Bear Breaker

I am not sure what’s going to happen to the future of the blog.

Right now, at this moment in time, I really feel that I’m done.

I’m not playing games, or begging for attention, or trying to screw with anyone’s feelings. I’m just telling you how I feel.

I’m very, very tired of a lot of things right now, mostly having to do with trying to make life happier for other people related to WoW, and failing.

What I don’t know is whether or not I can quit writing. I feel like I should. I can’t understand how a person could feel the way I do, as depressed as I am about game and people related stuff, and still be able to write something chipper and upbeat while being me. 

And yet, time after time, stepping up to the blank blog page somehow brings out an inner cheeriness. As though, no matter how depressed I am about other things, sitting down to talk to you folks brings my spirits up.

That’s a hard habit to break. But great, that’s what I get out of this. No matter how I may have felt when I sat down, you always bring me back up.

But what do YOU get out of the deal? Some depressed old Bear grumpily bitching, pissing and moaning about something that doesn’t really matter?

I dunno.

Fine, I don’t know. What DO I know?

I know that I’ve got to figure out if there is actual, positive value to my writing this blog beyond making me feel better for a little while. Because I sure as heck have no intention of draggin’ anyone else down with me.


114 thoughts on “Bear Breaker

  1. Well, I thoroughly enjoy your PBM posts. Just because you started off as a WoW blogger doesn’t mean you are limited to writing about WoW ya know.

    I read blogs not just by topic, but because I like the style of their writing, their humor, their personality. I haven’t logged into WoW in 2-3 weeks, I don’t play a bear tank, I have 10 toons, 1 of every class, and the only 2 not either 80 or high 70’s are the druid and the warlock, so I’ve never read your blog strictly for the content. I don’t even like druids for crying out loud.

    So if you don’t feel up for the whole WoW thing, know that you’ll have at least one regular reader that will look at anything that you do care to put on the page.


  2. What I get out of it is this: I have about eleventy bajillion things in my feed reader. I’m ADD when it comes to reading that thing and I bounce around all crazy and stuff will sit unread for weeks sometimes and just phase out from hanging around too long.

    But three people get checked for new posts immediately and those posts get read immediately. You and this blog are one of those three. Whenever someone asks about druids or WoW blogs I alllllllllways recommend you. Sometimes even without them asking first.

    Having said all that… I completely get how you feel. I’ve been there myself with WoW and with people. Writing though… writing is something I can’t drop and if it gives you one single moment of happiness then stick with it. From the selfish standpoint I heartily say so as well.

    If you leave behind WoW for a while, keep up the writing somehow and if you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to keep reading.

    And one last thing: Your bitching about PuG posts make me feel infinitely better about my own PuG experiences. I tend to be extremely down on my abilities in WoW and am always so afraid of being called out, etc, I tend to psych myself out of joining them. When I do manage it and have a bad experience EVEN when I KNOW it wasn’t me or my fault, I take it very personally and very hard. Reading your nasty PuG stories have helped me have a little better attitude about them. I had one so bad the other day I ended up laughing my way through it and thought the whole time about emailing the story to you. So aside from the knowledge I’ve tried to pick up here, that is a definite benefit I’ve gained from reading your site… a benefit beyond all the enjoyment of the actual reading.

    Be well, Sir Bear!


  3. I completely agree with what wavemancali said above. I read every post, I realize i don’t comment often, but i just want to say that I too am a regular reader and that I hope that you continue on with it, even if it isn’t about WoW.


  4. “I’m not … trying to screw with anyone’s feelings.”

    Ok, I know you don’t mean to, but you’re certainly messing with my emotions right nao. Why do you have to hurt me like that?

    You’ve put in a lot of efforts into updating BBB–mebee you just need a little break.


  5. I know the biggest issue I have with Wow isn’t how the game is made. It is playing with people, and people can be a drain. They can be loads of fun to, but pugging things and being critiqued and just slogging through things is not fun.

    So do what is fun for you. I just realized last week that I can solo almost every BC heroic as bear and I would like to get all my exalted BC reps, not just those cenarion guys that got me a great tanking weapon when it counted. Sure its a grind, but running heroic setthek just for the Raven mount is something I love, not slogging through the same wotlk heroics with people that ruin the fun of the game.

