Bear Butt transfer news update

Just a short little note. (yeah, right)

I spoke with Cassie about this last night, and I wanted to make sure that folks knew where we were coming from as far as what I’d be looking for, if I or we were to transfer our mains somewhere.

First, the time. We live in Minnesota, which is in Central Standard Time, also known as Greenwich Mean Time -6 (GMT -6).

I wonder how many people know how Greenwich Mean Time came about? Do they teach that in schools? Sorry, I always wonder about shit like that.

We happen to be on Kael’thas-US right now, which shares the same time zone as we do. I’m not wedded to that time zone, it’s just where we are now.

What we have done, to the best of our ability, is arrange playtime around family time.

At 8 PM CST every evening, we settle down for our son’s story time, chilling out and reading chapter books, and getting things ready, teeth brushed and all that sort of thing. It’s a time to calm down and relax before bed.

From 8 PM until 9 PM is pure ‘getting Alex settled in’ time every single night. Sometimes, it may go past 9 a little. We don’t want to interfere with that, or rush that time, in any way.

We especially do not want a return to the kind of thing we used to do in Legatum Ignavis (a really good raiding guild on Kael’thas), where start time may have been at 8:30 for something, and I’d be at my desk for the raid instead of helping tuck Alex in. Where I actually missed out on getting my son settled into bed and kissed goodnight because “daddy is raiding.”

Not happening. Never again.

So, I’d be specifically looking for a guild that would raid after, say, 9:15 PM Central Standard Time, and at least on weekdays, didn’t go past midnight.

A Friday or Saturday night raid would work perfect.

And really, no more than two nights during the entire week, tops. I have to get up for work early in the mornings during the week, and if I’m up late, in the words of Cassie, I get hella cranky the next day. 🙂

I know, I know. I must sound insanely picky and ridiculous.

But see, it’s pretty much down to either finding a situation that WILL fit in with that schedule, or not raiding.

O, of doing like I did last night and PUG something simple and short, where it’s done before 8 PM, or it starts after 9 PM and won’t go too long.

It’s why I haven’t joined ANY PUG that is in something interesting but long, like Ulduar or ICC.

We’re putting Alex first. End of story. If the game doesn’t work around that for us, the game loses.

I wanted to be clear about this, because a lot of really nice people have offered a home for us, not just for me but Cassie too (which means a lot to me, let me tell you), and I don’t want it to seem like this is some silly popularity contest. When we look at possibilities, we really are going to start with looking at what works around our time with Alex first.

Some folks have also mentioned there was a specific tank position open. I do want you to know, I’m not some demanding prima donna that can do one thing and only one thing. I’d be perfectly happy healing most of the time, with an off-tank availability, if that’s what worked for a guild. It’s the Druid I love, and I can tank Heroics whenever I’d like to get my tank jones on. I’m not worried about what it is I’d do, wherever it is I’d go.

I think I should have said all that in the last post about feeling in between times, but I wasn’t really sure it was something we’d even seriously think about doing. Now that we’ve talked about it, I wanted to be straight with you guys.

Thanks for your time. 🙂

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  1. I currently run in a guild (blades edge horde) -Sanguine Addiction, I best description I can give is a family oriented casual raiding guild. This week we have 10 naxx uptown and including 25 icc on the calendar, still need a few more for the 25’s to be solid guild and always open to multiple groups of the same raid. Guild pays repairs and provides flasks. we have a group of couples that play and the cat having kittens held up a raid before (with no animosity ). We welcome all players and help gear spec as needed for how you want to play your toon. If interested please send an ingame mail (even from a new lvl 1) or whisper to the cow “tahip”


  2. LeftOvers is great. Just be aware that it can take a while to work your way into a regular position, especially with the better groups. Don’t expect to transfer and immediately be slotted for everything you sign up for. But if you are a good player, polite and fun you can find slots, especially if you are a healer or tank. It is a bit harder as DPS, but we all know that. If you do transfer in, and you sign up with LO runs, you can PM the leads to introduce yourself and let them know what experience you have in the raid you are signing up for. This helps us for new peeps. Best to start with the “easier” runs so people get to know you and you build up some loot points too.


