Bear Breaker

I am not sure what’s going to happen to the future of the blog.

Right now, at this moment in time, I really feel that I’m done.

I’m not playing games, or begging for attention, or trying to screw with anyone’s feelings. I’m just telling you how I feel.

I’m very, very tired of a lot of things right now, mostly having to do with trying to make life happier for other people related to WoW, and failing.

What I don’t know is whether or not I can quit writing. I feel like I should. I can’t understand how a person could feel the way I do, as depressed as I am about game and people related stuff, and still be able to write something chipper and upbeat while being me. 

And yet, time after time, stepping up to the blank blog page somehow brings out an inner cheeriness. As though, no matter how depressed I am about other things, sitting down to talk to you folks brings my spirits up.

That’s a hard habit to break. But great, that’s what I get out of this. No matter how I may have felt when I sat down, you always bring me back up.

But what do YOU get out of the deal? Some depressed old Bear grumpily bitching, pissing and moaning about something that doesn’t really matter?

I dunno.

Fine, I don’t know. What DO I know?

I know that I’ve got to figure out if there is actual, positive value to my writing this blog beyond making me feel better for a little while. Because I sure as heck have no intention of draggin’ anyone else down with me.


114 thoughts on “Bear Breaker

  1. You are a writer, beyond anything else you do, writing is in your blood. that’s why it makes you feel happy when you write. If you do something and it makes you happy you should keep doing it. (minds outta the gutter guys, stay with me here.) I hope that you renamed your druid when you switched factions. If you did, don’t tell us. keep your privacy. Then you are not at the mercy of your fans popping in and searching for you anymore. And whatever you do, stay away from guild/raid leading duty! that will drag you down faster than anything else.

    as far as playing wow to keep others happy, I leave you with a quote from Babylon 5,

    “If you do the right thing for the wrong reasons, the work becomes corrupt, impure, and ultimately self-destructive.”
    ‘Comes the Inquisitor’, Season 2

    (one of my favorite episodes of season 2)
    .-= Kattrinsaa´s last blog ..Save a healer, hug a tree. =-.


  2. Sounds to me that the ‘theraputic’ parts of writing are something you need just now. Go ahead, dish it up and dish it out. I would wager that having the audience – to whom you obviously feel a sense of responsibility – will help organize the inner thoughts. I started reading about bear druids and have enthusiastically continued reading about all else. Your inner values shine through all your posts…even the ones full of bitching…and I read as much for reminders on those important things as for entertainment and information.

    Yours is one of the posts I will jump to and make sure I find the time to read as soon as my feed alerts me that it is up. I’ll be sticking with you as long as you continue and if you take a break, I’ll be waiting for a return 🙂


  3. So some of the wind is gone out of your sails; that doesn’t mean it won’t come back. Keep playing, and let the playing spark the writing, as it always seems to have done in the past. Cheerier topics will come along as you wind your way through Cataclysm, I’m sure. For now, write what you feel. The only person you really have to please with your writing is you–as you’ve always said to us in the past. It sounds like it’s time to take your own advice. If the writing is a bright spot for you, surely you shouldn’t give it up. Your loyal readers will keep reading, and the fickle grazers will wander elsewhere. Personally, my favorite posts are the ones where you reach new levels of curmudgeonation, calling the douchebaggery as you see it. I love reading about the latest tank or DPS that got your hackles up, and it would be a shame to lose good rants. Keep it going, BBB. We’re with you.
    .-= Matheo´s last blog ..Kingslayers! =-.


  4. Hope you get through to the other side of the issues you’re dealing with BBB.

    Having said that, here’s one more reader that tunes in because we have a lot of things in common and it’s cool knowing that there’s others out there like me. Do what’s best for you, list out those priorities and get ’em straightened out.

    All the best man.
    .-= Thomstel´s last blog ..Who toggled that? =-.


  5. Bear, like others have said, I enjoy reading your topics whether you are writing about the game or not. Your writing lets us connect with you, and connects you with us. You express yourself in a very unique and enjoyable way. Daniel/BigRedKitty does the same thing. His posts are fun to read whether or not it’s WoW-related. This is YOUR blog, write about what you want to. We’ll be around. 🙂


  6. I think the massive outpouring of comments speaks for itself. I’ve never read a post here that I didn’t come away from with something – whether the something was information, or a chuckle or just that general good feeling you have when you hear from a friend. Even though I don’t know you really well! Whatever you choose to write, I’m pretty sure you’ll be staying on my blogroll. 😀
    .-= Vidyala´s last blog ..“That’s the biggest ninja I’ve ever seen!” =-.


