Spectral, Celestial, ultimately Superficial

Yesterday, as I headed out the door to work I saw MMO Champion’s announcement that the new mini-pet and Celestial Mount were going to someday be available on the Blizzard Store.


Later that day, Cassie called to give me a shocking update; someday was in fact today.

Well, yesterday. Whenever. YOU know.

By the time I got home at the end of the day, WoW.com had announced with frenzied excitement that the queue on the Blizzard Store to purchase things was up to 80,000. Or, as WoW.com put it, the queue was almost ten times more than OVER NINE THOUSAND.

Sometimes, I wish internet memes had a physical presence you could drive a fricken stake through the heart of, and then sprinkle with lime at the landfill.

It’s not like using them takes literary skill. Here, this took two seconds to pull out of my butt; “Celestial Steed? This isn’t a Celestial Steed. THIS…. IS….. PONY!!!”

Still, I logged into Dalaran, and to what do my aching eyes should appear, but several jolly old Elves, and ten shining reindeer… um, Celestial Steeds.

Standing there. In Dalaran. Hanging out.

As though their owners were proudly posing for screenshots to be taken of their awesomeness.

If the irony of players posing on purchased steeds to be admired wasn’t poignant enough, there was one lone player sitting astride his Spectral Tiger mount next to them, as though saying, “Look at me on my even more special mount that cost real money to get.”

Chat in Dalaran revolved, of course, around the new mounts.

The buzz at the time I logged in was how awesome it was that you could now buy mounts with a flight speed of 310% directly from the Blizzard store.

I mentioned in Trade chat, and copy/pasted the quote from MMO Champion, the news that the mounts did not automatically confer 310% flight speed on a player. Instead, it scaled to match the maximum level of mount skill your current player already had. If you no have 310% from another mount, than you no get it with Celestial Steed.

This was the, and I kid you not, immediate response in Trade chat;

“Then why would anyone buy one?”

No, I’m not kidding.

My reply?

“Because it’s very, very pretty.”

Look, World of Warcraft is a wonderful, fun game, but there is a big difference in giving you access to cosmetic mounts and pets in a Store for real money, and giving you access to items that provide an actual in-game advantage in exchange for having deep pockets.

I’m very grateful that, so far, Blizzard hasn’t crossed that line.

If you are going to spend money on in-game items from the Blizzard Store, please don’t do it for any other reason than, “I think it’s shiny, and I’m cool with paying money to have the pretty, pretty pony.”

Only you can decide if your personal finances put $25 for a pretty mount in the category of “casual purchase whenever I feel like it.”

For ourselves, $25 isn’t that big a deal, we spent more than that on dinner last night.

But, and this is a key point, we didn’t spend that much on a single mount for our characters in a video game that wouldn’t improve the quality of gameplay for either of us.

I’m not personally opposed to in-game items for cash. Not at all.

I just don’t personally see doing it for that kind of investment-for-reward ratio.

Or, to put it another way, that’s more money for a single mount model than we pay to play the game for a month.

I bought the Pendaren Monk, I purchased the webstream of the last Blizzcon event, and I’ve given serious thought to buying the Horde flight mount mini-pet with real world stuffed animal for my desk.

For me, in each of those situations, there was more involved than a single cosmetic item for my character in the game.

A donation made to charity, streaming Blizzcon information and an Ozzy concert with bonus Murloc Marine pet, a damn cute plush animal for Alex to play with. All win, and all pushing a purchase towards the “value for money” part of the equation.

When I saw the Celestial Mount posers yesterday, I was thinking two things.

  • “Damn, that’s a sweet looking mount.”
  • “Wow, posing with that on the Dalaran steps just proves you think having $25 bucks is a real big deal.”

Let’s be honest. Buy it if you’d love a really hawt looking mount, especially having a mount ready to go as soon as you train an alt with Riding Skill.

But please, don’t pose with it in Dalaran and expect gushing. It’s not exactly in the same conspicuous consumption category as, say, a new Ferarri.

That’s just where I am on these in-game item purchases.

