A Sad Day in Bearville

I dinged 80 on my Shaman this morning, a bright new day for a completely different toon.

I arranged all my gear, set up my Glyphs and Vuh’do, got everything all set, and happily queued up for a random heroic. As a healer.

Lo and behold, I get for my first one, Utgardt Keep of course, thanks to the wonders of my not being all purpled out. 🙂

Went through, had fun, no problems at all. The recent articles in Totem Talk on WoW.com about Restoration Shamans have been very helpful in making sure I’ve got things straight.

After spending some time on other things today, I went ahead and logged back in for my second heroic as a healing Shaman.

This time, I get Oculus.

No problem, that’s not too bad. Sadly, my low gear score will mean squishy drake mounts, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Ah well… so much for my hopeful expectations. I found what can only be described as “situation normal, all selfished up”.

We went in, and the luck of the draw gave us a Bear tank with a really cute name, “Cutebearbutt”, and I thought, “Well, cool. With a name like that, it’s probably a pretty nice person playing. This ought to be neat to see someone else bear tank for a change.”

So much for having my judgment clouded by false expectations. You’d think I should know by now not to judge a player by the names they choose.

Although I stick by my practise of shunning any elven Hunter named a variation of Legolas. You’ve got to draw the line somewhere, damnit.

Right off the bat, I get kept busy with spam heals, as the idiot mage blows stuff up with AoE outside the Bear’s range of Swipe, and takes massive damage from all the little whelps that, /shock, only pay attention to the one person doing threat to them. They sit there and shell him from a distance.

While I’m trying to nuke heal the Mage and keep him alive…. the Druid proceeds to keep on trucking, running all the way around and aggroing the entire ring. Of flying things. That she can’t keep aggro on. Many of whom she doesn’t even get a single tag on, since as soon as I start healing her, they’re all over MY ass from healer threat. And I can’t NOT heal her, because she’s taking massive damage and dropping like a stone. I gotta heal her and hope we get through this.

I keep her up, and me up, but with all the incoming damage on everyone, I can’t heal everyone else through it, and the Mage drops, then the Paladin, and then the Rogue and the rest of us follow. Honestly, I doubt my fully epicced-out Tree could have done any better.

I say, politely, that I’m a new healer, and I can’t handle healing through pulling quite that many mobs yet, and suggest that if that’s going to be a problem, I can step out so they can get someone else. I made sure I was very polite, and not snarky, because hey, I know how everyone is used to a high level of gear by now. If they want to run fast, I won’t get in the way, I’ll go look for a Nexus.

Tank quits the group without a word, followed by everyone else. Not a single word is said.

Not a “My bad for pulling a hundred whelps and leaving everyone else back there to fend for themselves and not bothering to actually establish aggro”, not a “oops, maybe I should have let the tank get aggro first” from the DPS, nothing.

Not a word. I entered the instance to retrieve my body alone.

Honestly, my first thought?

Screw you all very much, too. Screw you oh so very much.

My second thought WAS snarky; “Awwww, did’ums not have a healer to carry your asses through being stupid? Did’ums fear you might have to put forth some effort in playing properly?”

“Poor babies!”

Such are the moments of excitement and anticipation for newly dinged 80s in heroics.

I guess my meager 1500 spellpower unbuffed was a bad idea. Maybe I should go back and keep doing regular instances for a while. At least there, they don’t expect Icecrown raiders in all their pugs.

I think I’ll just put together a little drop list from regulars and see what happens.

Ah well… what did I expect, a welcome? Courtesy? Consideration for a new healer just getting started? Patience? ROFLMAO!

What am I smoking over here? Don’t I know it’s all about getting what each individual wants for themselves, and to hell with everyone else? 

Geez, what game did I think I was playing, anyway?

50 thoughts on “A Sad Day in Bearville

  1. I just dinged 80 with my druid and guess – I know what you talking about ..
    It is hard time for fresh dinged 80 healer but believe me it is much much harder being fresh dinged tank!
    First – ppl leaving on the second they see your health bar or gearscore. Second you have to deal with spoiled dps used to mindlessly nuking everything and completely forgot about what agro or threat is and even havent heard for classic “wait for 3 sunders” rule.
    I had to convince them all the time i can deal with tanking the dungeon (have leveled and raided on my DK and Paly tanks) and that they should wait a bit before starting nuke. My taunt on cd all the time and my nerves tight. Its Hell…

    The only solution I see is to queue as slack dps untill I get some better tank gear (by mersy of the tanks)… 😦

    It would be different if I had some nice guildmates but now I am quite casual and my wow connections are weak I dont want to join guilds at this time ..


