Shirts? We’ve got shirts!

I’m not sure if I mentioned it at the time or not, but courtesy of Tesh of Tish Tosh Tesh, there is a new shirt design in the Big Bear Butt store.

I might not have mentioned it, because I asked him for a design for me to wear for Christmas. Once he was so gracious to design it, I got it on Cafepress and bought a shirt. A shirt I am happily wearing at this very moment, in fact.

Here is the design he did, and a fine bloody piece of work it is, too. I think it perfectly captures that attitude that’s the heart of Bear tanking for me.


Now, that’s pretty darn awesome for Bear tanks, and my Cafepress Store has other fun Bear tanking shirts… but what about Paladins? Or Warriors or Death Knights?

Well, never say I’m not a generous Bear.

I’d be happy to link to any other site that has fun tanking shirts for sale, to give you some more options. If you know of some, just let me know, I’ll add tlinks to them here.

At this time, the only other tanking specific shirts I know of are on the Maintankadin website store, some pretty nice Paladin tank shirts with cool sayings, too!

So here you go. If you have some sporty threads to show your love of tanking… then send those links in!

10 thoughts on “Shirts? We’ve got shirts!

  1. That’s awesome BBB! 🙂 I will definately have to get one of those for my sweetie. Meanwhile, he’s been helping me with my lowbie druid tank and I’ll have to say it’s a lot of fun. I’ve tanked the SM Cathedral about eight times now and now that I’m in his shoes I see why he is always getting frustrated with over-eagear dps and other pug noobs. I’ll have to blog about the healer that kept dpsing during boss fights and bandaged me instead of using heals. LMAO.

    Anyway, if you have time, check out my blog to see a video of our 7-month old son being mesmerized by the “Date My Avatar” video by the guild. It’s hilarious.
    .-= Hedwig´s last blog ..Andy Watching "Date My Avatar" Video by The Guild =-.


  2. I think I speak for a god chunk of us when i say:

    Someone needs to graft horns and fix0rz the ears, regardless these shirts are still awesome. I was about to buy one just now until I realized they didn’t have horns, boy would I have looked lame =P

    oh.. just read BBB’s response like 2 up…. STILL!!!



  3. I -love- the “I tank with my face” shirts… the one that looks similar to this design, but with a Horde bear, especially. but I like dark shirts and it looks like there’d be some white pixels around the edge of the design. Is this just an artifact of cafepress’ preview function, and it won’t be on the actual shirt? (I hope I hope).


  4. Hazmat, there ARE “I tank with my face” shirts on the Cafepress Store. Have been for quite some time. If you check it out, hopefully you might see one you like!

    There are even both Horde and Alliance bears there!


  5. Nice!

    Though, personally, I’d love a Bear druid shirt that says, “I tank with my FACE” or something like that. (Which slogan I thiiiiink I saw on your blog some time ago.)


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