What would get me to buy an in-game mount?

Well, again, perceived value for money. A little extra.

For example… I wouldn’t buy the Celestial Mount for $25, but I might buy a mount that had spots for two passengers, or, when no passengers were available, had two vendors (Just like the Mammoth), a mount that applied to all characters as soon as you trained riding skill at level 20.

Something like that might never happen. It would be providing two actual benefits that are not possible for any other new character of that level; a traveling vendor and a passenger option. 

I think, strictly as game design philosophy, that a good limit to make on Store purchases is, “If I sell this for real world money, does it provide any game mechanic benefit not available to another character of the same level through pure gameplay?”

I think in the case of my passenger mount example, that converting the mounts that cost thousands of gold with passengers and vendors to Bind on Account and scalable to level 20 would make the venture as fair as the entire “Heirloom” system. 

But you get the idea. I think that so long as you don’t get to buy something that gives you an in-game advantage over other players with shallower pockets, then it’s all good, go for it, open season.

And I love how Blizzard has previously released items with that extra value for money. The in-game pets with bonus plushie animals is just awesome. I love that idea.

You know, now that I think of it… if they’d released the Celestial Mount with plush real-world horsie, I bet if we had a daughter it’d be in the mail on it’s way to us right now.

But let’s wrap this up, okay?

Whether or not you buy it, or were the first on your block to get it, please don’t mistake it for anything other than what it is;

A very pretty mount available to anybody with $25 in their pocket.

If just having a pretty mount to enjoy isn’t enough for you, then don’t buy it. It’s not going to give you 310% flight speed while bypassing all the in-game achievements you need to do right now, and nobody I can imagine is going to look at you riding the mount, and think, “Wow, you must be teh leet awesomesauce.”

On the other hand…

Oh, damn.

Hey, Blizzard, could you throw in with each Celestial Mount a complimentary pair of black leather riding gloves, wraparound sunglasses, black Member’s Only jacket and bald spot?

The Celestial Mount; favored riding mount for every balding Human going through a mid-life crisis!

46 thoughts on “Spectral, Celestial, ultimately Superficial

  1. I would buy it if my mount-count were at 98 or 99. As a guy, I’m not quite as interested in it as my wife is 🙂
    Now, I *could* earn major brownie points in real life for getting her the sparkly pony and the plushie with pet, but that has to get delayed until next paycheck.

    I have quite a few mounts, including a violet drake, but I keep coming back to the point of near-exclusion of flying my Cenarion War Hippogryph (I just love the colors on that bird!), and riding the bike. I leveled an alt and engineering for that hog, and I don’t have one in real life.

    The pony – it’s very pretty. It’s an excellent gift for your female friend/partner/etc. I personally think that it’s a tad pricey for something that “everyone” has, but hey – if you’re having fun, if it makes you feel good, or if you might entice real positive brownie-points/feedback or even a backrub from your partner, it’s *SO WORTH IT* !!!


  2. I refuse to purchase anything other than my subscription, but even if the “sparkle pony” was obtainable in game I wouldn’t get it. I love the realistic mounts that we have now, and I just can’t see riding something that looks like Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, but if you want one go ahead I won’t hold it against you. It’s just like in high school when one girl would come to school with a unique pair of shoes, and by the end of the week almost every girl had a pair. I would love to see some more creative mounts like the flying carpets and airplanes, now that’s cool. I love the idea of class only mounts. That would be a committee I would like to be on. For the person who posted earlier we do have ground transport, it’s called the travel form aka the cool cheetah. I love my druid’s instant forms and use them a lot, but she does have mounts, because a swift sabre is faster than the cheetah form, darn it. I would suggest for the warrior a scaled down rhino, or perhaps a chariot pulled by a fierce looking horse. I love the idea of shaman mount that is elemental. Mages would definitely need something that sparkles, and comes in bright colors.


  3. When I first saw the data mined images of the pony, I loved the idea, but didn’t think it would be as simple as cash at hand. I sort of wish that this pony was a drop or obtainable, not purchasable.

