Pre-emptive Post Commenting Enabled!

Todays regularly scheduled massive Bearwall has been postponed until tomorrow.

HOWEVER… this doesn’t mean you should lack in opportunities for fun. Should it? NO!

Introducing… Pre-emptive Post Commenting!

This new feature, brought to you by the dedicated researchers of the BBB Institute for Advanced Bacon Studies, will allow you, the reader, the opportunity to comment on posts before they even go live!

Oh, hell yeah. That’s right!

Now you no longer have to wait before trolling that post, because with Pre-emptive Post Commenting, you can be told all you need to know before launching your own 5 paragraph reply!

How does it work? Simple!

Just glance at the scheduled title for tomorrows post, in this case “PvE, PvP and Achievement Frenzy”, and armed with this knowledge, go to town writing your own comment right here on this one.

Finally, this is your golden opportunity to comment on a blog posts’s stupidity, IN ADVANCE of the actual blog post itself going live!

Let’s be honest, half the people tee off without reading the damn posts first anyway, so we’re accepting reality and moving forward to take the next step in cutting edge blog technology. Simply cut the blogger out of the loop and let the good times roll!

And don’t worry that your comment will change the direction of tomorrow’s blog post, because with Pre-emptive Post Commenting technology, we tell you the title AFTER the post is already done, but BEFORE it goes live!

That’s right!

Whatever you may say, whatever you might speculate about, whatever amazingly awesome ideas you may come up with, it’s not going to change the blog post. So, you’ll get the excitement of seeing just how close to right you really were! Or even have the chance to post a really awesome super-insane kickass idea thats better than the drivel the blog writer churns out tomorrow!

Or, possibly, find out how incredibly wrong you were. Them’s the chances you take with cutting edge technology though, folks! When shit happens, though, keep in mind our motto, “That’s not a bug… it’s a feature!”

So remember… “PvE, PvP and Achievement Frenzy” is the post for tomorrow.

Pre-emptive post commenting. Just another innovation from the BBB!

22 thoughts on “Pre-emptive Post Commenting Enabled!

  1. As a hopeful intern for the BBB Institute for Advanced Bacon Studies (BBBIABS) also known as BIBS wearers, let me quote famous newsman Les Nessman on tomorrow’s post:

    “Oh the humanity!”


  2. Co-ordination between Horde and Alliance in PVP? Unheard of! But it happened, even if it took me 5 times spamming /wait to run in take and drop the flag to be promptly destroyed by 9 Allies, Win :). I must say the funniest thing was when I went to get the AV tower (I used to play loads of AV), kitted out in my bear tanking gear 1v1ing a paladin to have some warlock run past everything and cap it before me. Who ever said Justice was dead? (Maybe I shouldn’t’ve killed the paladin)
    Oh yeah and AV is just PVE in a battleground anyway, you gotta tank those leaders :D!
    I gave up getting PVP achievements ages ago, I mean seriously PVPers helping each other? You must be crazy 🙂


  3. Nothing is more awesome than WSG, with both teams placing eight on defense and two on offense. I’ve been so busy trying to return a flag, I’ll probably fail to make it to UP in time for the King achievement.


  4. You are so right bbb, there are other uses for wintergrasp than farming elementals. and yes, kittehs are teh awesome in that place becase we are four legged rogues.

    The pvp acheivements for the holiday quests are something of a bane to many pure pve’ers, we do them why? for the violet proto of course.
    I’ve read many stories of real awesomeness in the bg’s during orphans week. the pure pvp guys helping the pve guys get their thing done, then teaching them how the bg works and both sides having a blast. Granted most diehard pvp guys took the week off because of the annoyance of pve people invading their turf… but i digress.

    I am glad you picked up that acheivement tho, that one is a relief to finally get done.
    .-= Kattrinsaa´s last blog ..Wow Bloggers Unite =-.


  5. Holy paladins as tanks?!? Are you insane??

    You think druids should be removed from the GAME?!?

    Gnomes moved to the Horde side??

    I do, however, agree that the Horde should lead a strike force into Stormwind very covertly and all pee in the flour they have stored there. That way they bake it into their bread, get sick, and die – all the while blaming that wench that runs around Stormwind screaming about her fresh baked bread.

    Bread of the Dead – when the Forsaken leak into the flour supply.


  6. I’m so very happy to hear that you’ve decided to go feral cat and drop this Bear-tank / Resto nonsense!! It’s about time!!! You’re points on prowling, then stun-locking targets and bleeding them out is spot on and I practice those rotations all the time in BGs and Arenas. And hell, if stuff gets hectic, shift in bearform and pop those kinda-sorta-useful-I-guess-survival-cooldowns and back into cat to wreck face. And for anyone that calls a feral cat a poor man’s rogue: the only reason they out dps us is cause they gain a “crap-ton” of dmg simply from applying poisons. Yes, you are correct BBB, let the kitty’s have a “RABIES” application to their claws! Oh but as far as your paragraph on Achievements I only have one question: What is this achievement thing you speak of? Is this new? ;P

    Baiin – Vek’nilash US – Graveyard Shift


  7. I actually totally agree with the premise of the post. Mele hunters ARE the best option for PVP and spell pen is the best stat for them. You nailed it.

    = Undead Hunter – Pretendia US – Rotnetardead =


  8. Will all you PvE’rs stay out of my BG’s!

    Now that that is out of my system; I understand your still going to be coming in, and you understand that anyone with an orphan out is the main target. Do we see eye to eye on this?

    Can I ask a favor of you? Much like the strats you read and watch before ever attempting a boss (don’t forget to update DBM heaven forbid you don’t and something telling you to get out of the fire), please read the achievement your in my BG for. Read about it.

    Only one person gets to assault the towers in AV. Only one. One. If you didn’t get there first, it doesn’t matters how many times you click the flag, you don’t get credit. You don’t get credit. You lose. You should have gotten out of the fire. Now that you failed to get your achievement, leaving the BG is the same as ninja’ing the “l33t” looking mount that drops off of whoever. Stay! You have actual objectives to accomplish here. You have to come kill the general. He’s real easy. I even bought and brought tanking gear.

    To recap:
    1.a) Stay out!
    1.b) Read about what you are trying to do in here
    2) If your not first you failed
    3) Quitting now is in very poor form
    4) Stop clicking the flag, you missed out already.
    5) Come kill the general.

    (Great Idea BBB, and you were right. I didn’t need an actual post in order to comment.)


  9. I want to join the BBB Institute of Advanced Bacon Studies 😛

    Sounds.. yummy..

    Funny idea, but I have to stop slacking at work, so no trolling comment from me


  10. BBB, you should prolly put a patent on this new technology as soon as possible. Before you know it Blizz will steal it and allow players to shout out “Noob!” before you do something stupid in game. Could be worth millions.
    .-= Bill´s last blog ..Dont Druid and Drive =-.


  11. So, since you’re Horde now, wanna group up for that stupid PVP achievement so we can get some proto-drakes?

    Keeping with the theme, I’ll throw your answer out there before you give it: Nah, not really.


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