Healing Priorities

A weekend of Shaman Healing (and occasional Bear tanking) has led me to believe that a lot of people I meet in random groups don’t understand there is a clear priority list to healing.

As a healer, I do not frantically click all the little green bars willy-nilly hoping that somehow, we will all pull through.

I prioritize.

I make sure each and every heal is cast with precision, in order of importance, with an eye to my overall goal of  successfully completing each run.

Many people just don’t seem to understand how the priorities work. It’s very clear to me.

So, I’m going to help explain. This is my Sunday Service to you.

In a random group in LFD or in raids, healing priority goes in the following order;

1) Me.

2) The tank, so long as he is keeping things off of me. If he’s letting me take aggro from spawned mobs, I’m going to reduce heals accordingly until he gets his head out of his ass, or eats some repair bills, whichever come first.

3) My spouse, because if I let her die, I’m never going to hear the end of it.

4) Any other guildies in the run, because I already know I like them.

5) Anyone that’s been nice and friendly in the group. Examples include, but are not limited to; Saying hello at the start, being helpful or polite, typing with proper grammar and/or spelling, sharing any amusing and light-hearted anecdotes, or perhaps even, wonder of wonders, buffing properly or dropping a Mage table. Dropping a Mage table can even bump you to above “4”, if the guildy is being a lazy bastard.

6) Anyone that is a stranger and hasn’t said a word the entire run. I’ll heal you, but I won’t really give a shit if you live or die.

7) Any stranger that has been a jerk or mouthy, or can’t spell, or acts like an idiot… oh, who am I kidding, these people don’t get heals. They never get an intentional heal. They may get the unintended benefit of my Chain Heal, and then only if I really have to cast it to help numbers 1 through 6 above. If I can get away with it, I’ll cast Lesser Healing Wave and Riptide all around you, isolating you from the glorious warmth and love of my heals, leaving you cast out in the cold to suffer. Leave the group, you asshat, and take your spammed Recount with you.

8) Any Warlock that repeatedly Lifetaps below 25% health after each pull. These people seem to think my Mana pool is actually for their sole use, leaving me to blow my Mana on the run to the next group just to heal him back up. Unless he falls into category 4 or 5, he gets between jack and shit, because if he thinks he’s all that evil in using me… then he must admire real evil, like my letting him die from the consequences of his own Lifetap on the next AoE damage pull, right? If he doesn’t appreciate the joke… well, guess he either needs to get a sense of humor, or buy some damn Mana juice with his own gold and leave mine alone. I understand Kungaloosh has a nice kick.

Life will move a whole lot smoother in LFD once you people understand the priorities!


81 thoughts on “Healing Priorities

  1. Yes yes yes to point 8! Gahh I can’t stand it when warlocks lifetap themselves half to death despite not even being slightly low on mana.

    ONE lifetap should be enough for most trash pulls, unless you’re relentlessly spamming expensive spells. And with just the one lifetap, warlocks don’t even need healing as they can do it themselves.


  2. Add to group 8 people who say “Heal me!” in chat, esp while the tank and myself (healer) are taking damage.

    Also, the healer isn’t your personal rez-bot. If we wipe (more in leveling dungeons, but sometimes in others)…we run back. I may make 1 exception for a guildie, or someone who has been particularly nice or helpful, and asks nicely, and has a good reason (so, like, never).

    Conversation from a Blood Furnace run post wipe…
    (Dork) Hey, healer, run back in here and rez us.
    (Me) Um…no. Run back.
    (Dork) But thats your job, you have the rez button.
    (Pl 2 drops from group)
    (New player joins group)
    (Dork) The healer is being a jerk
    (Me) leaves the pary


  3. #8 actually doesn’t bother me when I’m healing on my paladin. Beacon the tank, heal the warlock, what’s the difference?

    Healing on any other class, though, they’re playing with fire.


  4. I do something that apparently confuses my healers and everyone else in my group. When I tank on my bear, I hot the warlock with everything so he can lifetap explaining to the healer that he’s great but I don’t really need my mana like he needs his. Of course the healer or the mage gets my innervate, I like to keep it on cooldown. Dunno why everyone finds it so weird though.


  5. When on my shammy healing random groups, I will give warlocks the benefit of one Riptide per pull, if they need more than that, then they can eat or drink just like everyone else.