    With that said, I did buy the pony, but you won’t see me posing with it. I love the idea that all my alts will never have to buy any mounts. They already have that land/epic land/flying and epic flying already purchased. Might actually level my bank toon now so that it can get around quicker..
    .-= elkagorasa´s last blog ..idea – slow-fall on mounts =-.


  4. Work made last week craptacular: yes, who doesn’t love being told the day before that you have to fly across the country the next day, and oh, right, we screwed up the meeting time so you have to spend all Saturday flying home. /facepalm

    Got home tired and cranky (okay, crankier), and found that my hubby had gotten me a star pony. In my prior career I was an astronomer. I still like going to HoS and HoL because of the pretty constellation statues and orreries. I drooled over the star weapons Algalon dropped. Haven’t ridden since I was maybe seven–so we’re talking decades ago–but I still like horseys. Conclusion: the hubby is a very, very good hubby.

    Probably the part I like most about the star pony is the aura of little stars that shoot out. They make a nice trail when you’re going places, but the most fun is staying in one place for a bit to let the stars build up, then scooting to the side to admire the globular cluster you’ve left behind. Superficial? Yes, but sometimes that’s all you need for a bit of joy.


  5. My boyfriend and I ended up getting the mounts. We might pose around on them, but we do that for a lot of things. We do a lot of screen shotting in game, period. (Mainly because he hasn’t played since vanilla and is loving seeing all the changes on a very nice gaming computer.) A lot of people think, truly and completely, that because someone bought a mount they’re epeening. I find it interesting on how people form these opinions. Not saying you’re implying that, but it reminded me of some Trade chatter with people complaining about the “epeening” with the mounts, etc.

    I do enjoy that people *still* think they’ll get a 310% mount out of it, though. It makes me giggle some.

    Enjoyable entry as always, Bear. 😀 I love reading your opinions!
    .-= Rayvynn´s last blog ..Boondock Retirement Home =-.


  6. My favorite mounts are my Flying Nether Ray and my warlock pony. My favorite non-combat pet is my little Tiny Sporebat. It’s easy to tell why…I went out of my way and took the time to get them in game. I remember the process and when I finally beat the instance or I got the rep.

    I’m glad other people like this new mount. Personally it just doesn’t fit in my style of gameplay at all…I just don’t see the point. I play the game for the experience, personal interaction and for the rewards. Sometimes that’s a new level, sometimes it’s a new piece of gear or sometimes it’s a useless vanity item.

    Why would I want to disconnect myself from the main reason I like to play by taking a $25 shortcut?


  7. ” . . . if they’d released the Celestial Mount with plush real-world horsie, I bet if we had a daughter it’d be in the mail on it’s way to us right now.”


    I’m still thinking about getting one . . . the only pause is that I’m currently unemployed. But I’m hoping for a “you’re hired” phone call today. Maybe I’ll splurge if that works out. Even without the plushie. My two year old loves to sit on my lap while I play and make my sabers & horses jump. She loves ponies. And I love to make her happy. Will the sparklies make her $25 worth of happier than the Dawnsaber does? Who cares?! It’s a sparkly pony for my little girl!


  8. Love one of the pst’s I got while riding… “You spent $25 on something that’s only digital”. Hello?


  9. Actually, even a passenger mount would be over the line, IMO. The passenger mounts currently require a significant outlay of gold for each character (or are rare drops), compared with the normal mounts which are cheap, especially compared to the Riding skill required. If Blizzard decided to let people get thousands of in game gold worth of value in exchange for real money, it would feel too close to gold selling.

    This, though I have no problem with. I’d never buy it, but I don’t feel any disadvantage comes from that.


  10. @TJG

    “For some reason, when I very first saw it, I thought it was the mount you can get from the Lich King. As soon as I learned it was purchasable….I was THERE.”

    You thought this because it looks almost exactly like the mount you get from downing the Lich King.

    As I said previously that’s my only real problem with the mount is that it looks like a mount achieved for doing something somewhat special in game.