  2. Hi BBB – I am a Big Bear Fan, first time posting – so hello!

    A lot of the time, I refuse to tank in HCs now on my bear. I either go get my mage or respecc boomkin (sure I have to wait longer, but I’m quite a casual player and will sit in the queue whilst doing dailies).


    Because as tank I am SO SICK of people, DPS and Healers, yelling at me to “go go go!”. I’m no slouch, and like to think I have pretty ok gear, not to mention having been a bear since level 10 cub-dom. And yet I get yelled at for taking a few seconds to check that everyone’s health / mana is good, and also what the mobs ahead are doing. Ok, so I might be being a bit thorough for just a HC, but in my mind, I’d rather spend a couple of extra minutes getting the whole thing done right than wasting half my life waiting for us all to res because of a stupid mistake. There’s only so many times I can be bothered to say ‘I’ll pull when I’M ready kkthxbye’


  3. There seems to be a glut of fail tanks and healers at the moment. When the LFD tool first arrived every run was fast & good. Ever since the word got out that the wait time for tanks & healers is a fraction of dps’, it seems to have gone down hill.
    I stopped tanking pugs on my warrior (4/5 T9, who leveled as prot from 51 pre-bc) because of all the dps aoe madness which I just never got the hang of on the warr; druid is fine with it.
    Anyway, I was feeling a bit masochistic, so plonked the warr into LFD and had a good run thru H UK. Before the first boss, the healer says in /p

    “wtf i go from having hsit tanks with crazy good gear scores to one with less than 5k that takes %^&* all damage and can hold threat”

    (that’s word for word as it came up on my screen with language filter on, cause I took a ss of it)
    The discussion went on for most of the rest of the quick run about how “GS does not equal skill” and people need to understand their toons, and such things.

    So, yes, there are selfish asshats out there who don’t know or don’t care about anyone else and think the world owes them a purple every run. But there are many who take care to know their own toon and understand (at least on a basic level) the mechanics of other toons, who know each fight in each instance & deal with it appropriately… the trick is to get 5 such people in the one run 😉


  4. That kind of behaviour, that is, the tank “pulling” aggro on everything ignoring to kill it, is not acceptable no matter what gear level you are at.

    In your case, it was probably a bad idea to say “I’m sorry I’m a new healer”. Instead say “I’ll be filling my job as a healer if you fill your job as a tank, namely by tanking the mobs”, or something like that. However, with such an idiot tank, it was doomed from the start. There is no curing idiocy for healers, unfortunately.

    I’ve carried a lot of new healers myself. Then again, I can tank any heroic boss (except ToC and the Icecrown bosses) without any healing at all. I will need some healing on Oculus while flying a drake, though.


  5. people are idiots. I ran a UK with a low level (68-72) group. Tank yells at me for low dps which is fair and blames me for the group wiping on the boss… Except not a single person was taking people out of ice blocks? Hello? Less fail if you free the healer from Ice Block right?


  6. I had just the opposite happen with my shadow turned disc priest. 1st Heroic: UK. It doesn’t get much easier than that. The tank: an ICC geared pally.
    He asks how fast he can go. I tell him I’m new to my disc spec and to please go slow. If my mana is below 33% please stop.

    Wait for this part.

    He did!

    It wasn’t the fastest run ever but nobody died. I don’t even think anyone pulled aggro off this guy.


  7. I just geared up a Resto druid, and I found that a simple statement at the start “hi guys, just to let you know I”m still gearing this toon, please be a little patient!” almost always worked to keep the pace sane.

    By and large, on my battlegroup (Rampage) I have found that the vast majority of pugs have been successful, and folks almost always range from cordial to friendly. There have certainly been exceptions (!) but by and large the horror stories I keep hearing aren’t things I’ve run across.

    Now if we could all just settle on a consistent approach to the Frozen Orbs…


  8. Soph said it best. It’s not your place to attempt to heal somebody through weapons-grade stupid like pulling the entire Oculus ring in one shot. Hell, if you could pull that off, you’re the rock star, not the tank!