  6. I once had someone I like to call Mr. Furious Mage in an Old Kingdom run. Now, I must admit, some of his fury was justified because I was new to druid healing and hadn’t worked out the awesomeness of Wild Growth yet. However, he constantly cried out “HEAL ME!”, even after I explained the healing priority system (me, tank, DPSers). I even appealed to the group, saying, “if you don’t like this sytem, and you want me to go, then I will.” No response from the group (they were a very quiet group), and Mr. Furious Mage continued to complain and spam, “HEAL ME!”

    Finally Mr. Furious Mage dropped from the group, prompting the rest of the group to at last break their silence.

    Mr. Furious Mage was replaced by, funnily enough, a warlock, who did not present any healing problems at all, and apologised profusely when her pet decided to run off in a different direction and aggro another group of enemies. This was a breath of fresh air compared to Mr. Furious Mage.

    I’ve almost never had to deal with a warlock who Lifetaps to a ridiculous degree. I understand Warlocks get spellpower when they Lifetap, but is it a stacking buff? If not, then it leads to what I normally see, which is a warlock Lifetapping once at the beginning of a fight. A Wild Growth or two (see, I learned my lesson there) fixes them up no problems.
    .-= Sukugaru´s last blog ..Slightly less random randomness =-.


  7. My healing priority list (also as a resto shaman) is pretty similar, although I generally put tank first and me second. When I’m running with Bear Tank Husband, 2 & 3 are the same thing
    Ditto what Thromean said about Warlocks lifetapping.
    .-= Kamalia´s last blog ..A Rainbow of Moonkin =-.


  8. I love your priority list! All us healers should stick together and use it (I know you’re really a tank, but you seem to Get It about healing…so you can be one of us for today 🙂

    On the topic of resurrection, I think there should be some unspoken moral rules:

    1. If everyone died, everyone runs.
    2. If not everyone died, but nobody who is left alive can resurrect, everyone dead runs.
    3. If some people died, and a rezzer is alive, it is ok to wait for a ressurect.
    4. However, anyone who demands a rez (e.g., “rez me!”) can rot in hell, and must run.
    5. Any rezzer is welcome to accept polite requests for a resurrect (e.g., “may I have a rez, please? I don’t know the way back from the graveyard.”) But accepting these is entirely optional.
    6. Any spelling of “please” that omits or changes the form of the word (“pls”, “plz”, or the one that really annoys me, “pl0x”) shall be interpreted not as “please” but instead as the whiny, lazy, insulting demand it is.

    Something simply MUST be done. 🙂


  9. As I normally run as a bear for a fast queue (there’s a joke in that someplace), I like to be very nice to the healer. I generally save my innervate for just before a boss fight – “free heals anyone?” I have no issue letting dps die a horrible, splattered death if they repeatedly pull agro from me. In fact, I’ve been known to conspire with the healer on this a few times. If the healer is pulling agro from me… I check to make sure I’m using the correct hot-bar >.>


  10. I don’t mind #8 so much, as long as I’m not low on mana when they do it. Rejuv ends up overhealing them anyway and doesn’t cost me much mana. I can see how it’d be annoying, though. However, anyone *expecting* me to rejuv them after they lifetap gets ignored.

    My #8 is clothies who try to tank (or heck, anyone who ISN’T the tank and tries to tank) by pulling. Usually when I’m low on mana and innervate is on CD. They’re followed closely by DPS-specced DKs who Death Grip the boss off of the tank.

    Respect for me and the tank (I only run with my RL husband as my tank) goes a long way with me. I almost let the last idiot die on a boss fight, but my husband (who was the one who got insulted) asked me to heal him. I let the guy get down to 10% before I let him have a single mana point.

    Here lately the runs have been great – friendly people, good attitudes, and except for the one guy who ran upstairs instead of down in Escape from Durnholde, we haven’t had anyone die.

    #7 – the people who spam Recount are almost as annoying as the people who ask them to do it. We’re living, they’re dying, who cares who’s leading the DPS total?


  11. I just picked up healing on my much unloved Paladin. Such long cast times on Holy Light! Priority lists like these are priceless.


  12. Sukugaru, I think we’ve run with the same mage. The next six pulls he made snide comments about my healing, then he quit the group.

