Ding! And victory!

I know this is of no interest to anyone else, but what the heck.

My Rogue is now level 64, and pretty much done with Hellfire. I started at level 60, did all the quests mostly without rested, and had one run each of Ramparts and Blood Furnace.

I don’t know about anyone else, but even with Heirloom Shoulders and Chest armor, I think 4 levels in one zone seems crazy.

As I recall, I dinged 61 in Hellfire when Burning Crusade was released, and was most of the way to 62 just as I entered Zangar.

I only bring it up, because it feels like the accelerated leveling has been changed to go all the way to 70, which wasn’t how things were originally.

When they announced the accelerated leveling program to help new players (and alts) get to upper levels faster than during original game release, it was my understanding that it worked like this;

  • Instance quests gave a lot more XP per turn in, to reflect being group quests.
  • From 10 to 60, quests provided more XP than before.
  • From 20 to 60, it required less actual XP to reach the end of each level.

This meant, and I swear I felt it in action on at least one alt, that leveling to 60 felt fast and smooth, and then you hit Hellfire at 60 and ran smack into a brick wall of leveling pain.

Did this get changed from 60 to 70? It sure feels like it, and if so, what was I doing when this was announced? Waxing my muzzle hair? Trimming my paws?


In other news, this morning, hold onto your hats, Alliance managed to win one in Wintergrasp on Kael’thas at around 5:30 AM server time.

So… I’m thinking all the Horde were sleeping off a drunk in Nagrand this morning?

The armor looks cool with the purple engineering Deathblow X11 goggles 🙂

18 thoughts on “Ding! And victory!

  1. I only started playing in WotLK and I was relieved to hit the Outland. Quest hubs! Dungeons-which-are-like-under-your-nose! Hordes of mobs to AoE-farm if I’m bored. I actually thought 60-61 took less time than 50-51.

    And now, with heirlooms and LFD, I got my priest to terrifying 66-and-a-half not even stepping out of Hellfire Peninsula. Strangely, Northrend requires more time, but in terms of “how many zones” is quite close. I usually get to ~75 finishing Borean Tundra/Howling Fjord duo.


  2. I just got my warrior Alt to lvl 80 this weekend, funny the word alt doesnt mean all that much any more, this marked my 5th 80 and I don’t even remember which one my “Main” is. I did get a big boast from the bon fire quests and holiday BG. I see BG exp as comparable to buy gold, cheap easy and no one really admits to leveling that way. I started last week at 74 and by Sunday night had a 80. Now on to my 74 Pally. When I finish with him I will have lvl 80 Hunter x2, Pallys x2, Druid and Warrior.

    BTW got both 232 capes from frost lord on my newly dinged warrior WooT!!!!!!!!!


  3. I finished leveling my druid from 58-68 with HFP quests completed, Terrokar Forest almost done, and a hint of Zangar. Oh, and someone boosting me through the Ring of Blood. I didn’t do too much instancing, either. Unreal! The heirlooms really make an enormous difference.

    Getting to 70 also went fairly quickly – I think I was almost done with those levels by the time I had finished about 1/2 to 2/3 the quests in Borean. From there, it slowed waaaaaaaaaay down. Having epic flight though really, really, really helped. I still managed to hit 80 though after Borean, a light breath of HF, all of DB, all of Sholazar, and about the first third of ZD, IC, and SP. Not much instancing involved, really, because instancing as DPS is so dicey.

    I think the key to faster Northrend leveling, other than epic flight, is taking advantage of all the dailies you unlock, especially when you start getting into the neighborhood of 80. Argent Tournament dailies start becoming available at 77(!) and are pretty fast for the xp return. The cooking daily is pretty quick too, as well as some of the fishing ones (provided you’ve leveled fishing, but if you have, I can’t imagine speed is your goal).


  4. As someone who started a few months before Wrath, I think leveling goes way too fast. Heirlooms are a great system to speed leveling alts, but otherwise, I wish it was tougher. When I was getting World Explorer on my main, I was amazed at how little of the Outlands I had seen, and how many quests I hadn’t done.


  5. I have leveled two alts recently, and I’m now on my third one. I use heirlooms and stop playing when my rested XP is gone.
    Typically, I run through Hellfire Peninsula, and a bit of Terrokar Forest. I do the quest where Thrall meets his grandmother in Nagrand, and that’s all in Outland.
    This was with a DPS char, that needed some questing. With a Tank / healer, I do very few quest and lvl only in instances.
    I feel like the Outland phase is really short.
    In Northrend, the progression is indeed a bit slower, but not by much, I think. The elites mobs in Nexus with the rested xp and heirlooms give a big chunk of XP per run.
    It all goes a lot faster if you can fly there at lvl 68, of course.