  7. You don’t just play WoW, or do things related to WoW. You’ve talked about some of the other games before, and you’ve talked about your kid getting into games… I see no reason for that to stop, even if you decide to stop or limit your WoW musings. (Not that I won’t miss them, you give me a really interesting perspective into the life of a baer.)

    I like your posts, and I like the way you write. If writing here cheers you up… well, you’ll have people reading it. ♥
    .-= Ndiayne´s last blog ..For the …wait, what? =-.


  8. BBB, CNN, and Yahoo…. what do they have in common? They’re pretty much the only websites I automatically visit on a daily/morning routine. I’m not only here to collect WoW advice (or bad pug stories… or good whatever stories) but also to read the other articles you mix inbetween. It is a nice change of pace at times (probably for you and the reader).

    You are amongst many folks who are suffering from ‘the crash’. We hit this wall just about once every 6 to 12 months. The symptoms are the same with the most prevalent being the one where you ask yourself, “what next?”. It’s a hard, strange trip but you make it through and continue on.

    Not really sure what you mean by ‘failing’ in your fourth stanza? Most WoW blogs I get receive from zero to three replies per story. You get far more than that… let alone readers who provide superb advice, humorous anecdotes, blah, blah.

    Regardless, I hope to see you posting for a long time to come.


  9. I come to your blog to read the latest posts nearly every day. I appreciate your perspective on WoW and the insights you have offered on playing. Whether you continue to post or not, thank you for taking the time to add something interesting to many of my days.

    Day by Day, Woot!, and The Big Bear Butt


  10. BBB,
    I have always found your writing extremely relevant and exciting. When my blackberry dings to inform me I have a new email, I often am the most excited when I see it is a post from you. Or, when I log on and my RSS reader shows a new article, I quickly open it up so that i can read it. I risk internet time at work so that I can read your thoughts. You’re an inspiration, and I enjoy every minute of it. Oh, and I like Cassie too, and Alex… Heck, I like your family. Haha. I think you are a very lucky person, and I admire you for it. Keep it up.
    .-= Metaphoria´s last blog ..Encounter with Mr. So-and-So =-.


  11. NOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo!!! Don’t stop writing — even if it isn’t about WoW, I enjoy getting pop up notifications that I have something new from you to read, to break up the monotony of my workday or whatever I might be doing. I’m on a semi-hiatus from WoW from being burnt out, but still get enjoyment from reading your thoughts on the game, people, life in general. You often bring a smile to my day — so call me selfish, but I don’t want to lose that! You have a great gift with words. /Big Hugs!


  12. I quit WoW a long time ago and yet still enjoy reading your blog. It’s the only WoW news I get especially as it pertains to druids. I enjoy the massive bearwalls on all other topics as well. But still, if you’re aren’t feeling it anymore, take time off and get your “bearings” straight to determine what you want to do! However, if venting on here is helpful in some way, not sure why you would stop writing. But I can fully understand stopping WoW, at least for a time.


  13. You’re a good writer; don’t stop. I did and I miss it, but it’s awfully hard to get in the habit again when you let it go.

    Not saying you have to keep up the WoW blog, though it’s still lots of fun. Not saying you have to do ANY blog, though I’d miss it if you stopped. But writing is worth doing for its own sake.


  14. BBB, maybe it’s just me but I have sensed a lot more anger and frustration in your posts the past six months. Furthermore, it appears from my perspective that you have sharp mood swings (in respect to WoW) more frequently this year. In my experience, this is sign of an inner conflict within yourself and I would not be surprised to learn you have yet to identify what this is all about.

    I believe you are doing yourself a disservice by writing for others when at this point and you would be better served in my opionion to write to you and you only.

    I would rather see you take a (temporary or permanent) break from this blog and give yourself a chance to work things through whatever inner turmoil you are now facing than spending a considerable amount of time entertaining others.

    Take care.


