I’m a sexy beast! Rawr!

In other news…

Well, ain’t that one sexy Druid?


Still on the same server… I found out, much to my surprise, that a faction change costs $30, and a server change on top of it is another $25.

At this time, my budget could handle one or the other, but certainly not both.

I’m too sexy for my mount, too sexy for my mount, too sexy for my….

Oh, in other news, Top Gear on the BBC America channel is the most awesomest show in all of history.

I got to watch a man drive a car in a sewer tunnel, and actually, no shit, roll it 360Β° across the inner pipe.

And it’s safe for Alex to watch with me! He loved seeing all the different airport vehicles driven by professional drivers in a mad crash course race around the flight line, leaving destruction and chaos in their wake.

Nobody told me there was still good television on since Junkyard Wars went dark in the States. Grrr.

41 thoughts on “I’m a sexy beast! Rawr!

  1. Nice Mount! ./jealous

    also – Top Gear is the one of the Best Shows. Ever.


    good to see you finally came Horde side. I knew there was a reason I read this blog! /wink


  2. I just thought of a terrible pun that I have to inflict on everyone. I’m now going to refer to War Stomp in Tree Form as War Stump.


  3. Top Gear is a great show. All of faves are from the BBC or a US knock off of a UK show, like The Office or Life on Mars.
    BBC also has one of the best interactive learning websites for children I’ve ever seen. If you google BBC kids or http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/bitesizeprimary/ Their teaching methods are way above par compared to North American standards in my opinion.


  4. Totally off topic.

    Go see “How to train a dragon” in 3D with your mumchkin; even cooler than the picture above!


  5. @Minos: Nope. No discount. At one time I really wanted to move my druid and mage to Kael’thas to join Sidhe Devils and I just couldn’t justify the cost – 110 dollars for two toons to server transfer and faction change. I wish there was a discount for the two things together, plus some sort of group discount if you moved all your toons at the same time (who plays one main anymore?).

    Bear/Cat stomp would be awesome!

    Also, Horde bears are horn(ed)y bears… πŸ˜€


  6. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What can I say, I transferred my Gnome Mage to a Blood Elf Mage a few weeks back.


  7. @Fangtastic: I’m surprised there isn’t some kind of combo discount on them. Also, WTB Bear Form War Stomp.


  8. Top Gear UK is great. It has only been licensed out to one country. Top Gear Aus, got 3 guys together, 2 rev heads & 1 non-rev-head. They test drive cars, chat in a studio, have an “Aussie Stig” and have special guests… as the UK original guys said “Why bother!!”. Plus it sucks.
    Top Gear UK rocks. If you can ever get a chance to see a Top Gear Aus episode, do yourself a favour & DON’T.


  9. I would have preferred faction changes to cost 20 – 25 dollars, a server transfer to cost 25 – 30 dollars with the provision of an included optional faction change.

    As it stands now, 55 dollars to transfer and faction change makes the cost prohibitive – especially in cases like yours where there are several toons involved and you and and Cassie are both likely to want to transfer at the same time.


  10. BBB,

    How are you not in on the greatness that is Mythbusters? It’s one of the few shows my boys and I can agree upon. Cool science and explosions what else does a person need.?


  11. Welcome to the Horde!

    And you must give war stomp a try when in tree form now. You can’t use it very often, but it is fun when a tree can stomp and do an interrupt. πŸ™‚


  12. Awwww change to horde 😦 But have fun anyway. LOL I have to say that I hate car shows but Top Gear is amazing! Hammond just cracks me up.


  13. Top Gear is great. That episode was really fun and typical. Some of the super cars they review on that show are nuts.


  14. I’ve been following top gear (UK, not any of the pretenders) for a long time, and in some ways its sad to see it getting so popular now. The best episodes are some of the older stuff (season 8 onwards, but even 3-7 are worth watching) however I eagerly await the release of each new show.

    I just wish I could see it in its full un-edited goodness… here in Oz we get it on commercial tv, so each episode is cut down to 42 minutes 😦 Our local version of tg is ok, but really no patch on the UK version.

    Checkout finalgear.com for all your top gear back episode goodness.


  15. Hi Bear,

    Gratz on joining us the Taurens, once you go cow you never go back :P.

    I’m from a mostly South African Guild on Whisperwind (US) so timezone might be an issue (GMT +2), but since we share a battle group I’ll look out for you since I’m a casual player that spends most of my time in LFD πŸ™‚

    Welcome to the Horde!


  16. Top Gear is one of the greatest shows one TV. Period. Check out the Winter Olympics one, and there are a few from this past season, like the one where they are dropped off in the Amazon and have to drive to the Pacific Ocean.


  17. Top Gear rules… you’re going to have to start watching more British TV, you’ve already talked about Ramsay and his F-Word, next go for Jamie Oliver and his shows… When the Top Gear crew goes to America they get into all sorts… lol

    Anyway, Horde rocks… Kitty form looks much better…


  18. Oh, and while you’re chilling Horde-side on your current server, you gotta go track down your friends in Wintergrasp.


  19. I don’t think I could ever do a faction change. I’m way too emotionally attached to my characters. I’ve even only visited the barbershop on one of them (unless you count the 3.2 PTR when I checked out all the new forms).

    Top Gear is one of the funniest things on television. Especially good are the races and challenges.


  20. Gorgeous!

    It has always been more believable for me to see a bear shift back to humanoid and become a tauren. Skinny night elves just don’t cut it!


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