    The rogue who replaced him was excellent.


  13. #8 of course is exaggerated for fun… but I do agree that Clothies tanking is also right in there…. you want to tank, then you can tank. I’ll be very amazed, and gladly watch. but I’ll still heal the real tank first.

    As I said to the Rogue in Heroic Pit of Saron earlier tonight, that ran forward past the tank, WAY forward, popped Fan of Knives on a group and her Tricks of the Trade didn’t go off?

    “Oh wow, that looked like that hurt. Want a res, or are you fine on your own coming back?”


  14. Wow, great list :).

    I totally heal like this in most cases (ignoring #3; bit young heh) and although I usually don’t have any problems with my group, when someone starts complaining about my healing for no apparent reason it can get really annoying.

    Understanding the BBB healing principles = win.


  15. OMG! I use almost that line. “That looked painful” is my usual quip when someone does something particularly stupid that ends in being flattened by elites.

    I don’t worry much about locks tapping a lot right after the pull. My glyphed rejuv heals around 15K in about 13 seconds and they can use those GCDs in combat for doing damage. The locks I flatly refuse to heal are the ones who figure out their mana is low a split-second BEFORE the pull and tap way down as the tank is pulling. Particularly amusing is when they manage to get lifetap aggro and are oneshotted for whatever little health they have left.


  16. #1 and 2 are switched for me, and I don’t have a #3.

    #8, I give one HoT each time, if that doesn’t heal them back up it’s their problem. Unfortunately, that means when I’m on my pally (no HoTs), they’re out of luck. If they’re nice I may give them a flash of light, though.

    When I play my ‘lock, I am perfectly happy to life drain myself back to full health after lifetapping, but I keep getting these really nice awesome healers that actually want to heal me. And the only time I do more than one tap (for my glyph proc) is when I’m below half mana and the tank is already pulling the next group. Which happens a lot in low-level dungeons. 😛


  17. Wow..great post. I like the stream of consciousness feel when venting with humor. I am willing to bet that point 3 can be moved to point 1 in certain circumstances. I have personally near-wiped a 5 man group to hoofstomp/innervate a certain hunter that was rather unhappy with her bear’s rockstar pulling style draining her mana in an H UK run. (yes, this was a bad idea not just in the “bad for the group” way but added to the “rockstar tank” thing she was already pissed about. Thank heaven for Feign Death) Also, you should macro that whole friggin’ post and spam the shit out of it in every instance where you have an asshat or 3. Or maybe just a macro for each point, to be used when needed, but with the full explanation including all the way up to “take your spammed recount with you” and “I understand Kungaloosh has quite a kick”.


  18. My #3 is always going to be someone who is making the run smoother in some way. For example, I’ve been healing and the tank is just doing a HORRIBLE job. The ret pally will go about picking up stray mobs. Sure, it’s a pain to heal a ret pally trying to tank, but if he apologizes & says “Sorry bout that, just thought it was better than clothies tank,” yeah, they deserve heals. I’ve seen comparable situations many times. It’s easier for me to heal plate than try to heal the tank while getting clobbered. Plus, it shows that the dps is not only concerned about their output, but they’re aware of exactly what’s going on–their eyes aren’t just on their meters.

    Similarly, a dps who helps make a pull-gone-wrong get back under control, gets priority.

    ABSOLUTE LOWEST priority for me isn’t going to be the life-tapping warlock, but rather the people who have a really nice level of gear… and are somehow pulling 900 dps. If my priest can out-dps you WHILE healing, you’re just looking to get carried through your daily. It’s not MY job to give you two frost badges. There’s this awesome blacklist function on every healing addon I know of. I have been known to use it & refrain from aoe heals. And then leave the afk dps idiot on the ground.


  19. Amen!

    But, this actually took quite a while to learn. I had healer-OCD, like I am sure many a healer have or have had.
    But now I have a mantra: Dumb do not get heals.

    On a side note – can I please advertise my new macro for when I LFD my tank: “Hello, I am your tank for the evening. You each have 3 taunts – use them well.”
    I hope this will inspire DPS to .. well .. dare I say it … think about what they are doing, maybe even consider the consequences of their actions.
    Well, maybe I should not be allowed any heals.


