Azriaga of Hellscream – guild ninja failsauce

Congratulations, Azriaga of Hellscream.

Instead of telling us you were leaving the guild, like a mature adult would, or stealth quitting like a person afraid of confrontation would, you logged in, took 18 Frozen Orbs and an epic tanking ring worth 1400g out of the guild bank, and then server transferred out of the guild without a word to any officers. Or anyone else, for that matter.

Yes, congratulations indeed. You have served to reinforce a lot of my feelings about playing with people, lately.

You asshole.

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  1. Okay, on a *completely* unrelated note. How the hell is she a tuskarr? ’cause that’s what armory shows. Tuskarr Death Knight. wtf?


  2. If you really think this was intentional, you can also put in a ticket. This happened in my guild, and taking things from the GV and gqutting is against TOS and bannable I believe. If this person WAS hacked, it is likely Blizz will figure it out, but even more, they might be able to replace what was taken. My guild got most of the items back. Good luck.


  3. With your bank being left open as it is, be careful. As my friends guild found out they had a hacker that posed as a player just to get that invite to the guild. Once they did that they went and inspected the bank to see what was in there. It was guild espionage but luckily they have their vault locked down. Coincidentally their guild members started getting hacked. Who ever would have thought that cloak and dagger techniques would be used in a game?


  4. Very sorry to hear about that. I know I’d be really ticked off. In the scheme of all things, it’s not the items that were taken, it’s the trust that was betrayed. It’s pretty obvious he wasn’t hacked from his behavior.

    I used to run a fairly large guild back in Burning Crusade and we had a rule of removing anyone that was inactive for over three months unless they notified us they’d be gone for awhile. With a lot of members it was really hard to know what was going on otherwise. I do remember handling some irate people that came back after not playing for several months but my response was if you didn’t notify the guild, how else are we to know if you left for good or not?
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  5. Always good to visit your site. Sorry I have not been on Kael’thas in some time (and figure I’m guild-less by now!).

    Definitely do a GM ticket on this. As soon as they see the log and the fact that the person jetted-out, they will likely take action. Trust me, in cases where users are doing stupid things like this (fraud), they want to set an example. It will be difficult for that player to claim being hacked since they may even have authenticator (plus, hackers don’t leave anything – gear, etc.).

    P.S. Is this the same guy that got “hacked” about half a year ago and a bunch of us crafted items until he could get his stuff back?


  6. We tend to be fairly flexible – if we have a long term member stop logging in, we leave them in the guild roster for a longer time than those who only popped on once or twice. But I’ve become a little more realistic over the years and simply have said that, if I remove someone from the guild for being afk for months, and they want back in, they can simply let us know and as long as they’ve not had a previously bad past record, they can re-join. However, they do rejoin at the bottom rank, which means no access to the vault, until they have been back a number of weeks (and played regularly). So it is worth their while letting us know and keeping us informed if they’re away for any reason, but plan to come back.


  7. Solid, you’ve got a very good point. But, you see, when people go long afk for a while, if I don’t actually hear from them, I tend to run with the idea that real life took them from us. We’ve had people that went overseas in the military, for example, and when they said they were going to be gone, I simply added a note that they’d be gone, and that way we didn’t accidentally remove them for being afk for 11 months. 🙂

    There have been other people that we leave, who post frequently about all the other wonderful things they’re doing, the other games they play, the other servers they raid on, and when we see that, we do remove them, for the same reasons you say; they have shown they don’t want to play here, and aren’t concerned with chatting with us either for long, long stretches of time. They’ve moved and, and so do we.

    But when someone just goes silent, and afk from guild, and we never know what may have happened, then we try to leave things alone for a long time. Something may always have come up.

    Cassie is more the realist of the two of us, saying that if someone doesn’t log in for a couple months and not even posted in the forums, that it’s time to cut the ties and move on. Usually (I refuse to admit always) she’s proven right. I just walk around with my head in the clouds and hate letting go.


  8. “This is, sadly, not the first time this situation came up with Az….”
    “someone I thought was a very good friend in the virtual world”

    I’m sorry BBB but these just don’t add up.
    If a person went AFK without any contact for several months I would definitely stop considering him a friend, unless he had a *really good* RL reason. Even if he got hacked, don’t his friends deserve to hear from him? Do you not have a guild forum? Could he not roll a level 1 toon just to give you an update?
    Maybe you thought you knew him from before, but considering his behavior, you should have been more careful with your trust in him.
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  9. So sorry to hear this bbb. If you guys (and the remaining guildies) ever want to transfer to a new home, my guild in kul-tiras would love to have you. The GL’s a co-worker of mine.