    If you find you love writing about wacky adventures where nothing of any “value” happened, but you had fun, thats what you should share with us. And we will love it. Sure there will be some stupid people that want another gear guide or something equally boring, but the point of a blog is not just for us, its for you too or you wouldn’t have worked so hard to write all the things you do.

    Like the above poster said, the reason I come to this blog isn’t for more info about druids, its to see what you write and your thoughts on life because in some part they make me a better person. And not to mention the little laughs I get at the randomness :D.


  6. Man, I get where you are coming from. I am reading right now because I’m waiting for the faction transfer on my little shaman to go through. I just want a chance to get out of guild chat and play the game for a while so I can have fun again. You said what you get out of writing this blog, so I’ll tell you what I get out of reading it. I get to read a witty, well phrased opinion of random shit about WoW that I can almost always relate to. I get to read stories about horrifying asshats that make me laugh out loud and I get solid advice for my off-spec. Personally, I kind of prefer the “bitching, pissing and moaning” posts because I relate to them a bit more, but I am always entertained and that’s the most important part to me. I like the way you write and I like the way you express yourself, that’s why I read. The subject matter is pretty much irrelevant as long as it is in my sphere of interests. My wife asked me recently, when I was stressing out because of some guild/raiding bullshit, why it was my job to make sure everyone else had fun. I didn’t really have a good answer for her then, and I’m still trying to figure it out now.


  7. Be a grumpy pants for as long as you need to be. Bitch & moan about life in general. Get those kids off your lawn and don’t give a rats. If writing that makes a dent in the un-happiness, more power to ya 🙂


  8. /lurked status off

    First I’d like to say thanks for everything you have done on the blog already, I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now, actually it’s one of the first things I check out when I switch the pc on.

    I suppose the reason i keep coming back is that your experiances mirror those things that have happened to me while i play warcraft. You have a way of writing things that beings a smile to my face when I get that “I’ve been there” feeling.

    It all boils down to one thing, if you enjoy the actual blogging then carry on, it’s you blog so blog about what you like. I suspect that your blog will be entertaining and thought provoking regardless of what’s you write about.

    Anyway, thanks again for making the effort to blog in the first place.



  9. Well, I can tell you 3B that my wife and I enjoy reading everything you write, from the situation with your kid and the new Lego MMO beta, to when you first stepped foot into heroics with your resto shaman and had the crappy group that tried to pull the whole first ring in Occ and then dropped group. These are things that truly had nothing to do with game mechanics or how the game is progressing but rather how another person is playing and enjoying this game with such variety. You have made us laugh on more than one occasion. We wholeheartedly appreciate your efforts on this blog, and that is whether you are writing about how the druid class will change in up coming months or just how things are playing out in your current gaming situation. Whether you continue to write your blog or not, thank you for the time you have spent and being a valuable resource, not just as a druid class blogger but as a person with a point of view and willingness to share it with the world.

    – ImsoWikid & Tierlieolay [Duskwood-US]


  10. BBB, I getting quite angry at you.

    This is your bloody blog. If you wanna write about grocery shopping with details on how to see which tomatoes are good and which are bad, go right ahead! There are many places in life where you can’t decide exactly what you are going to do – this, this very place, this place that YOU have paid for, that is one of those places where you can do whatever the [beep] you want. Don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.

    I know that I will read and enjoy anything you write – you’re not getting rid of me just because you feel in the blues!


  11. BBB, you practically taught me to tank back in BC, with your excellent list of starting bear gear, and links to other good feral tanking resources. Whether you know my name or not, you’re one of my friends, and you’re part of the game for me. I read your blog because I care about you as a person, so write on about anything that comes to mind. If you’re sick of drama in the game, you’re always welcome to roll alts with your wife and come join me on Spirestone. Our 10 man guild comprised entirely of RL buds (read: NO DRAMA) just downed Putricide, so you’d have a decent raiding environment to step into. 🙂 I have 19k gold, so I’ll set you up with the resources to level as quickly as you two can.