  3. You can come to our guild Insomnia, on Altar Or Storms. We are a horde guild, we raid almost nightly, we do ICC 25 on Tuesdays, and have 3 ICC 10 groups, they run on Wednesdays/Thursdays (same group both days) Fridays (one night for alts) and then Saturday/Sunday. It is on eastern time, and raids start at 9:30 pm, and usually last till around midnight. We are currently 8/12 ICC 10 and 4/12 ICC 25, we need healers and tanks for the weekend raid. You are more than welcome to join us. We are laid back, and have no problems waiting for people to get on for a raid start time, because all of us have real life that comes in from time to time.

    If you want to check it out first, feel free to make a lvl 1 and whisper Gnomesnacks, Boozle or Fudgebrowny.


  4. I want to say “kudos” to y’all on this. I have basically no life, since my wife enjoys wow also, and we have no kids, but many of our guildmates do. (have lives that is, some also have kids. There may be a connection)

    I’d say c’mon over to Hyjal but honestly, while we are likely in the right timeframe, we are a small guild and raid Tues/Sun, but if you do wind up on Hyjal, say hi to Terminus Est, and we’ll say hi right back!

    maybe by then, we’ll be past doing the benny hill chase scene on Arthas and actual have that mother f… er, boss, down.

    did you know that if 3 of your raid members are in the defile when it spawns, you can’t run fast enough to get out of it? just sayin’….


  5. This is probably a little late, as it looks like you’ve had a few offers already. But, as a way of saying thanks for letting me set up camp in your little guild with my Death Knight, I’m going to point out m little guild: Diligo of Meus Vita on Eitrigg US.

    It’s not a perfect guild. There have been tussles in the past and there will be in the future. Some of our people can run others the wrong way. Drama can tend to run a little high as well. We can sometlimes have problemes downing the most simple of bosses, even if we’re able to blitz past soem of the harder fights. Oh, and our chat is often filled with some of the strangest things. Be prepared for anything. Definately not PG rated and slightly immature but fun as all hell. Beware of the Muffin Joke.

    Now that the nasty stuff is out of the way, DMV is filled with some of the nicest people you will ever meet playing this game. Our two guild leaders pour their heart and soul into playing (and often get burned because of it unfortunately) and will help you with whatever you need. One of the big rules we have is that Real Life is always more important than WoW. If you need to drop out of the raid for some unexpected reason, or you’re away for a few weeks/months, we’ll forgive it. We’re a very easy-going bunch.

    Our raid times are usually around 9pm server (which is CST I believe, but I’m not too sure sorry) but we have no problems waiting a few mroe minutes for late stragglers. Raiding days are currently Tuesday though Friday, but you don’t need to attend every raid to stay part of the guild. Our Guild leaders are also pretty flexible with schedules, and can probably set something up with better days and times for you. We mostly do 10 mans, but occasionally slot in a 25 if we have the people. Raid roles are generally pretty fluid, depending on who rocks up. You’ll probably be doing a little bit of tanking and healing. We’re currently tackling ICC, but we do older content as well.

    Oh, and the most important thing: we have a tabbard. ;P

    Just throwing it out there for you Mr. Bear. If you are interested, then it’d be better for you to contact either Otseeme/Samers or Skyeburner/Aaiin as they can probably tell you a whole lot more accurate information than I can, prooving that half the stuff I wrote here is crap. Tell them that Kiri/Durana refered you.
    If DMV doesn’t sound like what you’re looking for, then I hope you do manage to find that one guild. Best of luck! 🙂



  6. This Leftovers business looks very interesting. Thank you for the pointer Catsclaw, Urbanmech… now you’ve got me looking at yet another realm lol!


