Resto Druid Goodness

What, here? No, not here!

No Resto Druid goodness to be found here, go ‘way!

BUT… some folks know that I play a Resto spec on my Druid sometimes, and have asked me whether I do my own research, where I find out things, etcetera, since Phaelia took her guru-ness to another plane of existence.

You want to know who I go to as my first and most revered resource when I wonder what the various Haste caps are depending on what buffs are available at the time, or which Trinkets might have more usefulness in what situations, and things like that?

I go to Tree Bark Jacket, of course. Just wonderful guides to be found there. WONDERFUL.

Keeva’s blog is also one of those that, when you visit, immediately impresses you with the wonderful graphics and site design. Just gorgeous.

As you know if you’ve visited MY actual website instead of the feed, I gave up on modifying my site design years ago. At this point, I can only gaze upon the wonder of Tree Bark Jacket in awe and admiration.

Okay, honestly, I fell in such love with Andrige’s art for my header, that I could never change it. Nevah! It looks just like me when I grin. Uncanny.

But this ain’t about me, it’s about Tree Bark Jacket!

Such pretty lights. Such beautiful posts.

All that, and amazingly awesome information, too!

Hmm, if I gush anymore, people will wonder if I got paid to write this. HAH! As far as I now, Keeva doesn’t even know I exist. This is just a random act of gushing. So there!

7 thoughts on “Resto Druid Goodness

  1. Thanks for the blog references. I found you by visiting another site that recommended your blog. I love it, and visit as often as I can. I think it’s sad that we let petty emotions get in the way of sharing information. Take care.


  2. BBB is the default Druid blog. I always did enjoy Phaelia, and I’m looking at Tree Bark Jacket’s blog, and wondering how it’s not on my small list. Thanks for turning me on to it.


  3. Ack.. BBB, you’ve made me all teary!

    I just woke up a few minutes ago, and jumped onto my feeder (priorities, I have them) and now I’m all blushing ‘n’ stuff. Of course I know who you are – I’ve subscribed for a long time! I don’t do the bear-thing much anymore these days, but no druid blogroll would be complete without BBB in there!

    Thank you so much for the kind words, I never would have expected a post just for me. I’m very flattered! (I’m not very good at taking compliments though, every time someone says they love my site, I feel like I have to go make it better)

    This made my day, thank you! 🙂


  4. Oh, I love Lissanna, don’t get me wrong. Lissanna’s section on leveling Druid, and the huge section on the sidebar with a guide to Restoration healing all broken down, is super awesome.

    BUT… I’ve been asked who I’ve got bookmarked that, when I’m tying to think of something off the top of my head, where I go. And Keeva’s post is a lazy Bear’s one stop bookmarked shop for those questions I tend to have, after raid healing for a while, when I need that number for reference.

    See, this is the thing about saying you like someone… anyone you don’t mention is gonna tend to think you don’t like ’em, when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Shoot, I miss Unbearably HoT like crazy, and I cheered when 4 Haelz came back to blogging from her break, and I pray daily Jong will return to Forbearance, because clearly, Pike returning to Aspect of the Hare proves my wishes DO come true.

    I love too many bloggers to name them all, that’s why my blogroll vanished. I figured, I might as well just link to the blogger resource list, and to the Twisted Nether blogger wiki, and call it a day.


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