    If there’s one pet peeve I have in WoW, it’s people that don’t have fun with it. It’s a game. It should be fun. If it’s not fun, go play with your kid, or read a book, watch a movie, have a night on the town. Whatever. When you miss WoW again, come on back. Just don’t you dare ever start feeling like you HAVE to do anything in relation to something that YOU are paying money to participate in!


  12. I agree with the sentiments above. If you’re feeling depressed and blue, yet writing here perks you up, its kinda a no-brainer to do what helps brighten your day. Hell .. even if you had no following at all, but it cheered you up, I’d still say go for it. And I’d also agree that it isn’t necessarily the content that pulls me to read what you write (although I confess that is what started me here) – two of the posts I remember the most were completely unrelated to WoW at all (one was a story about your “youth” and another was about traffic queues!)

    I suspect, for me, its an age thing. I don’t know how old you are – and don’t care, but you seem to have gotten to that certain age where, quite frankly, you don’t feel the urge to put up with asshats and prefer to tell it how it is. I reached that age a few years ago, and call it the “sod it” age. (It’s also useful when someone asks if you want another glass of wine and you know you shouldn’t …. “sod it, okay then” :P)


  13. Well, I first came here because it was a feral druid blog.

    Then I stuck around because I like your writing, and the way you can tell a story about things and make it interesting, even if it’s just about the latest FailPUG composed of failDKs and a priest who’s never healed a heroic before and would prefer to be in shadowform. We’ve all had them, but we can’t all write about them as amusingly as you can.

    There are some other blogs that I read because while the main topic of the content might not be my thing (eg WoW mages), I stick around because I like the writing.

    And hey, it’s your blog, write what you like. Even if it turns into a study of pipes, or an expose of people dressing up as dancing circus bears, we’ll still be here, reading.
    .-= Sukugaru´s last blog ..Steve’s Saturday morning =-.


  14. Well, I’ve found everything you’ve written since I started reading your blog to be entertaining, so for what it’s worth I don’t think you need to worry about bringing people down. Heck, I’m not even regularly playing a druid and I like reading it so that tells you something.

    That said, if you need to step away for a bit, from the game and/or the blog, then you certainly shouldn’t worry about it.

    If you like doing the blog, then keep doing it, and if it morphs into something other than a WoW blog then so be it, I suspect you’ll still have a readership.


  15. Hey BBB. I agree with the sentiments above. I always click your blog first from my feed reader because no matter the topic it always a good read. Bear wall incoming is a good thing! An eloquently written moaning session is a thing of beauty. I am rapidly turning into a grumpy old man and damn do we need to stick together 🙂


  16. Despite being one of those evil Paladin Tanks I have always found your writing style to be top notch and your pieces well written and thought out. Several times despite the class differences I have walked away with some useful tips for my own tanking as well as a deeper understanding of the challenges of being a bear.

    On your non-wow related articles they are a pleasant change of pace and reveal insight into your mind which adds value for me to your opinions on ingame issues. I always like to think the guy who is writing what I am reading is more than just a geek who plays wow 24/7 but rather someone like me who plays the game with a limited amount of time and tries to maximise their fun.

    With regards to your playing the game for others enjoyment all I can suggest to you is to do what I did a while back. Identify two evenings a week and be selfish and play only for yourself. Whether it be levelling, dungeons, farming etc. It will feel strange at the start but once you get into the habit (and enforce it!) I hope that you wlll find it increases your game enjoyment factor as it did mine.

    Even if you do stop playing world of warcraft please keep up the writing, not just for yourself but for those like me who enjoy your writing I still read Daniel Howel’s blog (Big Red Kitty for those who dont know) despite him not having played the game for almost a year now.

    Keep up the good work


  17. You put a smile on my face, and a song in my heart ::cough:: not THAT kinda song, but still 🙂 I even like when your wife steals the blog for a post or two. If you wanna write, I’m going to read. If you want to start a new writing project un-related to WoW… well, I’ll probably read that too. I like YOU, the writer, and unless you disappear off the face of the planet, I’m parking my butt right here.
    .-= Windsoar´s last blog ..Injector: An Overview =-.