    I probably pull heroics a tad slower than most tanks, but I play it conservative, even in 245/251/264 epics. I’d rather take a minute or two longer to finish the instance–and really, that’s all it adds up to, people–than go nuts and risk a wipe that costs us 4-5 minutes running back in and getting set back up. I adjust my pulling speed based on the relative gear levels of the party, and how they act on the first few. If DPS tries to pull “for” me, they get a warning. They do it again, I drop. I take the “responsibility” of being the tank and setting the pace of the run seriously, which is why when I’m feeling lazy, I swap over and accept the 12-15 minute queue times to go as Fury.
    .-= Linedan´s last blog ..Shutting down the haters =-.


  9. “I can’t heal through Stupid” is my tree and priest’s mantra. Like Kayeri said, don’t know from where I got that (version of the) phase, but it’s true, and I want it on a shirt. It should be any responsible healer’s mantra.

    Like Firecroch said, as a bear, I check everyone’s gear score before I go taking off down a path of chain pulling. I believe it is my responsibility as the tank to determine the pace at which the group can handle. If the group seems to be pwning the content despite gear scores saying what they should be able to do otherwise, then I’ll pull a little more aggressively. Oh wait, that’s a responsible tank talking. My fault, you’re not dealing with that ilk of tank.

    A tank that pulls the entirety of the semicircle of Oculus is a moron. No one can heal through that Stupid.


  10. First, congrats on the ding.

    I’ve always thought that anonymity or perception of it has a direct relation to our perception of liability. It’s almost like driving a car. I know I turn into an idiot as soon as I sit behind the wheel.
    .-= Woog´s last blog ..To Orb Or Not to Orb =-.


  11. On my warrior tank I usually use the first pull or two to judge how the dps does. If they are looking like they will be the sort to pull agro and be unreliable, then I take it slow. If things go smoothly then I will pull faster or grab an extra pack or two. If the group seems especially good I will grab a pack, and when they are at about 20% go ahead and get the next group. If I’m not sure I will ask the healer first and wait for their agreement. Its just part of being the tank, you can estimate what your group can handle by just paying attention to the details and have good situational awareness.


  12. Bear you are going to love shamaning. I healed Toravon in Blues. Yeah I know they are loot pinatas, but still I was in blues on my shaman and did fine. You know the fights, which is more than can be said for some. You have an incredible toolset on the shaman, (once you know all your totems and when to drop them.) My first healer was a pally and healing through heroics was painful.

    On my shaman healing through heroics seemed so easy. The first and only one to give me any trouble was H PoS. I healed H HoR my first try with no problems, a few scary moments, but no wipes. In H PoS I realized I couldn’t chain heal spam on Tyrannus. (I was keeping him up, lol.) So I just lesser healing wave. I finally got superior, and now if I could get Tyrannus to drop my boots, epic, in a few short weeks. I am raiding ICC already, at least trash.

    Shamaning is fun, and like a Holy Pally, no one wants mah gear.
    .-= Arkaneena´s last blog ..Circle the Bandwagons =-.


  13. There’s another good article for you to write… “To Lead, Or Not to Lead” where you discuss whether the tank should always take the lead. Seems kind of natural… like a quarterback being leader of the team… but is it?

    Anyhow, it all boils down to communication. Not yours… but certainly the tank’s communication in this case. Come-on, mage is dropping wide-birth aoe and you’re the only one to notice? The tank didn’t bother to say anything… and when you made your appropriate comment, the tank essentially said, “I’ll second that” by ditching out.

    Hope you guys are all doing well. I’ve been off for a while and am temporarily working on my Horde rogue and Horde hunter (have no fear as they’re on another server – Muradin).


  14. I have, just once, actually seen that exact situation. Tank ran down the hall trying to pick up aggro as she went. Started taking enough damage that she needed heals well before she got to the end of the hall. First Rejuvenation tick, every mob she hadn’t hit yet turned on me and and I was dead before I could get off my next spell. You’d hope tanks could figure out how threat works, especially the particular relation between the threat they need to generate and the threat that will be generated by the dude casting the spells that keep them alive. Maybe that’s a drawback to the whole dualspec/respec thing . . . some folks are learning to tank in heroics.

