Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

I wish everyone a wonderful Saint Patrick’s Day today, wherever you may be,  and wherever you may be from.

Here in the United States, it’s an interesting occasion, as a lot of folks consider it an excuse to get drunk and act the fool, without any appreciat for or understanding of what the heck it’s supposedly all about.

I ain’t gonna get into any of that “What it’s all about” stuff meself, since you either know already, or you most likely dinnae care.

I heard one statistic this morning on the way in to work that the population of Ireland, where, like, actual Irish people live, is around 4.5 million, while the number of Americans that consider themselves Irish-American, or of Irish descent and are proud enough of it to mark such on their census/statistics forms numbers over 35 million.

So… are we Ireland in exile? Or just a whole bunch of people that wished we were more exotic than we actually are?

“Oh, I’m not JUST an American… I’m an IRISH American! I’m different! I’m a special little snowflake!”

Yep, just like the other 34 million, 999 thousand, 999 people.

And I’m one of ’em!

Today, in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day, I shall spend the day not in wild drunken debauchery, but instead involved in a more subdued, yet still honest series of micro-actions. Kinda like my own subversive, anti-establishment version of observance.

First, I am not “wearing green”, as the tradition over here goes. Instead, under my uniform shirt, I am wearing my “Irish Brigade” t-shirt that I bought while visiting Gettysburg a couple of years ago. It’s quite tasteful, and I love it dearly.

Second, I shall take home with me a very small quantity of the Guinness, and tonight, after Alex is in bed and sleeping the sleep of the innocent, I shall drink it while enjoying that awesome classic film, “The Quiet Man” on DvD.

Ah, I do love that movie, and it’s entirely different pace. The fact it includes the most awesomest battle sequence on the planet is just a bonus.

Yes, “most awesomest” is a real phrase. Well, at least it should be.

I’d like to attribute my more relaxed enjoyment of the day as being a reflection on how I’m getting more mature as I get older… but I think I’m just boring. 🙂

It’s been a long, long time since I spent Saint Patrick’s Day on River Street in Savannah, Georgia, getting completely obliterated and having an insane time. A long time, and lot of water under the bridge.

To any Marines that stagger down to River Street this week for the festivities, or for anyone anywhere that takes a few moments to enjoy the day in some special way, Sláinte!

Saint Patrick was a gentleman,
Who through strategy and stealth,
Drove all the snakes from Ireland,
Here’s a toasting to his health.

But not too many toastings
Lest you lose yourself and then
Forget the good Saint Patrick
And see all those snakes again.

‘Beannachtam na Feile Padraig!’
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

15 thoughts on “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

  1. Happy St. Patty’s to ya BBB!

    I too am a longtime fan of ‘The Quiet Man’. That fight scene is hysterical! I love all the fabulous characters in that film. It is a simple family film, but it has so many levels to it. Good humor, good values, and a snapshot into a simpler time. Ahhhh…


  2. Oh man, St. Pat’s in Savannah. Boy do I remember those days well. No, really, I remember them, because I was working all that week, since it was Spring Break at Savannah College of Art & Design, and I had a job at a gift shop (thankfully not on River Street but still downtown). So alas, no drinking for me! But oh, the porta-potties as far as the eye could see!


  3. Happy St. Patty’s Day to the Bear, and all the other Bears and Bear lovers, or readers of this blog!!

    I’m in a particular mood this St. Patty’s Day, maybe we need to do away with the Chuck Norris stuff, and put in BBB to that kind of legend status 😛


    “Crop circles are from BBB’s swipe, letting the world know that sometimes corn just needs to lay the F@#% down!!” I don’t know. Weird mood, seems funny in my head. Maybe there is a way to work it into a story or a best of post 😛

    Happy St. Patricks Day all!!!!


  4. I’ll be the opposing view, commonly known as a “blanket which holds much moisture”. My ancestry is Irish on both sides of my family, but I regard myself as just American. I’m 4 generations removed from Ireland, I have no ties to it. But that isn’t why I find this day literally offensive — even beyond the foolish drunks! Hell, I drink everyday, I don’t need an occasion! (Ok, maybe that is a tie to my ancestry…) The offensive part to me is that this day is really a celebration of religious persecution, of when the Christians essentially wiped out the native religions of Ireland, namely the druids (ie, the “snakes”). I’m just not at ease with that.


  5. On the subject of maturity….

    Your plans sound awesome, and I hope your day goes as well as (or better than) planned! I’m in my mid-thirties, and I don’t have the desire to parade around in a green, drunken celebration of “Irish-ness” either. Personally, I like your mix of maturity and humor… since when does humor equal immaturity, and mature equal boring? It’s BS, in my opinion, so don’t think that way! Keep being exactly who you are.

    Wearing your “Irish Brigade” t-shirt is tops, btw.
    .-= Russ´s last blog ..Mydnas is no longer a baby druid =-.


  6. Calling that fight scene a battle scene is perfectly appropriate. A better performance by The Duke than the Rooster Cogburn stints in my opinion. He was only better in “The Cowboys”. I don’t have “The Quiet Man” on DVD, just VHS, and I’m not gonna hook up the VCR even if I could find it. I’ll substitute with Rattle and Hum. I’m Irish and Texan, so I definitely have an inflated sense of the genetic specialness you were talking about. Both of my girls are named for characters in Leon Uris’ “Trinity” or the sequel, “Redemption” and their middle names are for specific defenders of the Alamo. Seeing as this is one of the very few battles I have ever won with the spouse, I am quite certain it will bite me in the ass at some point.


  7. Have you considered adding the green stripe to your fur to celebrate? I think I’d actually be happier if there was an option to have all-green fur rather than the icky looking stripe.


  8. “Wipe your feet!” Lol, my husband and I love the Quiet Man. He often says, “So you’re not a woman to be honked at and come a running.”


  9. March 1999 – I was stationed at NORAD in Colorado Springs, CO. Me and some buddies took the day off for St. Patricks Day festivities. The Irish bars opened at 6am to start the fun. I woke up the next morning with a strange girl I never met before in my shirt…..that I was still wearing. Body heat on a chilly night in Colorado is a wonderful thing. 🙂


  10. Between the potato famine, and the changes in land-holdings, yep, there’s definitely more Irish descendants outside of the Emerald Isle.

    Enjoy the movie, and wishing you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    .-= Windsoar´s last blog ..Welcome Back… Ha! =-.


  11. Though I am not of Irish descent, I did marry into a family of partially Irish descent. I celebrate by consuming massive quantities of corned beef over the course of several weeks. Last year, I think I ate around 10 pounds by myself, since my husband doesn’t care for it.
    I think I may have to pick up on your “The Quiet Man” tradition. I love that movie, though without my dad and brother to quote along (and get super amped up during the brawl), it’s just not the same.
    Enjoy your Guinness!


  12. I’m 22 and I have yet to get “Sulfurion Slammed” (heh, wow humor…) during St Patrick’s Day.

    Does that make me old?? =((


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