Are you stuck on a particular class?

I’m serious with this question, this isn’t some goofy post just to have a conversation.

During the recent Paladin vs Druid tanking comparisons, I obviously spent a lot of time on both. And during the time I was playing, I spent quite a bit of time wondering about how different player personalities might be drawn towards different playstyles, playstyles that approach the same task from two different directions, but nevertheless still get the job done.

Backing away from tanking comparisons for a bit, it ought to be obvious that, with so many different character classes that each have their own unique style, folks might not like every one of ’em, but chances are good everyone will find something they like.

So, the question I pose; Have you tried to play different alts, make new characters, try things out with other specs or other styles, only to find yourself coming back to the same class or classes over and over again?

Do you have multiple characters that are all the same class?

If so, do they share a type of playstyle that appeals to you? What similarities are there amongst them? What might the class styles you love say about you?

Or, and this is the same question with a twist… Do you have a particular appearance of character that you love, a look that you keep coming back to with alts, and characters that look differently don’t see much play?

Do you love druids or hunters or paladins or priests or warlocks, and no matter how many other classes you try to roll, you keep coming back to that one special one that clicks with you?

Do you love Night Elves, or Gnomes, or Dwarves, or Tauren, or Undead, and no matter what kind of other race you try to get into, you find yourself leaving them be to go back to your favorite?

General rambling time… or, “Back in the old days”

I’m thinking about this a lot, because I’ve been thinking about MMOs in general, and how game designers could attract a person into really getting into one.

WoW clearly hit me just right, I’m still here years later. I’ve tried other MMOs sometimes, and others I’ve read about and looked at and went “Meh”, so the question in my mind is… what about them attracts me, and what is the “Meh” factor.

The start, for me, of wanting to play WoW was contrasting the announced races and classes of WoW with Everquest II. Most folks might not remember, but at the time before WoW came out, Everquest I was the big bad on the block, the undisputed groundbreaking champion, and whether you loved it or called it “Evercrack”, “Everrat”, or “Ratquest”, it defined the game genre.

Everquest II and WoW were both due to come out almost on top of each other, and many game magazines talked about them both, and did big pictorial spreads comparing and contrasting them. There was a clear favorite in the tried and tested EQ formula… but Blizzard was the gaming big dog with Starcraft, Warcraft and Diablo franchises under their belts, and the revolutionary approach of shipping “When it’s done”.

As an aside, you’ve got one hell of a marketing department when you can spin ship delays and missed deadlines into a quality feature. If I had a business, I’d hire their PR firm, they’re geniuses. Of course, making damn fine product assuredly helps.

So, why did I pick WoW as the one I wanted to try? I actually knew people that were Everquest I addicts, so why did I go with the unknown?

What initially drew me in was the innovative classes and the art style.

There were traditional classes. Warrior. Rogue. Priest. Paladin. Mage. Clearly, the AD&D basics were well represented. And the races. Elf. Dwarf. Human. Gnome. So, there was the sense of the familiar.

But WoW went outside that box as well. They innovated. They gave us the Druid, a class that let you, no shit, play a shapechanger in the game. A class where you had a normal humanoid form, but they were coding in the ability to flow into different animal forms as you played, each one actually being more than just a cosmetic change. A Cat form would actually be different stats than a Bear! Holy cow!

And then the Hunter. Yes, Everquest had pet classes as well, but in WoW, part of the Hunter that we talked about in beta that was just amazing to us was that you weren’t just a class that had a pet, but that you were able to go explore the world, and any beast that you encountered, ANY beast, had the potential to be tamed and become your pet that would fight by your side.

Are you insane? Are you kidding me? I have to be a part of that.

So the innovative class approach, going beyond the normal Warrior/Priest/Mage style intrigued and excited me.

The second thing as I said was the art. The intentional art choice of going bold and beautiful and stylised rather than super-realistic.

Why? What about the art drew me in?

It seemed warmer, if you know what I mean.

I already live in the real world, thanks. I’m not looking for a reality simulator, I’m looking for a visually pleasing game to have fun in. Making it look super-real and paying all that attention to precise chainmail link graphics is kinda wasted on me. It’s was the warmth and originality of the art that I loved.

Yes, the goofy shoulders have long been a bone of contention, but overall, the glows, the cartoon over-emphasis element to the art makes it somehow more fantastical to me.

So I chose to buy WoW based on character design and art style. That was what drew me in.

What has made me stay?

Reasons two and three are pretty obvious.

The 2nd is that there are so many different variations in playstyle amongst the classes, and multiple specs and roles within the classes, so replayability has been huge.

The 3rd was the sheer size of the world in WoW. It’s just linear enough that you know what choices you have about where to go adventure next, but not so linear that you can’t swap zones around when leveling. Yes, Cassie frequently says, “Northrend was fine the first time, but the 5th time going through Sholozar Basin, it’s not fun anymore.” But the point is, the world has been large enough, immense enough in content to keep us going for years, as long as we’ve been open to trying different aspects and zones of the game.

But what was the 1st thing that made me stay?

I think the most important part of the WoW design that I’ve enjoyed, that pulled me in and has kept me going, was how the character creation process combines personal customization with a sense that the character existed BEFORE I started.