  20. #8… that’s why my lock has bandages… but, most of the times I use them, I immediately get a heal :), something like: ‘damn you life-tapping warl.. oh, you are using bandages… good lock, have a heal.’


  21. I really do need to make a shirt that says, “I’d heal you, but there’s only one cure for stupid.”


  22. With a picture of the four healer types in their distinctive old school Tier armor (or tree form) looking down at somebody lying broken and bleeding in the middle of a pool of green slime, little ticking “-25” in red color streaming over their head, one arm outstretched in supplication.


  23. I play a lock and had to get used to life tapping between pulls rather than drinking since healers always whispered me in groups telling me to life tap. That’s probably what those locks experience and they assume it’ll be the same with all groups, they’re not doing it just to piss you off or because they think your mana pool ‘is actually for their sole use’. Also, it’s not going to ‘blow your mana’ to just chuck a HoT on that’ll heal them pretty much up to full, I do that when I’m grouped with locks on my druid.


  24. Oooh, I’ve been schooled!

    And that one right there would be the example of “Warlock without a sense of humor”.


  25. I guess it’s because I’ve played a lock for 5 years now… I have no problem healing through life tap.

    Priority… hmmm…

    Tank / Me, everyone else.

    It takes a bit for someone to annoy me enough for me to not heal them. Mainly because them dieing costs me time and (chances are) they learn nothing. However, if someone is asked to stop doing something and they don’t, I might get annoyed enough. Usually it is Ret Paladins with Righteous Fury.


  26. I like the list Bear 🙂 When I play a lock ( I do have one ) and I use lifetap one of the healers kept telling me to stop lifetapping or he won’t heal me. I said ” Fine don’t heal me. I’ll heal myself.” and proceeded to do so. I love life drain and bandages. 🙂 Once he saw I wasn’t gonna rely on him to heal me he started healing me 😛

    As for when I heal, I always forget to heal myself 😦


  27. Life tapping Warlocks used to get to me just on the “hands off my mana pool” principle. But my son plays a warlock and explained it really well to me one day.

    “C’mon, Dad. It’s not like you’re using it.”

    I don’t know. Maybe it’s different for Resto Shamans . . . but sure enough, my mana bar is nearly always at or close to full in Tree form. So I decided that maybe letting the Warlock tap into my pool can just be part of my contribution to helping make things dead.


  28. I wish I had time to analyze my healing that much in combat — maybe when I’m in better practice. Right now, my priority list is:

    1) Tank
    2) Me (because I forget, which is why I have health warnings set up now)
    3) Everyone else.

    That’s as much thought as I find myself able to put into things in the midst of a fight.


  29. I think this list is brilliant. I’m an inexperienced healer (a short-lived stay in restoville with my druid around level 60, and a new level 24 druid who will be balance and resto), and I always forget #1. I’d find myself almost dead before I remember to heal myself. Hopefully I’ll improve.

    My warlock never life taps below half health unless it’s sorely needed or the healer says it’s ok. I try to follow every life tap with a drain life, too, unless I’m seriously aoe-ing. I try to show the healers that I’m not being irresponsible. Just because I make pacts with demonic forces doesn’t mean I don’t respect other people’s mana pools.


  30. I’m a druid Healer/Tank, i have rules for each spec that might be similar.
    1: You pull you tank, Healer include, I’m faster than anybody with cat+dash and can run to dungeon exit if needed, I can bet i will be the last one to die, unless there’s a pally with bubble hearth.
    1: Only Tank gets heals while tanking, no dps will get any single rejuv if they does.
    2: I’ll survive first then the tank, no dps is required in any heroic, just will take a bit more time, so you dps feel grateful and do your job no stupid allowed.
    3: Any dps will get heals as long as they follow previous rules, though no dps should take any damage in most cases following those rules :

    I really have no healing priority, just follow those rules, if you don’t deserve heals, don’t expect for them.


