 3 of them off that bombtastic dps whippersnapper. That being said if its in a raid yell at your dps on vent and tell them they need to learn how to raid and continue to bash them until they get the picture or better yet just boot them from the raid if they are pug)

    finally one more dispute, You failed to mention the difference in gearing. not that anybody with 1 finger cant pull up a google of what to gear but since bears and pallys gear significantly different might be worth mentioning should you ever turn another thread about this. (I always find that druid gearing is much easier in terms of it being easier to determine what is an upgrade, but a lot harder to get since you often have to compete with dps[mainly rogues or a kitty and often times in pugs hunters or shammys])

    for those that i talked about this is not meant as a flame but as a criticism to open up the door to self reflection and studying. If something doesnt seem to be working change it. Remember this game is ultimately a personaly choice matter. in the end its your choice. If you strive to be better pay attention to criticism and see if maybe it makes sense to littlest degree before you get mad about it. ;p



  7. Great, great post. I’m a Paladin tank, and after making a Death Knight tank alt and raiding with him, I too believed Paladin tanking to be the easiest of the four tanking classes and overpowered. I still believe that, however, after reading your post I don’t think everyone is capable of playing the Paladin class to the point of making it look overpowered for tanking. As you said, Paladins have a plethora of abilities available to them, but I never stopped to think that there are some people out there who might not want to be expected to know when to use which abilities at what time.

    Reading your in-depth explanation of what goes on in a Paladin tank’s head for a single pull was hilarious; I never stopped to think about it until now, but you are quite right; a lot more goes on in my head when tanking on the Paladin as opposed to the Death Knight because the Paladin has that many more options available to him.

    I will argue about your analysis on mobile threat generation; although Consecrate is stationary and Hammer of the Righteous requires melee range, the cooldown on Righteous Defense is so ridiculously short that as a Paladin tank, you should never lose threat long enough to be unable to regain it before a DPS dies. Using the 969 rotation, Consecrate is always down so if a mob jumps to a DPS, you just Righteous Defense it back to you. Now it’s running through the consecrate to you building minor threat. Now it’s in melee range of you ready to be Hammer of the Righteous’d. Now it has 1 stack of Vengeance or Corruption.
    Funny you mentioned the Pit of Saron, if I’m in there and I notice the healer is doing a stand up job, I will pull the whole tunnel at once, non-stop. I’m overgeared for it now, but the day of the release I didn’t know there was a stop point, and I went all the way freaking out my healer due to the damage I was taking. That particular example may not be the best since Paladins also have Holy Wrath which you mentioned, but although our main abilities are stationary or require melee range, that won’t stop us from bouncing through an instance like you 😉

    So what am I? A stamp collecting surfer?


  8. I am most certainly NOT a bird watcher, I don`t even like birds. As for stamps; it is used for sending letters. Thats it. However, I loved reading this 🙂 “divine holy shield of righteous hammering” /giggle


  9. Hi, awesome post. I love the way you end it with the bird collectors and stamp watchers vs the surfers and base jumpers, haha.

    Well two points though, Hammer of the Righteous hits 3 targets, 4 with glyph (not 3 or 4 additional, so there is nothing that can hit 5 targets).
    And Divine Plea doesn’t give you mana on hits, it is a mana tick. It just replenishes itself on hits.

    Pit of Saron cave run, you don’t actually have to build threat on the way, I’m sure it is very useful to actually do it but since you are running first and no one is hitting or doing anything you will have the aggro until the end, and there you will put down your consecrate and your holy wrath. Only one time did I have issues there and it was when a healers started healing people along the way, a druid healer actually, and he died rather quickly, that would have been prevented had I been a bear instead.


  10. Hello BBB,

    Good insight in Pally Tanking, you describe my Thoughts and Rotation during Pally Tanking rather well! The only extra Ability I use before a large group pull is to cast Sacred Shield on myself, to give the healers in the party time to react on the initial damage burst damage (for example groups in FoS, PoS and HoR).