    Yes Yes I understand the whole “OMG its a game why get worked up about it” perspective but if you add rare mounts in game they should stay…well rare. Those models should not be reused for stuff that is easily available. Especially when it’s a drop off your end game boss. THey could have just made the mount solid looking and i’d have had no problem at all.

    Am I frothing at the mouth over it? No, I am not but I can see where some people are coming from.


  11. @ Aelys… Your 2nd paragraph is full of win! especially: “It’s a purchasable mount from the Blizzard store [link]” with a party invite and “Can you take me there?”



  12. You are 100% correct about the mount, it is incredibly superficial. However, I have to admit to being a HUGE fanboy, and was on the pet store about three second after I finally got someone to tell me where they came from. For some reason, when I very first saw it, I thought it was the mount you can get from the Lich King. As soon as I learned it was purchasable….I was THERE.

    Referencing the part in your post about the conversation regarding the 310% speed…I have to admit that if the mount gave you that and you didn’t already have it…I wouldn’t have bought it. I love everything Blizzard has put out in the pet store (with the possible exception of the Lil’ XT…MAN I wish you could hear what they will say BEFORE you buy them in the store!) but I flat out, absolutely refuse to take part in or condone the selling of in-game benefits for money. I think you’re take on that was spot on.

    However…I would totally buy the mount you described. That would be AWESOME! Heirloom mounts FTW!


  13. I bought it. Its release coincided with some really shitty RL stuff, so I took one look at it and concluded “I want” was reason enough. I spent the rest of the evening riding it around the world with a mate of mine – evidence for the theory that sparkly ponies and good company fix anything. While you’re right in saying people buy it because it’s pretty, I think some of the negative comments you said you’ve received are probably from those who’ve failed to unpack that statement. People buy it because it’s pretty… and pretty makes ’em happy. Happiness certainly sounds like a worthy purchase.

    Gallivanting around the world aside, the mount’s actually entertained me in other, less pretty-related ways, too. Namely the way people react to it. So far I’ve been reported thrice for “blatant hacking” (because my level 72 mage alt clearly can’t get that the legitimate way, i.e. defeating Algalon, according to the one guy who actually bothered to explain). I’ve had numerous people ask where it comes from, three of which replied to “It’s a purchasable mount from the Blizzard store [link]” with a party invite and “Can you take me there?” Five sent me random abuse to the tune of “you think you’re so cool/everyone will have it and you’ll regret it/I bet you just can’t get anything cool through hard work” (because my money comes from a money tree that deposits banknotes into my pocket, naturally).

    The best, though, was one paladin fellow who caught me loitering outside the SMC bank pawing through my jewelcrafting book for a particular recipe. “You paid £18 for that?” he demanded in say, before bravely running away. “For a sparkly winged pony with metallic purple armour?” I replied through whisper, “Hell yes.” A short pause, then: “Oh.” Another pause. “Do you think I should get one?” Thanks to endless asshattery in random dungeons and the general persistence of aggressive people, the pony love convo that resulted had me awwwing ’til dinnertime. Thank you for subverting my pessimistic expectations, mister paladin. And thank you sparklehorse for instigating it all in the first place.


  14. See I don’t like the way the mounts look. I don’t like see through animals apparently as I also think the Spectral Tiger mount and Spirit Beast Bear look amazingly bad (LOVE the Spirit Beast Wolf I have on my hunter though :P)

    My whole reaction to it has been…meh I noticed the same posing you did for the first couple hours on Mal’ganis and then it seemed like EVERYONE had one and suddenly people stopped posing. Guess they figured if they weren’t special they didn’t need to do it.

    My only real negative thought about it is it looks like Invincible which kind of takes away from the uniqueness of that drop (sort of like the Barons mount getting copied for reuse)


  15. Since Suxxy already brought us slightly off topic… I had to pull out Last Boyscout last night. It had been close to 5 years since I watched it. Good times… 🙂

    “You calling from the bottom of the pool?” lmao

    BTW, if you haven’t seen Boondock Saints II, please do so now… Right now… We’ll wait… 😉


  16. I’ve had a few really strange comments left, pretty outraged at my hating on people with the mount. Especially on the posing part.

