Betwixt and Between

I’ve been having fun doing a bit of this, a bit of that, and a bit of the other for quite some time now.

As it happens, though, I’ve been feeling mighty bored without an actual goal to plan for. Something to be preparing for and looking forward to over the course of the week.

I’ve done the leveling a Profession route, twice now in the last few weeks. I brought my Shaman from nothing to almost max in both Alchemy and Enchanting in record time. That was a nice diversion.

And of course, there is having the Shaman herself, leveling, gearing, learning to play in groups.

And there are always alts, to mess about with and have fun.

Still, there is that part of the game I do miss, and that is playing with a group of intelligent, skilled people who care, who have a good sense of humor, and who all get together to tackle big challenges.

PUGs doing random Heroics just doesn’t cut it.

Sure, you get some Emblems, and you get some stuff to sell or disenchant, but I don’t play for that. I play in groups to have fun with other people. I really don’t get much satisfaction out of most group runs in random PUGs. The best I can look forward to is a run where I can say that ‘such-and-so’ player was really nice. And then regret they’re not on my server to chat with or group with in the future.

It becomes most apparent when I do a run like I did last night, with friends on another faction, and be reminded of what it’s like to run around with people you know who give a shit. Guess what? Everyone in my group last night had under 5k gearscore. One had just dinged his warlock to 80. They also worked better together and did a far better job of clearing Utgardt Keep smoothly than any group of random mismatched PUG idiots in 5200+ GS I’ve seen in months.

What I love most is my Druid, and what I’d like to do is be in a place where I can actually do something once a week with that mythical group of intelligent, skilled people who care and have a sense of humor. A weekly Ulduar, or Naxx, or something to look forward to, where you can anticipate rising to the occasion and doing something significant.

I’ve got a friend who does raid a lot each week, and he simply PUGs them. He seems to enjoy it, but as I said, I’m pretty much done with PUGs as a way to have rewarding, enjoyable game experiences.

I’m at the point now that I am contemplating doing a server or faction change on my Druid, going off the reservation to join another group of folks that would have an open spot once a week for a Druid tank or healer.

Will it happen? I have no idea. I’ve not actually got any offers sitting on my plate, after all. But it’s something I really am thinking strongly about, and have been for quite some time.

And I’ll admit… I wonder sometimes what it would be like to have a Tauren Druid. I like Taurens. 🙂


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  1. What Rahl says… If you have all of your T9 and a few Frost pieces you’d be good to go in ICC, for the first 4 bosses at any rate. And the zone just got buffed to 10% bonuses, so your health is going to be way up there.

    In regards to the move, I know it’s a very hard choice; I did it myself last year, moved from horde to alliance and to a different server to boot. I deliberately stayed unguilded and jumped into a few pugged raids. I quietly did my thing and ended up getting a few guild invites at the end of the runs. I would run with the guild for a bit, and mentally have them “on trial”. I was less looking for the best of the best, and more a fun group to play with. I also needed a place where my much more casual wife could putt around without being hassled. Took a while, but I can tell you that for all the asshats you’re running into, there ARE people out there who think the same way you do. There ARE people who will pass on loot or a raid spot for a night so that someone else gets a shot. There ARE people that will show up on time for a raid with all their consumables ready to go. I’m now in a guild that raids 3-4 times per week, there’s a good portion of women in the guild and I brought in my wife, brother and two best friends. So it’s not impossible, the game can be fun.

    And like I said before I’ve been coming to this site for quite some time. The one thing that always amazed me was that you weren’t further ahead in your raiding, and that’s not meant to be an insult. Your advice has helped several druid tanks that I’ve pointed this way, so your skill set is actually really quite good, you’re more than capable of the boss mechanics in the bigger raids. And being a Bear tank in the ICC airship battle is just too much fun to miss; you need to show your son you bouncing around with a rocket pack on yer butt.


