This is just wrong on so many levels

Alternative Title: Drinkin’ – Ur doin’ it wrong.

Thanks Manny, that made my day.


Hey buddy… you got your Cat form button and your Manatee buttons mixed up! Shift, damn it, shift!

10 thoughts on “This is just wrong on so many levels

  1. HAHAHAHA! I think pets do this entirely to amuse us, or perhaps they find it amusing to make us go, “WTF – GET THE VIDEO CAMERA!”


  2. It’s true my mother in law’s cat and my own are both interested in running water. They both hate the pool though. Something about the waterfall from nowhere intrigues them I think. They swipe it with their paw and then just dunk in the head.

    No one understands cats, and no one ever will.
    .-= Arkaneena´s last blog ..Run Forest Run =-.


  3. I showed this to a friend of mine and he says that his cat does the same thing. ANd to top it off he has to keep a rubber band around the handle or the cat will turn the water on by himself too


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