  7. If you pop onto Silver Hand /join Leftovers channel and you will find us. I raid with several of the charters and have been a lead on several as well. The small family guild I belong to would love to have you, if you could put up the the guild name of Perpetually Disgruntled 🙂 The nice thing about Leftovers is there is no long term commitment of any kind, and there are even occasional Old World raids, and other events. We have hundreds of folks who raid through the LO system so there is always something happening, although it can take a bit of time to get in with some of the groups. I love the fact that you can be in whatever social guild you like, and still raid 7 days a week if that is your desire. And if you take a break for a while, it is no problem, and you can just hop back into raiding when you return if you like. We will be celebrating our Anniversay in June, wonder if we will crash the server like we did a couple years ago with about 6 40 man raids on one of the world bosses. It was an epic fail!


  8. I have to chime in and second Silver Hand and the Leftovers. Flexable raiding at both 10 and 25 man levels 7 days a week. No need to join a raiding guild, raid as little or as much as you like. Plus the organization is large enough that even if a few players leave it will just keep rolling on. It has been active in helping organize raids since the Molten Core days of vanilla. Check out the website that was listed above or drop on to Silver Hand ask around it shouldn’t take long to find a LO member willing to answer questions.


  9. Myself, another guy who was a mage/DK before I converted him to druid, and my friend with more 80s than I have alts are in a similar situation. We ended up in a teenage guild, being fooled by being invited by the 3 mature people in the guild. There isn’t really much happening Horde-side on my server. (Draka-US) Plus it’s Central and I’m Eastern, which makes it tough starting late. We are giving it one last hurrah and are going to try and pull all the best, smart, mature players we can from the smattering of wannabe Ensidia/Paragon guilds, and rock a nice non-7 day a week raiding guild. I suspect if we are able to pull people from the draw of 25 mans(what the fuck, they fail anyway), that we will progress faster with less time spent in ICC. I’ve seen up to Sindragosa, and the only reason we didn’t keep it up on her was disconnections/bed times.(Damn high school kids with parent aggro) Really I think we could do it in one lockout, but we gotta field the people. I’m sure there are many places that are better for you to go, but come visit us Draka-US if you find nothing better. Mature and filled economy, busy server without queues. Really the only problem is the divide between the wannabe hardcores and the casual guilds. There aren’t really any good in the middle guilds on my server. They all died post-Naxx pre-ToC. 😦
    .-= Redbowl´s last blog ..Pride is a strange thing =-.


  10. You might look into Silver Hand, and the Leftovers Raiding system. It is a unique system on Silver Hand which allows raiding in many groups, at all sorts of times. Look into it at They had several articles about it a year or so ago, which resulted in an influx of new people to Silver Hand. SH is a mature server (one of the oldest), and an RP mostly alliance PST based server. The nice thing about the LO raiding is you can choose the days and times you want to run, and if you don’t like the ones listed, you can start your own charter. It is a modified pugging system, but several of the groups have made good progress and several are working on Lich King kills with a couple groups having downed him i think. There are several guilds who would welcome you and even if you are not in a guild you can still raid to your heart’s content with LO. Just a thought.


  11. Don’t get me started about time zones. I wrote J-Track 3D, so I know time zones backwards and forwards enough to make someone puke!

    Well, since I offered you a bear butt home though we are a Central Time Zone on Kul Tiras we raid just one hour before you’d like. I am past the little ones stage and I am in the get-to-bed-early-myself-so-I-get-my-bear-beauty-rest stage. Feeling my age, now. We raid 8-10pm CST, Tues/Thurs/Sun. We have STRICT cutt-off times to let me get some shut-eye.

    But you will find a place that fits you fine… and I’m glad to read you had a chaotic fun time in VoA.

    Personally, I’d like to see you PuG healing ICC-25, you can do it.
    .-= jtrack´s last blog ..Emblems and WoW End-Game =-.


  12. GMT – Greenwich Mean Time
    Basically british seamen needed a way to tell the time accurately so that they could plot their position accurately.
    You need a fixed point of reference which was the royal observatory in Greenwich and so GMT started there!