    I’m guessing it is your unfortunate experience. CW says, mistakenly, that dual wielding tanks are fail so very few DKs even try it. Your experience probably just reflects a very small sample size. Simply because there is only a small sample size. I’ve done it, though, and done it just fine.


  15. Recently:

    Too many tanks and DPS expect the healer to be able to cover for their stupidity.

    Too many healers expect to not have to heal (I see this more on my less-geared alt tank. Sorry that holding hate with 31kHP and being crit immune isn’t enough for UK.)

    Sorry you ran into the first category, BBB. Seems to be more of a problem in terms of people dropping since they started cross-realm dungeons — don’t even have to worry about getting called out for being an asshat and bailing.


  16. Sadly your experience matches mine when I started healing with a paladin alt. Some groups are fine, but all it takes is overenthusiastic AOE, or a tank who is also gearing/learning and things can go badly ary – and then the hate begins.
    Still they are the minority!


  17. BBB, you just described 75% of WoW’s people.
    Unfortunately kurt is right.

    This story, and what felt like hundreds like it, are why I don’t play wow anymore. I still follow all my favorite blogs though, in case I decide to play when Cataclysm drops.

    I still play. Although I don’t deserve much respect from you other posters because my main is still lvl47, kurt explained why I get really pissed off most of the times and logout.
    Fortunately I have a brother. We always play together as Tank/Healer. Even so you can imagine AOEs and realy fast paladins/warriors getting the instance totally berserk with aggro madness.
    And yes, we just get off, wait less than 15 mins for the debuff to go and queue again.
    There is NO chat, NO words, no understandment, NO nothing.
    Well, I still find some good people, as we all do, I believe.
    It’s the good and the bad part of tank-3dps-healer group. The healer takes all fault for mistakes, the tank is untouchable or you’ll have to wait too much for another tank to be available.
    Unless if you are the tank! 😀 Still, it’s sad.

    Bottom line, gratz on your shaman ding. Make good things out of it and post them here too, I’m sure everyone wants to read them too.


  18. Funny this GS stuff, never realy check it when playing heroics. Sometimes I get a tank with 40K HP and he/she realy sucks and the time I get a tank with 27K HP and he/she rules. Gear is not that important, but the way we play is. Had an Ick encouter once, with some peeps with good GS, but they didnt understand the fight, standing in wrong places, pulling wrong, not moving etc and started blaming me for bad healing, strangly they died several times after this, dont know what happend 🙂


  19. an old proverb i heard…

    may the fleas of 1000 camels infect the nether regions of anyone who annoys you, and my their arms be too short to scratch.

    I have a shaman, he’s at 16, stopped completely there.. no idea what to do with him. the fighting style is very foreign to me and right now.. me no likey..
    i’m having too much fun with my druid and hunter right now to bother with a shaman.. other than to use him as my AH mule.


  20. Erthshade: I stand in mojo puddles in Gundrak for rage generation. Never had a complaint about it 🙂 I stand in them while healing too, but only because I’m overgeared and lazy.

    Seleria: I do that in UK as well, it’s a better way of testing the group than looking at gearscore, and if we get through it OK I can double and triple pull my way through the rest of the instance.

    BBB: Glad to see you’re not letting the idiots get you down permanently. If you want to post a link to your shaman’s armory at some point I can try and offer some advice — my current raiding main is a Resto shaman 🙂


  21. “Awwww, did’ums not have a healer to carry your asses through being stupid?”

    I always say ignorance can be cured, but stupidity? needs a big hole!!!!!


  22. I will admit… my bear pulls way more than I should. I really enjoy pushing the threshold. USUALLY I only do that when I have a healer I know who expects it though. Case-in-point, I like to pull that whole first area before you get to the ring in H UK. I make sure to pop SI near the beginning because I KNOW I’m gonna get stunned and will need the extra health. I think I’ve done it once or twice with healers who look like they’re geared well enough to handle me goofing around like that. A couple of times… we’ve wiped. Did I blame the healer? Well, of course. “GEEZ healer! How dare you not be able to heal me through that stupidity! MY GOD!” Something along those sarcastic lines. Then we pick it up on a sane level and get through the instance.