  18. I’ve only commented here once before, but such a message requires a reply. BBB was the first WoW blog I ever really read back when I was a clueless bear making rather pitiful attempts at tanking. I wanted to learn, but I wasn’t ready to dive in quite yet. No Elitist Jerks for me (and still no). Here I found someone who enjoyed bear tanking for what it was, and wanted to share the experience with others. Some helpful tips for n00bs and veterans alike, sure, but also funny stories about the fail pug, or how that last run saw you popping cat form for whatever reason. Anyways, long story short, it was FUN to read your blog. I learned a ton from you, and enjoyed every last story. Including the ones that didn’t have a thing to do with WoW, because it was all so energetic, so real. My little druid wanted to grow up to be just like BBB, tanking the world with her face and laughing the whole way.

    I may not have to deal with the same guild drama, but I can relate to nightmare pugs/trade asshats/etc. Bitching and moaning are almost required with games like WoW, nothing new there. And it’s not a problem. Besides, we get the happier posts too, like when you give shout-outs to awesome puggers, or eagerly gear a new alt with fun heirloom toys. The total package is what keeps me reading this blog, makes me always check to see if there’s a new post.

    Besides…it’s your blog. You do what you want with it. If it makes you happy to write about My Little Pony, then go for it. Whether or not you are enjoying it all is the important part. I’ll probably keep reading anyways 😛


  19. BBB, I’ve been reading all of your posts for quite a long time now, and honestly can tell you that the posts that stuck out the most to me were the non-WoW specific ones. I enjoy reading about the random things you sometimes seem to write about, and played and quit WoW several times but have yet to miss a post by you. If you’re getting something out of this blog, keep at it. No matter what, you’ll at least have one reader getting a kick out of whatever you feel like writing at the time.


  20. Your header always reminds me of Baloo from the Jungle Book. So I hear Baloo in my head whenever I find a new BBB post in my feedreader. Even when it’s a bitching post, reading you is like the nonverbal version of singing along to the “Bare Necessities” and dancing like Baloo.

    It’s rather impossible to not smile after reading a BBB post. That’s what I get out of it.
    .-= Poneria´s last blog ..Raid Prep =-.


  21. Hey BBB,

    Couldn’t pass this by and not post – if there’s stuff you do that makes you feel better about life – whether thats romping about as a bear tank in WoW, taking the kids to cinema or for a cycle run, or writing down whatever the hell you feel like in a blog – do it! Life is to short to get pulled down by all the c$%p stuff.
    I found your blog originally when looking to make sense of “what happens in this game once you reach level 80 – is there any point to it anymore” but now i read your blog with my coffee when I get into work as part of my morning ritual and it always puts a smile on my face.

    Now, not saying you need top keep writing just to keep me (and I guess a whole lot of other folk) happy, but hell if it lifts you as well that really is (as sales and marketing people love to say, but actually true here) a Win-Win situation.

    whatever works for you.


  22. The way you feel when you’re blogging is the way some of us feel when we read your blog.

    I love your stories and the way you write – that’s why I’m still reading 🙂


  23. I love to hear you bitch.

    I can stop blaming myself for when people are so mean in the game and wonder what I did wrong to invite it – and realise that it’s not my fault at all.

    I’m finding the dungeon system in particular is making me feel about the same. Angry, upset, bitter, and while I still enjoy playing the game I am starting to get alarmed at my own negativity. If it makes you feel better to thrash it out in your blog (it sure works for me) then I’m going to keep reading it. If you decide to start blogging about underwater basket weaving, I’d probably read that too.


  24. Hi BBB

    What Symbiode sez…I always enjoy your writing, sometimes even able to empathise. Keep at it as long as it give you any pleasure. I swing by this site a couple of times a week and enjoy some bearish musings.


  25. I enjoy reading your blog, i may not comment often, but i like reading wow news from you, and hearing about your adventures. No one can force you to write, but if you enjoy it so much then don’t stop. 🙂


  26. There’s no rule that states that your blog should conform to anything other than what you want it to. If that’s chipper and upbeat or snarly and downbeat then that’s fine. It’s just a reflection of where you’re at when your write it. As a process it can be very beneficial 🙂

    It sounds like your enjoyment of the game is being swapmed by people’s expectations and being unable or unwilling to live up to them. You have no contract and you own them (and us) nothing so play how you want to play, take on what you want to take on but just play to have fun.