It’s a feeling that I didn’t MAKE the character… I CHOSE the character.

In WoW, there are some options for customizing, and there could certainly be more, but when you start, you pick a race and sex, and there is a person displayed there already dressed and ready to go, as if a young man or woman has just come of age, and is leaving their farm for the first time, off to seek adventure. Or you know, whatever their background may be.

My point is, you didn’t start with a wire-frame that you fleshed out bit by bit, you start with a person.

You will want to change their appearance, but the changes available aren’t too crazy. Interestingly enough, limited options and being presented with a complete character appearance at the onset does help maintain immersion.

Everytime that “creat an alt” process begins, it feels like an exciting moment, filled with potential. Who will you journey with this time? What adventures will you share together? What class will they be?

Inevitably, you play the game long enough, and the rush of excitement fades when you realize that this brand new character full of potential is heading out into the same old, same old. But what are you gonna do? The game still rocks.

I’m still waiting to see a new MMO come out that has that big of a world of adventure, coupled with so many interesting choices for imaginative classes and playstyles, that feels warm and inviting.

In the meantime… year after year, WoW still has it. Amazing, isn’t it?

42 thoughts on “Are you stuck on a particular class?

  1. I’m pretty sure those “basic” classes you talked about (Warrior/Priest/Mage) are the only 3 I don’t intend to play. I know I’m rolling a Worgen Rogue for Cataclysm, and aside from my Hunter, I’ve enjoyed each of the classes. Granted, I haven’t done all the specs for each class (haven’t touched moonkin, ret, demo/destro, elem/resto, blood/frost), but those that I have played (once again, aside from Hunter) I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Each class and spec has its own playstyle (or in the case of cats & bears, a kind of “restricted” version of another playstyle). While I don’t really enjoy healing, I will heal every once in a while, but changing from melee dps to ranged dps to tanking is fun.

    I’d say my ranking for toons I’ve made, for how enjoyable an experience it is to play them would be:
    Druid (Cat/Bear) [1st toon, 1st to 80, my Achievement-whore]
    Warlock (Affliction) [2nd toon, just got to Outland]
    Shaman (Enhance) [most recent toon, almost 30]
    Death Knight (Unholy) [5th toon, almost 73, pretty much just used to be a miner/banker for a while til I made a bank alt]
    Paladin (Prot/Holy) [3rd toon, 2nd to 80]
    Hunter (Beast) [35, just to level his professions up to 300]
    Not sure just where I’ll be taking my Rogue once I roll them up, but I’m thinking it should be enjoyable.


  2. First toon NE Druid. I love the idea of being one with nature while I claw your face off. I have tried every spec ended up as a resto more because every one needed a healer. The one thing I hated while I was leveling where horde warlocks….this was before berserk, there was nothing I lothed more than being feared. Except maybe horde hunters. I was also tired of being blamed for a wipe…allways the healer or tanks fault for a wipe. So I wanted a class that I could not be talked into healing or tanking, I became a BE lock…run in fear, also had to become an hunter just because. Might as well have a DK got to skip the whole 1-60 lvling. While I was playing horde I missed my Druid, it is very hard to split my time between servers so I now have a Tauren Druid. I must say that I always thought war stomp and health buff was so much better than shadowmeld/dodge…untill shadowmeld got you out of combat….Damn. Anyway getting off subject, after all of me getting sick of being blamed for wipes I only use my alts to make money…run dailies and sell primodials. I heal icc on my NE and tank it on my Tauren(NE offspec is feral Tauren is resto) There is no other class you can do every job….melée/range dps, heal or tank. If you truly want to experience the game the is nothing like a Druid.


  3. Druid.

    In the Everquest days I played a Druid and a Ranger (I LOVED my Ranger!). When I came over to WoW I gravitated straight to the Druid, since there was no straight Ranger type class (Hunters are NOT Rangers), and started a Night Elf. I spent days and days exploring the world (prowling across entire zones so no one would see me!) and learning the class as best I could. I started other classes but found that playing a Druid was in my blood. I enjoyed the utility of it; I could melee and take on multiple mobs with ease, I could cast if I needed to, I could heal myself and others when necessary, I could run away if I wasn’t in the mood for a fight or if it was just smarter to get the heck out of there.

    I also PvP’ed a lot and found myself having Tauren envy…so I started one! Soon after he made it to 80, dual spec came around so I decided to start another Druid because I wanted to be ‘ALL things Druid’ but just didn’t have the gold to keep switching specs. Now I have 2 80 Druids; one is Resto/Boomkin and one is Tank/DPS. Heals, ranged DPS, tanking and melee DPS in 2 awesome toons! Life is good.

    I have many 20s and 30s and 40s of other classes (including other young Druids) across several servers, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten with most of them. I’ve found that I don’t like cloth classes – too squishy. I don’t like pet classes because it’s just a hassle to have to worry about me AND my pet. I like the plate classes, but realize to be good at them I have to give up my Druid time. I am leveling up a Mage and I have an 80 Rogue that I enjoy playing, but I’d rather play my Druids.