  2. BBB = Regarding Icecrown.

    Im in a small close nit guild. We did a little Naxx when Uld was out and did a little Uld when ToC was out. Weve only recently started taking ICC seriously and do 1 night a week with the odd extra night thrown in once a month or so for progression. Its entirely possible to do ICC this way and have lots of fun!

    As long as you have all your triumph (Badge) gear and the odd piece of frosty gear you can more than happily start tanking ICC its as simple as that. Its just a question of finding some right minded people (and judging by the invites and comments here there are plenty who would welcome you!) who can help with tacts and be patient while you learn the encounters.

    Give it a go and get up off that bear arse of yours! 😉



  3. I’d love to have you along with us, but we’re all horde and on a european server.

    I think you’d like playing a tauren though 🙂 My main is a tauren druid and I love playing him – and have gotten so much help from your website.

    And the gear requirement for ICC 10 isn’t that bad – I’m tanking it with 4 pieces of t9, my gearscore is under 5k, and the healers aren’t screaming at me 🙂 And we’re sticking to 2 raid nights a week as plenty of folks have outside/family commitments – better to have a happy group of raiders who are having fun than people worrying about what else they should be doing.

    Hope it all works out for you and Cassie.


  4. You know when you have an image of someone you never met, lurking in your head? Sorry Bear, but you’ve always been a Tauren to me 😉 I think its about time you let the cow outa the elf, and had some fun.

    And if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m EU and you’re not, I’d have you in our guild in a flash! We don’t have enough people for 25 man, but run 10 man regularly. We don’t run specific ones – we try for the weekly raid, and we try to get at least one ICC per week, but we’re not very far in, and hey, if we don’t have 10 on, we just do an ICC rep run, or go find something else to do. If someone wants Naxx for gear, or achievements, we’ll play in there; we still play in Ulduar and ToC-10. In theory we even go to the older raids, but we’ve not gotten round to it for a while – Black Temple, Karazhan, AQ, etc.

    I very rarely pug anything – and when I do, its kinda a cheat pug, where we have the majority of what we need from the guild, just need that one last spot filling (and yet still manage to attract a ninja *sigh*)


  5. We Tauren druids would LOVE to be able to call you one of our own… there’s just one thing you should know. The Tauren Warstomp racial is not usable in Bear form or Cat form. Tree form, yes. Laserchicken, yes. But sadly, not our beloved Feral forms. And if this here is actually Ghostcrawler’s actual Formspring, we’re shafted until Cataclysm in that regard. =(


  6. Possibly because their (Tauren) butts extend to their sides as well? Just a thought…

    Personally about to switch over from my Tauren druid to a Night Elf one. The reasons are, again, purely social in nature. Namely, the horde faction on the server I play at the moment (Ghostlands, EU) has serious social issues in more ways than one.

    But that problems notwithstanding, the thing that kept me playing this game for the past 5 years is the occasional total change of scenery, even to the point of burning all my social bridges on a realm behind me.

    In the so-called real life I never did such a thing, always being happy to stay in touch with old friends and even keeping an open door for an occasional foe. However, in this game I’ve soon found out that even the best of company (guild, group of realm buddies etc) eventually goes sour. The group in question usually accepts some newcomer(s) that bring in most extraordinary psychological issues (or worse) and corrupt everything, or even some of the old acquaintances change to the point of not being recognizable anymore.

    In most cases, the people in question are in a minority but enough to spoil everything given time. Once that happens, no matter what I try to do to improve the situation for my part usually fails. This does not include some incredible instances of friendship that lingered cross-realm, cross-faction to this date. At the point mentioned, I’m always faced with a decision either to stop playing or drastically change my gaming experience. That usually includes the change of faction, class and realm. In just about all situations this worked perfectly for me. New friends were found, game seemed refreshed and new life experience gained.

    When I’ve read BBB’s OP, it sounded to the letter like one of my experiences before one of my starting over ploys. Now I’m not saying this is THE right way to go for him or anybody else for that matter. People are different and what works for one person may not work (as well) for another. However this was my personal experience and kept me happy online for years. As such considered it worthwhile to share it here.