  15. What ever you decide as long as you keep writing I am likely to keep reading. I come back again and again because I like how you write, and not usually for wow specific stuff. I read BRK’s life site just like I read his blog. You can shift your focus to talking about your life, other games you play and your child and I probably wouldn’t notice the difference.


  16. I think most of us read your blog for the writing, not so much the WoW information. I know I find your writing to be well thought out and amusing. Perhaps if you’re feeling brave, you should let your readers take over for a day or longer and we can select a few of our favorite posts for you to repost. That will certainly give you a breather.


  17. I only recently (about 2 months ago) stumbled across your website. I had gotten tired of healing every dungeon I ran, and so I was looking for insight into the world of bear tanking. BBB gave me all the information I needed to gear up and start pug tanking.

    As a person who had never tanked before I had always held tanks in high regard, but I had failed to see the large amount of disrespect showed to them by a large percentage of the WoW community. When I was tanking I became aware of the scandalous way that pugs act towards tanks, but I assumed that being new, they were just directed at me. I was thinking about just going back to healing, but your website showed me that these asshats should be ignored because they are an asshat regardless of how good the tank is.

    Your humor stories are entertaining enough that when I have the time I go back to the first ones your wrote and have been reading them. I cannot think of another website where I am intrigued enough to look at the “back issues” instead of only the current entries.

    I hope I can continue to count on you for insight, encouragement and insight.


  18. Hey BBB, you don’t HAVE to blog about WoW. Like most of your readership, I come here for the witty writing, anecdotes, pbem and when you feel like posting it, druidy stuff. I truly enjoy your posts regardless of if they’re about WOW or life in general. One of my favorites was the one about you getting jumped by those kids while out running and then you thrashed them with a barrier/sign and then later about their horror at seeing you come downstairs at the house.

    Cassie’s guest posts are also great, she writes extremely well and it seems like the same theme in a different voice – a duet if you will. Its fun hearing about what you’re up to with Alex too because I too am a dad and can relate.

    It would be a sad day if you hung up your blogging boots – regardless of what you blog about. And since you seem to find blogging an uplifting experience, we your readers find reading your blog just as uplifting, I see no reason why you should stop. 🙂

    I will say this – on the occasion where you do post about druids I always find something in there that I didn’t quite know or at the very least an “aha” moment with a light bulb going off. I learned bear tanking from your posts and while I figured healing out with Lissanna’s blog, your pointer to Vuhdo made me try a tool that gave me the confidence to try healing in the first place.

    This is one of the most awesome blogs I know of, one I visit multiple times a day and where I honestly don’t care what the subject of the most recent post is because I know its going to be something totally out of left field and therefore a fun surprise.

    Blog on my friend, do it until you don’t enjoy it anymore but know that we thoroughly enjoying reading your (and Cassie’s) posts and whether its a rant or crankiness or what, most of us can relate to what you’re saying!


  19. I came here from Bigredkitty some 2 years or so ago. I didn’t have a druid at the time, or a tank or a healer. I still don’t have a tank or a healer and my druid is 80, balance spec, and I never play her. I will still come here even if I quit Wow, so I must obviously come here for other reasons.

    You make me Laugh, cry, cheer, pout and think. I love your stories most of all, especially the real-life ones. The Raccoon story made me laugh so hard almost peed. I guess what I’m getting to is, I read your blog because I like your personality, your writing style and reading your blog is something look forward to.

    If you keep writing here, I will keep reading. If you write somewhere else, PLEASE tell where, I will follow you there (unless it’s the port-o potty). If you stop writing, do it because it’s the right thing for you, and I will miss you if you do.

    Live long and prosper


  20. I don’t think I’ve commented here before, but I had to chime in here. If writing this blog, regardless of a post’s topic, gains you something, I say adjust your ruck and hump on. Keep doing what you’re doing, which is writing. May the topic be whatever it is, post-to-post. We’ll read it.

    You’re not bringing any of us down–in fact, I get the distinct impression we’re all trying to lift you back up, and that’s one HELL of a lot better than the inane QQ we see cast about the Net lately. Cheers and kudos, fellow BBB supporters.

    Ya’ll ever been to Callahan’s Cross-Time Saloon?

    Write on. Game on. We’re not going anywhere.


  21. B^3, I’ll echo most of what the others have already commented and say that I would most definitely choose to read whatever you write.

    Do what you need to do for yourself first and foremost because grumpy and depressed bear makes this tree sad.