  4. Druid. I’ve tried rolling other classes, and the only one that ever felt nearly as natural to play as my druid is my warlock. My lock I actually got to 80 and occasionally act like I’m going to try to convince myself to think about the possibility of maybe(possibly) grinding out heroics with him. I’ve got a DK, that I did the first quest on, and said frack this, a level 7 hunter, and a level 1 rogue, besides my main and lock. I was a bear forever but took a break right after TOC came out, and came back right after ICC debuted, and now I’m stuck healing :(. I’ve been enjoying DPSing, but my biggest mistake was being an intelligent and efficient healer. (I CAN DPS AND TANK INTELLIGENTLY TOO YOU KNOW /end QQ)


  5. Excellent points all…

    I love trolls and dranei…

    I find myself constantly coming back to them – which is why I kind of forced myself outside my box and went for a girl orc… (underplayed imo) shaman… and contrary to almost all ‘online advice’ of going for enhancement, I’m kicking butt with elemental at 40… It is another journey, it is another attitude to look at quests with, it is an excuse to look into different lore. For all the breaks I’ve taken with various groups I’ve played with… the game will always welcome me in when I need a break.

    .-= Merell´s last blog ..You know what the world needs? =-.


  6. I have an 80 druid and 80 hunter, but I find myself repeatedly coming back to druids. Its a bit of a joke in my guild – I think I’m up to 5 druid alts, none of which are higher than level 40. Recently though I’ve become addicted to leveling my shaman. I leveled her up to 72 as a resto, and finally picked up dual so she can go enhancement too. Its the most fun I’ve had since I got mangle on my very first druid.

    I find that I’m mostly drawn towards classes that have an affinity with nature. I have absolutely no desire to level a pally or dk for that reason.


  7. I have a ton of alts, but I’m stuck on healers. No matter how I promise myself that this time I’m going tank, or DPS, not long after hitting 80 I find myself unable to resist the temptation to sprout leaves, or whatever. (I did once manage to get a DK to 80, although I’m not sure why because once I hit 80 I stopped playing her.)
    I have one level 80 healer of each possible class now, although it’s the shaman and druid that I keep gravitating to…the more hybrid they are, the more I like them.
    And racially, although I have the necessary spacegoat and nelf, my default character choice is always dwarf on the alliance side and troll on horde. I find them irresistable. I keep trying to vary it a bit, but I always end up back with those races.


  8. I just canceled my account and I’m still reading this blog… hrm… good job BBB. After leveling my rogue and finding him unwanted years ago I decided to try healing and tanking as a paladin and warrior respectively to see which I preferred with the intention of sticking with that char afterward because I love fast and dirty instances and wanted to be in demand. I hadn’t picked a favorite by 70 and was main healer and main tank for 2 seperate Kara raids in my guild. By accident of history I end up tanking on both one weekend as my paladin went through a last minute, bank breaking conversion. I loved it. As I began to figure out all these tanky pally buttons I got better at it but I also got better at my warrior. I fully understood her strengths and weaknesses having the paladin to compare her to was better able to accentuate and mask them accordingly. I started a bear and a death knight the day I got Wrath and fell in love with both of them as tanks also. I ended up with 4 80 tanks in epics that were ready to rock your raid. It’s wonderful except the part where I have to suffer through all those second hand comparisons. I should have known something was up with me and tanking when my first 70 (the rogue) dinged tanking normal underdog late one night. Go go evasion, cloak of shadows and kidney shot.


  9. It’s funny, as much as I’ve had many lowbie alts over the years it is only recently that I have started to level them properly and actually enjoying the differences between the classes. I recently leveled my 2nd 80 (kitty druid) and am also levelling a mage from scratch Hordeside to see that side of the game. I love them both as much as my priest even though they are vastly different or maybe because of that. When I’m on another char I miss the instant flight and shadowmeld of the druid, the portals, food and water of the mage and the, ehm, the, ehm – not quite sure what I miss about the priest class. Hmm… I’ve played it for so long I can’t remember. 🙂

    For me I think becoming more adept at the game and how it works have made picking up new classes much more enjoyable. I never thought I’d like a melee style, but I adore playing kitty. Didn’t think I’d like a char that can’t heal, but my mage is great fun.

    So much to do and so little time… 🙂


  10. Funny, I have a post very related to this topic that I have written up and stored away for a rainy day.

    I’ve tried almost every class in WoW, but I keep coming back to melee classes, especially ones that can heal themselves. Feral and Enhancement are both insanely fun for me to play. To a slightly lesser extent, Blood. (I can’t, for the life of me, get a Paladin past level 15, so I can’t speak for Ret.) I’ve tried a lot of other things, but either they don’t interest me, or they’re “conditionally fun.” By which I mean I enjoy playing them under very specific circumstances, some of which are completely unrelated to the class.
    .-= Saniel´s last blog ..By the light of the moon! =-.


  11. I love the straightforward classes. On my priest, just pick the type of heal and punch it. On my warrior and DK just hit the button to do the attack and keep moving along. I’m just not into a class that seems too complex…..(wait till such and such buff is up before you can cast this or cast this debuff or you won’t be able to do A/B/C). DK’s are kind of like that in that you have to have diseases up to maximize the damage but overall tho, I just like to play for fun and am not too hardcore.


