Looks like Cassie saved the day!

We’ve run a hell of a lot of diagnostics, checks, etcetera, and everything looks good.

All the feedback we’ve had has also been of the “no problems here” variety.

So, we’re gonna call this good, move on with blogging, and Cassie is checking into enhanced security precautions.

I’ll warn you… we might be seeing less addons/plugins for a while as we make sure we only run with the “stripped down” model and keep it safe.

Oh, and btw… Iron Man 2?

Pretty damn cool.

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “ah shit, a blogger with a movie review that’s gonna spoil things.”

Nope. No spoilers.

What I would like to say, is that, first, many movie reviews refer to there being too many characters.

What they should really be saying is, the acting of the characters that ARE in the film is very, very good, and you are left wishing you had more time with all of them.

More time with all of them.

Second, there are a lot of explosions and fight scenes in the movie.

What I felt as I walked away, was that I wished I had more of the wonderful acting and interplay between the characters, and less bang bang armor stuff.

I’m sorry, I know it’s sad, but the acting was that good, that fun, that fresh and at times, that sensitive. The movie does have a lot of action and a lot of plot movement going on, so our moments with the characters in each scene feel fleeting, and we want moar.

The action was good, although towards the end pretty easy to predict, but all in all I felt they did provide plenty of gee whizz armor coolness.

Oh, and I hate Mickey Rourke in general, but damn he was awesome acting in this movie. I can’t believe how good he was in the role he played. I haven’t liked him in anything since Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (and if you never saw that film, shame on you!) but I liked him in this. A lot.

I guess I’d just say… the critics may have some vaild points, but the way they present them is just…. well, it isn’t fair to the movie.

I was not bored, not one single moment in the film. That’s not bad. And I left talking about things, and speculating about things, and looking forward to future movies, and that’s not bad either.

And there were moments where the plot did let you see beneath the exterior of Tony Stark, and see that he had what he showed on the surface, and that he had a whole shitload of hidden subtext below the surface.

Again, no spoilers, but the legacy we leave behind is a main overall theme ofthe movie, the legacy he feels his father left to him and HOW he left it, and the legacy he wants to leave to others.

During that part of the plot, you see what he’s showing you, and it’s good. You also see what he’s actually DOING, and it comes off as there being a slightly discordant note. About 2/3rds through the movie, a layer is pulled back, and you see what he really thinks of his father’s legacy, and it brings everything he is actually doing into a much sharper focus. I admire writing like that, that rewards your paying attention to the personalities of the characters.

So… a good movie. Well worth the GOOD LORD are you shitting me $30 bucks we spent so the both of us could see it and have drinks and a tub of popcorn.

One last thing.

Scarlet Johannsen. Absolute WIN. And not the way you think. There is a payoff in the end. Trust me.

12 thoughts on “Looks like Cassie saved the day!

  1. Iron Man 2 made my husband and I realize exactly how big of nerds we are. The one part, where Tony Stark is doing a building phase in the lab? We knew exactly what he was going to make as soon as he opened the box. Yeah, we are hardcore science nerds.
    I also felt that Iron Man 2 was worth the price of admission.


  2. It was an OK movie.

    I am by far no marvel fanatic, I dont own Spider man PJ’s like one of my co-workers.

    I found the movie interesting, but far from exciting. I went home and watched Iron Man and found it to be over all better.

    I am not saying its a bad movie, just that I think it would have been a better DVD purchase instead of the a Family of 4 going to the movies.

    40$ to get in, 25$ for drinks and popcorn. (Canadian)

    or buy the DVD for 23$?

    I will say that Mickey Rourke charecter was hand picked for his mental capacity. Few lines, few scene’s, and if you ask me, still too much for this movie.


  3. I remember Mickey Rourke from the movie 9 1/2 Weeks, a very hot movie, which I really enjoyed. He has certainly changed a lot over the years and although I haven’t seen Iron Man 2 yet, I’ll be going this week for sure. Robert Downey Jr. tickles my fancy and I really think he is a brilliant actor. He was on Alley McBeal for a while and added a new depth to the show I thought.

    Glad you are up and running again Bear:)


  4. Good to have you back in one piece, can do without all the fancy addons 🙂

    Have seen the movie last week myself aswell, me as a bit of a marvel fanatic realy liked it.
    But there are indeed alot of characters, but the seemed all to be quite good.
    If there would be 1 quote of that movie that sticked most to me it would be: ‘i want my burd’


  5. I agree wholeheartedly about IM2 Bear. Followed my plan with my friends, went saw the movie, came back made steaks, baked taters and some homemade bread and drank some beer.

    The movie was good, if people liked the first they will like this one as well. I also have to say that dumping Terrence Howard for Don Cheadle was a great move. I absolutely hated Howard in the role of Rhodes, but Cheadle brings just the right tone with him (though I thought he was a lil small/wiry for the part at first). Oh and any Marvel fan will kick themselves if they don’t sit through the credits for the “extra” scene. That extra scene got a nice cheer from everyone who was still left in the theater with me and the friends.

    Also if Wave had not beat me to it I was going to tell you to see Sin CIty and The Wrestler. Rourke is an asshole IRL but the man can do a good bit of acting. To be fair to you after Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man he sort of disappeared off the planet until Sin City as far as major roles went he did that whole boxing stint for about 4 years then came back to small parts and small films.


  6. “Harley, you shitbird, You shot me”

    I use that quote a lot. And no one ever gets it. I just like the alliteration.


  7. I don’t know that you’d be spoiling too much… it’s been out in print for since 1963 🙂 But then again which universe…

    And yes… AWESOME!!!


  8. Okay, i forgot about Sin City, and I didn’t see The Wrestler.

    You’re right, Sin City he did great as well.


  9. Ok, I don’t like Mickey Rourke on principal, but nothing since Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man? Really? I don’t like the guy and I had to give him credit for Sin City and The Wrestler in that time period. He just rocked in both of those.

    I am making a cross continent move from Los Angeles to Nova Scotia starting Tuesday and we are holding off watching Iron Man 2 until we ca see it with friends on the other end. The wait is going to kill me.


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