    Also Holy Wrath is Brilliant for Pally Tanking in the WotLK expansion since a lot of Thrash is undead….AoE Damage in a 10 yard range around the Tank and a 3 second stun!

    Leveling my Feral Druid at the moment to experience the big difference in end-game tanking, thanks to your post I look forward to it 🙂



    ps: not a stamp collector, but have been known to collect MtG Card at a certain point in my life…so point taken 😛


  11. nice one BBB

    Finally I got my Pally enough gear to enter Heroics as tank. I did a lot of runs as healer, because I wanted to prevent any issues of type “Being only in blues she is completely under geared, let’s kick her”. I’ve tanked 3 years as bear – and it took me some time to accommodate to the STATIC way of Pally tanking. And anyone saying “Pally tanking is easy” has never really compared both. For sure, pulls are easier (specifically against casters) – but if after pull anything goes wrong you are in more troubles then the bear. Especially if mobs run away and leave your consecrated area because stupid DPS does not hold back for an under geared tank – and does not focus on the marked target.

    As a bear I simply run around and gather everything up again, and don’t care if mobs hit my fat behind. As Pally – if I do not face my opponents correctly, I loose both mitigation AND the ability to do aggro and keep mobs interested.

    One other thing – I was surprised how good Paly mitigation is. You have to be more careful to be DEF caped, but (with help of the group) I was able to tank both H FoS and H PoS. I’m half in blues, have only one real tank trinket and barely 28k HP fully buffed. But it WORKED.

    All in all – yes – the differences in Tanking between those 2 are very much expressed. Though overall I think Pallies are a little bit better – but bears are so much fun in 5mans (not so much as MT in single boss fights, but that’s a different matter)

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT


  12. @Kaelandros

    Wow… well done for failing to read my entire post.

    Quote me: “this might well contribute to people thinking Paladin’s are EZ-mode. Hell, I’ve been guilty of wondering IF they were”
    Note the important IF word there and ‘might contribute to people thinking’.

    Quote me again: “They may not be ez-mode like some people say, but the perception is there,”
    ‘some people’…
    All important words. Oh, and “They may not be ez-mode like some people say”. I don’t think they’re easy. Some people do. Fact. Look, BBB said it too! “I want to go on record as saying that Paladin tanking is NOT ‘ez mode’, a claim I have seen people frequently claim”

    And the clincher, quote me yet again: “I come from a time when if you wanted a tank, it was a Warrior, no question, and have been both very happy and glad to go through tBC and see Druids and Paladins become frankly awesome tanks in their own right as well. Variety is the spice of life after all :)”
    If you’d read that, you might just have realised that I started tanking back in vanilla wow, when there WAS only one tank class, and I actually LIKE that there are all sorts of tanks now.

    And my final point, still: “while Blizz has done a great job of making all the tanks equally capable, some of us – the oldest in fact – seem to have fallen WAY out of favour with players.”

    Another fact I’m afraid, which was what my whole post was about, the majority of tanks _I_ have seen, while levelling and hitting heroics as DPS, have been Paladins, warriors have become VERY rare, which rather shows they’ve falled out of favour… don’t you think?

    (apologies if this sounds confrontational, it really bugs me when people react without actually reading what I’ve said… *sighs*)


  13. @Laeraneth Wow, well, you say yourself you remember a time when warriors were the only way to go if you wanted to tank, yes? You remember when Blizzard was intentionally making it so that there was only one viable tank class? Not that everyone was viable, but warriors were doing more DPS, but that warriors were the only option period. Right.

    Also it is incredibly ignorant to call it EZMode just because they can outperform you. Having greater potential doesn’t make it easier.


  14. @Echo –
    If you want instant AoE threat as DK spec frost. If you want high single target threat spec blood. Dual spec for flavor.