  12. BBB, sorry, I didn’t really explian m’self well. I think I read you right the first time, and your response affirmed that, I just kinda took that and ran on a small tangent. I *do* know people who write up a backstory for characters (which is definitely from tabletop gaming, a holdover that is near and dear to my history), but yes, I read you as just thinking that WoW characters *have one*, not necessarily that you wrote or thought up one. You’re absolutely correct, it’s much easier to be interested in Inigo Montoya than Cipher Night Elf #15. 🙂

    LOTRO has character history fields so players can really dive into the role playing aspects. I’m somewhat curious as to whether that winds up affecting class choice often.

    It’s definitely interesting to see how lore and character appeal drive character choice, and how that intersects with purely mechanical choices.
    .-= Tesh´s last blog ..Bacon and Chocolate =-.


  13. I find in a defining characteristic of toons I play is a general ‘lack of squishiness’. My favorite toons are Paladin, Hunter, Druid, and Warrior. Plate, Mail, Might as well be plate, and Plate. I really like the feeling of being a tough guy who can take your best shot shrug it off and keep on coming.


  14. I think this is a fascinating question, and I love reading people’s responses.

    While I have a ton of alts of almost all classes, I am continually drawn to the Shaman. My main is a Shaman, and I basically have as many Shaman alts as there are races that can play them.

    It’s hard for me to say why… I just love the lore, concept and playstyle. For all their limitations, I love totems. I love the nature feel. I know Druids have a nature feel, but Shamans are qualitatively different I think. I find it rather paradoxical, actually. They seem both more spiritual and more “down to earth” all at the same time. Shamans are peaceful, ferocious… and both weak and strong. They’re empty vessels, really. Conduits for something greater, something that doesn’t come from themselves. I find that completely compelling.

    Currently, my wonderful main is a male Draenei. However, I seriously cannot wait to race change to Dwarf. The thought of playing as a Wildhammer Shaman is just incredibly appealing to me.


  15. Oh dear, where to start. I like most races other than orc, undead, human, and dwarf. I’m not sure why I think it’s the ‘cute’ factor. Having said that classes…well for the longest time I was very into self-healing classes and classes that didn’t have to slow down, that’s why I have an 80 druid, an 80 priest, and an 80 paladin, as my original 80’s. Though I levelled a DK blood for the same reason, upon hitting 80 I started playing with dual wield frost dps. With heirloom items though, my world has opened up much more, rogues, warriors, mages, etc. . . can take the health trinkets and with the fact that BoA gear is just -that- much more powerful than regular gear you find levelling up, even twinking isn’t quite as effecient as BoA gear, I’ve found that when you can kill things in 2/3 hits, i doesn’t matter if you can heal or not. That’s why I now have 3 80 dk’s across different realms, an 80 shaman, a 70 rogue, a 75 hunter, a recently 80 warrior, and another druid. So truth be told, I don’t think I’m really hung on anything in the end. I am definitely not great at playing most of these classes (druid/priest/dk/paladin are my strongest) but I do well enough that any (and most) have been accepted into raids. But every one definitely has a different playstyle and some I really have to be in the mood for (rogue for example, I enjoy it, but zomg I can only take stealthing…….ambushing……kidney shot…….backstabbing so much)


  16. I used to be the biggest warrior nut around. I think I had around 5 warriors at one point (max level, mid level, 19 twink, lowbie, and bank). I just loved being a warrior, mostly prot since the slow but sure style appeals to me overall. Then once our guild had naxx on farm, we decided to roll an alt raid and I got my druid in there as resto and finally swapped to feral tank, and I literally didn’t log on my warrior for more than a minute for the next year. The fact that warriors are so far behind in DPS really bummed me out, and after I saw how easy and effective a druid tank was, I never looked back.

    I really feel bad about it because I was so in love with warriors for such a long time (over 3 years). My warrior has so much cool stuff in his bank and alot of other awesome stuff that i’ve been trying to build back up on my druid. But the druid has really stolen the single minded love I had for my warrior. And I doubt I’ll ever get that back. Now I have several 80s that I play at random times, and I’ve gone back to my warrior to try to get that feeling back, but it just isn’t the same. When I tried tanking in ICC on him it just felt awkward, I missed all the druid abilities and capabilities. Now I’m going back to the clothie front to get my last character before cataclysm to 80.

    And I started playing wow on my rogue, i got him to 60, sat in the old AV queue for 6 hours while I spammed LFG in trade to try to get into an UBRS run, and finally gave up on him and decided to try a tank to get into groups. I leveled my warrior with my wife’s rogue and when we got to 60 I got an opportunity to raid on my rogue, so we went and did that for a while, but I always felt drawn back to the tank, finally going back and sticking with it right before BC hit.


  17. I loved EQ2’s combat system. The Heroic Finisher or Chains or whatever it was called.

    I also truly adored the tradeskill system. You REALLY had to pay attention and if you did, you could make a regular cloak into something awesome. Also the fact that you had fully crafted armor sets at each 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, etc. level break was really neat.

    EQ2 did a LOT of things right.

    The things that killed them, though, were the HEAVY system requirements and the severe lack of community. I don’t know if it’s a SOE thing, but it doesn’t seem like the info on quests, items, or walkthroughs are as easy to get with EQ2 as it is with wow.

    Think about it – what if wow didn’t have wowhead, thottbot, alakhazam, or any of the numerous blogs or class guide forums. EQ2 may have some of that stuff now, but even 2 years after it’s release, it had NOTHING on wow in terms of community.