    Guild bank raiders really tick me off, when I ran Force Of Steel back in BC, My GL toon was targeted by a scammer trying to get in and get access. Brusaoiri is my main hunter, and was the GL there, I was actually playing a different toon much of the time. Was in one of my bored with huntards moods. So, my little gnome mage was poking around.

    One of my officers messaged me saying that this person “brusaoiribank” wanted to join the guild, and was saying he was the GL’s banktoon. My officer knew quite well, that I already had a toon named brusbank, as that was (in the days before blizzard gave it to us) my guild bank, bank toon. I solved the problem by waking up the sleeping hunter, and confronting the faker. I then had to send a message to all the officers about people claiming to be me.
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  10. TL;DR version – I don’t give a shit, I’m just pissed that, once again, someone I thought was a very good friend in the virtual world turns out to be someone I didn’t know at all.


  11. Oh, the guild is pretty much dead. Most everyone left a while ago. No, we only have 3 or 4 people left that log in, including me, and I had put the guild bank as wide open to everyone, to take anything. After all, with only 3 or 4 people, why bother worrying about the pixels?

    No, Az had been gone for a lone time, returned to the game only in the last week or so (at least on our server), checked in, said a few things about their health, and then last night I happened to be farting around and looked at the guild bank, which is full on almost every single tab. Herbs, enchanting mats, high level blues, everything.

    Cassie happened to notice that it showed Az as taking the entire stack of Frozen Orbs, and the only epic tanking ring that happened to be in there, and she wondered why the heck someone that had been gone from the game for 6 months needed 18 orbs all of a sudden. That’s when we checked the guild roster, and found his character gone.

    Thanks to the joys of Blizzard’s current guild management system, you don’t get any notice in the log if someone server or faction transfered away. If you don’t specifically know to look for their character name, you’ll never even know they’re gone. I really hope they fix that crap in the future changes. I’d love to be able to actually get an accurate notice when people change names or leave the guild, no matter what method they choose.

    This is, sadly, not the first time this situation came up with Az. A long time ago, his toons all left the guild abrubtly. A while later, the Az toon came back and asked to be admitted back into the guild, claiming that he had been hacked and they had server transferred him, and it took him months to decide to come back. Now here we are, months and months later and he’s been afk for a long time, and within a week of returning to a dead guild, he’s gone again… and he emailed Cassie very angry last night to tell her that he’d been hacked again, and when Blizz restored his account he had them server transfer him to Hellscream where his wife and child also play.

    Apparently, he forgot he’d used the “I got hacked” excuse before, or thought we didn’t keep track of these things. Or maybe he did get hacked, and the ninja that hacked him decided to take a ring and 18 orbs, and leave everything else alone, when his character had the power to take 10 stacks from every single full tab if he’d wished, being able to take at least 200g of vendor value blues from one tab alone if he’d wished.

    What a kind ninja.

    I agree, there is always a lot more to any story. This is more to this story, and it is still only my side of it, or Cassie’s or whatever. Fact is, i’ve been hacked before, as Az claimed he was. What was my very very first act when Authenticators came out? To buy two instantly, camping the Blizz store, and to trumpet them on my blog as if from a high mountain. Apparently, Az never felt the need for an authenticator after having been hacked himself. Really?

    Whatever. Was he hacked the first time, or was it just server transfer boredom? Did he really get hacked this time and the ninja didn’t actually want any money? Or did he log in, see how dead our guild was, decide to server transfer to his wife’s and child’s server, and grabbed a couple high ticket useful items on the way out?

    Doesn’t matter. From his own email last night, he made it clear that whatever happened, he chose to server transfer of his own free will to where the rest of his family has always played, and he didn’t let any of us know. He claims it was because he’d been hacked, but if that is true, he also didn’t bother letting any of us know that our guild bank might have been plundered by a ninja, since if that is true, he would have had no way of knowing that the ninja only took two stacks, right? As far as he would have known, the ninja cleaned us compeltely out. But nope, he didn’t come back to make an alt to email us in game, he didn’t leave a forum mail to let us know he’d been hacked, nothing.

    No, Cassie and I are 100% confident about what happened, and he’s very, very pissed to have been caught in the middle and called out for it.