    If that requires doing a Tamarind and compeltely switching Guilds, Server and faction then do so. Stepping back from runnign things is almost impossible though and a drastic break might be in order.

    Whatever you choose to do though I’m pretty sure you’ll be true to yourself and that’s akll that counts.
    .-= Ulv´s last blog ..Spa Time =-.


  27. You seem to suffer from the same phenomena as alot of long time players do these days, clasic wow burnout. There seems to be nothing that can bring the level of oxytocin up again ( you know that chemical in your brain that makes you feel loved and safe and want to explore the world ). The lack of inspiration is iminent and there is no well of magic water in plain sight to reach for. You are tired of crawling through the desert and just wanna stop and disapear down into the warm sand and oblivion. My solution to this is to start on a project I have thought of for a long time, getting the white tiger from I discoverd that it is no longer the harsh grind it was back in vanilla, but still gonna take som time. And if i feel like it I can always join a random dungeon.
    As for writing this blog, I have to say I disagree with many of the replies here. If you start a blog and call it BBB, it really should etleast have some relation to wow and a focus on druids/bears in particular. Ofc you can start a new blog and link to it from here. I would be happy to wisit you to see what you have to say.


  28. If you are tired of writing about WoW, either broaden the scope here or start another blog to cover other topics that interest you. I am guessing you write as part of an outlet. If writing for WoW is depressing you, branch out.


  29. Well, i never actually commented here, but i read your blog for some time. It’s always sad to see a blogger “retiring”. BRK left a big hole in the internetz. Project Lore too.
    I can’t say anything better than “take a vacation”. Srsly. Clear your mind, Take a break and see if you miss this so much. Then come back. 🙂


  30. I agree with what the first poster said. Try talking about other things that interest you. There’s no rule against it since it’s your blog. If you’re really done I just wanted to post a comment saying how much I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. There are only three I read every day and you’re one of them. Good luck with whatever you decide!


  31. Just to echo the sentiments expressed above BBB. I’ve never played a Druid and I possibly never will, but I’ve read your blog for ages anyway and I will as long as you continue to write it.

    It does seem strange to me though that you’d consider stopping writing given what you said about how it makes you feel. Surely the only things really worth doing are the ones that make you happy? Best of luck whatever you decide.


  32. I also agree with the sentiments above. Don’t think so much about what others are getting out of your blog, if writing here is something that helps you be happy and clear your head then continue to do so- even if no one reads it!

    For the record, I only recently started playing a feral Druid but have been reading your blog for ages. Posts about your job, your son killing bunnies in Dun Morogh, your stories, etc… this is much more than a resource for feral Druids. I think a lot of people come here because they enjoy your perspective on various topics. That being said, don’t continue to write if you feel that you don’t want to. Don’t continue to slave away unhappily for the sake of your readers, it’s not worth it.

    Also… be careful about how much you invest into making other people happy. That issue is huge, much bigger than WoW (as you know of course). No single person can bear the weight of someone else’s happiness. It’s just not possible. You can help people, you can be nice and be comforting, but eventually every person has to find a happiness, a purpose, for themselves that keeps them going. It can’t come from outside.

    If you’re doing “good” things, but not because you want to, you’re just going “through to motions”, so to speak, I think that’s a very dangerous thing. It can make you bitter, angry, resentful. You forget why you did these things in the first place. Ultimately, I think it hurts both parties. So if that’s where you’re at, I suggest taking a break. Stepping back and clearing your head, evaluating how you live, why, what makes you happy and what is important to you.

    Anyway, sorry. I know I don’t comment here often and perhaps I’m reading waaayy too much into your post, but there ya go.


  33. Being able to connect with others, no matter the medium, is what makes us human. Take all of the cathartic moments you need. We will be here for you 🙂


  34. You’re a very considerate person, not wanting to drag us all down. I’m sure you’ll be feeling better in no time, especially with all these fan’s well wishes. I’ve only recently found your blog since I have a level 70 druid I’m leveling. Gonna go dual spec tank/resto with her. I love your posts. All of them, the funny ones and the helpful ones. I agree with the comments above. Don’t run yourself down thinking about making us happy or anything. Make sure posting makes you happy, otherwise, like jealouspirate said, it’s not worth it.