    “I know of no other class that could bind all of its skills into a macro and spam it for threat on single targets.”
    Here is a blood Dk tanking castsequence macro:
    /castsequence [mod] Death and Decay; reset=combat Icy Touch, Plague Strike, Pestilence, Death Strike, Heart Strike
    /use [nomod] !Rune Strike

    Here is a lazy bear tank macro:
    /castsequence reset=4 Mangle (Bear), Lacerate, Swipe (Bear), Lacerate
    /use !Maul

    Any tank, regardless of class, that tries to use a macro for their tank rotation is mediocre. If your tankadins were using it in Uldarr your raid was carrying them. Macros get borked the first time the tank has to use any spell not in the rotation or is silenced, stunned, disarmed(no shield = noShoR, shieldbash), feared, etc. I’ll go further and say that combat rotation castsequence macros for most classes is a sure indicator of mediocre skill.

    P.S. exorcism is almost never used by tankadins now that it has a cast time(no dodge/parry/block while casting)


  15. Ahh… poor warriors. Holly said it well – “Warriors tanks are the unnamed common man of WoW, overworked, underpaid, underappreciated.”

    Not aimed at you (BBB) at all, as your areas of experience are Paladins and Druids, but the fact that other people then brought up DK’s as comparison several times, but there was no mention of us poor warriors at all, made me think… so I thought I’d use my viewpoint as a LONG-time Warrior tank to add a little to the discussion 🙂

    I spent the last 4 years tanking everything Blizz threw at us as a Warrior. A PROUD warrior I might add.
    So, I thought it was time I took a proper break, had a look at the other side of the coin. And so I finally levelled the DK I’ve had sat at 69 or so for months as a pure DPSer.
    In short, I was astounded at the apparent balance (in numbers of, not game balance :)) of Paladins/Warriors/Druids/DK’s as tanks at this stage in the game’s life.
    No exaggeration needed, 4/5 dungeons it was a Paladin tanking. And by and large, they also tended to be the highest damage in the group (though I topped them 50/50 while levelling :)) The remaining 20% of the time was either Druids or DK’s. In my entire time levelling through Northrend I had ONE warrior tank in an instance… one!

    Furthermore, having now spent a week or two doing level 80 heroics as well, while gearing up, I also find that the predominance of Paladin’s remains. AND they tend to do upwards of 3k dps… while tanking.
    Now, I’d suspected this for some time as whenever I’m raid tanking with a Paladin buddy as the other tank, you can guarantee that they’ll outdamage me by a fair distance, even though I’m technically better geared.

    I hadn’t wanted to believe the whining I’d seen in the various forums (and some blogs) that warriors DPS was lame compared to others while tanking, but seeing it there in black and white (well, in colourful recount numbers :)) while I spent 3 or 4 weeks NOT tanking really hammered it home.
    I’m not one to care overly about tanks being different. I come from a time when if you wanted a tank, it was a Warrior, no question, and have been both very happy and glad to go through tBC and see Druids and Paladins become frankly awesome tanks in their own right as well. Variety is the spice of life after all 🙂

    But, to go full circle and bring it back to your original point, this might well contribute to people thinking Paladin’s are EZ-mode. Hell, I’ve been guilty of wondering IF they were, because I saw such high damage, from a tank! (damage that was unheard of to me while tanking) while having no problems at all doing everything that I took pride in myself.

    To sum up. They could do my job just as well as I could, which is fine. But they did it with 50% more contribution to the groups damage/speed/whatever you want to call it, all at the same time.
    I’d be lying if I didn’t say that leaves me a BIT jealous.
    They may not be ez-mode like some people say, but the perception is there, and is going to remain, because while Blizz has done a great job of making all the tanks equally capable, some of us – the oldest in fact – seem to have fallen WAY out of favour with players. And to anyone who wants to take up tanking, and sees four different tanking classes, all able to perform just as well as each other in practice, but also sees that one of those classes put out way bigger numbers while still doing the same good tanking job…. is it any wonder that Warriors have been forgotten and cast aside?…


  16. i never realized it but you are right. great piece of work! now that i also have a better understanding of druid tanking i may give it a try someday, been a pally tank for a long time. dabbled in warrior (got bored of lvling), stuck it out as pally.i’ll have to check and compare


  17. So I have been leveling a paladin tank almost exclusively in LFG, and have been gathering some heirlooms to move my lvl 30 druid from the kitty questing grind to the bear LFG grind.