    As for Pugs: You just gotta laugh and go with the flow. Dont let stupid people piss you off and try n help over stressed RLs if at all possible just dont get involved with arguments. The best way to have a happy pug, is to run one yourself because you can get rid of all the asshats with 1 click!


  13. My guild seems to fit what you’ve said in the post. The guild is small and everyone knows and have played with each other. We’re not a big pool of people that “use” each other to get through runs. We’re actually all close and/or real life friends. We’re not deadset on raid times but we usually start at 7:30 PST but wouldn’t want to interrupt any “family” time. We’re not family tear-apart-ers. We mostly raid on Friday nights/weekends and try to have fun doing it. We kick jerks out almost always. We don’t care about gs as long as they can meet adequate gear requirements as GS isn’t always accurate about being “well geared”.

    We do frequent randoms where we have our bouts of fun. Like in PoS on the guys right before Ick, I always say to stay in the green stuff because green means it heals for more. And it’s amusing and rofl-worthy to see any pug stand in it and think I’m serious.

    Not only that, I would oh so love to have another resto druid to bounce thoughts off with about healing. Or a feral tank to show me the way and draw the path. Or have a fellow druid queue with me and have insta-ques all day everyday. And we do need more people just in general. Guild growth is slow but it’s because we don’t want to invite a bunch of random people from trade channel and have our guild bank robbed or causing trouble. Thus, we try and get to know everyone in the guild and will still have good spirits even if we wipe in ICC. 😀
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Healthcare bill: $250 Million for Bullshit =-.


  14. It does my little warlock heart good to see players who put their kids before their raids. Back in Burning Crusade (about the time I started) I would have weekly LAN parties with a friend. I was low-level, so they would try to run Kara or heroics, and they would have me watch their kids. I made ’em dinner, put ’em to bed. Sometimes it ran so late that I’d have to get them up for school. I wanted to punch them all in the mouths, but that would have been dumb. My respect for you grows every day.


  15. Sir, I wish my guild was up to the challenge to host you and your Missus, I think we could learn a lot from you and your playstyle. I don’t think we’re what you’re looking for in terms of raiding. We’re a casual group of friends who just happen to enjoy the ever-livin’ heck out of the game.

    Nope, I don’t think we’re it. But I had to say, sir…I was so happy to read about someone else who enjoys the game and puts their younglings first. Made me smile. The wife and I are just the same way.

    If you ever find yourself on Moon Guard, we’ll be at your beck and call.


  16. I’m a new WoW player and I’m having trouble finding a guild with *mature* gamers as well. The guild recruitment forums don’t seem to seperate by realm, so it’s information overload in a big way. Anyone have any tips for finding a guild you fit with? My schedule is anything but a problem, I play a lot, consistently, just not sure how to go about finding a guild with some other old timers.


  17. Fangtastic is correct. I use to play on Lethon when I was living in Cali but I lagged really bad as the server was on the East Coast 😦 I’d recommend checking where the server is along with what the stated timezone is for whatever realm you transfer to.


  18. Playing on a server with a PST time zone may be good for your schedule. As posted by others, raids more often than not start at around 6 – 7 server time and you’d have a good chance of finding a guild that would start raiding at 9PM for you if your server was PST. You can find a list of realms and their battlegroups, timezones and datacenters here:

    Depending on your ISP, you could get significantly higher latency to a datacenter on the other side of the country.

    I too am in the same boat as you – I have a 2 year old that takes top priority. Because of him, I mostly raid in my guild’s alt 10-mans (the core 25 man raid is at 6PM EST) which is the only time that works for me. My server Aerie Peak is alliance dominated (I’m horde) which is why we rarely hold Wintergrasp unless the top horde guilds band together to go in and win (usually Tuesdays, all day…). The horde auction house is also typically much less populated than the alliance AH on our realm.

