LF Leatherworker, Kael’thas-Alliance-US!

Hey all, just a heads up, on the wild off chance someone on Kael’thas-US, Alliance side, knows how to make the Knightbane Carapace, I would really appreciate it if you’d give me (Windshadow/Windshear/Windstar) a heads up.

Cassie has all the mats and a tip, but is having trouble finding someone to craft it for her.

Give me a holler back! Thanks!

Edit: All taken care of thank you!

6 thoughts on “LF Leatherworker, Kael’thas-Alliance-US!

  1. @Urak: most realm forums have a sticky where crafters can list the patterns they have available. Not always up to date but worth a look.


  2. Hehe, you nailed it with that comment, Kayeri!

    Cassie’s first words upon equipping the chestpiece was a shriek of dismay at its, um… appearance.

    Followed by “Now I always have to wear my tabard.”


  3. Wow, glad it was taken care of before I saw this, because I would have been sad that I was unable to help due to my LW being on a different server.. lol

    Grats, Cassie! My rogue (the LW btw) LOVES that thing… 🙂 It’s got nice stats on it, and I’ll admit freely that the uh….. display doesnt bother her in the least, because if anyone tries anything, she’ll just chop their fingers off immediately… ::chuckle:: Rhi is kind of an interesting sort to have among my toons….


  4. I was looking for a pattern for my Tree the other day and it took me a week of spamming trade chat to find someone to make it for me. There needs to be some site that has all the patterns on a realm listed. BBB had the right idea though. 🙂


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