Betwixt and Between

I’ve been having fun doing a bit of this, a bit of that, and a bit of the other for quite some time now.

As it happens, though, I’ve been feeling mighty bored without an actual goal to plan for. Something to be preparing for and looking forward to over the course of the week.

I’ve done the leveling a Profession route, twice now in the last few weeks. I brought my Shaman from nothing to almost max in both Alchemy and Enchanting in record time. That was a nice diversion.

And of course, there is having the Shaman herself, leveling, gearing, learning to play in groups.

And there are always alts, to mess about with and have fun.

Still, there is that part of the game I do miss, and that is playing with a group of intelligent, skilled people who care, who have a good sense of humor, and who all get together to tackle big challenges.

PUGs doing random Heroics just doesn’t cut it.

Sure, you get some Emblems, and you get some stuff to sell or disenchant, but I don’t play for that. I play in groups to have fun with other people. I really don’t get much satisfaction out of most group runs in random PUGs. The best I can look forward to is a run where I can say that ‘such-and-so’ player was really nice. And then regret they’re not on my server to chat with or group with in the future.

It becomes most apparent when I do a run like I did last night, with friends on another faction, and be reminded of what it’s like to run around with people you know who give a shit. Guess what? Everyone in my group last night had under 5k gearscore. One had just dinged his warlock to 80. They also worked better together and did a far better job of clearing Utgardt Keep smoothly than any group of random mismatched PUG idiots in 5200+ GS I’ve seen in months.

What I love most is my Druid, and what I’d like to do is be in a place where I can actually do something once a week with that mythical group of intelligent, skilled people who care and have a sense of humor. A weekly Ulduar, or Naxx, or something to look forward to, where you can anticipate rising to the occasion and doing something significant.

I’ve got a friend who does raid a lot each week, and he simply PUGs them. He seems to enjoy it, but as I said, I’m pretty much done with PUGs as a way to have rewarding, enjoyable game experiences.

I’m at the point now that I am contemplating doing a server or faction change on my Druid, going off the reservation to join another group of folks that would have an open spot once a week for a Druid tank or healer.

Will it happen? I have no idea. I’ve not actually got any offers sitting on my plate, after all. But it’s something I really am thinking strongly about, and have been for quite some time.

And I’ll admit… I wonder sometimes what it would be like to have a Tauren Druid. I like Taurens. 🙂


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  1. Infinite Destruction on Mug’thol is ALWAYS looking for tanks and heals, and quite frankly, I think they’ve been spoiled by having me tank for ’em…lol. We are a group of players that have been gaming together for almost 2 years in some cases, and almost a year for most others. Many of us leveled toons together (alts became mains and vice-versa) and we all like to BS and have fun. Language? Well, that can get salty at times, but we mean well. I know what you mean about growing Guilds and gearing people out. We currently have a group that is working on ICC progression, and while we may not be pro, we are at least competent. 😀

    One of your commenters asked how Warstomp would work in PvE for Taurens and it doesn’t. It shifts you back to humanoid for which, when tanking, is a VERY bad thing…
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  2. We have a nice casual 10-man guild on Uldaman-A that raids twice a week, but on pacific time…we don’t even start until 11pm for your central folks, sorry 😦

    I just wanted to add that the big thing I’m worried about for small guilds that are sticking together for 10-man content now is that the guild leveling system in Cataclysm will really encourage people to switch to larger ones. It may not…we don’t have details yet…it’s just a nagging fear that we’ll either be pressured into recruiting another 10 people or that we’ll start to lose people to bigger, higher level guilds. Hopefully it won’t be a problem, it’s just the current dark shadow lurking in my mind.
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  3. One thought would be to start an alt on some different servers (both sides) and run them to a major city to check out the AH and the trade chat to get some feel for the server in general. Cassie might do the same for a different perspective as well, since I’m sure she’d be a big part of whatever decision you make. Who knows, you may spontaneously decide to level one too, meet some new people and find yourself with that refreshing perspective. If you do decide to change scenery on your BBB, I also heartily recommend when evaluating any new guild group to look not just at their raiding accomplishments, but also at how much variety they enjoy in the game.