    One thing that I have noticed with the paladin is the last thing you want to do is drop Consecration right off the bat. That golden floor fire screams AOE NAU BBQBBQ to this new generation of dps whippersnappers. I try to work through as much of the 969 rotation I can before dropping that concecrate, tab targeting like mad (leveled partially as prot pre-BC so there is some tab-sunder muscle memory left).

    Other than that, I may chime in later after getting the dust off my druid. LFG is a godsend for tanking classes, especially if you actually enjoy it and can walk into a dungeon knowing what you are doing.



  18. Wow, very nice work there. I never before understood why I liked Tree Healing and Pally Tanking and didn’t like Pally Healing and Bear tanking (although Cat DPS looks fun).

    If I could make one small minor comment.

    * Self bubble that reduces incoming damage by half.
    * Big damage boost (20%, “on the wings”)
    * Instant cast full self heal

    You said using one locks you out of the others for 30s. That’s really only true of Wings. If you use either Self bubble that reduces incoming damage by half, or Instant cast full self heal, you can’t use either for the next 2 minutes.

    And because I can’t comment or post without reminding everyone of our past, part of the reason we get so far into the minute details of Tanking is that we had to do that to survive in tBC when things were setup (by Blizzard’s design) to have Warrior tanks be far superior to any other option.

    Again, really well done piece, BBB.


  19. Actually, the reason I only responded to that small portion of your write up is that it is the only part I have disagreed with in the series. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I appreciate your perspective on tanking in general. I have a baby druid myself that I’m leveling up, though in fairness his goal is to be a pewpewlazerchikenofdoom, but I’ve dabbled in his tank spec.

    Your write up on the feel of low level tanking as a bear was for the most part accurate. I think you underplayed the difficulty you can have generating rage a little, but I attributed that to my inexperience rather than a flaw in the class as a whole.

    Your experience and observations with the paladin tank were sport on, and quite frankly appreciated given that most bear tanks I’ve met have a healthy measure of disdain for we of the bait in plate flavor. The one, solitary thing in the entirety of the post that I took issue with was what I stated. Surly the offense I take to the remark is not equal to a serious inflammatory comment about my mother, but tone/inflection/any other manner by which I might indicate the degree to which I was offended is unfortunately lost on the interwebs.

    So, suffice it to say that on the whole I agree with you, and I was unsurprised by not letting the whole thing come to a close without at least one little bearswipe at your raid pillar brethren.


  20. Bear, please don’t take my lack of prior comment as a lack of consideration of your work. I simply find it to have been a wonderful summary of what I’ve slowly picked up over several years of pally-tanking. One extra note to pick up is the Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous… ka-slamming a fourth baddie is always a good thing with your main damage disher-outer… then when you do that with the baddies in your puff… and you’re cooking Seal of Cleave…er…Command and you get a truly rewarding cascade of damage numbers floating across the screen as the baddies yell “(_*^*)&%&(^$%)*^)(&(_*%^*(^$(&^%)(*^_(*&^_(*&_(Paladin!!!!!:” (or something to that effect) and happily ignore all those squishy types who are really doing the killing 🙂


  21. A fascinating read. I love tree healing and bear tanking. My tankadin made it to level 25 but I got fed up with all the auras and buttons and stuff to worry about. I personally find bear tanking easier in the sense that there are fewer buttons and thus you are free to be more fluid with the order and method of attacks. I love the in the moment decisions that save the day from an almost inevitable wipe. I also have a dk frost tank. I’ve tanked up through the first 4 bosses in ICC10 and although I’m competent at it, I hate the playstyle. It all comes back to finding the “perfect” toon for the player.