  22. What do I get out of it?

    Entertainment, oh yeah and occasionally information, but really I’m only here for the entertainment, the info I pick up by osmosis.

    Whether it be WOW, your work, stories from the Corp, or discussing various issues currently on your mind, its all in your slightly irreverent style, so is always entertaining and worth the read.


  23. /hug

    We’re here for you. All of the commenters above, below and me in the middle too!

    And about that something that doesn’t matter – well, if it affects you negatively then it DOES MATTER. So if there is anything that we can do to help take a load off, be it in game or here, listening and supporting you – no matter what you write about, you can count on all of US to do it.


  24. But what do YOU get out of the deal?

    A moment’s entertainment and needed distraction from work.
    A chance to laugh and know someone else thinks in similar ways.
    Occasional insight to a different point of view.

    Well worded bear walls unafraid to use appropriate language to convey the thought. Unrepentant for using language, but respectful of those who may not condone it.

    What have I come to expect when I come here?
    Amusing and intelligent insight to whatever game you are playing at the moment. Whether Free to Play microtransaction MMO, Lego something, or something else.

    Smiles about children, their projects (and home depot fun!), and the frustrations of their princess classmates and the parents that raise such monstrosities.

    Work tales that can make me smile knowing that something similar happens to other people no matter what the industry.

    A chance to people watch through someone else’s eyes. Someone who’s opinion I whole heartedly agree with a majority of the time.

    The occasional historical bear tale that will make my coworkers look at me strangely. Especially if it involves being able to imagine my mother explaining why there was a handgun in her purse at the airport.

    From here, reading can have the same therapeutic affect. I may come here grumpy, but I tend to leave with at least a bit of a smile.

    I haven’t thought of this as a WoW blog for ages. Just a bear blog.

    If people are brought down by your writing? they don’t have to read.

    Selfishly, I hope you continue no matter what the topics are.

    I keep tabs on more, erm, ex-WoW blogs than anything these days. The writers have moved on. Sadly most of them cut from daily to weekly to monthly posts when they do.

    May the bear walls continue to be prolific and numerous.

    (parden my potential lack of spell check and homophone substitution)


  25. Hey BBB,

    As another commenter mentioned the feel of Baloo from the Jungle Book, I feel like Mogli. Every time I googled bear help WOW, your’s was one of the first pages that appears. I grew as a bear tank mostly in part thanks to you and your blog. I keep coming back now and have been for a while cuz I want to here more stories, don’t rightly care what they are about, I just want to hear em. So know that no matter what you right, I will read and you shall always be “Papa Bear” to me.

    One Proud man-cub 🙂


  26. So quit writing about WoW for a while. Rant, rave, cajole, recognize, pontificate about anything you want to. Hell, rename your blog Kiss My Big Bear Butt! Just have write what you want to, when you want to. I dunno, like a PBeM maybe, hehe (couldn’t resist)


  27. I felt like I needed to say something but everything I would have said has already been stated, sooo here are some words to live by: When the chips are down . . . the cow’s empty.


  28. Mr. BBB, I consider you a philosopher who offers us perspective on life. This perspective is one of humor and smarts and a generally positive point of view. I hope you continue your sitting on the porch style of writing.
    I think many of us will be feeling kinda down on WoW as we wait for the expansion. There won’t be much to do until then and there isn’t much to write on doing a tiger rep grind or continual speculation on the new spells and stats.
    Still, you offer a precise honesty and goodness approach to life that influences your readers. You remind us how to do things right in the world. Whether is it standing on your soapbox and calling out a dickhead in WoW or that simply, kids come first in life.
    It may not seem it as you feverishly clack away at your keyboard but you are, indeed, changing the world.


  29. Don’t worry about our opinions, really.

    If writing the blog makes you feel better, write the blog. People were writing in paper diaries to get their feelings out and to them it never mattered beyond that. If you feel tired of writing the blog and nothing occurs to you for a few days, or weeks, then take that break without apology. It’s yours, and you should make it what you want it first and foremost.


  30. Well, I don’t know if you will even get to read this comment in the vast sea of comments already posted but just for the sake of repeating all the other 75 comments: I enjoy your blog tremendously. Never have commented before but I was told about your blog on the WOW forums when I first asked about dungeons because I was scared to start tanking and scared of starting dungeons at all. Well, here I am now, a lvl 63 Tauren druid tank who gets compliments on her tanking almost every time she goes in and I would say it’s thanks a lot to the advice and courage I got from reading you blog.