    In MY mind, it’s the tank who sets the pace in the instance. But the tank also has to keep in mind the rest of the group. If you have a caster-heavy group and you’re pulling so fast that the mage & warlock have no mana for every pull and the healer’s empty from healing the lock who’s going crazy life-tapping to keep up… you might be goin’ a little too quickly.

    I’m sorry that your shaman’s inaugural runs weren’t as fantastic as they should have been :(. I WOULD like to hear your perspective on shaman healing, though. I’ve never played a shaman past level 10 and really don’t think I’d be into the shaman playstyle of healing. But who knows, right?


  23. Ugh Bear, I’m sorry you got a crappy group like that. *hug* ❤

    So I'm thinkin', if/when I come back to WoW, totally making an alt on your server. All the cool bloggers do it, right?
    .-= Pike´s last blog ..Fish Of My Dreams =-.


  24. I’ll admit it, I don’t heal stupid. Sitting in the mojo puddles in Gundrak? No heals for j00, even if you are the tank.

    Most memorable wtf moment I had while healing a pug was getting AN with a rockstar pally tank. While I’m switching specs and innervating, he’s already run ahead to the first pull. Okay, I can deal with that, I pretty much gain mana while healing if the group isn’t being stupid. First pull down, I run down to see him pulling the second set… and a few seconds later the boss aggro emote happens with the three watchers converging. Rockstar pally tank has <30k health, buffed, and I'm still sitting at 25% mana. What's a healer to do?


    Then I let the tank have it for trying an achievement like Watch Him Die without saying anything to the rest of the group beforehand and dropped.

    Arrogant? Perhaps, but so was the tank for thinking he could pull the whole instance in one go.

    Point is there's always idiots who will try doing something way above what their group is willing or able to keep up with, and it is never, ever their fault if you don't want to play along with their insanity.


  25. Stories like this are why I posted this article, though the ‘new player’ bit doesn’t apply to you.

    It’s really frustrating how people in these groups have such high expectations. They want a quick run, they want to squish things like whoa, but they fail to realize that uh… a) If they don’t do it right they’re going to fail and b) Heroics are still used for gearing. Patient groups get it done faster.

    I hope you get more good groups, ’cause shammy healing is fun. Much love for Lodur’s shaman column over here, too.
    .-= Matojo´s last blog ..[Journal][Taashti] Travelogue of a Techno-Shaman =-.


  26. Hi BBB

    Long time lurker, first time poster…

    Just had to comment on this one. Like yourself I mostly play bear tank. Recently I’ve been branching out into tree. This means I have seen what you describe from both sides over the last week or so.

    I am pretty much completely new to heals but have been feral since day one. Having the feral side has allowed me to gear up to a decent level as tree, my gear definitely outstrips my experience. I have found myself running after the tank who is steaming his way through instances with a look of abject panic on my face as I hammer the heals and try to keep everyone (and myself) alive. I have on a few occasions asked the tank to slow down as I am new to this, most times they do and the run goes smoothly. Occasionally it doesn’t work and wipes happen.

    Personally I take it to heart when I fail, either when tanking or healing. I have a job, either keep agro or keep everyone alive – failure is not allowed 😉 The whole experience has made me reconsider what I do when I tank. I take the time now at the start of an instance to check out gear levels (with GS :/) not to criticise but to guage what the group will expect of me. If the healer has ilvl 200 blues or greens I just ask if he’s recently dinged. If he has then it’s all good, we just take things easy with an added bonus that any heal gear that drops is probably an upgrade for someone 🙂

    It’s a shame that there are some out there who let the side down, but I must say that in my experience 90% of my pugs are fine. Of course I now look on the last couple of weeks as somewhat of a crash course in the art of healing… I’ve even healed 10 man ICC. And before you ask – yes – terrified! lol.


  27. That’s when you wish you could whisper cross realms. Curiously enough I had a Occulus pug yesterday that was fast and efficient.
    and fun. I guess I shouldn’t gloat. Seems I get more of the groups that disband as soon as they realize it is Occulus.


  28. when it comes to pug heroics, there’s one thing I’ve learned. Never ever take the blame. doesn’t matter if its your fault or someone else’s, deny your natural inclination to be responsible and accountable individual and silently run back, mentioning that you cannot heal when you have mobs on you, delaying your casts. you see, unlike running with friends, the natural inclination of most people in pugs is to grab on to that straw and dumb EVERYTHING on you. if you’re lucky, they leave silently. if you’re not, they will insult you and THEN leave. You don’t need to stoop to their level and act like a jerk, but you don’t need to be nice to them either unless they do something that warrants it.