    Also wanted to say that I’ve given up bear tanking in exchange for kitty dps for a while. Against the “conventional wisdom” I am gemmed for agility rather than armor penetration. My thought process was two-fold: first, I’m too cheap to regem when cataclysm removes ArP and second, I’ll be a decent emergency tank. The other night a holy priest in my guild and I pugged H HoR. From the first wave I could tell that the pally tank was struggling so after every finishing move I’d toss a regrowth on the lowest person and even though I was /assist attacking I’d have to switch targets every so often to avoid pulling agro. Next thing I know the first boss is up and the healer is down. I do one last finishing move and start hotting up the tank. Suddenly I pull agro and the freakin tank for whatever reason decides to let me tank. So I popped bear form, hit my oh crap buttons, finished tanking the boss, brez’d the healer, and was about to innervate the healer when the next wave starts and they head for the healer so I jump back to bear, aoe taunt and stop attacking so the pally can take agro again. Once I was clear I innervated the healer, tossed a few more hots on the tank and went back to kitty. It was freakin awesome! I’m in mainly 232s and I average 4k dps in heroics and 6k on the bosses. Plus, I can still tank all but the newest heroics.


  22. BBB from what you wrote about the PoS gauntlet, it sounds like you’re “running” down the hall as a bear and giving mobs your back. If you practice strafing you’ll be able to move down the tunnel at a normal speed and still generate threat on the mobs from Holy Shield and HoR as a Paladin. It’s something I got used to doing as a Warrior, because that way your avoidance is still effective and I’m able to Devastate / Cleave mobs as I’m moving.

    If you get used to strafing as a bear, you can not only Swipe, but also tab Maul on your way down the hall. You’ll also have your normal avoidance, so it’ll be even easier for your healer to keep you up. If I’m mis-reading you, I apologize, but I’ve seldom had to stop or backpedal in that gauntlet on Paladin or Warrior unless I was waiting for my healer.

    Anyway, good post – thanks for writing it up – I enjoyed it. 🙂 I do think that part of your perception of relative ease of tanking may have to do with your relative experience tanking on Druid compared to Paladin. Years of practice will do that to ya.

    Now go level a Warrior – love to see your take on it! Just kidding; thanks for keeping this great blog going.


  23. Awesome read, I have a bear and a pally Myself, and you couldn’t have said it better! On a side note, my favroite kind of pull on my bear is a stealth Kitty feral charge to the farthest mob, switch to bear form and PRESTO you are facing all the mobs AND your party, makes it very easy to see which mobs seem to think the mage has more agro, + I love to watch melee dps try to keep up to me.

    Keep up the great Blog-work!



  24. Warriors tanks are the unnamed common man of WoW, overworked, underpaid, underappreciated. Consistantly bashing their head on the wall at that warlock that can’t understand ‘hold a second before aoe’ means it’s less likely to eat the floor.


  25. I’m at work and I truly Laughed Out Loud at the “Divine Holy Shield of Righteous Hammering.” Do you know that I actually created a power point slide that had my key board laid out and each ability listed under the keyboard key. Further – I had to color code … Black for the base key, Red for the Alt + Key combo and Blue for the Ctrl + key combo. I still pretty much maxed out what can be considered the normal amount of keys that can be hit with your left hand (my right is on the mouse). I even considered removing my strafe – mapped to ‘s’ and ‘f’ in favor of claiming those keys for abilities and just relying on mouse turns. hehe. Anyway, the analysis you provided was truly awesome!

    Any chance you know of anyone that has compared either Druid tank or Pally tank to a Warrior tank? Thanks again for writing this!


  26. Divine Holy Shield of Righteous Hammering (also known as “Ka-blam!”, or “blam!” for short)
    100% of base mana
    Instant Cast

    Simultaneously cast all offensive and defensive Holy spells within a single GCD.
    (Hint: turn your spell detail down before attempting this)

    On the pull: “Oh crap, I accidentally hit my DHSRH hotkey. Anyone got an innervate?”
    Enraged Boss: “Pop Bloodlust and trinkets. Pallies pop your DHSRH.”

    I can hear the Warrior QQ already.


  27. BBB, Get out of mine brain! I was just running this test on -my- tanky blood elf pally and night elf druid (literally no joke) check here to say something about it, and you beat me to it! evil brain eater. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes! Pallabearadeathknightapriestatanking. You think i’m joking? Nope, I ran some very interesting tanking combos.