    Ummm…. okay. Apparently, some people think that what they see NOW is the only now there is.

    Here in the real world, a couple of days have passed, and it was only the afternoon of that first day that I really saw the posing stuff, and even then I think it was because people thought that they were special having one due to the massive queue with associated posted time.

    Just because yu don’t see posing going on right now, get a grip people.

    Oh, and I’ve also had a few people apparently think the word “superficial” in the title means “worthless”.

    Superficial actually means “on or near the surface, minor, trivial”.

    In terms of the new mount, I thought it was the perfect word to indicate that, while it looks awesome, it does not confer 310% flight speed as the first rush of commenters in Dal seemed to think.


  17. Sorry, but going off on a tangent here (something you never do, so us readers shouldn’t either, so sue me).
    I was on a run the other day and someone was using the /train emote along the run, REALLY annoying me, so I finally installed Train-wreck which disables the client-side sound, allowing the initiator to have their fun without me hearing it at all.
    With the introduction of mini-XT (see, the link is the buy-able pet) I would pay good money to have a mini-XT-Wreck addon to stop that voice-over in Dal every blinking 5 minutes.


  18. On the subject of mounts… From the Blizz Developer chat…

    Q: Do you intend to have all 280% flying mounts scale to 310% when a 310% mount is earned, or will only purchased mounts do so?

    A: Our current plan, is that in Cataclysm, you can learn a new rank of flying that lets all flying mounts move at 310% (even current 280% mounts). That will probably be as fast as mounts will ever get. We don’t like it that when you get a 310% mount that you stop using your old ones.

    Q: If 310% speed is becoming trainable, does that mean we’ll be able to fly in Azeroth from the get-go?

    A: We have considered the concept of “Old Weather Flying.” Just kidding. More than likely, you’ll just be able to fly from the beginning.

    I’m happy about that, but that has got to piss some people off that have earned or farmed for special 310% mounts…


  19. I’m beginning to wonder how long it will be before Blizz starts selling gold, I mean in game pets/mounts just seems to be the lead up to bigger and more expensive things. If they did start selling gold it would most likely pull many gold seller’s under and maybe cut down on the number of account hacks but then of course there would be little market for authenticators and who knows how much that would affect realm economy. Still…I wonder if Blizz will go in that direction.


  20. I don’t even consider the fact that you only need to use one button for your mount an advantage. Everything that this mount provides can be replicated by some clever macroing, and then if you’re a druid, like, well, all the rest of us are, you’d be giving up the benefit of insta-fly by using it. So, once again, it’s pretty, but that’s about it.
    .-= Paona´s last blog ..WOO! =-.


  21. Thank you for the only measured, sensible response to this mount I have encountered. Almost every other blog or forum out there is raving with one extreme side of the argument or the other, yet like myself you thought: People. Chill. I bought one for my wife since she loved it, it’s not my deal but it’s pretty, it is not the slippery slope and nor is it game changing.
    This just in – sky is not falling. It is just as it was yesterday.


  22. I have a level 80 hunter- who spends a good amount of time in Stormwind and Ironforge. Unfortunately, while she has some really cool flying mounts she earned as boss drops, her ground mount is still an Elekk. So until the day I can get that damn Raptor or Kitteh from ZG, she’s gonna be riding a the pretty “Pwny” as someone above mentioned. Because it’s so much better than looking at an Elekks butt all day 😛


  23. I would never have purchased something like this as a “status” symbol. Quite frankly, the people that flap around Dala on their Frostwyrm set off my DOUCHE alarm, big time. It just goes against my every fibre. I’m glad for people when they get stuff they want in game. I don’t use it to measure anyone’s worth (or body parts. ;-p). I don’t get people labeling this mount as the new status mount… I really don’t. I just REALLY like it. /shrug

    I do know that a lot of people do… whatevs. I have no regrets about sparkle pony. 😀


  24. Y’know what I thought when i saw it? Rainbow Brite. And I didn’t even know what that meant. Somewhere in my deep subonscious is the time I spent as a Brit in the US when I was in seventh grade watching Saturday-morning cartoon commercials thinking: “who’d want THAT?” I just checked. Yup, that’s what it looks like.