    The reason I say all this is, when you decide, you may want to look at a server which does not have a very strong imbalance at the battlegroup and realm level. Because if it does and you get caught on the wrong side, you’ll find Wintergrasp an exercise in frustration, a dead auction house / economy and battlegrounds that are plain aggravating. 🙂

    I know that a good group of people to run with on a schedule that suits you trumps it all, but if you need a tie breaker, I strongly recommend looking into the faction balance and server economy.The auction house economy can make a big difference to leveling professions, alts and just having fun with the game. The other thing is, realms on the decline will see people constantly transferring out and general guild instability.


  19. BBB, if you & Cassie are open to a RP server, I may be able to poke at some of the guilds on Thorium Brotherhood – Horde and/or Alliance, I know people on both sides – to see if anybody has a schedule that would fit you. I’m not exactly into the raiding scene, but the information shouldn’t be too tough to get. That server is in the Central time zone.


  20. Lol, yeah Rowtan, that’s not where I was going with the whole “GMT” thing, but… well, what are you gonna say?

    Clearly, Mr. T has some issues with Brits.

    And yet… I think they’re ABsolutely FABulous! lol!

    I miss that show….


  21. @Mr.T – I’m sure all us brits appreciate your feelings about us. Thanks. I could say a lot more, but I’m trying desperately not to swear or get wound up about it *blows kiss*


  22. I can’t imagine that you (or my spouse and I) are in the minority when we say that the game loses to our kids. The kids and the family come first. Period. End of story. It’s irresponsible to have kids and not make them your number 1 priority.

    So to demand raiding time after 9:30PM CST…not at all unreasonable. We moved our progression team’s raiding time back an hour so that we could accommodate our son’s new bedtime. We have one less hour to raid now, but we don’t care. Our kids are only little once. 🙂

    Besides, it’s just a game. Real Life > WoW. If that changes, then there’s a much bigger issue at hand!


  23. You should also do some research on the Guild Recruitment forums. If you want to raid after 930ish CST you may want to consider some PST based servers. Where their 7pm is your 9pm =)

    I’m a PST person and being on a CST server I find it hard to get a good raid time half the time because 7pm there is 5 for me, not even out of work or school yet lol.

    GMT – Greenwich is the place where the we base our Coordinated Universal Time. Based off the Royal Observatory iirc. Greenwich itself is actually a small district in London which happens to lie on the Prime Meridian. Learned this in 7th grade!


  24. I appreciate and respect the hell out of putting the kid first. I do the same. I miss out on the Saturday run that is the 2nd half of the Thursday night run because it’s at 2pm (1pm for you, I’m Eastern time and play on a server that is Pacific) and I’m not going to ignore the kids to do a raid.

    We to 10s and 25s several nights per week, but we have several groups that go at differing times. We have some that are on “standby” in case we need a certain thing. In the event you decided to come to Cenarion Circle, I’d be overjoyed to invite you. You’re a nice person that has a sense of values and a sense of humor. Two things that are lacking in so many people online nowadays.

    Damn, now I have to get on MY lawn and shake a finger at those damn kids…

    We’re usually looking to fill one slot or another as real life creeps in to keep someone away on a certain night. We always get the job done and have fun doing it. We’re not a top raiding guild, but we get to go see the good content. We run randoms all the time and we have a lot (sometimes too much) fun doing them. I have actually wiped in a heroic because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t see the screen. Not always, but it’s happened.

    We only have 1 person in our guild under the age of 18 and she is pretty easy to handle. We are actively recruiting, so this would be a great time in the event you like us. 🙂

    Whatever server or guild you choose, do what is fun and makes you guys happy and enjoy the game. What’s the point otherwise, right?


  25. Well to through another guild/server in the mix. I’m a druid tank over on Feathermoon Horde side; Come try and find your inner Tauren.

    Blood Vigil runs one 10 man raid on Wednesdays and a 25 man on Fridays. We have a 50/50 mixture of West Coasters and Central/East Coasters. You can expect the majority of people on any given night to be on between 9pm and midnight central with a contingent on between 6pm and 8pm central.