  31. My personal heal list is something like this (on my druid, priest, and paladin):

    1)Myself = Tank (This is only true if the tank is my SO or a guildmate/server buddy, or is polite/efficient/doesn’t suck.)
    3)people that aren’t cockbags and don’t stand in the bad shit/lifetap below 30%/etc.
    4)hunter pets
    5)NPCs (I’m looking at you, Brann.
    **MOAR DPS**
    6)cockbags, people that stand in bad shit, anyone other than the tank that yells OMG HAELZ, hunters that bitch about their pet not being top of my heal priority, anyone that thinks my mana bar is their personal HP fountain between pulls or after a wipe, warlocks that lifetap below 30% and proceed to try and cloth tank, dps that don’t give the tank time to drop their AoE/swipe/whatever awesome shit warriors do/etc before going balls to the wall on dps.

    Oh wait, they died already? Ooops. I was healing the tank. *sagenod*

    (**Addendum for good warlocks: I totally don’t care if you LT to about 50% between pulls. A Renew/Flash, a Rejuv/Regrowth, or a Holy Shock/Flash can usually top you off. It’s the ones that tap so low that their HP bar is going omg bananas at me BEFORE we ever pull. Also, if you’re willing to click the Lightwell, then I will drop it as your personal little fountain o haelz, and then you can go nuts with your Lifetaps.)


  32. I like your list 🙂 I too try and live by mantra, “don’t heal stupid”, although the OCD to keep everyone alive sometimes takes over.

    My main is a lock, and on her I usually have healers telling me to tap. So I habitually put renews on locks so that they can tap. Funny to me is the locks that don’t tap, even when I tell them to. One actually did not know what that was! Doh!


  33. “3) My spouse, because if I let her die, I’m never going to hear the end of it.”

    This one cracked me up! …It’s not out of love, hun… it’s only fear 🙂

    It’s sometimes a shame that every healing class, except the paladin, has smart heals. It’s nearly impossible to avoid healing those that do not deserve it. Just like that it’s difficult to tank every mob, except for those new ones that got pulled to you by the bored/tab-targetting dps. Feels good when it works though *grin* 🙂


  34. BBB,

    Good stuff – While I don’t have a #3 for PuGging or raiding, I do understand why that’s there. Further, there’s a 4a and a 4b in my book – 4a are my close friend guildies, and 4b are the guildies who are guildies but aren’t part of my 4a group. 4a group gets higher priority ’cause they’re friends AND guildies, not just guildies.

    Hey… you can’t expect me to go by guild tag alone in a game where moving from guild to guild is so prevalent, can you?

    Oh, and to Roguewind above, I agree with you 100%. Ok, well, 75%. You rogues take way too much damage all the time! It sucks that as a class you guys also seem to top the damage charts, so I gotta put my heals on y’all for the sake of the raid. Learn how to take damage right, like every other melee class! There, I’ve said it. Heh.

    One good thing about having a rogue in a raid or party, though… I always know my Chain Heal will have a good target to bounce through.

    And that reminds me, in a raid situation – PuG or guild run, I will, more often than not, prioritize by my perceptions of your performance. Higher damage dealers, healers, and other tanks I’m not specifically assigned to – not necessarily the highest DPS, but those who seem to be contributing more to the raid through their performance – will get heals higher than even a guildie in some cases – and definitely higher than that one guildie ‘lock who’s putting up 2600 DPS overall in 5300 GS gear.

    Again, good rules to heal by, Bear. Make sure Cassie stays up – for YOUR sake. LOL.

    My 2 yen,

    .-= Akiosama´s last blog ..Does (or Does Not?) Play Well With Others =-.


  35. I am finding that Pit of Saron is particularly good for healers to give DPS life lessons in not being stupid. 25 or more stacks of Garfrost debuff without even trying to LOS the boss. Running ahead of the tank on the trash between Garfrost and Ick. Eating poison nova or not kiting properly on Ick (ie just stand there and dps when you are the target). All good opportunities to see a DPSer suddenly saying “wtf?”.


  36. ONE lifetap should be enough for most trash pulls, unless you’re relentlessly spamming expensive spells.

    For trash a lock SHOULD be spamming one of their 2 most expensive spells:
    Seed of corruption or Rain of Fire

    And with just the one lifetap, warlocks don’t even need healing as they can do it themselves.

    leading to them being kicked for cruddy DPS and for slowing the group down by not AoEing the trash


  37. I’ve been using the “Do I look like I wear plate?” graphic for my desktop for a while now. My hubby would love to have an “I’d heal you, but there’s only one cure for stupid.” Hope another talented artist volunteers!

