12 thoughts on “Bears Just Don’t Give Up!

  1. Woah. That is some fun footage. I was watching it for a full 30 seconds before I realised that I live an hour away from that park! I wish I had been there on the day…


  2. This is totally a metaphor for you and your blog, right? Cassie being the mama bear, saving your ass when things go wrong? 😉


  3. ohhh snap!

    @gathros i like it, but, i wouldn’t want to waste rage on healing the team, when i have a healer to do that for me.
    it could be very OP unless nerfed to the point of uselessness.


  4. I can’t quite tell but it looks like the baby bear on the ground is either trying to help mama bear or be a rascal and find an opportunity to b-line it up the tree!

    Either way awesome clip!


  5. It’s fun to see mama bear with the two kids in my home town, just been in the park again last saturday. I was quite surprised you came across the video. Anyway, appreciate your blogs very much!


  6. ooooh wanna cuddle 🙂
    but serious for a moment, wouldnt it be awesome if in WoW there was a ability called “lick wound” wich would only be useable in bear form and would heal the 5 people lowest on health in a certain range by summoning lots of baby bears.


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