    We operate within a larger grouping of other guilds via chat channels. The large majority of players have been here since the beginning of the game and Feathermoon is one of the oldest servers out there.

    Forums, guild bank, tabard, helpful, blah blah….what was that about a trade channel spam again?


  26. You might want to consider our guild, Drop Bears on Moonrunner. Our server is pacific time, but our guild tends to raid at 6:30ish server time. This would be around 8:30 your time. I know this is outside your window of opportunity, but as most of our people are pacific time, there is plenty of opportunity to come in after start. People like me, eastern time, tend to want to drop out about the time you’re ready to go.

    About the guild, we are a casual guild that also raids. We are a very large guild mostly due to the altaholics. We actually have 2 guilds, Drop Bears and More Bears, for all the alts. I happen to be one of those. I have 5 80s in the guild with numerous other alts. Most of our guild is like that. We’re very laid back and try to have a good time. Guild chat is usually very active. We joke around a lot and most of our guild has been together since BC. Our “loot policy” is “don’t be a dick”. It’s usually one item per run on the honor system. I myself have taken a bit of a break from raiding, probably due to having so many ICC level characters.

    About me, I’m a 40ish guy in Georgia(US) with a family. I play when I have time, mostly in the afternoons when I get home from work. My main is:

    If you want to check us out, our website is:

    If you’re interested, just create an application and let them know that I sent ya.


  27. Minos, as always, I can be reached by email at “tigerlordgm AT yahoo DOT com”.

    Considering the spam I get, I don’t know why I bother putting words in.

    Oh, spam related, I get over 100 spam comments a day on this blog. Shit, I don’t even SEE the ones Cassie deletes from the spam filter. It may be over 200 spam comments a day now, I dunno.

    If you make a comment and it gets caught in a spam filter, please don’t get pissy with me about it. We still look at all spam with our mark I eyeballs before firing them off into the circular file. It just might take us a while to see yours in there.


  28. Well, at one time the sun never set on the British Empire – so in some regard, they revolved around the world. 😉


  29. My wife and I struggled with pretty much the same things you’ve been talking about. We wanted to raid, but on our time and with people we liked. In the end, we stayed with the guild and are glad we did.The game can never take time away from my kids (ages 4 and 6) and their bedtime is between 8:30 and 9:00 CST. (Spinebreaker server is West Coast) We are both back in school, and I work some nights and weekends. A few married couples in the guild, a few more kids than just ours and a lot of scattered playtime between us all. If someone’s kid wakes up from a nightmare, it can be an understood and acceptable raid-wipe. We schedule Sunday night 10 man raids at 9 pm server. It’s the best overall time for most of us. Fridays and Saturdays, my wife and a few other try and run something together and I may fill in for someone that has to go to bed when I get home. Dual-spec makes it easy to fill what we need from who responds to the invite usually. Pretty much, weekdays after 9 until 11-12 is generally playtime for most of us. “Daddy is raiding”… Man, I have felt the sting of those words before, but like you, I won’t ever again.

    Our guild is Nex Dominatio on Spinebreaker. My main’s name is Texian and My wife’s is Sheenah. Again, open invite to y’all and no offense at all if you do something else.

    Damn, I guess it’s “Post too much on BBB’s blog Day” for me.


  30. Greenwich is in reference to Greenwich Observatory in London. The whole system/nomenclature is another power trip by pompous brit pricks who think that the world revolves around them.


  31. Our guild sounds perfect for you… but our 10 mans are full and our two tanks are really good about attendance. You might look for west-coasters like us, because your 9:15 is our 7:15 (which is our official raid start time… and then we have to get to icc, and summon, and buff, and joke around, and start pulling closer to 7:30). But if you’re on servers not physically close to you it can cause more lag issues. But it’s something to consider, to just change your time zone so that your availability is in prime raiding time


  32. Is there somewhere we could send you schedule details, to avoid making the comments look like Trade Chat recruitment spam?


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