    If you need a break, it’s your health/life/decision and I think you probably already know what you want and what is best for you to do. Whatever that may be, we support you in it.


    P.S. – if I ever got a chance to tank for you I would probably be leaving big bear droppings everywhere from the sheer nervousness of playing with someone so “famous”.


  31. BBB, I haven’t commented in a long time cause I had nothing relevant to add to your writing but this time I feel I need to express myself. As most people have related here, I don’t read your blog for the wow-related topics, though I do find them funny, thought provoking, and often time educational… I do however read your blog much like I still do with Private Howell’s for the pure enjoyment of a really well written article/post. I love the writers more so then the content.


  32. I second these emotions. I watched the Last Boy Scout Last night, thanks for that. I have the Bear Calvary in rotation for my screen saver, thanks for that. I got tickets for opening night of Avatar, I heard about it first here on BBB, thanks for that. I loved the red wagon story and the dead bunny story, (I have three boys), thanks for those. I am hoping you continue writing even if it is about how screwed up things are.


  33. Mr. Bear, or may I call you BB?

    I came here looking for druid information. I come back for the writing and the wit. You’re a fine writer, in my professional opinion (as I have been making my living writing since I was 19, I feel qualified to say that). I’ve used your druid info as a resource and have recommended it as a resource to others.

    A good rule of thumb is that if your writing doesn’t please you, it can’t please anyone else. Write what’s pertinent and meaningful to YOU. If you have doubts about whether its meaningful to someone else, post it anyway. I’d come back for the writing and if you never mentioned WoW again, I’d keep coming back. I’d love some more stories about your time in the Corp. I do have to admit some ghoulish glee when you call out an asshat. I can just see the slimy lil scumbag scurrying under the nearest rock. Write your best and you will have readers.


  34. “I know that I’ve got to figure out if there is actual, positive value to my writing this blog beyond making me feel better for a little while.”

    I’m trying to figure out how “making [you] feel better” is a bad thing? 🙂

    Keep up the writing. You started with zero readers, you can end with zero readers. I somehow don’t think that would happen. BRK still has a pretty consistant following, despite his definitely non-WoW blog.


  35. Dear BBB:

    Please do what makes you happy. But if i can sway you just a bit…

    I love your writing style. I don’t have a bear tank, so that is not what i come here for. Its the humour, the “telling it like it is” stories, the information, the drama. And yesterday you made me feel much better about buying my sparkly pony. So you definitely have a positive impact on me!

    *big bear hugs*



  36. Dearest BBB.

    Many people who blog, like many who play WoW, get to a point where they reach burned-out status. It’s common enough, and as all of us are readers of blogs, we see it going around, like a cold virus. It happens.

    I come to your blog for different reasons. As a tank off-spec, I got a lot of info and encouragement from your tanking articles. And as someone who enjoys good writing, your blog is toward the top of my list.

    You have an infectious personality, and it comes through in your writing, no matter the mood. You describe yourself as grumpy, but I see grumpiness both as a) a normal part of your writing, and more importantly b) NOT the only aspect of it. Your sense of humor and your world view shine through your posts, and I, like many of the previous people who commented, enjoy and look forward to what you have to say on any topic you choose to write about.

    Whether or not you write about WoW is your choice. And whether or not you even write at all is also your choice. If you love it, write from the heart (which I believe you do anyway!). If you’re not feeling it, don’t feel too badly, because there’s nothing to be ashamed about. As Sarabian and other readers have pointed out, if you take a week off to go fishin’, you won’t lose one reader, guaranteed. And if blogging is what gives you joy, and you have adventures to share, they will pour out of you, I am certain.

    You are not paid by us to write, do research, explain things, etc. You’ve done it because it’s something that gives you pleasure, hopefully. As Tesh said, you owe us nothing.

    WoW is a game, and is meant to be a means to have fun in a variety of ways. You know, and have illustrated in your posts, that WoW isn’t life. It’s just a part of it. Write about things that interest you. Heck, my last post is about baseball, which is probably of virtually no interest to anyone who reads my blog. Who knows what the next one will be about? I’m not sure. It’s the same with you.