    WE made wow successful. Blizzard made a great game, I agree, but the community keeps it going and makes us want to play it for the last 6 years.
    .-= Klinger´s last blog ..Embedding Hulu Videos =-.


  18. I 100% prefer playing humans. And all my humans have the same face model. They have different hair, but the same face.

    If I’m forced to not play a human (say a druid or a hordie) I pick and elf, and I make them look as human like as possible.

    I very very much wanted to play an orc shaman, just because the lore is glorious, but I couldn’t do it. They’re too ugly!

    I play WoW Barbies, ftw.


  19. I played all the classes except a lock to over level 60. I am saving my lock to be my Worgen to level from scratch with Cataclysm.

    I prefer tanks and healers. I enjoy the responsibility that goes with it. As DPS, you need very little knowledge of the trash pulls, boss abilities positioning, etc. You just need to know how to stay alive, and do your maximum DPS.

    So yes, I guess I have the “designated driver” mentality in the game. I want to carry the main responsibility of ensuring a successful run on my shoulders, either as tank or heals.

    .-= Dracomage´s last blog ..RL trumps game time =-.


  20. I’ve been a druid since vanilla release. Over the years I’ve dabbled with most other classes but none of them get higher than the mid-20s – I think my highest alt has been lvl 27.

    I’d say I was “stuck” as a druid just because of their flexibility. A druid can, appropriately specced and geared, do any of the four main roles. They can tank, they can heal, they can claw things to shreds and they can pewpew with green fireballs. The exact manner in which they do those roles is of course different from other classes but it removes one of the main reasons for making an alt – if you are a warrior and you want to have a healer then you have no other option but rolling a healer alt.

    So although I’ve rolled a lot of alts over the years they all end up getting dropped fairly quickly as I realise that I could just work with my existing character – which makes life easier for me in terms of the distance to go to get geared up and ready but also seems to “fit” better in general. She’s a druid and druids can do all those things if they want to…so lets go do all those things!

    In short, druids are awesome and I’m stuck with one because no other class can possibly hope to attain the same levels of +Sheer Betterness (for me). 🙂


  21. Well I guess I am Eclectic, on Medivh I have:
    80 Hunter MM – Engineer
    80 Paladin Prot / Holy – Blacksmith
    80 Druid Boomkin / Resto – LW
    80 Shaman Ele / Resto – JC
    80 Priest Holy / Shadow – Scribe
    76 Rogue CM – Enchanter / Tailor
    71 Hunter BM – Alchemist
    64 Death Knight – Personal Guild

    I also have a lvlv 20 mage AH alt and a Warlock who will be delted and becoem a worgen come cataclysm, and I have “minor” alts scattered on other servers for RL relatives and friends, Taurne Shammy on Eonar to play with my cousin, Space Goat Pally on a server with my sister in law, a few on an RP server just to try it out…

    But my hunter was my first love, and always has been. My big goal has always been, since I started playing in Vanilla Dec 04, to be my own Economy I have pretty much acheived my goal. Which is a major boon for people in the guild as while i may not have the latest Raid drop patterns I can make 80-90% of stuff people need whenever I am on 🙂

    I think Cataclysm will be a little challenge in that as much as I love the Hunter Class I have never been able to “get” the Warlock class and that is what I am signing up to level…

    Skarlarth and Company


  22. Druids.
    2 80’s, both bear/kitty. 3rd at 78 (bear/kitty), and a lvl 40 boomkin (for a change /lol).
    My first 60, and also the first to 70 was a prot warr (now 80 and still prot – no dual-spec).
    My only other 80 is a holy priest.
    So tanks & a healer…. I’m a sick, sick individual.

    But there is hope. With all the crappy, crabby, crazy LFD random groups around I’ve broken away from my rut & started dps’ing on kittys & even my spriest (off-spec), because tanking and healing for these numbskulls becomes not fun… but being one of them is ;D


  23. Hunters are #1, druids are close #2. I have 6 (at last count) hunters, 2 of them at 80, the rest are 72, 36, 27, and 8. 4 druids, with 2 80s, a 72 and a 20-something (just had a lvling spree on him and I can’t remember where he ended up at). Nearly all my hunters are BM spec, though one of my 80s has a MM dual spec, and I am lvling another as MM. My druids are feral, 2 of them with resto dual specs. The other 2 will have dual-feral, tank/kitty specs, whenever I actually get around to dual-spec’ing them. Besides that I have an 80 paladin and a 80 shaman, and at least one of every other class at various levels, the highest being my shadow priest at 73. Lately, though, I have been having a blast on my warlock and rogue alts. All my toons are scattered across 5 servers for now, though I’m working on transfering off of one, since I never see the few friends I have there anymore. I have Horde characters, but my usual preference is Alliance.

    I think the biggest reason for my hunter/druid obsession is the fact that I am an animal nut. And with WoW, I can either run around with an animal of my choice at my side, or I can actually become one by shapeshifting. That is just too awesome for words.
    .-= Kel´s last blog ..Catching up again =-.


