14 thoughts on “Ready for Cataclysm!

  1. Sure Sytfu, faction changed to Horde fairly recently. Enjoying wandering the other side of the preserve for a while.


  2. I am sorry for being a noob but I thought your druid was a Night Elf. Did you faction change? I would say, welcome to the Horde if so, as my druid is also Horde. Or is this another toon all together?

    Sorry again, I am not up on my reading like I shoulf be. Just wondered.


  3. Cenarion Circle isn’t a bad grind. Each mob in the two Twilight camps (NE of Cenarion Hold) gives 10xp and drop the outfit pieces to summon the least of the Elemental Lords, which can be turned in by threes to get some extra rep. Also, much more frequently than that you’ll gather Twilight Texts which turn in by tens. They drop every 2-3 mobs most of the time, and add up very quickly. All sources of rep work up to Exalted.

    I ran these guys from Friendly to Exalted much more quickly than I expected…just cleared a camp, ran to the other camp, cleared it…BG popped…cleared a camp, back to town to offload Twilight Texts, etc. It feels pretty fast just because there’s so little downtime.
    .-= Thomstel´s last blog ..I don’t know much…but I know =-.


  4. Minos, I’m thinking about it. I’m fairly far along in Timbermaw rep already from the old days, so with the rep quest buff it shouldn’t be that big a deal.

    Also thinking about killing thousands of cultists for Cenarion Circle rep, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that kind of stuff anymore.

    As a bear tank, I soloed the first quarter of Underbog, looting and herbing, up to but not past the first boss and got on the average 18 Sanguine Hibiscus for the repeatable quest.

    So, run in and get 18 Hibiscus, run out and reset, repeat. Didn’t take that long at 750 rep a turn in.

    Right now I’m finally doing the dailies to finish my Kalu’ak rep. 11 more days of doing all 3 quests should finish that off.


  5. Are you going for the Diplomat title next? I enjoy the irony of wearing that when I’m tanking and it’s my job to make things hate me.


  6. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take someone seriosly while they wear that tabard

    Good job and congratulations btw


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