The Reclaiming of Gnomeregan!

Thanks to MMO Champion’s tireless efforts, we can now anticipate with pleasure one of the most wonderful events the Alliance can bear witness to;

The actual reclaiming of Gnomeregan!

And now, time for the obligatory disclaimer.

We don’t know, really know, what the listed achievements really mean when they mention the retaking of Gnomeregan. Not in the long term.

Blizzard’s writers and artists don’t rest on their laurels. They continuously strive for a deeper game, and they have also shown some annoyance in the past at our finding out things too far in advance, ‘ruining’ the key moments. They may have trickses up their sleeves.

What would we normally leap to conclude from such achievements? From the quests we of the Alliance have done in the past? From the very concept of time passing and the story moving forward a few years?

We would think, that here, at last, was the reclamation of Gnomeregan as the restored capital city of the Gnomes, a capital in the truest sense of the word going forward.

That, and that alone, would be awesome.

Heck with it, I’ll share a few moments with you in enjoyable contemplation of a Gnome capital.



Okay, you good?


Let’s get to having fun with some completely baseless speculation.

First, with some of the digging that MMO Champion revealed, will we also see a Troll Capital City? Perhaps a new one, risen from the jungles? Or even Sunken Temple, risen from the marshes of Swamp of Sorrows? It’s bloody well massive enough to rival Undercity, isn’t it?

Swamp of Sorrows made into a major zone, and Sunken Temple revived into a Troll capital? That would be mighty cool.

Or maybe even a reclaimed Zul’Gurub or Zul’Aman, purged and transformed?

One of my readers brought up an excellent point in an email that there is all sorts of hidden awesomeness in Gundrak, giant snake body and such, maybe something in there, expanded? The place often seems as though it was designed to be larger than we see, but there again, it’s in Northrend, and I’d certainly expect to see a capital in the old world… I only threw that one in because it’s fun.  idea of Old Kingdom being fully fleshed out into a massive freaking raid excites me too.

If Gnomes get a city expansion, would it not seem reasonable to speculate on a Troll one as well? I sure as heck think so.

Okay, now let’s go further. Is there anything that says that, in the upoming Cataclysm, any new city for Gnomes or Trolls would survive?

What if the Cataclysm destroyed Gnomer soon after we had finally reclaimed it, making it a bittersweet victory indeed. The cleansing and freeing of all of those Gnomes, only to have it lost again, this time for good?

Even better… who is to say that Cataclysm would see the survival of all existing capital cities?

What if, shortly after helping the Gnomes seize and reclaim Gnomer… Ironforge was destroyed from lava erupting from the great forge area within it’s heart?

What if it were the Dwarves that became the refugees, living on the kindness and charity of the Gnomes?

What if, with the rising of a Troll capital in Swamp of Sorrows, Undercity was crushed under the weight of Lordaeron itself? Or was invaded and destroyed once and for all by a massive invasion spearheaded by Varian Wrynn himself?

Ahhhh, the joys of wondering what the future may bring.

See, this is where the imagination can go, once you have been shown a hint that a writer is willing to be brave enough to take something known, and safe, and approved, something comfortable that everyone is familiar with, and change it, shake it up, break it down and see what new directions we can take it.

We can say to ourselves, “If they’re willing to really change things so much that Gnomeregan might be reclaimed, if they are truly so brave, then where else might the story take us? Truly, what else might bring wonder and excitement to the game?”

Thank you, MMO Champion, for your diligent efforts. Once again, you put a smile on this Bear’s face.

12 thoughts on “The Reclaiming of Gnomeregan!

  1. If they do reclaim Gnomer as a capital city for the gnomes, I hope those engineers work hard on making the layout make sense! Can you imagine needing a white punch card to get to the inn and a yellow punch card to get to the class trainers? Eek! 😛

    At the very least, they could put in some street signs!


  2. When I read that, I immediately went off and race changed my death knight to a gnome. If we’re going to reclaim gnomeregon I’m damned well doing it as an axe wielding pink pigtailed undead death gnum.

    Can’t wait ^^


  3. I would love to see Gnomer get retaken in the same way we opened up The Isle of QD. I think having everyone working together and slowly retaking/purging/cleansing parts of the city would be great.