    And I don’t give a shit. I’m just pissed that, once again, someone I thought was a very good friend in the virtual world turns out to be someone I didn’t know at all.


  12. Wow, I just looked her up on Armory. From what she’s wearing, you’re well rid of her anyhow. What an eclectic blend of gear. Love the tank piece mixed in with the mediocre blues.


  13. The good news is that a true smacktard is gone from your midst and it only cost you some orbs and a ring to find out. Now that he’s gone, celebrate the freedom you now have! Relish in the thought that yet another of the relatively few true idiots that infest the game are no longer near you.

    I used to stress over people like this until I realized something. I know quite a few people in the game. If I have, say, 100 friends that I play with on a regular or even semi-regular basis, and one turns out to be a tard……1% is actually a better rate than most people find in their workplace.

    Buck up, Butt. You now have a better guild than you did before, and that person is now advertised. Hopefully that will keep him from screwing someone else over.


  14. I agree with Kalacios. I would assume that if they got hacked by a gold seller, the transfer would serve to get that gold to the server where it is needed, so cost might not be an issue. But they’d still lose as much of their gear as the hacker could sell, up to all of it if the toon happened to be an enchanter as well.

    Sorry that had to happen to ya, BBB. 😦


  15. Seriously? That’s just rude! How can a person act like that? Internet anonymity really does bring the worst out in some people. Luckily most aren’t like this. True douchebags are few and far between in my experience. This one takes the cake.
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  16. My initial thought was that they may have been hacked, but if you check the armory page they still have their gear on, I would imagine they’d have been stripped and had all their stuff sold off if they had been hacked (this is what happened when my wife’s account was hacked).

    Sounds like a lovely person! Like others have said, it’s not necessarily the fact that they’ve taken this virtual property which essentially is just pixels (although I do think there is some value to that – people have put effort into obtaining that stuff) but the fact that someone you thought you could trust would just up and do this out of the blue.

    In game rating system or a website where people could post about these people sounds good, but I think would easily be open to abuse.
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  17. Rowtan, I have been pushing that for a year now in the suggestions forums! Well whenever they started paid transfers and name changes. It’s hard to keep track of the dbags if they can name change, server swap or faction swap…. or all three!


  18. Usually, if someone was hacked, they end up with their toons being stripped too. And I can only assume that there were free transfers on your server, otherwise he has had to pay real money in order to carry out his hit n run – more fool him.

    I do think it’s about time Blizzard installed some sort of rating system attached (permanently, so no realm hopping to get away from it) to peoples accounts. Just something like a “vote up or down” type thing that some blogs use. It would obviously have to be a fairly huge range – you don’t want people getting a bad score simply because they pissed a few idiots off. Then if they applied to a guild, or tried to pug a group, there would always be an option to refuse membership or to be part of the group, based on that rating. Or even a centralised website where people could share names of ninjas, so they could all be used on ignore lists …


  19. Hey there,

    try to write a GM ticket. After this happened in our guild we managed to get the stuff back. We’ve lost much more tho – 3 GB slots full of mats and epics were gone.
    Now we locked down the GB, only 1 slot is still free to use by all the members.

    There is a webpage with database of ninja looter and GB robbers, but unfortunately I’m unable to find it atm. Anyway you can track down the character even tho he changed his name and realm – f.e.:


  20. I was going to say this, but Katie beat me to it.

    Still, it’s a possibility that he was hacked. A guildie of mine got hacked, and all of his officer-ranked toons took out quite a bit from our guild bank, and the hacker then transferred a couple away and deleted several others. He had only a handful of naked toons left.

    While I totally understand your frustration, we just don’t know the whole story yet.


  21. @ katie-
    hacking is a possibility, but from experience, a hacker would have taken a lot more (the entire bank, if they could). That’s what happened to my sister, when she got hacked, which is why we both got our authenticators.
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  22. Strikes me add just a totally poor thing to do. I feel for you. Its not the item value, or the potential slow down that somebody might have needed that stuff; its the betrayal of trust.

    But please don’t let that taint the overall game too much – there are a stack of great people out there too (maybe they are hiding though)!
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  23. Eh, I’ve never been one to care about purple pixels or digital money. it’s there and unlocked for people to take and use.

    It’s that someone does some crap like that intentionally, after they sucker you into thinking that they’re a nice person, that gets my goat.


  24. Ugh, sadlyu this is why guild banks need locking down 😦 there are just too many people who are arseholes out there. And you think you know them betgter as well


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