    Paladin tanking:

    Definitely the most versatile I think, less mobile but much more versatile, some very intersting abilities, and with most of the endgame content being undead definitely seems to have an advantage. Also given it being fairly easy to reach 100% mitigation with redoubt and holy shield. Second largest stam bonus in the game. An automatic last stand/survival instincts that doesn’t require a gcd (also known as ‘you didn’t kill me, see, I editted my character sheet!) Paladins I think truly have the love right now, and with 2-3 heavy aoe abilities on any group of approximately 4 mobs (more if they’ve spec’d into seal of command) definitely the preferred tank for fast runs.

    Bear tanking:

    Much more bouncy and fun, and the king of the gauntlet run! Most people just don’t seem to really think about bears when comparing tanking, which is sad, and if you get 2 piece tier 10 I’d say could have even higher aoe threat generation. I do -really- wish we had a silence/interrupt that didn’t -stun- the target though. It’d make druid tanking a lot easier. Though for longer dungeons or aoe damage heavy ones, I think we can outpace a paladin for one reason. We can innervate our heallers between pulls and go nuts! Also there’s the barkskin/rebirth combo. Overall if it’s a caster heavy dungeon, or more accurately a tricky pull dungeon, we’re slower, and less than stellar at eating magic damage (I actually took the stam -spell damage meta instead of the armor increase, because it doesn’t seem to be as sexy for the leather wearers and bears have a -lot- of armor, 2% less spell damage quickly adds up) My favorite tank, and of course, HP that puts every other class to shame.

    Death Knight Tanking

    This is the beast, isn’t it? 6second interrupt, deathgrip, an anti-stun cooldown that also lowers damage taken, anti magic shell, and depending on what spec you take another 1-2 cooldowns including a last stand, an interesting shield, etc. . . and each one being a little more specialized in aoe/single target/ or anti-caster (frost/blood/unholy respectively) Self healing, heavy resistance, these tanks are extremely versatile in what they can do overall, but they have to specialize, meaning for dungeons with a lot of different types of encounters they can put themselves at an extreme advantage or disdvantage from fight to fight. Also given the cooldown based nature of all their attacks sudden surprises and unexpected adds can be met with a ‘well I have to wait a few seconds before I have a button to hit’ Death knight tanking is a science -and- an art -and- luck. To anyone who’s good at it, I commend you and your ability to deal with runes.

    Moonkin Tanking.

    Don’t laugh! It can be done. You can pick up survival of the fittest -and- have moonkin form. Make sure to pick up typhoon as it’s the only good aoe for threat you can pick up easily with the points you screwed over picking up. It’s an interesting build, I had a lot of fun with it. Threat generation is a little low, but typhooning things in the face and going ‘go on eat me!’ is fun. With armor contribution similar to that of a bear (my moonkin can sit at 24k armour in it’s ICC gear) it’s far from squishy in that aspect, though casting prevents all mitigation other than armor. It tanked H-UP just fine, but pit of saron proved too much for it, mostly due to poor threat generation =( but a really high dps tank! I could pull 4-4.5k as a tankykin, and it was just fun and silly.

    Priest Tanking:

    Same as the above, a silly idea I’d been working on for a while, using trinkets/rings/neck/lots of gem slotted old gear filled with defense gems, I reached 538 defense which is enough for heroics! I tanked in shadow, without threat reducing talents, unfortunately, I still had -30% threat from shadow form, but I had the damage reduction. Threat generation actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be, even higher than moonkin once I used mind sear for initial aggro, then rolled my dots across my main target, it felt very warriorish to me, and again, really high dps tank for single target and aoe, averaging again about 4-4.5k all arou nd, peaking at around 5.2-5.3k on bosses. It valiantly tanked up to H-UP proudly, but Forge just made it go squish due to really low armor (even with improved inner fire =( ) Oh well, it was fun, and I was surprised how well I did.


