On the Importance of Meaning

Before I get to the post, a pre-postial cordial.

I love doing things like that.

That what?

I love intentionally coming up with post titles that are descriptive, reasonably accurate… and pretentious as all hell. Intentionally arrogant and all full of itself. I mean, come on, look at that title up there. I swear, that makes me laugh my ass off. “On the Importance of Meaning.” It just screams, “Good lord, you don’t half take yourself too seriously, mate. Get a grip and get over yourself. What a pretentious idiot!”

Puts a big old bear grin on my face. 🙂

I ride a fine line on this blog, and my approach, at least where I’m coming from, might not be apparent at first.

I’m irreverent, I take liberties, I joke around a lot. I play with ways of messing with words and getting ideas across.

The thing is, and it may not always come across, but I respect the blog, and I respect you, the readers. I take the blog, and you, seriously. I don’t take the idea that folks read the blog for granted. It continuously surprises the heck out of me that you’re here, but I don’t take you for granted. I try not to bore you with whatever my latest fascination happens to be, or whatever I happen to be doing, unless I think there is an actual point that could be made out of it.

I just don’t take MYSELF seriously. I can’t possibly juxtapose the idea of me, Big Bear with the Butt, and a stuffed shirt, pretentious, posturing pseudo-intellectual poofter. 

I’m just this dude, ya’know?

After all, I KNOW me. 🙂

I like to think that, if someone were to read the blog for a while, they’d also get to know me. I try to be pretty honest, write what I think and how I think it, share what I’m really like.

As Larísa might say, My mind to your mind. My thoughts to your thoughts.***

Those of you that don’t run screaming from the room after reading this blog for a while, well, I suppose that means you like me! You really like me! 

See? I slipped right into pretentious sarcasm mode! I can’t help it! It just makes me laugh my butt off whenever I start taking myself seriously. I go from being serious to quoting Sally Fields. Sally Fields!

Somebody get this Bear a chicken wing! Stat!

And now that my pre-post is longer than most people’s idea of a normal post, let’s get to some content. Or something.



No, we’re actually going to post the post-post instead of the pre-post tomorrow…

Because I’m a devious evil bastard, and I ‘m still enjoying letting all the ideas I’ve got behind “On the importance of meaning” run through my head, and I bet if I leave it until tomorrow morning to percolate, it’ll be even yummier.

Hmmm. That makes me a tease, doesn’t it? Sweet!

***(Notice how I got that little squiggle over the “i” right? Eh? Fancy, eh?)

10 thoughts on “On the Importance of Meaning

  1. BBB you can tease all you want, we’ll be here to egg you on and see what the tease was all about (when you’re ready of course).


  2. First of all any blog that regularly references Terry Pratchett novels is “Full of Win” as the cool kids say. I’ve been coming to your blog for ages, and in fact your “there’s no crying in Kara” posting was at one time required reading for new members of our guild. It was funny, but also brought out that sense of exasperation that you can have with raiding.

    I actually come here less for the game mechanics stuff. I’ve been working on a kitty dps toon (good lord the horror, my main is a paladin and WHAT is with all the THINKING I suddenly have to do?) and I really did end up following elitist jerks on suggestions on how to play it. What I get from here is someone who puts in print some of the things I feel about the game. It’s like having a coffee with a friend and going “how bout that buff to Mangle eh? Pretty cool huh?” Even the recent post you did on pugging and people watching, that’s TOTALLY how I roll pugs even before you suggested it. I break out the /popcorn and watch humanity at its worst/best. (Incidentally, the lower the level the more the humor)

    So feel free to drift aimlessly if it keeps you happy. Some of us will float along with you and if we’re not into what you have to say we can always click on the next link during our morning coffee.


  3. I firmly believe that the silly next to the serious brings value to both, “propriety” be damned. 😀 There’s value in silliness and no matter how serious, one should be able to laugh.

    And like Ursinus, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve gotten so wrapped up in the preface to a comment that I totally lose track of where I was going, which is why blogging is so much better for avoiding (or relishing and taking advantage of!) that kind of thing than talking is.
    .-= Awaane´s last blog ..Racism should be like stepping on someone’s foot =-.


  4. I have grown to greatly appreciate the lighthearted aspect of some of your blogs. I know occasionally people gripe about getting off topic, but to be honest, if I just wanted to read about game mechanics, I would read the elitist jerks forums from page one to page what-ever-it-stops-at. If I wanted to read about game updates, I would read the patch notes (which I make a habit of anyways). I read different blogs to get other peoples take on different aspects of the game and how they play their various roles. So I say, thank you for your posts and I am happy to see the sarcasm slip out, and all I have to say is MORE BACON.

    – Wikid


  5. I guess that does make you a tease… But if we dedicated readers minded that, well, we wouldn’t be dedicated readers, now would we? 😉 Can’t wait for your percolated thoughts, Bear!


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