  29. BBB, I ran into that exact situation just tonight. Pally Healer was shy about his newness at healing. He was geared ok, certainly better than the heroic we were in (Halls of stone) but was pretty much brand new at heals having geared up with an alternate spec. I went in and, per usual expectations based on gearing, went and did my normal “let’s blow through this at full speed ahead” trick and ended up getting wiped. Twice. Some discussion ensued and it came out that the poor guy was healing for a heroic for literally the 3rd time in his life. My response was “Why didn’t you tell me?”

    After we found out, by silent and group consensus, we all just slowed it down, controlled the pulls, made damned sure I had aggro on anything that even looked like it was thinking about making a break for it and generally made his life a ton easier. We not only made it through that run but the same group stuck for 2 more after that with the same healer and 2 of the dps made it to the end before I had to stop. Even the hyper overgeared squishy mage in the group was taking care to ensure he didn’t pull off me. By the end of our runs, our pally friend was healing much better and improving with encouragement from the whole group.

    Don’t get me wrong, I won’t drop a group for somebody being in blues, everybody’s gotta start somewhere and most of the time, all they need is a little patience and some consideration and they do just fine. It helps that my own gear averages reasonably high on the gearscore charts though it’s not quite everything I want from it yet. Yet, it got me thinking a bit. I consider our initial failure to communicate as a group to be the fault of the general population on our server (Bladefist) where gearscore is king and anybody considered new is automatically sidestepped or simply not brought in on stuff they desperately need to gear up.

    That having been said, I also took a long and hard look at my own playstyle. Not so long ago, I found it hard to gear because I was undergeared for things and I remember how disappointed I was when I was struggling so hard to succeed and failing anyway only to be dropped from raid or kicked from group because I wasn’t good enough or skilled enough to out-threat DPS with twice the gear I had. I learned a lot from those groups willing to slow down and help me learn and I wouldn’t be the bear I am today without my friends in guild and elsewhere and I try to repay their kindness by cutting others some slack wherever possible.

    I guess the moral of the story is that even if a person is geared for an instance, they may not yet have the experience needed from countless heroics to keep up with my big bouncy butt. Rest assured, I will be asking in the future if anybody is new to their spec and scaling my speed through the run accordingly.

    Thanks for all the interesting and helpful beartanking advice BBB. Your blog has been instrumental in my success to a large degree. Don’t get too discourage by the prevalance of asshats running around. If you lose somebody due to undergearing or your own inexperience with your particular class/specc setup, it’s a pretty safe bet that you really didn’t want to work with that person in the first place.

    Keep up the good work!
    Gerron (Bladefist)


  30. Bear, I’ve come to realize that in this new day and age of cross realm LFG, bad tanks NEVER believe it’s there fault, and rather than accept responsibility for their fail, they simply drop group to go on to their next group in which they will fail yet again. However, is it me, or is it typically dual wielding DKs more than ANY OTHER TANK that fits right into that category? Oops, I failed, I should leave now because apparently this group can’t handle my level of awesome, and I deserve much better.


  31. Got placed into Underbog, me 65 Frost Mage and 2 DK’s trying to tank and dps. Oh freaking god, we wiped at every encounter because the tank could not hold agro at all and if i did any high dps i got pounded on, then died. We went through 3 healers just to get past the first boss, then we could not get past the ramp into the building. Both DK’s kept running into every mob they could see and rounding them all up, of course they lost agro on most every one, and guess who is next on their list, little ole glass cannon me. Up till then I have had good groups.

    I am seeing it on my 20 druid also, deadmines was a pain for a healer with tanks that think they can agro the whole dang dungeon and not worry about the healer keeping up. running around like roaches always out of los. **shudder**


  32. I have a 72 Death Knight that I’m working on. I’d like to Tank on him, but my Dungeon experience on him so far is only one UK run. (Well, technically it’s two, but I don’t think the second should count.) A combination of not wanting to deal with people who would be impatient at my place on the learning curve (even though, being sub-80s as well, they most likely are on the curve themselves), and not wanting to waste people’s time with my inexperience. I know that I really should just suck it up, because a new Tank is a new Tank, be he 80 or 72.