  35. Long time reader, first time commenter.

    I know burnout sucks, but I look forward to checking for updates on your page every day. I find your posts funny and thoughtful, even if I don’t always agree. Besides, its nice to know there’s a marine blogger out there because when people say we can’t write, I always point them in your direction. If you need a break, take a break I say. Nothing seems to make a person’s soul get tarnished like the general WoW population, but there’s always some good out there.


  36. There’s alot to be said for the quality of the Grumpy Old Bear style posts.
    A well crafted rant gets even funnier, the more ridiculously small and insignificant the item it is targeted at.

    Have been a reader for about a year, and I always enjoy your posts, whatever the subject. 🙂


  37. Hey BBB, Sounds like someone has a case of the Monday’s, but seriously a server transfer sounds like just the thing you need, a fresh start where nobody is looking to monopolize your game time will work wonders! I also agree with all of the above posts, its your writing that keeps me coming back and you even inspired me to roll a druid and play it to 80 after rolling 3 and deleting them before I hit 30.

    Keep your chin up!



  38. I recently (ok… if you call January recently) took a break from writing because to be honest I was just spent. I couldn’t come up with anything that I really felt like writing. I think the topics I was covering really aren’t covered in depth, but to be honest, I just wasn’t getting that joy out of it that I used to. I’ve thought several times about just shutting the place down, but then I come back to… ” you know what I might start writing again..”

    take a break if you need it man. Come back in a month once you’ve sorted out life, wow, work, whatever you need to do and then decide if you still wanna write. I think a lot of times we get in habit of doing something just because we have for a long time.

    I personally love reading your work… because its real. I can relate, and its just a regular guy not trying to educate me, but some working joe in a similar situation (and hell in the midwest) who’s balancing kid(s) and work and the game and most times having a great time. I’m not sure what’s happened in the last few months, but you’re stressed that much is apparent. You probably need a change of scenery and some time to find what you want again from the game….

    If not… there’s always Hello Kitty online :p


  39. Hey B3,

    Its your blog and its your choice what you write about!
    There are plenty of bloggers out there who started with WoW and have since moved on to other things in their blogs.

    As an example a fellow feral left wow but continued to blog and still does today!

    As for why we come here, well its because of you (and to a certain extent Cassie) and the stories or entries you post.
    If we didn’t like rants or just wanted hardcore theorycraft or stories about cutting edge ICC raids we would have gone somewhere else, there are plenty of places to get that fix. But we still come back here and check out the BBB blog because we like your writing style and we like you!

    I’d love to be able to be selfish and say “Noooo don’t go, don’t leave wow!” but i cant.
    I would say that maybe you just need a rest, take a holiday or a wow sabbatical or something. Just chill, relax, and reflect so that you get a perspective on how you really feel, and im sure that all of your loyal followers will happily support your decision whatever it is!

    Besides, we all know you will be back come Cata 😉


  40. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog. I have really enjoyed the humor, the wonderful sarcasm you create, and of course the facts and stories. What I like most about your blog is the person that you see sitting at the desk smiling as they share stories and opinions with people.

    WoW got most of the readers here, but you kept them. If it makes you feel better (which I hope it does) please understand that you have such a following because we think you’re a great guy and we’d love to get to know you. We get to know you through your writing, but I for one would totally love to sit and drink a beer or a cup of coffee with you and chat. You are just that kind of guy. You’re real, you pull no punches, and you have a sense of values. That comes through in your writing very well, and a ton of people like that. The stories of things at work, of things that happen as you go through your daily life, are glimpses into the person. I envision you with a buddy or two in the garage or shed building or fixing something and having a grand time of it.

