Can Your Bear Do These Things?

Hi All, Cassie here taking over the blog for a moment.

I had to share that I thought of all of you today (especially BBB) as I was a chaperone for Alex’s school field trip.  Thanks to the grandfather of one of the first graders, all of the kids got to visit the Shrine Circus today for free.  They’ve been on spring break for the last week and a half and their first day back to school is going to the circus. Gotta love school these days 🙂

Anyways, after watching the acrobatics and little puppy show and some beautiful white horses, suddenly out come the 2 brown bears and their trainers to put on a show.  Day after day, I read the posts and comments on this blog about your experiences as a WoW bear, but I ask, can your bear do these things?

Ride a bike?

Look this fashionable?

Walk on a moving barrel?

Balance on a moving beach ball?

Ride a very tall bicycle without falling?

And finally, ride a chopper IN bear form?

I didn’t think so!

I now return your to your regular WoW blog  🙂


Disclaimer to prevent the comments that I know will come if I don’t say anything – For those who find the circus and what they make the animals do offensive, I understand and partly agree.  But I also remember being a 7-year-old going to the circus with my mom for the first time and how great it was.  So that is the spirit of how I choose to view today’s event.  There will be plenty of time for Alex to think about the animal issue later on, but for today, we had fun watching all the fantastic human and animal talent.

18 thoughts on “Can Your Bear Do These Things?

  1. Awesome, I new it couldn’t be that he wasn’t on your radar. I should have tried more spellings it seems. My suspicions are confirmed. Nice addon.


  2. Admit it. This is really a Blue Post about the Cataclysm changes. I’m gonna have to re-gem again I see in order to stay on that beach ball…


  3. @BBB imagine if they had trained a regiment of voyteks back then? it would have scared the axis witless.

    I remember an old Magic the gathering card saying something along the lines of “the dogs of war are nothing compared to the cats.” but Bear trumps Cat in war methinks.
    .-= Kattrinsaa´s last blog ..The Dark Emitting Diode =-.


  4. Oh, and I haven’t talked about it for a while, but Hunters, you should know (if you don’t already) that there is a wonderful addon called “Petemote” that lets your combat pet say all sorts of things/emote all sorts of things, and you can fully edit the default emotes to add your own. It’s customizable, and it changes the emotes based on which type of pet you have, and also allows you to set the gender it uses when referring to the pet.

    I use the addon, and I have customized it heavily for Voytek.

    While standing around, you will periodically see something like “Voytek lurches up and starts pawing through Windstar’s pack looking for a beer.”

    One of my favorites is along the lines of “Voytek sniffs around, searching for a Nazi to kill.”


  5. @Savvy – Not so!

    What you didn’t realise is, there are several ways that the most awesomest heroic bear of all time’s name gets spelled, and here on the BBB site, we use the most Americanised version, “Voytek”.

    In fact, my Hunter Windstar, Beastmaster all the way, has as her main pet that is always out Arcturis the Spirit Beast bear, named Voyek.

    For those who have no freaking idea what Savvy and I are talking about, I invite you to visit the following link and read all about Voytek/Wojtek the real life hero bear.


  6. Clearly, these bears have high agility. They are probably wearing their kitty gear.

    In relation to real bears being really awesome, I highly recommend reading about the mighty Wojtek. I searched BBB to see if you’d already mentioned him, not wanting to be redundant and all, and didn’t find a prior mention. He was adopted as a cub by what I believe was Polish tank unit who raised him on beer and cigarettes until he was old enough to help them fight the Nazi’s. He apparently liked to march on his hind legs with the fellas and was awarded medals for things like never dropping any of the shell boxes he’d shuttle around during fire fights.

    For those troubled by the animal exploitation stuff there is a hilarious music video called “Bears don’t dig on Dancing” which explains how bear performances are unjust and go against the animals’ will as opposed to all the other things we make animals do that they really wanted to do like wear sweaters and be in sandwiches. It certainly wont change any minds but it may take the edge off?


  7. But can those bears fly around with a rocket pack? I think not.

    And on the topic of possible animal cruelty, I can’t speak for all circuses, but at least one that a friend of mine is a part of takes better care of the animals than it does the people. It’s easier to keep the people working for money than it is to keep the animals healthy, well groomed, and happy enough to not become issues.


  8. I agree with the disclaimer. On the fence about enslaving animals to do weird tricks for us. I enjoyed the circus a lot as a kid though and I think in part it instills in people a fascination and love of wild life. If we never saw animals like bears and lions I wonder if we would care at all as adults about them.
    .-= sirfwalgman´s last blog ..A Little Annoyed =-.


  9. It took less than 30 minutes for the first poster to establish the foresight of Cassie’s disclaimer. /rolls eyes Cool pictures, Cassie. I’m glad you and Alex had fun.


  10. What a sweet grandpa!

    I’d settle for being able to ride in the sidecar while in forms, like those trees can. Even better, I’d buy a chopper for my hunter today if his pet got to ride in the sidecar.


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