  24. Bloodelf Paladin.

    Seriously. She’s not my most high level toon (this would be my orc hunter) but she’s by far my favourite. I love the golden and red horses, the color of the skills and how tough she is. See, I hate dying and paladins can just keep going and going and going on. 😉 Me and squishy toons don’t agree with each other. My first toon was a warrior, but “not enough rage” did raise my rl rage bar to unbearable levels, so she got benched.

    I think by now I’ve tried all classes but a mage, but I always come back to my beloved little and shiny paladin.

    What keeps me going in WoW is the graphics, especially in the old world and outland. Like Pazi said, you walk around doing your own thing and suddenly you’re there viewing a beautiful sunset over a giantic cliff and it’s just WONDERFUL.
    .-= Carina´s last blog ..Because it cheers me up. 🙂 =-.


  25. Dwarves are hard on the outside (stoneskin ftw) and soft inside. They are honest. Thats because I have a dwarf prot/ret-paladin (80), hunter (80) and rogue (75) – bother hunter and paladin are my mains, the rogue is my bankmain and has to open lockboxes, create glyphes and flasks and pickpocket for my hunters insane-achievement.

    I also have a draenei resto/enh-shaman (80) and prot-deathknight (80), a human mage (73), shadow/holy-priest (75) and a human prot-warrior (77), a nightelf hunter (80) and resto-druid (80), a gnom warlock (40) and a gnome mage (39).

    I tried horde, in fact my first char was a tauren hunter. But I can’t stand horde zones or quests. My highest horde is a bloodelf prot-paladin (36), his main-task is to farm black tigercats. Maybe someday he will see higher levels grinding his way up, maybe using the LFD-tool.

    I love all my toons its just that I do best with hunters. It’s relaxing (don’t have to care about others in the raid that much) and demanding (so many decisions to do) at the same time. Since I have two accounts you often see my paladin and hunter running around doing stuff “solo” (not really multiboxing, just alt-tabbing) – BTW thank you Blizzard for the chopper so both can ride the same “mount”.

    What keeps me playing? The wish to master the game in all aspects. All quests, all professions, all classes, all roles … I can’t help it but I’m a completionist. After 2 1/2 years of playing I still find something new every day. Just yesterday I found an new engineering vendor in the hinterlands 🙂

    Sometimes its that unexpected view. You fly around looking for ore or herbs and then you stop because the moon or sun looks just that amazing (*klick* and another screenshot), you sit down at that river/lake and start fishing because it’s raining and fishing in the rain in RL is like the best thing you can do. Please Blizzard give me a boat.

    If you’re in LFD with your hunter, stay mounted somewhere in the woods. After completing the dungeon you will be on your mount again but with your pet out. Your pet will thank you 😀


  26. So at this point, I’m up to 8 80’s, 7 on one server, and 1 on another. I have a thing about alts. I tend to spend a healthy amount of time trying to find the character that appeals to me the most, and honestly, they all do. I like the intricacies of each character that I play, and learning to play them well. And that’s also my problem. Some people believe that if you play more than one character, you will suck at all of them, so I have to spend a large amount of time proving to people that it is possible to play basically every type to max level, and be good at every one of them. Thing is though, after about 70, I began playing more for guildies and such then for my own enjoyment. Being needed for raids, groups, what have you, I’ve played mostly for others. At this point, because my guilds keep falling apart, I’ve grown EXTREMELY bored with the game, so nowadays, not really sure what keeps me paying that $15 a month that I’ve been paying for the last 5 years.


  27. I’ve gravitated more toward Horde, mainly because friends play Horde. However, I did start off Alliance. The only Alliance race I’ll ever play, ever, is Dwarf. I had various Dranei and gnomes, but they never leveled as high (or fast) as my dwarves. As for Horde, I don’t have a particularly favorite race.

    Classes? I’ve leveled everything (minus Warriors) to at least thirty. I’m glutton for punishment, though; I’ve done end game with a Priest, Druid, and Paladin…all in healing spec. And my newest toon? An Ele/Resto Shaman. There’s just something about healing I enjoy a lot!

    Now, in DnD, I just *have* to play Dwarves. I mean, how can you not? They’re *that* awesome to RP with.


  28. My first character was an elf. Back in red box basic D&D. As soon as I got the AD&D Players Handbook, though, I made a druid. Each new version of the game, I’ve made a druid. So when I started playing WoW a little over two years ago, my first character was a druid, of course. Eventually, as a I figured out what I was doing, I settled into a feral cat. When a bunch of IRL buddies started playing together and I drew the healer role, I made a druid. Probably because I felt comfortable with the class. Then I made a character on my brothers server and, well, he was a level 60ish druid so I made a DK and levelled up to 80 with him. But they were Horde and didn’t do much for me, so when my brother started making ally toons on the server, I figured I’d never levelled up a boomkin . . . so I made my third Druid. Who is just about to become my 4th level 80. But the DK hardly counts.

    I love my druids man. I’ve made a slew of alts and never played more than 30-35 levels on any of them (even only 25 on the DK, right?). The druids are just something I enjoy so much. My current plan is to level up a bear Worgen.


  29. Druids, hunters, and deathknights. I have an 80 hunter that was my first raiding toon, 3(!!) 80 druids, and 2 DKs, plus at least one of each class that isn’t at max level yet. I’ve made alts of different classes, but most of them never survived far past level 30. Clearly I’m addicted.