    Anyway, reading things like this about Tanks who are throbbing pustules on the left asscheek of the universe make me determined to not be one of them. It’s not in my nature to begin with, but even if it wasn’t, the fact that I’d get fast queues doesn’t give me or anyone else the right to be a self-righteous jerk about it. I’ve experienced those kinds of players on my Hunter. It isn’t pleasant from that point of view; why would I want to be one of those people myself?

    And because my main is a DPSer, I know how long queues can be. Which means that when my Death Knight can Tank Heroics, I’ll be taking my groups through the whole things. Eck, Dred, Jedoga, Maiden of Grief, all of the optional bosses. It won’t kill me to take a few minutes to let the DPSers have an extra Emblem or two that would otherwise take them twenty minutes to get.


  33. My experience tends to be 9 of 10 are great or good, and 1 or 2 make me gnash teeth. Sorry your first one was so sucky, but it’s occulus, and people hate it. Not like it’s bad, but there is just the expectation of failure.

    Love that saying. I don’t heal stupid either.

    At this point, the community who still run heroics are a little jaded and elitist (or very). So yeah, you tend to have asshats more often than not esp if things go wrong. Luckily it’s a 15 min debuff for the time being.


  34. If the queue times aren’t bad, running regular ToC over and over again will get you a good set of starting gear.

    But yeah, you can’t let weird things like this get to you. And don’t assume the worst in terms of people blaming you. Maybe the tank was new and just got stressed out and dropped, and the DPS left because they didn’t want wait around for a tank in Oculus which they didn’t even really want to do in the first place. Who knows. This wasn’t even the worst story I’ve heard. Nobody was yelling “FAIL TANK!” or whatever.

    Though in the future, maybe leave out the speech about being undergeared, especially just after a wipe, when group confidence is at a low. 😉


  35. And Kurt, while yes, what we tend to post the most of are the pug horror stories, I must add that the majority of pugs I am with on any of my 4 80’s are run quietly, smoothly, and competently. People simply want to go in, complete the dungeon and collect their badges and move on with their day… so yes, while horror stories abound, they are not the majority, sadly just the most memorable.


  36. That saying is NOT mine, Bear, I picked it up from one of the many fine healing blogs I read… and I apologize to that person that it has been long enough that I can’t remember where I saw it first or I sure would give them due credit… I don’t mind using it, though, it is SO perfect… 🙂


  37. This story, and what felt like hundreds like it, are why I don’t play wow anymore. I still follow all my favorite blogs though, in case I decide to play when Cataclysm drops.


  38. Yeah, that always happens. My priest is 51 now but I still get 3 out of 4 failpugs. If you are persistent you’ll eventually end up with a professional group. Some people are just morons, no matter what. The lack of communication in these pugs kinda bugs me because it’s not so hard to acknowledge someone’s comments but many people just don’t bother. That’s internet anonymity for you.
    .-= Darth Solo´s last blog ..That’s it, I’ve had it! =-.


  39. I insist on my right to shun ANY and ALL DKs called Arthas, Arthass or any version thereof.

    Sadly, in pugs, tanks can often be arseholerish – and I say this as a tank. Because they KNOW they can drop group, queue and pick up a new one in seconds. DPS have to suck it up and deal, even healers to an extent

    And I hate AOE with a deep and fiery passion akin to the heat of a thousand suns of pure loathing. Yes yes I do


  40. I recently brought a new priest through the heroic gearing phase in this post LFG tool world. What I did to make it more palatable was repeatedly queue myself for the 4 patched in normals. I started with ToC, and made sure I had every upgrade from there, especially the int trink. Then I moved on to the ICC 5 mans on normal. Even with 1500 SP they’re a walk in the park, and you get a big pile of 219s from them. When I was done there, I found that I didn’t really need all that many upgrades from heroics. Now, 3 weeks later, my priest has nearly 3k spellpower, and no upgrades from anywhere but TotC and ICC. Many asshats later, I’m “The Patient” and have healed every 5 man heroic.


  41. And then there is my third run… just now completed.

    Heroic Halls of Lightning.

    100% smooth, effortless, dream quality type run.

    And another bear tank, this time Maryhinge.