  6. If you haven’t leveled recently, well, let me just let you in for some fun. Levels 76-78 are about as easy and enjoyable as a rectal exam. 79 was pretty much cake though.

    Then you ding 80 try to tank a heroic and get laughed at for having a pathetically small e-peen.



  7. I agree with Siobhann…the Northrend brick wall is real! I have marks on my forehead to prove it 🙂

    I find that 68-70 goes very quickly in Northrend, but that 70-73 are a huge drag. Once you get to 73 or 74 I find it starts to pick up a bit, and by 75 I’ve found it pretty smooth sailing. Unlike Outland, though, it’s really not very good xp to chain-run dungeons; I do each one for the quests and one random a day for badges. 🙂 More than that and the Pug Patrol is likely to eat my brain.


  8. I actually think 70 to 80 is faster/easier than 60 to 70. I juts leveled 2 alts to 80 over the last couple months and I dread the time in Outland. It still feels slower than molasses to me. It is probably all mental, but this post after all was about thee “feeling” of thee time it takes to level.

    Also… I didn’t comment on the last non WoW related couple posts, but you had me in stitches! Thanks for that, and keep the great posts coming!


  9. Ok as no one mentioned that before but …. what the heck are you doing online at 05:30????????

    I mean ok its 02:40 local time atm but still.


    oh and grats to your WG ownage 😉


  10. I don’t know about you guys but I usually finish HFP at around 65. I usually hope over to Nagrand for the last 3 levels then off to Northrend. I am currently working on my 6th 80 and I have 8 characters 68+. I usually do more than one run of the Ramps and Blood Furnace which of course accounts for lots of the leveling done between 58-65. I like some of the stuff ie: Hellreaver, from Hellfire Citadel and usually have to run them a few times.

    The first xp nerf was around after BC had been out for almost a year and only affected 20-60. Then came the Great Nerf that reduced xp needs for all levels 1-70. As well as making everything easier and drastically shortening the xp needed they also boosted the exprience gained from pre BC quests to be more in line with BC quests.

    Before the Great Nerf.
    60-61 required 425000 ish xp and 69-70 required almost 765000

    After the Great Nerf.
    60-61 required 245000 ish and 69-70 now requires around 430000


  11. Right now is such a good time to level though with the midsummer pole spin dance buff thing.

    And yeah, while going through Outland I typically did HFP, Zang, and some of Terrokar and then off to Northrend. One thing that accelerates Northrend a bit in my experience is start doing any/all dailies that you can as soon as you can. Repeatable XP is win.


  12. Actually, I was doing a similar thing. What I did was ran instances from 40-51.. As soon as you ding 51, go to Alterac Valley (especially if your side wins a lot in your battlegroup.) On 51-54, it was a level for every AV win. I’m pretty sure I did 51-60 in about 6 hours /played.


  13. Yes, they changed Outland leveling in 3.0 pretty dramatically. I have two toons at the Northrend brick wall now, alas, along with my two 80s. One is at level 72 and stalled because she’s a tankadin and people are asshats to tanks in randoms. The shammy is level 70 and I’m crying inside at doing the starter zones for a fourth time.


  14. I think that right before they released WotLK, in the 3.0 patch, they cut back the XP required to get from 60 to 70 by a fair amount.

    It is pretty crazy, though. Nowadays you only need to do about 2.5 zones in Outlands to hit 68. Don’t worry, though, they just moved the brick wall to the 70 to 80 stretch. I have a few characters languishing around the start of Northrend that I will probably abandon until they (hopefully) lower the XP needed to get from 70 to 80 in a pre-Cataclysm patch.


  15. The XP requirement to gain a level from levels 60 – 70 were reduced shortly before Wrath was released, if I’m not mistaken. My understanding of this was to help people get to 70 in time for the release.


  16. I believe in the majjor patch prior to WOTLK (the jewelcrafting and inscription patch) they increased exp gains from quest turn-ins by 25% or something. But yeah it’s ridiculous. Before heirlooms and EXP buffs you could go to outland at level 59-60 (I always go as 58 now) and do damn near every quest in every zone except for one (netherstorm or shadowmoon valley) before reaching level 70, assuming you weren’t getting the rested EXP bonus.

    Nowdays you go to HFP at 58 in heirloom gear, do enough quests to unlock the instance dungeons, run the dungeons a couple times and do another dozen or so quests and you’re 61. Do zangarmarsh quests and dungeons to 64, then go to nagrand. There’s so many quests in nagrand that you can get to 68 if you do all the quests in nagrand and a few instances along the way.

    Then it’s on to Northrend at 68. I hope they do the same thing to northrend EXP prior to cataclysm coming out.


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