  25. I bought it as soon as I read about it – early yesterday morning. What won me over was that it’d apply to all my toons and as I’m an altaholic, that helps the cost benefit ratio. So I bought it in the morning at work, where I didnt have access to WOW, figuring it would be a treat when I got home.

    But oh my god, when I saw the sheer number of these mounts in Dal parked all over the place, it started to feel “dirty”. Now I only feel like taking it out when there aren’t many other folks around because I don’t want to feel like a epeen brandishing wanker.

    Agree also that it looks like a Mage mount… my mage is a pretty little blood elf, so it suits her great. But not in Dal or Org for sure.


  26. BBB, thank you again for a clear philosophical posting and for using your powers for good.
    My take on the mount? I’ve not bought it. I can afford it. I like that it’s a ground/air mount like the broom.

    I agree with you on the give-a-ride mount. I’d buy that new little rocket mount they will soon offer for recruit a friend. I’d love to zip around in that thing; I hope it chugs and sounds like it’ll sputter to a sudden stop like the choppa does.

    well done, clear thoughts, my thanks.



  27. I haven’t bought it, mostly because my Mekgineer’s Chopper is WAY cooler. When people are prancing around on their ponies in Dal I like to ride my chopper right through them and around them


  28. I was on the hook for one as soon as the data-mined SS was posted – my SO is huge into ponies, and as soon as she saw the screenshot, from the other side of the house, I heard PONY!!!!!!!!!

    I got one for myself as well, as I quite like the aesthetic, and I can afford the $25 per.

    Oh – and BBB – you can essentially buy yourself a multi-passenger mount through the recruit a friend program – the two-seater rocket. I’m not sure if it scales though.


  29. I think you hit the nail on the head! If they’d included a plush, fuzzy version that they mailed to me when I bought the in-game one? I’d have to seriously look at it. I’m a horse fanatic and a sucker for sparkly, pretty things. But.. I guess the flip side is that I feel like each of my characters should have something special to them. One alt has an Emerald Whelpling that I got to drop for me, very unexpectedly. My primary priest-alt has the Blue Drake and that fits her. My main.. alternates, admittedly, but I know full well that I wouldn’t use a mount on my druid — I’m too spoiled with the insta-cast flight form!

    I like many of the ‘special’ in-game mounts and pets simply because they’re more unique.. and my feeling with this new sparkle-pony is that everyone and their mother is going to have it. That really ended up detracting from my desire to have it.. I want the sparkles, but not enough to spend $25 to look just like everyone else!
    .-= Cazenovia´s last blog ..Starting Over – a Blog Azeroth shared topic! =-.


  30. Somehow I could see Katt riding one, but not my dwarf hunter.. he’s happy with his beer kodo, and onyx netherdrake.

    Pity you can’t have a mount that operates on the ground only when you can’t fly, and in the air evrywhere you can.

    Of course i still think that all classes should have a class based mount.
    druids already have their flight forms and travel forms (but are SOL for ground transport.)
    Pallys have their horses as do warlocks.
    Hunters should be able to tame a creature as a mount (quest to gain ability)
    Shaman should be able to summon an elemental mount, (water for water, earth for ground, air for flying)
    DK’s have theirs (my DK ONLY has his two and will probably not get anymore unless they are a random drop)
    Priests.. only thing i can think of at the moment is a planquin carried by a team of faithful followers or something. (ground of course)
    Rogues.. get to steal their mount from any nearby character temporarily
    Warriors.. sorry, i got nothin for this one. I’ve never managed to get a warrior up to a sufficient level to really get the flavor…
    Mages.. fire charriot (ie Apollo) for flight and/or ground

    BBB you need to have someone design the said sunglasses/gloves/jacket set and put it in your cafe express or on jinx.
    .-= Kattrinsaa´s last blog ..Paw N mouth disease =-.