    Your writing has fostered a lot of love for playing feral druids in the WoW community. However, if your personality wasn’t exactly the way it is, you wouldn’t have readership coming back to see what else you have to say, or people who don’t play druids (or WoW even!) reading your blog. It’s safe to say that, based on the rapid and numerous responses you’ve received so far today, there is a lot of love for YOU out here in reader-base-land. Don’t take that as responsibility to us, though. Be yourself. That’s why we love you!

    Have fun. Play WoW with friends, or take a break. Come back when you feel like it. And if the spirit moves you, write about what you love. We’ll be here.

    Above all, take care of yourself.

    I’ll shut up now. 😛
    .-= Russ´s last blog ..Posnanski calls La Russa’s overmanaging performance “his Mona Lisa” =-.


  37. Whatever you decide, I hope you decide for yourself.

    -much love from the community of ppl who always read, and never post.

    you are cherished
    you would be missed
    you will be remembered


  38. Hey brother, do what makes you happy! The rest of us will continue to do the same. You need to do what you think is best for yourself and family, the rest will shake itself out. I have enjoyed your writings, and will miss them if this blog ceases. I do understand the need to re-evaluate things after awhile.

    Semper Fi!



  39. BBB, you are amazing. Started off reading from a link on BRK. I just loved the writing and the Druid focus because it was my main back then. Then, I found out you were form MN like me and it made me like you even more. I have since quit WoW, twice (Don’t think I will be back this time), but still I find myself coming back to your blog and reading your thoughts on stuff. Some times I trail off when the posts get long, but your writing is still amazing. Do what feels right for you, but I would really enjoy reading non-WoW related stuff from you.


  40. Semper Fi Big Bear….we always got your back whichever way you decide, however reading your blogs is one of the real enjoyments I get outta this game and your advice and knowledge has saved my 6 numerous times. I still have a ways to go to be even what I would consider an adequate Bear tank, and my Resto game is improving but will always need improvement. Your blog always gives me insights and lets me know that I’m not alone out there.


  41. Thank you

    No matter if you continue blogging or not, I felt like that needed to be said.

    Thank you for giving me the courage and information I needed to try being a bear. Thank you for your amazing sarcastic/spot on observations of things from the PUG. And thank you for sharing some of your personal life with us. If you do leave, you won’t just be missed because you know a lot about wow. You’ll be missed because you are clearly an awesome father/husband who just happens to play and blog about wow, and it will be sad to know that you’ve left us.


  42. I don’t blog. I do wow. I’ve taken two lengthy breaks from wow over the years, but have found myself returning each time because, gosh darn it, wow sure is a lot of fun. Your mileage may vary and you need to figure all that out for yourself. However, what you are currently doing is way, way wrong. Listen to yourself, you’re “trying to make life happier for other people… and failing”. /slap /shake /slap. Whats the matter with you?!?

    Now I’m assuming that you aren’t talking about your family members (wife/son) or your IRL friends(*) and that you ARE talking about friends and (particularly) guildies. What I want to know is, why? Why do you feel responsible for the happiness of other players? I *really* don’t understand. I don’t recall what your current standing in your guild is, but even if you’re the GM, you don’t owe anyone in-game happiness. They aren’t paying YOU $15/mo to entertain them. You’re being a sucker.

    My recommendation: give your mains and your server a break. Either stop playing for a while and see if wow calls you back or REROLL fresh on another server. With Cataclysm on its way, my guess is that rolling a new set of toons through brand new low level content, with bunches of other people doing the same, will be an absolute blast.

    My unpatented step-by-step approach to a fresh start:
    Week 1 : Look at and the official realm forums to find a server that you’d like to roll on. Roll an bank alt on the server, head to a capital city, scan the auction house and keep an eye on trade chat for a week. Try to verify that things look good here…
    Week 2 : Roll a new toon in a new race/class that interests you. For me, that’d be a human paladin (I’ve never ever played a class that wears plate despite having more than one of some classes). Farm low level meat, ore and skin to get your starting funds (a couple gold goes a long way when you’re under level ten).
    Week 3+ : Quest slowly. Queue for random dungeons frequently. Talk to other players often. Enjoy the lore. Forget about the p.i.t.a. people who don’t hold themselves responsible for their own happiness.