    We also all go through times that we wonder if it’s all worth it. We get burnt out on what we’re doing. We lose our purpose. I really wish I could point over yonder and say “Hey, Butt, there’s your purpose.”, but I can’t. I can point at all the comments and say “Hey, Butt, here is a purpose.”, but if that doesn’t “click” for you, then it won’t help. We’re supportive cause we like you. I really want you to keep writing because I enjoy reading. I save your blog for last so I’m not rushed and can read and comment at my leisure. I’d hate it if you were blogging to keep me happy. I want you to keep you happy, so if that means a subject change – sweet. If that means you need to take time off and find something else to do – sweet. I’ll miss you, but I think everyone here wants you to just make you happy.

    My suggestion would be to take a few days. Maybe even a week. Don’t post anything. You won’t lose a single reader, I promise. After that week, sit back at the computer and see how it strikes you. See if you are smiling when you decide to write here again. If you do, then welcome back. If you don’t, then I’ll leave the feed and will be happy when and if you decide to return.

    Just make you happy.


  41. Every morning when I come to work I check my feedreader. Seeing that there is a BBB-post always makes my day, always – together with a good cup of coffee. I usually just open it to get a glimpse of what it is about since I can’t spend that much time on not-work-related stuff but then I read the whole “damn” thing anyway 😉


  42. Not that my opinion is worth anything… but my favorite posts you make are antics in game, real life stuff, and the random nonsense. I especially like stories about the kiddo >>.

    Heck! Your post about Allod’s made me go play my second ever MMO. I leveled a psionicist past level 20 (lots of time involved in that), and decided it really wasn’t the game for me. I liked too many things about WoW, but at the time, your post made my in-game life a lot better. I really needed something to get away from guild drama, and Allod’s filled the gap. I wouldn’t have had a clue about it without you.

    I’m probably one of those raiding snobs you hate so much… but I enjoy reading your posts about the game because it gives me a perspective I don’t really get from EJ or any of those type places.

    So whether you continue to write or not, I would like you to know that you’ve made the past god, I think I’ve been reading your blog for a year now… so the past year of my life better for having read your musings/rants/stories/etc. Positive or negative, there’s always somethin’ meaty in there ;).


  43. Write anything you want, BBB, I read anything you write. Your style and sense of humor is what brings me back everytime, no matter what you write about. If writing this blog gives you your “bliss” then write. You know we will still be here.

    I also want to say thanks.
    Somedays, your posts are the only thing that make me smile and laugh.


  44. Hello.

    Im reading yours blog since ive started play druid when there was only bc. I didnt write any comment coz my english simple sucks as You can see. Even when i had big break when wotlk came out i was reading your blog just for fun. You made my day many times by well writed posts about simple… or not so simple things about wow and related. Ive learned a lot about druid… how to play and act. Dont leave us alone please!


  45. BBB – your blog adds value in so many ways I can hardly list them all. I’m a total fail as a tank – or at least I was. Reading your blog has helped me immensely, not only at understanding the mechanics of bear tanking, but the series that you did a while back on paladin tanking made me give it another try on my paladin.

    But honestly, I can’t even count the number of times when I’ve picked up one of your posts in the morning and in turn had it really pick me up – either spreading a big smile across my face or making me laugh so hard that my coffee squirts out of my nose.

    So, your posts have made my game play just a little bit better – hopefully to the benefit of some of the other random players that have been placed with me. But more importantly, it makes the world just a little bit better. After all, it isn’t a good day until coffee comes out of your nose.


  46. I’ve rarely if ever left a comment on a blog I read but I feel like this post deserves one. I agree wih the above posts and want to say that while I play wow a d was drawn to this blog by the topic I do not play a Druid and could careless whether you write about wow or not. This is the first blog I check for updates evryday because of the tone of the writer a d the enjoyment I get from reading it, as long as you are writing this blog I plan to read it. Beyond that, however, do what makes you happy, and if others enjoy that great, if not f*^% ’em.


  47. Well Your style of writing as well as the content appeals to me. You could write on the details of gutting and using a pig and I would still read it. Just don’t feel like you HAVE to do it for us 🙂

    It does brighten my day a bit when I see a new post from you, even if the content is harsh or depressing because, let’s face it, we’ve been there in a similar situation or place in our lives. Some people aren’t the sharing type but it is way good to hear from the ones that are.

    Wherever you end up, know that you do have people that will follow… which is kinda creepy if you stop by a Port-O-Potty…


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