    Happy gaming to you all.


  7. Why does everyone always complain about male Taurens scratching their behinds?

    The animation is clearly the male Tauren scratching his *side*. (Unless the idle animation differs by country.)

    On to the topic at hand, I have both a night elf druid and a Tauren druid. Initially I rolled the Tauren druid as an alt, as the nelf druid was a little dull, and it was great! I was rocking along in Thrall’s Horde, seeing areas I hadn’t seen before, doing all new quests, and it was great! Then the questgivers started trying to give me questionable quests and haven’t really stopped. Then when I got to Northrend I saw what Garrosh Hellscream was doing to the Horde and felt thoroughly disillusioned.

    I play both, on and off, depending on my mood.

    The Tauren druid has a massive advantage in that he actually has bag space and has yet to upgrade to 22-slot bags.
    .-= Sukugaru´s last blog ..Even more FF13 blogging =-.


  8. You would be welcome in my guild, only problem is were on a EU serve, so thats probably not going to happen 🙂

    As for PUG’s, best example was the raid in ICC we just did, me and some guildies just had the main raid in icc and were about to make an alt run into icc.
    well my guildies alts are all good geared, and there i tagged along with my paladin in < 232's. then this Pug druid comes along and starts complaining to my guildmaster in wispers about me, that i wont even do 2.5k dps. at that poit we were just laughing on vent about this guy and said whatever.
    so we went in, and after the first boss, the druid says : ye were never gonna do saurfang the dps and tanks suck.
    so we went onward, and pretty much one shot everything(damn jetpacks).

    and Tauren ftw 🙂 nothing beats hanging out in Thunderbluff.
    .-= Gathros´s last blog ..Blood Princes + 2 Tanks = Dead Vampyr Elfs =-.


  9. Long time reader, second time poster (was for the BBB social hour but I was living in cali at the time…now live in MPLS…when’s the next one?!?!)

    The guild I’m in (an officer -Seril – Resto druid – Madoran server – guild crimson dawan) raids toc 10 thursday nights 6:30-8:30 central time and is working on expanding for friday nights around the same time for maybe attempting the first wing of ICC. We have room for a tank just like you 🙂 It may be a bit early for you and your wife though…ah well.

    I love your blog and hope your toons find a good home 🙂


  10. I would love to see you on Dawnbringer, even if it’s only for a visit. On the other hand, I’d hate for you to see DB’s city chat and think any less of humanity than you do already. If you do stop by, look for Asegi or Hecatuul.


  11. If I’m not mistaken, you’ve already seen a fair bit of the horde while leveling your Pally. That said, Taurens are… special. 🙂

    I don’t know what it is about the class, but they feel solid to play. I’ve played a nelf druid to the 40s and my bear tanks ICC10 (which does not need insane gear for the first 4 bosses, you can easily get there in no time). Nelfs feel more agile / stealthy / nimble while taurens give this feeling of barely repressed power and strength.

    Weird perception to have given that other than shadowmeld and warstomp (which you cant use in feral forms) there isn’t much difference at all!

    Wish you the best of luck wherever you choose to go BBB, I know that whichever guild you and Cassie choose to join will be much the richer for it. 🙂


  12. I rerolled from a server where bile and viciousness were taking over. The “new” server had coworkers/friends on it, now hosts my main, alts, and my alts’ alts. I’m part of the coworkers casual guild that graduated into “weekly raid”, and I’m part of a 10-man mature raiding guild. So from my point of view, it worked out rather well. PvE server, low pop, low amount of trade-idiocy – at least for now. Progression wise, well, Putricide still loots us, but we’re having fun!

    As to offers for guild membership, I’m sure you’ll have a ton through all of us reading your blog as soon as you “say the word” (including the guilds I play in).

