Your suggestions for Druid PvP resources

I don’t do PvP. I also don’t study it.

BUT… sometimes folks send me a link to a place they like where PvP info and advice for classes can be found.

For example, I was recently sent a link to a website called 2V2, specifically referencing a section for Druids. The site is supposed to have articles offering suggestions and advice for improving your game.

I invite you to go check out!

As long as I was thinking about the subject, I invite you, if you are a Druid PvPer and have resources on the web you find helpful, to please share links to those resources here in the comments. Hopefully, of someone searches this website for PvP advice, they will find your helpful links to give them a place to start.

I know that asking you for your experience is the lazy bloggers route, but as I said… I am utterly ignorant of Druid PvP. So why pretend to be what I’m not?

4 thoughts on “Your suggestions for Druid PvP resources

  1. I agree with everyone that PvP is tough for feral druids. I cried pitifully when they took away our speed bonus in cat form. Now, I have to be even more stealthy, because everyone even gnomes can outrun me, so embarrassing. I have done the tidbit route, and it has helped me. I can’t wait to check out 2v2, and see if I can get anything out of it. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.


  2. Thanks for the links, BBB and Hana.

    I’ve also found it difficult to find info on feral PvP. I did hit up the Druid PvP guide on wowwikki (, which has some suggestions. I’ve also checked out some other bits that I’ve found through googling variations on the “feral PvP” search term.

    In my experience, it’s good to pick up info on it wherever you can – in tidbits here and there – but the best thing to do is apply that info whenever you can. While I have dozens of BGs under my belt, I’m still learning about what works best (talent spec, gear set, etc) through trial and error. Druids are extremely versatile: there are a lot of abilities one can use to both do damage and stay alive, and I’m still learning to use all of the tools in my toolbox, so to speak.

    PvP is very different from dungeons and raiding. It helps you learn more about your class/spec, because you find you need to use every trick in the book in certain situations! One thing I read recently was that the best thing to do is to look through and read each possible talent and ability, figure out how you can apply them all in PvP situations, and practice them a lot. It makes a lot of sense, and describes my feral PvP journey to this point. My spec and gear are not “cookie cutter” – and there is no rotation. It’s all about building your skills and knowing what’s available to use to your advantage.

    At least, that’s my take on it. I will check out the links that the two of you have suggested though – it does seem that there is nowhere near enough info out there so I’ll read whatever I can about it!


  3. I remember trying to find a good resource for Feral PvP back when my Druid was running around the BGs. Never found anything I could use.


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