The BBB is hiring!

Hold up, don’t get too excited.

I ain’t hiring for the blog.

I’m not even hiring for anything game related.

I’m hiring someone for a real job.

Networking is one of the ways in which people are supposed to get good leads on positions that may be available. Consider this post as part of your network.

I have an opening for a 3rd shift Machine Maintenance Technician that I am looking to fill as soon as possible. This is a new position that has been created to fill my department’s growing needs.

The candidate I am looking for needs to be skilled, experienced and love what they do. Machine Maintenance Technicians are the investigative detectives of a production facility. People come to us with problems they just can’t solve on their own, and ask us to make all things clear and restore hope and order. Oh, and get things running again so we be making money.

This is a real posting for a position in my department. I expect to act this upcoming week on all initial phone screenings and begin arranging interviews.

If you are, specifically, a qualified and experienced Machine Maintenance Technician available for 3rd shift work in the Minnesota Twin Cities metro area, go to the bottom of this post to view the required qualifications.

If after reading the list of qualifications you feel you are qualified and experienced, and the position interests you, please email me at and I will send you the link to the posting.

All resumes are to be sent in following the link, the same as all others we are considering. Resumes sent in using the posting link will go directly to Human Resources, will follow our established corporate HR procedures, and the hiring process will follow all appropriate rules and regulations, local, state and federal.

This is not a method to bypass anything, it is simply an opportunity that is available for someone with the right skills and experience, and having been the subject of a layoff myself in the not-so-distant past, I want to make sure I do my part to get the word out. 

The window for sending in a resume will close on 5/7/10, so if you are interested, act now.

Machine Maintenance Technician

Specific job duties include:

Respond rapidly to reported equipment failures, perform reactive maintenance to electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, return equipment to active production and operation.

Use effective troubleshooting and problem solving skills to identify the root cause of problems, repair or replace worn or inoperative components, return equipment to safe operating condition, and perform all appropriate tests to ensure the equipment is ready to safely be returned to service.

Display the ability to work without direct supervision, taking personal initiative in completing reactive maintenance work requests based on production priorities and ongoing communication with production supervisors and managers, and to complete other scheduled preventive maintenance and project work when time allows.

Document all work done and specific parts used for maintenance reactive work orders and scheduled preventive maintenance for production and facility equipment.

Communicate the status and estimated time of completion of all reactive maintenance issues to the equipment operator, production supervisor and maintenance supervisor when equipment downtime interferes with production, and provide frequent status updates if repairs take longer than originally quoted.

Perform scheduled preventive maintenance on all electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic, HVAC and hydraulic systems.

Safely set up and operate machine tools such as bench grinders, drill presses, milling machines and lathes to repair or fabricate machine parts, fixtures, and tools.

Work safely using appropriate personal protective equipment and Lock Out/Tagout procedures while performing preventive, predictive and reactive maintenance on electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic, HVAC and hydraulic systems.

Position Requirements

Technical Skills

Minimum of 5 years of extensive experience with and strong aptitude for troubleshooting and maintaining mechanical, machine electrical, electronic control systems, servo motors, and pneumatic systems.

Introductory level of understanding of hydraulics, programmable logic systems, HVAC, plumbing and building electrical systems.

Understand the proper safe setup and operation of all basic machine shop tools and equipment, to include bench grinders, drill press, milling machine and lathe. 

Proficiency in using the appropriate personal protective equipment and lockout/tagout, and following all specific requirements for working safely with facilities electrical systems and all forms of potential energy found in production equipment such as electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic.

Proficiency in reading, understanding and using electrical, electronic, mechanical and fluid power schematics to troubleshoot equipment issues and identify required replacement parts.

Boiler license is preferred but not required.

Interpersonal Skills

Excellent communication skills with all internal and external customers, to include equipment operators, production managers and supervisors, production schedulers, and outside vendors and suppliers.

Good computer skills to aid in supplier and team communication, scheduling and work documentation, including the ability to open and create Word documents, add information to an Excel spreadsheet, update information in Access databases, and use Lotus Notes based email and calendar functions.

Excellent personal initiative and the ability to perform high quality work without direct supervision when tasked with responding to and resolving reactive maintenance issues and scheduled preventive maintenance work orders.

Excellent personal initiative and a drive for continuing understanding of all systems requiring maintenance and support within the production and facility environment.

Again, if you feel that you are qualified for this position in the Minnesota Twin Cities metro area and are interested in applying, please email me at for a link to the posting.

Serious responders only, please.


4 thoughts on “The BBB is hiring!

  1. Perfect for me too but Bielefeld, Germany is even further 😦

    /wave at Ritchie in Stuttgart.

    By the way i like the requirement of being able to open a word document 😀


  2. This is exactly what I´m looking for, however the commute from Stuttgart,Germany would be a bitch 😉


  3. Do my strong skills in working with Play Doh and Lego make me qualified? In all seriousness though, in todays enconomy it was nice of you to bring this to folks attention here who could use the work.

    .-= Cathy´s last blog ..Loserville =-.


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