Aaaaannnnd… we were hacked again!

Yep, it was hacked again.

Good morning! That sinking feeling? That’s my enthusiasm levels as I wonder just how long any of my friends are going to be willing to visit the blog, if there is going to be this risk of malware infection on their computer.

And what about the hundreds of other blogs out there getting hacked? I’m comfortable having this small space with my friends and doing my thing, I really don’t look for growth or expansion or moar readers. But for a lot of bloggers, writers that might be just starting out, or would really like to grow their site readership, or are trying to start a business venture doing what they love, holy crap!

For folks in that situation, you want people searching Google and Yahoo and other search engines to be able to find you, right?

Well, Google and other searching sites regularly check for sites infected with malware, and will blacklist them from their search engine results if they get nailed. Sometimes very fast, indeed. Do they then take them off the blacklist once the site is fixed? Well, what do you think?

It’s a lot easier to trust someone when they can say “I’ve never had my site hacked”, than someone who says “I’ll never have my site hacked again. Honest.”

Thanks to Cassie being on top of things, within minutes of my trying to login and finding the site hacked, Cassie fixed it. Hell, not minutes, seconds.

The best resource Cassie found on this last week continues to be the best. That would be the security geniuses at Sucuri Security who are I swear to all that bloggers hold holy the best blogging security people in the universe.

I’m basing this on them updating status reports, providing knowledge on the actions within the community, researching the root causes, contacting website hosting providers for updates, and providing solutions that work!

I’m thinking about hiring their service for auditing the site continuously, to be honest.

So, once again, the site was back in the hands of the malware redirectors. Cassie took it right back, but this is really getting irritating.

We know it’s not personal. Nobody singled BBB out to take down. It’s part of a mass impersonal hack attack. And this one seems directly targeted at GoDaddy hosted .php based sites, not just WordPress installations.

But damn, people. What a great start to the day, right?

I want to be very clear here. I am deeply, deeply sorry to all of you that visit this website, if the malware that has been on it in the past has caused any of you any inconvenience whatsoever.

I hate this shit. I’m sorry.

12 thoughts on “Aaaaannnnd… we were hacked again!

  1. So, it’s a little like you’re the tank in a pug, the hackers are the DPS, and Cassie’s the healer?

    I work in IT. Firewalls, email spam, etc. I feel for you – and I think Cassie might need to be taken out for dinner? Just sayin’ 🙂


  2. Well done on getting things back in order. Sounds like you guys are having a tough time with the attacks, hope you don’t have any more problems. It has to be very upsetting. Don’t let it get you down though!


  3. Hi BB,

    What operating system is your blog running? I’m a systems consultant specialising in Linux & UNIX, and I have a little bit of experience with WordPress. It sounds like Cassie’s a whiz for this stuff, but if you wanted some professional expertise to take a look for gratis drop me a line – happy to flick you my resume so you know it’s on the up-and-up.


  4. BBB, as an on-and-off reader (co-incciding with my on-and-off druid player) i have recently been reading all those posts that i missed as i played my other characters. As part of that i recently reasd about all the trouble you have been having and the heartache this has been causing both Cassie and yourself. Whilst your attitude towards us, your readers, is commendable and refreshing, i think i speak for all of us when i say “it’s not your fault”. Don’t let these ass-hats ruin your blogging experience and ( on a selfish note) our enjoyment of your blog. Stay cool and keep us along with you for the ride…Long live BBB


  5. Go Cassie!

    To be honest? I don’t really care if I get a trojan from visiting this site (on a personal level, it does bother me that your site is getting hacked like a… Like a Zune? Do they hack those nowadays?) as I can always fix my computer. Hell, there was a time when I didn’t bother with anti-virus software; I would just reformat whenever it got too bugged to work properly. I say, as long as you keep writing quality posts, I’ll keep reading.


  6. You are doing a good job staying on top of these attacks though – much better than many other sites. Thanks for all of the hard work and dedication with the site.


  7. *joins in commending Cassie*…*cheer*

    on a side note – I use Firefox + the NoScript addon – which should protect from redirection

    Rauxis, chosen of CAT


  8. Pfft, like it’s your fault. Good job on thwarting the evildoers, Cassie!

    Like others, I just hope that these jackasses don’t ruin things to the point that you do quit. I get happy when my RSS feed shows a new post from the Butt.


  9. Damn don’t be sorry, BBB. Thanks for your efforts and to Cassie’s for keeping things going. I’d hate to see the asshats win 😦


  10. Aye, applause for Cassie! Don’t worry, BBB, nobody should be blaming you guys. I certainly don’t. Rather, I just hope this doesn’t prove to be a huge headache for you, such that maintaining the blog kills the fun of writing for it. 😦


  11. Totally not your fault, BBB, this stuff happens and it’s certainly not the blogger’s fault. And hey, if anything, it got me to finally install my new McAfee Security stuff on my laptop. 😛 Good work on finding the redirect so quickly and working with those security guys!


  12. No sweat. Although my computers all have Norton or McAfee for antivirus protection, my nephew suggested as an “end-user” I download the free Malwarebytes from their Website.


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