    That being said, I do now have a 74 warrior, 69 priest, and 42 shammy. My poor level 71 rogue has just lost all appeal, though. He’s now my bank alt because I just can’t make myself delete my disenchanter. >.>

    And I think the replayability is also what keeps me here. Heck, I bought it as soon as it came out, and I’m not remotely tired of it yet. I’ve been through PVP, raiding, and role-playing, and it’s all enough to keep me interested. The art is probably second, I still love taking screenshots while I’m flying here and there. Another thing that keeps me playing is the friends I’ve made, both new and old. So, yea, that’s about it in a nutshell. 🙂


  30. Hunter.

    Hunetr, Hunter, and oh, did I mention Hunter?

    I have over 180 days of playtime on my Hunter. My next closest toon only has 34, and that’s the rogue I raided on back in Vanilla days.

    BC came out, I loved the look of the female Draenei, rolled a Hunter to experiment (since everyone and their brother was a Draenei Shaman at the time), and haven’t looked back since.

    I’ve been every spec, too. MM when I didn’t know any better, BM to raid (Oh, how I do miss BM!), and as of the great BM Hunter Nerf of ’09, I’ve been destroying my guild’s collective DPS egos as one of the top-10 SV Hunters on my server.

    Did I mention I like my Hunter?


  31. So far the two classes that have made me go “holy crap this game is awesome” are druid and warlock. I haven’t wanted to play a paladin so far, but I totally want to play a tauren paladin, so the tauren really appeal to me too. There will always be a character slot in my heart for Zert the Troll Mage, because he was my very first character, but right now I have two druids and a warlock that are taking up most of my attention.

    As for the game itself, it’s interesting. I don’t finish games. I’ve played a number of console games, starting with Sega Genesis games, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to the end. My feral druid is rapidly approaching 80, and I can say with some certainty that it’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to finishing a game, though of course some say that World of Warcraft starts at level 80. Something about it has captured me, for sure. I think that part of it is that there’s so much to do that isn’t fighting and killing bosses. You’ve gotta do that stuff to advance, but you can also just run around and mine or gather herbs or make potions and jewelry and scrolls. Heck, I can sit around organizing my characters’ bags and bank all day. Too much fun.


  32. You know Tesh, I’ve run a few tabletop games that way, where there were pre-defined characters players should use. So I’m familiar with that aspect.

    I might have said it poorly, but it’s not that I give them a backstory, so much as it’s easy to see them as already existing when you click race/class and someone pops up… and they look like a person, and not the wierd insect headed robot creatures with leopard skins you get in City of Heroes.

    I think the habit of creating backstory in general, though,comes from tabletop games. The first step in creating a character in all the games I’ve been in were to come up with a character idea, and then go for it. Even in the worst hackfest, you have to have SOMEthing to work with.

    “I’m gonna keel you” has nowhere near as much roleplaying joy as “My name is Inigo Montoya. You keeled my fadder. Prepare to die.”


  33. I don’t feel I am “stuck” per se, but I do have a preferred main.

    I have one of every class, 6 of them are 80’s. My 2 lowest toons are both stuck at the halfway mark around 40, the druid and the warlock. My rogue and warrior are 71 and 72 respectively.

    I started trying to play that many alts to be a better raider and raid leader. If you have experience playing a class you have a better idea on how to lead them IMO.

    I seem to have way more trolls than I should.

    My main is my elemental Shaman. I feel there is no better class in the game for a person who likes to play a utility class. I can shift a great number of buffs for situational encounters on the fly, I can Bloodlust everyone for that emergency boost, I can do very reasonable damage, and I can clutch heal incredibly well when it’s needed. As a ranged DPS I have a outer view of the fight that I feel is better for leading a raid.
    .-= Wavemancali´s last blog ..For My Sister =-.


  34. I have 2 level 80s…a hunter and a rogue. The rogue was my first toon…but it took me a whole year to get her from 70 to 80, where as it took my hunter like 4 months. And even though my hunter is really well geared and doesn’t need too much to upgrade…I still play her a heck of a lot more than my rogue. I dunno…the hunter is where it’s for me.


  35. Druids are my class – I’ve leveled two to 80 (one of each faction, the allied one was my first foray into those folks) and only have one other 80. But lately, I’ve been leveling a warrior that I’m really enjoying. It’s also made me notice what druids lack – namely the … evolution? …. in appearance over time. You’ve touched on this before, BBB, but the fact that my bear at 10 is the same as my bear at 80 (or cat at 20, boom at 40, tree at 50). Regardless of the armor I get, I look the same. I like how my warrior’s appearance is changing over time. Well, somewhat changing, he is wearing heirlooms. I’m enjoying him a great deal, though and can easily see him turning into my tank of choice and my druid taking up boomkinism.

    In a similar vein, though, I will absolutely say that I’m Kalimdor Horde all the way. No Eastern Kingdoms for me! The Forsaken have always turned me off with their quests and story. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten one past, well, I don’t know. I do know I don’t even have a failed Forsaken as a bank alt anywhere. And the Belfs? I’ve read that the BC starting zones (Belf and Draenai) are better than the old ones, but I don’t like em much. I can do either the Tauren or Orc/Troll zones with joy and I really enjoy the dwarf/gnome starters as well. But the BC zones just didn’t move me.
    .-= Bigfncow´s last blog ..Pimp Mah Build 2 =-.