    It’s amazing what a relaxed group of friends can manage 1-2 nights a week when it comes to raiding (ICC even) and I’ve found myself in a guild doing just that. Also, since we are a small group a friends with a variety of interests and alts, raids, heroics, alt runs, bg pvp, achievements, and random silly stuff can break out at anytime. If there was ever a concern about offers to join a guild, I’m extending one right now, not that plenty of others haven’t gotten there first.

    Like others have said a change of scenery in a group of like minded folks can make a wonderful difference to your enjoyment of the game. Good Luck BBB!


  4. wow… the last 3 or 4 blog entries have all been screaming at me to reply, but I get too long winded when something really strikes me and don’t like taking up too much space. Gonna do it this time though.

    I am a pugger, or I was since most of my little guild hates it and I wanted to raid a little more back when ToC was new. Now, thanks to frost emblems and triumph badges and 5 man’s dropping 232 gear, we can run it as a guild for the most part. Well, the first wing anyway. I still pug VoA and any 25 mans that I want to do, but got into a sort of co-op of people from small guilds that don’t want to leave them running 25 man ICC. I have a pretty high tolerance for idiots, ignorance and mistakes, but asshats typing in caps or bashing players unnecessarily and I just quit, screw the lockout. I am constantly appalled at how I am percieved in game because my gearscore is high. It’s insulting to be complimented by asshats I have never run with and equally as bad being called elitist from people I have never seen before.

    I love my guild. No, it isn’t perfect. 5-8 core players, 4-6 regular players and a ton of alts and inactive accounts. We run ICC or ToC or whatever on Sunday nights after all the kids are in bed, and fill a spot or two with friends or people who need the achievement or don’t have the “gearscore” to pug it regularly if we need to. The only real ways to get kicked are by a) Mentioning our guild in trade chat, especially with any mention of recruiting or raiding or b) being an asshole. Yeah, like everyone who reads your blog, you and Cassie are most definitely welcome. A lot of us are married folks. And honestly, I get enough of a sense of who you are from here, (like everyone who keeps reading here, I’m sure) to have no reservations about bringing y’all in and feeling like you would love Nex Dom as well. You have my e-mail (or at least I used it to post here), so contact me that way if you are interested at all. I don’t wanna post too much about my guild here, I feel bad enough taking up this much space on someone else’s blog, but would absolutely be upfront about anything and everything you would want to know. Hell, just come hang out with us in vent if ya want to.

    Lastly, you are easily geared for ICC 10. Especially with the 10% buff starting this week. I get invited to run with a guild that was once upon a time one of the top raiding guilds in the world, but now has to pug a couple for 10 mans. They are fantastic people, and really, really good at the game. The only other “legendary bear” that I had ever heard of came back to the game for a bit, and with lower gear than Windshadow (at least from the last time I armoried her and she wasn’t a tree), and never having seen a video or having even been in ICC tanked for us. This was before the buff too. Yeah, he didn’t think he had the gear, didn’t want to be carried, was scrambling to tankspot, had never heard of DBM and was very humble about them “forcing” him to go. The regular tank logged in his under-geared tree and we went in hoping to maybe kill Saurfang. We ended up killing Putricide for the first time, after 8 wipes the week before. It was one of the most fun nights I’ve ever had in this game. People that know how to play their class and just as importantly, know how to have fun playing it bring the whole group to another level. Especially, like your blog entry from the other day mentioned, if they are a tank and know how to lead.


  5. BBB – dependent on the guild, 1-2 nights a week is plenty for raiding ICC (especially 10 man). My (somewhat dysfunctional) guild runs ICC 10 one night a week, with an occasional second night. On that one night, we’re currently knocking out 6/12 in about 2 hours, and there’s a good chance we’ll get 7/12 down tonight.

    The big thing is that people need to be focused, skilled, and have a good raid leader.


  6. I think you would be a perfect fit for the guild that I am in BBB. It is an all Tauren guild called the Thunderhoof Clan. We are not heavy into any aspect of the game, but we do make plans to raid a couple nights a week, and we have many guild events that take place all the time. Some of us also pvp quite a bit, and I think you should check out that aspect of the game as well. Anyways come check out our guild website and see if we might be a good fit for you . Post in the general forum and ask away with any questions you might have.


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