  28. I’m so glad that, out of the entire post, the only thing you found worthy of comment was to tell me you are offended by that. 🙂

    It was deliberately written that way, because I love offending people that have nothing better to do with their lives than look for things to offend them, and then act outraged. After all, it’s no good just feeling offended if you don’t take time to make sure people KNOW you feel offended, right?

    Frankly, I’m offended that, after all of the writing done on this post that could use correction or comment from a real, dedicated Paladin tank, you chose to contribute nothing but to share that you chose to feel offended at a joke, and such an obvious one at that.

    Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


  29. You are correct. I take offense to being called a stamp collector, or a bird watcher, while you call yourself a base jumping surfer. Perhaps try fighter pilot. Serious preparation required beforehand, and many involved calculations are required beforehand. When you’re in the cockpit though, its quick decisions or everyone dies.


  30. Great post BBB, like many others, I hope to see your thoughts on deathknight tanking and warrior tanking as well.

    My long forgotten pally is sitting in theramore in his early 40’s just waiting on me to do something with him, (he is prot by the way)

    I respectfully disagree with carina above me, I’d choose the fur over the shiny.
    .-= Kattrinsaa´s last blog ..Reflections on the snow =-.


  31. Really enjoyed the comparison post. As a person who plays tanks a dk@80, a warrior @80 and a Pally @80 with a druid @41. With the Paladin being first way back in vanilla I have watched them change. Blizz has made wondeful changes in prot pallys making us viable and I like to think even now with everyone having a AoE that they still balance each classes uniqueness.

    For me personally at least with the content I have done on my druid so far the seem more offensive style tank using direct damage to anger the mobs thru the various attacks ones has, where Paladins to me and maybe because I have played them longer seem reactive or defense in tanking. Holy shield,ret aura,consecrate all damage the mob on active in a cast and move to the next.

    Using your comparison of surfers/base jumpers for druids sure Paladins stamp collectors ok I jsut thought we were lovers of micromanagement with two huge safety nets. LoH has saved me tons nothing beats needing to kill me twice+ ardent defender wich covers all my oops if I eat one I wasnt supposed to on a swap of a boss taunt.

    In closing again a great read and kudos to Blizz for allowing druids and Pallys to evolve from just healers or buff bots to end game(whichever is yours) tanks.


  32. Excellent summation of tanking on a paladin. The comparison has (I think) given me a bit of insight as to how druid tanks operate. I’ve never before has a druid tank but now I sorta see how the styles are different and will now be watching the druid tank in our guild to hopefully understand better.

    I may also take my level 43 druid that I thought was destined to be a tree and give facetanking a try.


  33. These past 2 posts have been great. I always look forward to new BBB posts showing up in the ol’ rss, but I have really been looking forward to these ones. I always enjoy the clarity in these posts. Are we to expect a warrior versus death knight in the future? Great research, great writing, thanks.
    .-= greyjasper´s last blog ..gawd, this stuff is addicting =-.


  34. I’ve been a fan of your blog for some time now, and occasionally I’ve commented, but…just…wow.

    I think I may love you for this one, 3B, I really do.

    I get so sick of hearing how EZ pally tanking is, and how I should just shut up and l2P when I say something about needing mana, or having to apologize because something was on cooldown when it turns out I needed it, etcetera. And as for the names…..I don’t actually know what MOST of my abilities are called any more, but I know where they are on my bar, by god, and I know how to use them.

    You Sir are a genius! Thank you.


  35. To be honest, I prefer paladin tanking to bear tanking. Both can be fun, but a paladin has something bears don’t:

    Our skills are all shiny! Golden light here, golden light there and if the mob’s under 20% health, I get to smash it with a shiny silver hammer which deals pain in form of a bright golden light. If I throw my shield, it causes bright golden pain, too!

    Of course, there’s something incredible satisfying in gnawing the faces off the mobs, but I had to choose (no time to play both and my hunter) and chose the shiny. SHINY!
    .-= Carina´s last blog ..Only 8 level left! And I got my butt out of Outland! =-.


  36. Excellent meaty post. Lots to think about in here.

    I think once we’re past WotLK and the undead (mostly) mobs pally tanking will become more challenging. Right now the bonus holy damage against undead gives pallies a significant boost.

