More tanking comparisons

But this time, not from me!

Our friends over at The Wayward Initiative write some very good articles, and earlier this weekend Brokentree, one of the troika wrote his own take on all four tanking classes, from the point of view of someone who has played them all to some extent.

I hope you’ll head on over, check out his thoughts on the different classes, and either show your appreciation or share your own insights, whichever your inclination leads you towards.

Thanks, Brokentree!

And a quick shoutout to Fallenleaves, for dropping in and saying hi over the weekend, and for the link to Shaman tanks. It’s nice to know that no matter what I do, there must be a tanking option somewhere.

6 thoughts on “More tanking comparisons

  1. wait… i want a step by step of how to gear to tank as a shammy >.>

    i miss shammy tanking… UBRS was good times


  2. i have played the 4 Tanking classes at 80, done raids with them all, and i have to say i have enjoyed the warrior a lot, i wanted to explain but someone else at elitists jerks forums (jone) made a good point about it and explained it way better than i can do, all i can say is that i feel somehow that the druid bear class lost its prestige, and the almighty feeling about being bear .

    the link is here to the details about it :


  3. Thanks for the link – I’m working on a baby paladin (well, he’s 71, so not really a “baby” anymore) and this was a really great read.

    I hope I didn’t muddle up the comments too much w/re to the druid rotation. 🙂


  4. Another few weeks and I’ll have “all 4 tanking classes at 80”.

    Of course, I would actually have to tank on my Druid before I could make such a comparison. 🙂


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