Wowhead does Cataclysm up right

Cassie was looking for some leveling information, and came across a very nice compilation of Cataclysm information, arranged by zone, at

She was very impressed with the information, how it was arranged and how they attributed what source their information came from, and thought it would be a good place to bookmark while we wait for the final expansion release.

I know there are other places out there to find this as well, Cassie was just struck by how nice this was presented and how complete.

I’ve always been a personal fan of Wowhead, from the very first time they popped into the field. I think the professional layout, speed, attractive arrangement, the tools they’ve developed like the talent calculators and their willingness to provide silly tools like Tooltip addons for Bloggers (which I use gratefully), everything they do is of the utmost quality and usefulness.

Even if they never DID add my link to their “Bloggers who use Wowhead” page.

I’m sure everyone here is very familiar with Wowhead, but I think it’s hard to remember the old days when Thottbot or Allakhazam were our only sources for where an item could be found, or even what might be available to be crafted.

They were great tools, of course, wonderful databases carefully researched and documented… but they never seemed… professional. They were, much like my blog, projects that could be seen as coming from a fan rather than a skilled website design professional.

If you did play back then, in the time before Ten Ton Hammer, MMO Champion, Wowhead, okay I’ll say it,… take a moment to contrast how it felt to play back then, with how these professional websites enhance the experience now.

I really do feel that these websites, and the skilled, artistic and mature touch they bring, helps to encourage the feeling that we are taking part in a hobby that can be respected as being the pastime of skilled, thoughtful, mature people.

A video game, no matter how popular or awesome, is usually only really known by the people who play it. Outsiders have no idea what we’re talking about.

With these websites, we have something we can point to and say, “This is representative of the game community, and it’s certainly not something knocked together by 6 year old script kiddies. Mock us for playing a game if that’s what tickles your fancy, but don’t pretend any idiot can master this or that it’s beneath you. Chances are good you’re not intelligent enough, flexible enough or dedicated enough in your life to handle ICC hard mode raiding, and you’d get owned in battlegrounds PvP, so shut it.”

And of course, it helps people who might be interested have a palce to go where they can find out more… and, okay, get scared by how damn complicated it all is.

Thus ends my little love letter to Wowhead. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Wowhead does Cataclysm up right

  1. /cheers
    I love you WoWhead. 😀

    I used WoWwiki a little more when I just started the game because it’s a nice compilation of lore and back stories, but eventually grew into WoWhead for actual gameplay-related searches. Props to all the wondering gamers who contribute and enrich our WoW experience–or WoW culture even!


  2. I always head for Wowwiki first now. It isn’t always the most up to date, but it is the most likely to be in plain English, with the information that I’m actually looking for. And it’s even more community driven than Wowhead, which is still pretty good.


  3. Thanks for the link. WoWhead is great, although I do double check some of the older content when leveling against Thottbot too on occasion! The professionalism is wonderful and it’s great and love they have put together such a great site for all of us to use!

    As for outsiders understanding a game – OMG! Tried explaining it to my non-gamer friends and I think they were waiting for my head to start spin as I was definitely speaking a foreign language! LOL


  4. I agree! I also feel the same way about the WoW modding scene. The best mods have a real professionalism about them. The coders take pride in their work and ingenuity, resulting in efficient, well-crafted mods. The breadth and scope of best WoW mods represented at WowAce and WowInterface speak highly of both the community and and the game itself.


  5. I try not to use mmo-champion as I loved not figuring out about the patch until the day or possible the week before. But when I need a bit of information or cool pictures of the new armor (or lame armor in the case of T9 >.>) I know where to turn!

    WoWhead was the new Thottbot. Hell for about a year I refused to use anything BUT thottbot. I used the CosmosUI package back in the day and it came with the thottbot profiling tool to help their DB. I was a proud supporter and helper of the thottbott community.

    The way it has gotten with WoWhead is AMAZING and they all need any and all support we can offer, they drive our community and help everyone else. If I can’t give someone a good answer in trade i tell them “Go to”

    However…. looks like I’m deff gonna need a new gfx card for Cat -.-


  6. /agree totally

    I love and – both have very very useful sites and great up-to-date information.

    Oh, and thanks for the link. Bookmarked!


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