    BTW have you considered leveling dk and warrior tanks too? 🙂 would love to see your thoughts and a similar comparision of those two too.

    That’s for the wonderful post.


  37. Playing as a DK I still find myself envious of paladins and druids who have a lot more instant grab aoe threat. For my tank (blood) its a case of dropping Dnd, putting up diseases then spreading them. Sure I can pop a blood boil for a bit more immediate threat but then I’m waiting on a rune cooldown for some sustained threat.

    At least for me I don’t have to adjust any of my gear to content level. I get runic power and runes regardless of how hard I’m being hit.

    And my next comment is mildy controversial. I disagree with you BBB on some points. Yes there are some situational abilities you have to be aware of but at the same time I know of no other class that could bind all of its skills into a macro and spam it for threat on single targets. Macro in question included below. At the end of Ulduar you could produce very good TPS with it. Not sure how widely used it is these days but as we were progressing onto Ulduar HMs quite a while back both of our pally tanks used it.

    ” /castsequence Shield of Righteousness, Judgement of Wisdom, Hammer of the Righteous, Consecration, Shield of Righteousness, Holy Shield, Hammer of the Righteous, Exorcism, Shield of Righteousness, Consecration, Hammer of the Righteous, Holy Shield “


  38. A very nice couple of posts, Bear. I would love to hear your thoughts about warrior tanking if you by chance manage to get hold of one; my friends are having a lot of fun tanking on their warriors and say it’s quite different from both bears and paladins.


  39. Quote: “I think the new level 85 ultimate ability for Paladin tanks in Cataclysm should be called “Divine Holy Shield of Righteous Hammering“.”

    From a 3 year plus player of a protection paladin, with a year of vanilla play and time in BC and Wrath, I giggled at this.

    It was actually a lot easier to get the hang og the cooldowns and abilities if you played as they were added an tweaked, in my opinion.

    Best wishes!


  40. Great post Bear. As a prot pally I can agree with your points, although I do not see myself as a stamp collector, I do like the dance and timing in the ability to tank as a pally. I hope those who take offense will see that ultimately its about being aware of your surroundings.

    @Kayeri, 🙂 That is exactly why my healer is a druid. I LOVE druid healing and Pally tanking, can not stand, personally, Pally healing, and am just not good at druid tanking.

    Again, thank you Bear for your great insights into these great classes!
    .-= Mike Norton / Valimonde´s last blog ..Do Not Forget! – Kirk Franklin and Friends =-.


  41. What an awesome summation, Bear, truly… It makes me think perhaps I have an easier time tanking on a paladin is because of my years of being a druid healer… which is about watching your HoTs and knowing when to apply which one(s). I’ve never considered that the ‘969’ rotation is similar to the balance of maintaining and using my various HoTs in healing before reading this… Certainly food for thought, and I love the way you compared the two!

    ((and btw, yes, I had to boomkin for Saurfang again tonight… we killed him… but… well… I need practice at that job!!!!!!))


  42. Okay, I have to say, as a Tankadin myself (a rather slow leveling/gearing one), I almost -never- had noticed myself thinking like that while tanking, until you brought it up and I actually thought about it. I have to admit, it -feels- easier to me because I not only know what I’m doing, but I have that sense of control over what’s happening. Its how I like it myself and in life.

    Truthfully, I don’t take the time myself to figure out what is the best ability to use in a certain situation, nor do I feel I will ever honestly do the current end game as it stands. I don’t have the time nor the patience to do so. I will, however, still do my research and read up on what other Tankadins and the like are doing, and then base my own decisions on what I have learned.

    I do, though, want to try and get a Druid up to tank with, as well as a Warrior and Death Knight, but right now I do not think that will happen. Too much fun as a Paladin overall, and general lack of knowledge on what I can and can’t do, though that does get fixed by posts like the two you’ve done here.

    Finally, “Divine Holy Shield of Righteous Hammering“ -must- be the Paladin’s level 85 spell in Cataclysm, if only in name and not the full ability that you had laid out there.


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