    Khane, I have to argue your “2: I’ll survive first then the tank, no dps is required in any heroic, just will take a bit more time, so you dps feel grateful and do your job no stupid allowed.” The hubby and I have tried doing duo tank/healer heroics, and while you can get through some stuff, the moment you run up against mobs that can crowd control, ones that can heal, or any sort of timed waves, you’re at a dead end. We used to laugh at the groups trying to form pre-LFD days who’d spam “just need tank and heals then gtg”, but it turned out tank+heals was no more a viable group than 3 DPS. Take our two to three by adding a brother-in-law who also likes challenges so that there’s one each of tank, healer, and DPS and we could complete most heroics. DPS is in fact as necessary as tanking and healing.

    Silly DK DPS, death grip is for mobs that charge past the tank at the squishies or casters that won’t collapse into melee. At least the sheer number of DKs has fallen off, but the stupid still seems an alarmingly high proportion of the population.

    I’ve sometimes just told tanks and healers who seemed to be stressing out that if a DPS pulls aggro, they should assume either A) the DPS can handle it or B) the DPS deserves to die. If a healer’s abilities seems stretched, I’ll request to be put last on the healing to-do list. (Unless of course the tank dies: they’d better heal the hell out of me at that point, lol!)


  38. My lock is my main and I’m almost done leveling and tree. But please remember two things about locks. First unlike other classes the only quick way we have to regen mana is to life tap. All other mana classes have a way to get the blue juice back but we have to swap red for blue or sit and drink. Two if we are hurt a bit you don’t have to healz us. We healz ourselves. I’ve had healers get annoyed that my life dips before fights but I promise that my DoTs will heal me and you don’t have to worry about it most of the time.


  39. From one healer to another, amen to that!

    I technically don’t have problems with healing jackarses. I play favorites to people I like in the raid and people I know in real life. I give more priorities to people that communicate with the raid and isn’t just going with the flow.

    I’m a resto druid and my guild already teases me about not running out of mana, so I can’t really complain about that. Haha.

    Kudos on this post. Well written.
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..A word of thanks =-.


  40. I have a lock…
    Ouch no warlock love at all, what about the health stones we give up to help the healer when mana is oom, or the self rez soul stone we put on you. Now if your lock isn’t doing these things heal his pet before him/her. And yes stupid life taps are bad for lots reasons. i usually try to heal myself with herby heal and band aids, but usually the healer throws heals on me as we run to keep up with the chain pulling tank. I will also try to pull mobs off the healer and clothie tank over the healer tanking if things go bad. Show the locks some love, you know you want to. it’s just secretive like when you’re in your bedroom at night in private with the rubberball in your mouth.

    Forum list looks a little like “Rock Star Healers” (if you think this is a compliment please go see bear’s rock star tanks to straighten out your story).

    LOL Show us some WUb, and we’ll show you our stones


  41. Disclaimer – I play two healers, a priest and a druid in ICC and no warlock past level 20. I’m also dabbling into tanking with my bear. Your guides on tanking have been awesome for me!

    So back to healing, it used to piss me off when locks would lifetap at the start of a pull, it seemed like they were doing it just to spite me – that or they were completely selfish. When I was new to healing and I was usually nervous about going into pulls with anything less than 100% on my mana bar, or when I was trying to bring up mana and didn’t want to go out of the 5 second rule. I didn’t like it because having to heal a lock pushed me out of my comfort zone (full mana bar).

    Now though, both on my priest and druid, I’m gemmed/enchanted in a way that gives me crazy regen. Mana for me is practically free. If ever I start to run low I can pop innervate or shadowfiend. I don’t know about shammies and pallies, but the cost of a hot is laughable on my druid or priest. Less than 5% of my mana can give 50% total mana to a lock… its not like he’s mana burning me. That one GCD to toss out a renew or rejuv/lifebloom is not going to kill the tank, waiting 5 seconds to do that heal so you don’t pull healer aggro on mobs that tank has not yet grabbed will not kill the lock either.

    Second, lifetap with the glyph gives locks a nice chunk of spell power – this helps the runs go faster and smoother with less chance of anyone going OOM. Locks are also swell that they give me soul stones – that is worth the cost of my sliver of mana they “leech” 100x over in terms of the time it saves me. Locks lifetapping (down ranked) and healers healing them is classes working as designed. This of course does not apply to the lock who does max rank life tap into oblivion.