    Tauren: YES! Must have! My only peeve is that I *had* to roll a female Tauren, because I *hate* the male Taurens always scratching their butt when idling. C’mon, use that tail! Then again, you usually look like a cat, bear, or fluffy doomchicken anyway 🙂


  13. If you happen to server change, I wish you would come to Windrunner to hang out with this here fellow druid (also a resto/feral! Insta-que all the time!). I have a small guild of intelligent people that I’m sure you’d have fun, pleasant and humorous experiences with.

    However, about your pleasant run last night, I sure do know what you mean when you can get a functional even if they’re low gs and still have a good time. Sometimes higher gs scores usually mean bigger assholes for most PUGs I’ve been in. I had a run with some idiots last night with some 5500 gs pally, dk and hunter and couldn’t put out even 4k dps like they were probably gear-capable of doing.
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Trains delayed due to fires =-.


  14. Uh… this seems obvious to me!

    B3, why don’t you just make your own raid team? Go for casual, once a week and after the kid(s) are in bed. The social aspect of this game is what makes it special. Set the standard that what is stated in this post is #1not progression or phat lewts. I would be asking to join in a heartbeat, need a hunter/druids (yes I have two druids for endgame)/shaman/priest let me know!

    Honestly I think your best bet would be forming a raid team. It is not a guild, although the members can of course be from the same guild. The reason you are there is because you want to be with those other people to accomplish something. Last raid team I was in it was mandatory for each member to have their T1 set. Why you ask? Because we did it for fun of it.


  15. ugh i know how you feel and i actually took the plunge and did the faction and server xfer. I’ll let ya know how it goes but i know they’re still recruiting so if you’re interested you can learn more about them here It’s KeK on Borean Tundra and it’s a pretty new server is my understanding… I’m interested in seeing what the economy is like on a newer server my self

    Best of luck on your search

    .-= kattastrophe´s last blog ../Muse…Look What You’ve Done =-.


  16. I am currently in this EXACT situation. I love a challenge, but even though I am not ICC 10/25 geared I would like to raid regularly with a competent group of people. So I went searching, know what I found? Gelvon. Most know of him as the Gold Capped Greedy Goblin who is completely anti-social and regularly rants about the “M&S” as he calls them. Well he started a blue raiding guild on an EU server, where they plan on running all of the WotLK content in iLVL 200 blues once a week (on Saturday). Well I’m not on an EU server, so I went back to my pug heroics, and then one day my RSS reader brought me a post that said there is a US version of this on Forgotten Coast. So, my wife and I have recently begun rolling characters on Forgotten Coast (alliance side), we are excited about the anticipated challenge, and I have to say, I am rolling a bear druid because of how inspired I have been by your posts.

    Gelvon may not be the type of person you would normally associate with, but his idea of the Blue geared raiding guild could be that challenge that you have been looking for. Who knows?


  17. I might suggest finding a guild that runs “Strict-10man”. Even if they are running ICC, gearing up to that level actually pretty damn easy if you’ve got some friends to help. The nice thing about strict-10 is that they tend to be more serious players (our guild, for example, is entirely made up of rerolls from the former #1 guild on our server) that got tired of the drama associated with running a 25 man (or 40 man back in the day) guild at that level of play. The “strict-10” part means they aren’t just face-rolling everything with over-geared loot. Killing the Lich King in a 10 man is much easier when everybody is in heroic 25 man gear. It limits some options (like pugging 25 man ICC for fun and profit) but it will likely mitigate some of the frustrations you might have with super-casual guilds. (Not that there is anything wrong with super-casual… whatever keeps you playing is ok by me!)

    Our guild has a main group that runs 3 nights a week but also has an “alt-run” once a week that is made up of alts from the main group and a bunch of folks, like myself, that can’t devote that much time. The main group is chewing on heroic ICC, the alts… well, we are just happy to play and will get our shot at LK eventually!! And yep, consider that an invite too !