    Perfect tanking, manuevering, frankly what I consider to be a master tank.

    We blew through the place, but as fast as it was, it never felt rushed.

    At the end, I thanks them for such a smooth run, and one dps said “Yes, tank, heals, both spot on. Thanks!”

    See? I can be openminded! I don’t just throw my hands up and give up… because I know that there ARE people who know what they’re bloody well doing out there.

    Oh, and I got a couple upgrades, too. Isn’t that always a nice feeling?


  42. Just to add to the positive comments you’ve been getting – Occulus is not tough enough to make it a challenge for a healer rocking 1500 spellpower unless the tank (as in this case) clearly has no idea what to do and is expecting to be carried by the healer. I’ve had a tank do that to my super duper tree once and there wasn’t ANYTHING I could do as everyone (except the “tank”) was taking damage which upon healing turned into only me taking damage from every mob I could see on the ring. Don’t bash yourself up about it – the failure was not yours.

    Just jump back into the LFG queue – for every incompetent tank/rude group you’ll find, you’ll find a bunch who will be able to roll through just fine with your gear and will be cheerful to boot. These days it does not take long at all to get epics in most slots and really at most you may just want to hit the regular versions of TOC/ICC 5 man – for your own confidence more than anything else. 🙂

    My priest just hit 80 a few weeks ago and I was very nervous about healing heroics after being used to the oomph my tree has. I did find maybe 2 or 3 tanks in the 100 pugs I’ve run who were losers, the rest were very helpful.

    I had this awesome pally tank who refused to let me drop out when LFD landed me in HHOR. I had 1900 spell power as a disc priest and we cleared without a wipe – everyone knew I was struggling to keep up, and they did their best to help – by decursing, being careful with cooldowns etc. It was AWESOME – WTB cross-realm friend’s list now!

    My point is, it would be a shame to let one bunch of losers ruin the sweet thrill of getting a new toon to 80 and developing it in heroics… rock on man.

    Love your posts and while I don’t comment often (posting from mobile devices is annoying), your site is second from the topon my feedreader for wow stuff. 🙂


  43. “I can’t cure stupidity, so I don’t heal it, either.”

    Omigod, that’s hilarious. That right there is one of those sayings I immediately want on a bumper sticker.


  44. With both my pally tank and healy druid, I spent about a “the Patient” title’s worth of heroics in a DPS spec. No pressure from worrying about being undergeared. Once I got to a respectable gearscore (I know, I know — but it’s a constant metric), then I’d switch roles. It worked great in both instances. Especially since pretty much everyone is greeding heroics drops these days… Ilevel 200 gear is there for the taking.


  45. Good lord, Bear! Why did you even take responsibility for this loser tank’s dumb maneuver, that wasn’t even close to a healing issue! Not one bit of that was your fault or your doing! At the risk of sounding elitist, I doubt I could have kept everyone up through that and I’m sitting just shy of 3k spellpower now… I have NEVER had a tank of any flavor execute that manuever on Oculus, either… if they did, I’d probably stand way back and let them kill themselves so they understood the stupidity of the tactic…

    ::Sigh:: Before the LFG tool came along, I never really exercised my ‘power’ as a healer… Since then… Well, yeah, I have, I admit it… I’m not proud of it, but I do remember a blog posting from long ago talking about encouraging bad habits with good healing… and I have just reached the point where I am DONE with that… a player in a pug acts stupid, they stop getting heals, period. If they question the lack, I tell them and I have to admit, it works pretty well… I’m still not proud or pleased that I feel this is necessary… but overgearing an instance does NOT excuse stupidity in my mind, it never will. Most especially if said stupidity is not discussed with group first and approved by all. These days, it doesn’t bother me at all to tell a group, “I can’t cure stupidity, so I don’t heal it, either.” Now I’m wondering if that is more about me or the current state of the game…


  46. Siobhann took the words right outta my mouth. Screw ’em, Bear. They ain’t worth your time. Though I know how nice it feels to rant a little and get the snark out. 😉 And all your rants are so much fun to read! 🙂


  47. Why did you claim blame for a bad tank? You know full well that even in seriously overgeared groups the tank still holds responsibility for keeping mobs off the squishies. My response to a wipe like that is usually something along the lines of “I hate when the mage gets stuck tanking”.


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