  31. BBB – Somehow – Someway – I would find $25 to see you with sunglasses, riding gloves and a Member’s Only jacket on this mount. Even better, a bear wearing sunglasses, riding gloves, and a Member’s Only jacket.

    I agree – beautiful mount – a mage mount…

    Hmm – where’s that Photoshop disc….


  32. Moonstalker, I’m serious when I tell you, if they let me have the sunglasses, riding gloves and Member’s Only jacket, I would buy the mount, and make a balding human Mage to ride it.

    I don’t know why, it just feels like a Mage mount to me. Very beautiful, but forged almost purely from magic.


  33. Sigh.

    Yes, I know that the Celstial Mount applies to all characters that have the Riding Skill to use one, across all realms. It’s the same as the pets you buy.

    My point was a mount that allows you to carry passengers, something that currently does NOT exist for level 20 peopleses, and I wanted to make sure I was clear that I was thinking that would be cool, but might be borderline non-allowable.


  34. Thank you so very much for this blog! It MADE my day (especially after tax day).

    “The Celestial Mount; favored riding mount for every balding Human going through a mid-life crisis!” Bwa-ha-ha…


  35. I bought the mount because when I laid eyes on the little animation in the blizzard store I was instantly sold. That and I like collecting mounts. That said I bought it, put it on my hot bar, ran around and took note of the jump animation, took it to Krasus’ landing and took it for a quick test flight, grinned, and went back to doing dailies.

    $25 seems like a lot but when all my toons get a copy of it, and any toon I create in the future, it suddenly seems like a great deal.

    And talk about a money machine. Blizzard is like a mint.


  36. I purchased the mount as well. My 1st thought on seeing it, was “beautiful horsie!”

    It will be the default mount for all my characters except paladin (Headless Horseman mount) and Death Knight (their undead gryphon and horse rocks).

    Yes, a very discretionary purchase. I even asked my wife’s opinion, and she stated that is very nice and I should consider it a treat to myself. And that is exactly what it is.
    .-= Dracomage´s last blog ..Very very interesting read and analysis =-.


  37. All I have to say is my purple haired night elf looks angelic on her “Pwny”. Looks CAN be deceiving tho. 😉


  38. a mount that applied to all characters as soon as you trained riding skill at level 20

    The celestial steed does exactly this – from the store:

    “Once activated, this World of Warcraft in-game mount key applies to all present and future characters on a single European World of Warcraft license.”

    If you can’t fly yet I’m pretty sure it just limits you to the ground.

    I don’t think it’s cooler than my engi roflcopter, or epic flight form for that matter, but I was almost tempted to get one yesterday when they came out just for my lvl 60 shaman who’s stuck flying around on that horrid wyvern thing. Then I saw how many other people were buying it too and thought better of it. Org has turned into sparklepony central, Thrall must be having fits!


  39. I think you’re right on the mark. And that’s why I gladly plunked down my cool $25.

    I just purchased flying on my 5th Horde toon and bought yet another wyrven and thought to myself how sick I was of that model. Why, I asked myself, couldn’t Blizzard give me something more interesting for my basic flying mount? After all, I’d been promised a pony.

    Ultimately, the steed is a good looking alternative to a rather worn out stable of low level mounts and the only in-game benefit is saving a few hundred gold on mounts (on each alt).


  40. My wife is a mount collector, so as soon as I saw it I knew she’d want one. I got one for myself as well. Yes it is pretty, but that’s not the main reason for me. Out of game I have the $25 to spare for frivolities, inside the game I’m a little cash strapped. This mount means a few extra gold here and there I won’t need to spend buying mounts for alts, while it doesn’t seem like a lot, it does add up. So to me, for now, it was a sound purchase.

    As always, thanks for the article. I always look forward to your stuff.


  41. The celestial steed does apply to all your characters. It shows up in the mail for every character on the account, just like the core hound pet.


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