  18. Female Tauren druids are bliss. I have one, I also have a lowbie nelf druid and the animations for the Tauren just seem more solid for me. May be it is the feeling I get when I /dance on a Tauren. It may be a pretty uneventful dance but brings thoughts of black church ladies /dancing to the choir music on Sunday morning. The way they sound, solid but quiet. The way they turn broccoli…. wait, yeah, not so much different from the nelf version, just a tad bigger. The bear animations seem to still suffer from a glitchy paw/leg movement when jumping but it is on a front leg and totally not noticeable from butt view.

    Just please… Dont…. Get a butt scratching male. Yes, the banana dance is funny, but not that funny.


  19. you’re the reason i leveled my druid, and a big factor why i’m a bear tank. BIG BEAR BUTTS UNITE!!
    I’m a tauren bear. Random butt scratches FTW!!! also jsut recently got a shaman to 80 as well. is a strict 10- man raiding guild of friends and family. We love to have fun and kill bosses. we raid tues/thurs 8est-11est. Tuesdays is usually our fun raid/achievement night (last week we hit naxx10 for undying). We hit uld/toc as well. Thurs is our ICC night. You can have your choice of roles anynight you want. Plus we provide bacon and pudding at every raid.
    I hope you find a happy home BBB!


  20. You know the number of people looking for this you would think its wouldn’t be so hard to find. I think the problem is guilds are so numerous that is easy to just leave, there is no long term rep loss, look at that guy who just left your guild, nothing will happen to him on the new server. No one will care, its the one thing i miss from EQ, is the guild you were in mattered. To some extent anyway, I knew what guilds were asshats, and who was nice, and that was only because there were only 20-30 active guilds.

    The downside to non-forced grouping, as there is no incentive to help anyone out, your not going to need anyone later, until you raid, its the only time you need anyone, otherwise pug everything else.

    I don’t care about raid progression, never have. But yet i too would love to find a guild like that.


  21. If you are interested in raiding once a week on Saturday evenings from 10:15 PM – 12:45 AM EST, drop me a line! We are a small family guild which does not raid but I do organize a raid almost every weekend.

    Most guild members are geared but have little or no experience raiding and thus we wipe until enough players learn the mechanics of fights…. I have scheduled Ulduar the past week but are doing anything from Naxx-10 to ToC-10 in any given week.


  22. ::laughing:: I hope you aren’t surprised at the responses from your readers! After all, you put your thoughts down on this blog quite a lot, and we’ve come to know you through them, and maybe you’ve managed to come to know some of us, too, from our comments and the times we’ve popped to Kael’thas just to say hello! So when you put down you are thinking of jumping, of course we are going to respond! 🙂 and Yes, a decision like this should be carefully considered and thoroughly discussed before you make the move, you are absolutely right, and I never had any doubt you would. If it does go that way, well, at least you know you have plenty of options and places to go that you aren’t a total stranger to everyone. 🙂 (btw, we run ToC occasionally, too, to help alts and anyone who needs it gear!)

    ::chuckling and running off:: 🙂


  23. Oh, and I had to comment on your … not ready for ICC-10, bleh, you can do it easily. the first 4 bosses you can be carried through so long as you can joke around with the best of them, fall in! It isn’t until Festergut that gear really matters so much.
    .-= jtrack´s last blog ..Guild Size 25-man =-.


  24. Okay, I hear you there as well. I am the GM, so I know. It would be great to just be a cog rather than the machine. I would much rather be the guy that can be laid back pst’ing jokes to everyone else in raid on how uptight the raid leader is acting when they don’t have the balls or will to do it themselves. It is waaaay easier being the guy in the back of the class shooting spit wads.

    Sure, I have the shirt too, and as Kittriana says, Kul Tiras is where we live. You can be a cog with us and bear butt next to my bear butt if you want. What’s one more on my shifttail.

    All I’m saying is, I don’t think going Tauren is the answer, you just have that overwhelming sense of loss. Believe you me, I feel the same way.

    I think you are coming to the realization that the people in the game are not as invested in you as you are in them. BOY I KNOW THIS FEELING.