    (*) If you are, then you need to get that crap sorted out immediately. There is no reason to jeopardize RL over a bunch of pixels. /headbutt


  43. I know you’ve gotten a lot of comments here, but I just wanted to say, your blog is amazing, but if you don’t feeling like blogging, don’t. I thought about quitting blogging a while back and found that I really would miss it. So I just cut back my posting. You might not keep all your readers if you don’t post as often (I didn’t) but I don’t think thats what really matters. I really appreciate everyone who reads my blog and I know you do to, so just do what you feel like and only post as often as you like. No pressure from those of us who enjoy your blog, just have fun and write what and when you feel like it.
    .-= Mister K´s last blog ..Or Not, maybe next week =-.


  44. Hi BBB-
    I could certainly be wrong, but from reading your post, it doesn’t sound like you really want to stop blogging, but just that you don’t want to blog selfishly. So with that in mind, – don’t stop blogging.
    Like some of the other people who’ve commented, I found your blog because of WoW, but it’s your writing personality has kept me reading. It’s the first feed I check in my reader. Personally, I enjoy the crotchy, cranky posts the best and I can often commiserate with your experience, and then it’s like therapy for me too. But I certainly don’t delete the feed if it isn’t WoW related.
    I’ve only commented once here, on one of the many wonderful PUG posts. I’d had a terrible experience in what wasn’t even a real PUG. I was considering quitting WoW because people can be so mean, and since I only tank or heal, it’s hard for me not to take their criticism to heart. I was so upset I was bawling because of what this tank had said to me, and then I came here, and read your post, and it made me feel a little better. And then I commented, and you were so nice, you responded back. It made my week, and you convinced me to give it another go, your posts and your feedback gave me both advice and the courage to dust myself off and try again. And I’ve since made it through multiple H PoS and even gotten some compliments.
    Thanks BBB, your blog, no matter what you choose to write about, no matter your mood or your reason for sitting down to write, or even whether you choose to keep writing, has definitely made a difference for a multitude of people — it’s not even a teeny bit selfish.


  45. One of the serious problems in planning the fight against American doctrine, is that the Americans do not read their manuals, nor do they feel any obligation to follow their doctrine…
    – From a Soviet Junior Lt’s Notebook

    “The best tank terrain is that without anti-tank weapons.”
    -Russian military doctrine.

    The best armor is staying out of gun-shot.
    -Italian proverb

    Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.
    –Winston Churchill–

    Hard pressed on my right. My center is yielding. Impossible to maneuver. Situation excellent. I am attacking.
    –Ferdinand Foch– at the Battle of the Marne

    Words of wisdom that I’m sure you’ll appreciate. Most bloggers I feel are the voices of reason and intelligence that fight against an unending stream of insanity and stupidity. Your words are the sword against the clueless and the flare to brighten the skies of the lost.


  46. mk..I got to say…I have to admit your wow insight is top notch and losing that aspect of the blog would be a awful…but..and a big butt….I enjoy all your articals…and will continue reading, even if you are talking abou picking out tomatoes(they all red to me)…so keep writing even if’s it’s just for yourself…or even if it turns out to be a new Lego site..(after reading that artical I signed myself up hoping for a beta key)…and while we might always say something…there are lots of people reading your writing…and I enjoy it…because it brings together the Majority of us..with a colusion of Ironic and Sarcastic humor that we to share…we got much love for ya


  47. I know many have said it before me (and much more eloquently than I ever could), but I come here not just for the WoW–but for the writing itself. I enjoy your ‘off topic’ posts. I enjoy Cassie’s posts. I enjoy hearing about how Alex is doing, and your anecdotes and marine stories. If writing makes you happy, keep doing it. And know that this is yet another reader that will keep coming to the blog no matter what it turns into. 🙂


  48. @VirtueOfSelfishness

    If I might offer a suggestion on your approach,

    with the advent of death knoobs, you have a ready made lvl 55 on any server you want, My usual approach is roll a dk first, go through till I am in the same phase as normal people and start working on outlands, the vendor trash there is easily enough to fund a starter playable toon. and hey, the dk questline to get started is always a blast. Once the lowbie is established, you can trash the dk or keep him for later abuse.
    .-= Kattrinsaa´s last blog ..Save a healer, hug a tree. =-.


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