  4. Hey Bear! (and Cass and Co.!)
    Long time lurker, glad to see you are still posting. When I saw the posted achivements etc. on MMO-Champ my first thought was Isle Of Quel’Danas. You know? Your server has to gradually work up to being able to save those pesky gnomes (For the Horde!) or trolls’ home cities. It would be a good quest hub area for dailies / lore development like we had at the end of BC leading into the Wrath opening events. Anywho ~ sorry for the rambling post, but I R excited!



  5. Sounds pretty interesting. I saw that yesterday and was a bit surprised about the changes.

    A troll city would be pretty neat too. Poor trolls don’t have a city 😦 They just might get one though, there are changes inc to the Horde too from what I understand, maybe we will hear about those next. Great ideas Bear!
    .-= kaozz´s last blog ..As The World Turns- Allods =-.


  6. If anywhere in the Eastern Kingdoms, I think it would be most sensible for the Darkspear trolls to form their city from the devastated ruins of the Gurubashi and Amani (lore-wise, these were overrun by players who slew Hakkar and Zul’jin respectively). Though I don’t think the Blood Elves would be very pleased with yet more trolls being their neighbours lol.

    I might be reading too much into the whole thing with goblins in Cataclysm, but supposedly they come from the Isle of Kezan which is located none too far from Zandalar (capital of the Zandalari trolls). The close proximity makes me wonder… More enemy trolls for new toons to train up on? Or an end-game content?

    Also… remember the Shatterspear Village (aka Dancing Troll Village)? It’s right beside Moonglade. With our dear Darkspears venturing into druidism, I’d like to think the Shatterspears would have picked up *something* from Moonglade druids and pass on the knowledge to Darkspears.

    Gah. I ranted off again about trolls >_<; My apologies. *slinks off*


  7. Bear Pelt, when I first started writing, I’ll admit I didn’t read that far down to see the spells. I saw the Gnomeregan achievements.

    So, Echo Isles, huh? damn, no Sunken Temple? I was really hoping Horde would get a city base closer to south of the eastern kingdoms. 😦

    Ah well, mention of Echo Isles, and the possibility of a capital being risen there, makes a great deal of sense. It would put a capital in about the saem proximity to Orc/Troll character creation area as Stormwind is to theirs.

    And…. I didn’t get to be the first to go there. Lol.

    Nice post!


  8. Whoa. I was so excited I forgot to add this in:

    This is why World of Warcraft draws in SO many people. The world is ever-changing. The developers make sure things move along. Too many games’ world stay static. With all these changes, even people who previously ignored the storyline may get curious about it. My guildie only recently asked–while grinding Cenarion Circle rep in Silithus–if the bugs she was fighting had any storyline. I couldn’t give her a very complete explanation on it, but did tell her they tied in with the biggest world events of Vanilla WoW and they were related to them bugs up in Northrend even. She got interested and I hope she finds her way to WoWwiki to read up on the rest of it 😀

    Great work, Blizzard. It may be too early to say this, but I adore how much love and passion goes into this game–this world.


  9. I’ll bet this retaking (more like taking) of a troll capital is the hot topic everyone’s talking about now! In fact I just blogged about it.

    We’ve long known about the Gnomes getting their home back, but the Darkspears’ development really surprised me. We have only seen a small portion of troll might from the Gurubashi and the Amani. True the Darkspears are a small tribe (this emphasized by the… size of their settlement in Durotar) but they seem to be on great terms with the Revantusk and perhaps even the Zandalar (ahhhh my absolute FAVOURITE faction!). Since the other troll empires seem busy summon animal gods, destroying them or whatnot, would the wise Zandalar look towards the Darkspears’ new city as a center for knowledge and learning? I’m going off my hat here… the lore puppy in me is screaming in absolute delight! I don’t even play a troll and this is making me jump all too soon!


  10. Speaking as someone who almost exclusively plays dwarves, it would be nice to help the gnomes to clean out their capital – if only to get them out from underfoot in Ironforge… 😛

    The biggest question for me, though, is will Cataclysm finally bring the Lakeshire Bridge repairs in Redridge to completion?
    .-= KiwiRed´s last blog ..STO: OK, So It’s Broken =-.


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