    For me, I’d go kill rats in the sewers for 2XP for hours so long as it was with my crew rather than raid 25-man ICC Heroic with a bunch of strangers. But coming to the realization that you are just a voice on the other end that they just wasted 2 hours with and never want to see you again it a brick wall.

    If it were me… hell it is me… I have to grow a little bit of distance from those people and at the same time, I decided to make a list of what I want. Not what consensus I was hoping the group wanted because you can’t build that concensus. What do I want… and then go after that. Be a little selfish.

    If sitting back and being social is your goal, you can find it, but it may be that you need that thick skin that recognizes that it’s superficial. Cassie can tell you that.

    But, like I said, I am not like that. I am just another friendly bear butt.
    .-= jtrack´s last blog ..Guild Size 25-man =-.


  25. Umm… hi!

    I want to say, first and foremost, that I’m not making any actual decisions until Cassie and I talk a lot of things over. I may not even go anywhere, after all.

    But second, I didn’t mention ICC because I’m not geared for ICC. I figure I’d have to do some actual ToC and other serious stuff first, and if a guild is running ICC and running other stuff, then they likely raid much more than my family time permits. A guild that does soemthing together once or twice a week is much better suited to our family life. 🙂


  26. Well, if you are guild shopping, my guild on Elune (EST pretty casual raiding guild, with 3 days a week, no hard modes) is short on tanks. We’re alliance and not Horde, though.


  27. Funny you’d mention a Tauren Druid. I’ve fired up another ten day trial with a Tauren Druid, and I’ll probably append my “box purchase” thirty days onto the end of it. It’s been a lot of fun. Last night, I hit level 15, and jumped into a random Dungeon Finder… thing. We wound up in Ragefire Chasm, and it was a BLAST to play. I signed up as DPS, but wound up alternating between ranged Wrathing and Bear offtanking, and even threw in a few heals when the main tank pulled groups that were too big for us. I played every “role” at least three times in that fifteen minute run, popping between forms and reacting to the situations.

    That’s exactly the sort of flexibility I love about Druids, and it was nice to see it even at low levels.
    .-= Tesh´s last blog ..Chekhov’s Curtains =-.


  28. You know we’d arrange you to get in, Bear, any time… the guild Mac and I just joined is looking for a feral druid and if you didnt want to do a 3-night a week (when you get the numbers) there’s an alt/semi-pug for ICC most Saturdays that gets at least the Lower Spire down… 10s on Thursdays, too…

    I’ll make it straight, this is an adult bunch, there is language, but not anything horrible… people can get frustrated, just like anywhere… and this group doesnt seem as closely knit as our previous guild was, but they are good people. Anyway, you know you can find us if you are thinking about it. 🙂


  29. BBB,

    Couldn’t agree more – PUGs for HC Randoms seemed so much more worthwhile when the reward was emblems to kit out my furry but in t9 level gear, and still seemed kinda worthwhile to build up my dual spec healer and get the t9 healing gear, but then what???? I’ve even done the emblem collection to get my kids toons kitted out in heirloom gear and now? Nothing. No point. And the PuGs I run the HC’s seem to have no interest in anything other than getting to the other end of the dungeon as quicly as possible (so they can do it again, I assume). And like you say, on the off chance that a PuG member seems a reasonable person that you might want to add to a friends list, they’re normall from another realm so you’re unlikely to meet them again.

    I can only hope that cataclysm, with some new leveling to do etc, will reinvigorate my interest,

    Good luck with whatever you end up choosing to do.


  30. It’s really hard to find people to do Ulduar anymore. More’s the pity, since it’s easily my favorite Wrath raid. Most of my guild feels the same way, but since we’re pretty casual our possible raid nights are entirely taken up by Icecrown. If only there was some way to get Ulduar to fit into that “quick, fun run that everyone wants to do” niche that Karazhan had in BC.