    When you click the checkbox “healer” in front of your name, you enter into a pact – with random people true, but you make a commitment. That means you heal to the best of your ability. I don’t know about you, but for me withholding heals against a dps who can not self heal when you had the mana and GCDs to do it is playing dirty. That is almost the same thing as a dps sitting around doing nothing while the rest of the group downs mobs / bosses.

    I have no problems calling out an asshole for being an asshole but it takes more than a few minor lapses in judgement for someone to get me to a point where I won’t heal them. Asked nicely, the majority of people respond positively. If I am a diva healer I make myself a drag on the rest of the group, especially if I let people die and make drama.

    Also, in a LFD 5 man these days, the typical tank’s time to live is high enough for him to comfortably last several GCDs without heals. Clothies do not last that long if they’re getting slapped around. In this spellpower out the ass and GCD capped world we live in, I heal clothies first and the tank last if realistically possible. As long as everyone lives, its all good and is more entertaining for everyone involved. But yeah, with a weaker tank, tank is top priority (I always forget to heal myself) followed by everyone else in a more or less equal manner. A priority list mapping to anything other than who is about to die next is just overhead and serves no real purpose if you can consistently come out with everyone alive.


  42. Hopefully this was from Bear’s sarcasm machine!

    If not, then rule #3, heal everyone except those elitist who invent their own rules for playing, no more rules needed! 🙂


  43. Okay, a few things have become clear over the course of the day while reading comments.

    A while lot of people here either don’t actually read this blog and are unaccustomed to my having fun like this, as I’ve done continuously for several years now… or many of you have some other, deeper issue going on.

    It completely amazes me how many people felt it was actually necessary to criticise me for “elitist making up of rules”, or for not doing my job, which is to heal everyone without word or complaint or favoritism of any kind, and how making up rules or witholding heals from people based on their behavior is wrong to even mention as a joke. How f’ing dare I, apparently.

    Regardless of whatever the truth of how I actually play may be, every single person that took this post seriously and, having read it, decided to tee off, for whatever reason, totally missed the point. Which was to have fun and joke around.

    If you can’t deal with a joke, seriously, get the hell off this blog. Remove it from your feedreader and move on with your life. Because I sure as hell ain’t changing to suit you. End of line.

    Oh, and Roguewind… enough with the Rogue hate, asshat, my wife plays a Rogue as her main.


  44. Oh, and how are you supposed to know it’s a joke?

    Well, a lot of things could give it away, but I’d think first and foremost… I put myself as top of the healing priorities. Kind of a huge massive freaking tipoff, there.

    Hello? Bear tank? Kinda known for tanking things, and have posted several times about how I heal the tank first, often stupidly letting myself die trying to keep him alive?

    I know, I know, why am I even bothering. No, I don’t know why either. So much for a fun start to the week.


  45. BBB! This wasn’t a critique aimed at you or saying you don’t do your job or any of that. Seriously… the healer you were pretending to be while tongue in cheek… they’re tons of them out there and they’re nodding their heads off missing the sarcasm and agreeing with all this.

    On my mage, recently I pulled aggro once, blinked into the tank and then did an iceblock. But prima donna healer keeps calling me “bad” for the rest of the run and I’m bandaging myself after any pull to heal off what I got from aoe damage.

    Seriously, if I didn’t really enjoy your musings and appreciate the time and effort you put into your blog, I would not be keeping your blog on top of my feed reader.

    Sometimes sarcasm doesn’t come across so well… guess it being online and a second language and all that contributes. Sorry for ruffling your feathers (fur/leaves), I’ve been in Sidhe Devils on a lowbie alt and have nothing but high regard for you.

    Keep the posts coming, you’re an awesome part of the community!


  46. Well, at least it’s not a lock that lifetaps IN non-boss combat, right? 😉 It’s different if they pull out their own bandages and use their epic bandaiding skills after each pull. I don’t mind healing locks like that, even if they end up lifetapping once or twice in non-boss combat. So long as their willing to use the bandaid skills out of combat. And I’m glad I’m not the only person that isolates the asshats from healing. 😉


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