  36. Interesting. There is a marked difference between Western and Japanese RPGs. Typically, Western RPGs give players an empty vessel and tell them to go play a role. Choices are a key, and they tend to be more sandboxy, letting players tell their own story… more or less. JRPGs give you clearly defined characters with personality, and tell you the story they want those characters to have. You, as the player, are along for the ride, maybe controlling some character growth mechanics and combat.

    Neither polar extreme is all that appealing to me, and it’s interesting to me that you assume a backstory for player characters in WoW. It’s a great idea, but not something that everyone does. Perhaps WoW clicks because that’s possible… but not necessary?

    I certainly know that exploration is the key to my fun, and it’s great being able to explore the lore, the world and the characters.

    From a pure mechanical standpoint, though, I’m definitely a Hunter/Druid. They offer the most options, methinketh, which is the point. I want to see and do as much as I can, and the shapeshifting of the Druids or the PokeMon zoo of the Hunters offer me the most “bang for my buck” in the WoW classes. The others can be fun to play, but I can just do *more* with a Druid or a Hunter. Shamans are a close third, Paladins are fourth.

    When I pick up a new MMO, though, if it has classes, I choose based on their flexibility and breadth of choices. Sometimes that’s a pet class (like my Ranger in Guild Wars), sometimes it’s a crowd controller (like the Psionicist in Allods Online)… but it’s always the class that I think will give me more options.
    .-= Tesh´s last blog ..Bacon and Chocolate =-.


  37. Trolls. I love ’em! The tall, gangly look, the whole laid-back culture, the awesome capoeira dance moves and of course the tusks. Proper, old-school horde the trolls are, none of these namby-pamby elf ponces;)

    Once race /faction change came along I took an abandoned orc (far too muscular) and draenei (hey, I didn’t know better at the time…) alt and have started playing them a bit now, am slowly levelling my way up to a personal troll army of various classes.

    My only non-troll now is of course my Tauren bear/cat druid, and that’s not through choice. You can imagine my happiness at the news that Cataclysm would finally let me fix that! Imagine, a bear with tusks!

    I completely agree with you about the options for customizing stuff, I really enjoy moving up out of the starting rags into stuff that looks half-decent. I only wish that WoW had a system similar to LoTR where the gear you *show* to the world is completely separate from what you equip for stats, though you still have to go to the trouble of finding or crafting it. Only, you know, where the gear doesn’t look universally awful like in LoTR. It is indeed all about the art style (and a lot to do with the animation too), fancy ‘graphics’ effects are worth very little.

    And it’s a damn shame that customization in any shape doesn’t apply to the druid forms at all. Yet. We can but hope.

    There is always the outfitter addon though though – you can create a set of gear to auto-equip whenever you hit a city, so that you can wear whatever stylish-looking but useless kit takes your fancy. Like this:

    Now they just need to make trolls show the damm shoes…


  38. My response:

    My first and second (and third and fourth, not that they got any of my time) toons were dwarves. Dwarf was where it was at for me. When Burning Crusade arrived, my main disappointment was that I couldn’t have a dwarven shaman.

    I love characters with the ability to self-heal to some degree, hence the paladin, followed by the priest, and probably why the hunter and rogue didn’t make it. Eventually, I gave in and levelled a draenei shaman, which was fine, once I got used to the view from so much higher up. I swapped servers to try playing with some RL friends, and started levelling a tauren shaman there. Couldn’t face the grind of levelling a solo-spec holy priestess, or trying to level a prot-paladin as a tank now that they were meant to be. Shaman can heal and can dps, two for the price of one, and I loved it.

    One of the things I was happiest about when they announced Cataclysm stuff was the ability to be a dwarven shaman.

    In answer to your other questions – I prefer not to have to depend on others, hence the self-healing. Despite this, my first toon was played in lockstep with my husband’s hunter all the way through 7 months to level 53 before we started to play separately at times. I like classes that can heal – I feel useful. Almost all games I play now, if there’s a choice of characters, I’ll be the priest/paladin/cleric/healbot. I don’t have a preferred appearance – I am vain enough that I’d prefer to go for something “pretty” now, though.

    And yes, what you phrase as “cartoon over-emphasis” is something I also like very much. Gave up WoW after 3.5 years last October, and still miss it to some degree. Playing DDO for now, and it is, for me, a little too realistic in city/surroundings look – too drab, was the best way I could think of to describe it, especially after the glowing, jewel-bright colours of WoW.


  39. I still only have one 80.. I just passed my 5-year anniversery in WoW.
    I have 4 druids spread over 3 servers, only play one of them(80!)

    On my mains server I have no more character slots, but my lvl 61 DK is my highest alt.. next one is a 42 hunter I haven’t played in forever.
    My only character in the beta was a druid, my first character on live was a druid, 95% of the time I play my druid.
    I just can’t seem to start liking other classes, I’ve been trying to level a paladin for two months now, he’s almost 30.
    So, in closing: I’ve been playing the same damn class for five years, and I still love it, and haven’t found anything in another class that appeals to me.


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