    If you’re not set on those particular raids and your “one night a week” happens to be late evenings on Friday, I’d happily have you along when we do the weekly raid quest and the first part of Icecrown 10. We’re The Sunwell Uprising on Fenris (/wave at my battlegroup-mate from Cenarion Circle above)


  31. :3 I have to say that the lore of moofolk are the reason I love my little femtaur. If anything, leveling up a new Horde character will give you insight on what fuels ‘the other side’ and how both factions’ paths cross/ collide.

    As for a faction change, I imagine it to be a little traumatic going to Orgrimmar instead of Stormwind. And hey, little stomp-able gnomes! Once the novelty wears off it’s pretty much business as usual.

    Now… to wonder how a Horde feral druid can make full use of war stomp in PVE…


  32. jtrack – Been there, done that, got the shirt and ALL the headaches. We grew the guild, and there were fun times, and there was laughter, and in the end it was as ephemeral, and as meaningful, as snow on a June day. I’m not looking to grow the guild all over again. no interest in it. The leadership of a guild is best suited to those that crave such things.

    I just want to hang with nice people and have fun. I know how to prepare my character, bring consumables, gem and enchant, study and research my role in a group and show up on time when I say I’m going to. I don’t see why I have to grow and run a guild, too.


  33. like i said on the other post this morning, you, cassie and the rest are welcome to join us over on Kul Tiras, we have a small active core and would do 10 mans if enough of the core were on at the same time. (once in a blue moon right now.) the GL actually encourages us to run 5mans as a guild to get the emblems and gear so that we can hold our own. and wants to grow us into a casual raiding guild. it’s all about fun, dps meter fiends need not apply. 🙂

    how about you roll up a toon there and come talk to us?
    .-= Kattrinsaa´s last blog ..3.3.3 is live =-.


  34. Well, you like leveling, right?

    Go level a cow druid! Try something new, like leveling Resto (if you haven’t already), or Moonkin, or something like that. That way you don’t have to pay for the change, and you might make some new friends leveling on the way up.


  35. Bear – Long time reader, first time commenter!

    You bring up a GREAT point that most people tend to forget. I’ve been thinking, for the past few months, of starting a guild for this exact purpose. To have fun and to have a guild that allows people to grow and expand (I’m hoping cataclysm helps push guilds towards what they should be). The current guild I’m in right now mostly benefits those people who are on EVERY single night and raid (not all the time, but most of the time). And frankly most of us with a life outside of the game don’t have the opportunity to raid because we can’t spend the time. I think with being able to continue raid id’s is a great thing…however finding a group that only raids once or twice a week is a thing of…well not easy to find has been my experience!!

    So if you find that guild…let me know!


  36. I’ll invite you into my guild in a blink. We raid 10 man and 25 man content regularly, and have guild randoms pretty much all evening. The main thing I like about it is the friendship and fun we have. Cenarion Circle – Sarabian or Pookiebear.

    Yes, my warrior tank main is named Pookiebear. It was a joke until I discovered I loved the class. Then too many people knew me and said I shouldn’t change it.


  37. BOY, I can sympathize with this post.

    First, I have said before LFD was added that it would be exactly what you describe. It is a small-guild killer because casual small guilds no longer depend on each other for that daily quest. People log-in, PuG their emblems and log out. Death of guild socializing. PuG heroics are not about socializing. That is, “Hey,”, pew pew, “GG, cya”.

    As for PuG Raids… well, that’s a gamble. I have fell into great ones and horrible ones. But I keep trying on my alts as I keep my main for the guild.

    I can certainly see why someone would want to “escape” … escape the rutt, escape the doldrums, escape whatever issue that is unpleasant to face … be guildies bailing, lack of social aspects.

    What I would warn, however, is that grass isn’t greener.. you know it.

    What I did do, and I think it is going to work for me, is to open the guild. Add new blood. Befriend them. Folks that don’t usually get to see raids… TAKE THEM RAIDING. It is a hoot to say… you noob. And watch them grow.
    .-= jtrack´s last blog ..Guild Size 25-man =-.


  38. B3, you may be a Night Elf in game, but having read your blog for a very long time, I can say with 100% confidence that you’re a Tauren at heart. Do it!


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