Cataclysm Troll and Worgen Druid Forms Up!

Thanks to MMO Champion, I finally got to see what we might have to look forward to in terms of Druid forms in Cataclysm.

I’d like to preface this by saying that I do not KNOW that these are final Troll and Worgen Druid form designs. They have been posted in MMO Champion as NPC images, not as final form images. I certainly think that it’s a lot of work to do all these color variations if they didn’t intend going in this direction, though. Make decisions based on these pics at your own risk.

With the NDA lift, MMO Champion updated their Cataclysm NPC Model page, and included on that page are links to collages they created of the various Troll and Worgen Duid forms.

No, I did not see Tree of Life or Moonkin variations there. All I saw were Bear and Cat. Does this mean Tree of Life and Moonkin, if present, are models that continue to be shared amongst all Druids in general terms? Possibly, or maybe it’s still early days. No pictures of a Giant Tree yet, either.

Still, while other folks may have seen these forms before, I certainly hadn’t. I hereby repost the pictures MMO Champion created for your own personal enjoyment. Let me know what you think of those Troll Bears, man, and pass the ganja.

You might like them or not, but I’m lovin’ the Troll colors. They just pop.

41 thoughts on “Cataclysm Troll and Worgen Druid Forms Up!

  1. My first reaction to troll druid forms was rather negative to say the least…but they do, indeed, have a funny way of “growing into you”. They look a lot better in 3D I think so check them up from Youtube. I’d too like tusks toned down a bit, but not too much, on a bear and color schemes could use some…tuning too. Otherwise I think I’m making a new druid alt on the Horde side!

    As for the Worgen, they look good. Very…worgen-like 🙂 I don’t think they’re at all to similar to tauren forms. And after all, we’re talking about druids here, they share a lot despite of different factions and races. Why wouldn’t they look similar. Also a little detail that makes worgen forms look more like tauren are the eyes. You can distinguish pupils…they’re normal so to speak. The first thing that really jumped to me in my tauren bear was the eyes having used to glowing night elf style. Interestingly in troll forms the eyes look similar to night elves with the exception that they are of different color.


  2. Everyone keeps on going crazy about the Troll druid forms, but I have to say…the color coordination for the Worgen is driving me mad with mouth-drewliness. Black bear with red leather gauntlets and yellow glowy eyes? That’s not something I’d want to see charging at me, especially at night. The only thing I want to complain about is how they didn’t make the colors of the bear/cat forms match eachother. I wouldn’t mind a black cat with red leather, but the closest thing is a tan-ish brown. I love love love the gauntlets; they scream brutal to me. I’m for certain going to level a Worgen feral druid come Cata; the only question is whether or not I will choose black/red or grey/brown as my bear model.


  3. Welp, I liek the Troll druid Cat form, The Colors are a lil bit much, but i luv the tusks and accessories, i wouldnt mind seeing orange cats with tiger stripes, with a choosable hairstyle tho, Troll Bears have WUNDERFUL Tusks, Imagine, goring allies with stone-looking tusks, Wewt! Worgen are still a bit dull tho… Either Way, GJ Blizz. 🙂


  4. Well… that’s rather disappointing. Trolls have neon nelf forms with the troll mohawk thing and tusks. Worgen forms are the same as tauren, only with different colored markings (not even skin?) and a worgen mane. Really blizzard, is this the best you could do? They weren’t that great the first time around, much less the second.


  5. I was so looking forward to troll druids and am so disappointed! The colors of the cats are infuriating. LET ME BE AN ORANGE TIGER GORRAMMIT!!! These have got to be beta placeholders.


  6. You know, when I originally saw the troll forms, my knee jerk reaction was dislike. The colors were just.. so vibrant. I was afraid it was a bit too much. Now that I’ve had some time to let it sink in, I’ve found they have grown on me. I can’t explain it but I really hope they keep it that way. I agree on the upturned tusks not looking great but to me its a minor issue.


  7. You know Tesh, this is where you could take a page out of Andy Warhol or Frank Miller, drop back and simplify the design to be bold black and white, and then change the mane/fur colors as one solid representational color. Change from super-realistic or fantasy to impressionistic.

    Or… just say, “Nahhh….. I’ve got too much fun stuff to do.”



  8. My issue is.. and always will be.. as a girl gamer.. I hate that there are no feminine forms for the druid forms. My character is *female* I want my forms to look female :/


  9. Hmmm, there’s something just kind of odd about a Worgen dogcat. (What we need now is a playable cat race, which can roll druids, for a catbird flight form) The Worgen forms do look appealing though (the bear gloves are an interesting look), and I’ll definitely be rolling one at some stage so I can finally enjoy a (non-nelf) alli druid.

    All I want to know now is, do the troll forms glow under UV light?


  10. I’m still not decided if I’ll stay Alliance or go back to Horde when Cataclysm comes out…but if I stay Alliance, I’d have no problem going Worgen. I love the white fur/blue eye combo for both bear and cat. If I do go back Horde, I suspect I’d stick with Tauren…I’m not a fan of the Trolls…the tusks are just a bit too over the top for me!


  11. I wanna have a troll bear and troll cat form (without the tusks). The colour… I want. Especially the cat. The hair adds soo much!


  12. Well..trolls and night elves have those long pointy ears…kind of makes sense that they gave the Troll cat the Night elf cat form and slapped tusks on it.


  13. I adore the Tauren forms, I think they are both powerful and beautiful with well done colors. So my hordie is staying Tauren for sure.

    The Worgen forms are okay but strike me as a little rabid. Despite my dissatisfaction with the NE color scheme I’ll stick with my bluish purple panther thank you very much!

    I am also noticing the similarity in general shape/build between the Taurens and Worgen compared to the Night Elves and Trolls. Very interesting.


  14. Those troll forms sure are colorful. I like the stripes and the hair on the cat, they are really cute. Hrmm I might consider making a Troll Druid hehe..


  15. I know alot of people are really digging the new forms, but I have to say that these posted shots of the possible new forms are really disappointing to me. I liked the tauren forms, so the fact that worgen are getting those (with some worgen stuff added in) is pretty nice, but I still cannot really look at those bear heads and keep a calm face on. They’re just silly.

    I was waiting to see these forms before deciding on the fate of my druid (my current main as MT). After looking at them, I am done with druids. Between this joke (to me, I know many enjoy them, I do not, we all have our own tastes), and all of the changes coming for bears (lacerate combo points? No thanks), I’m taking the expansion reset chance to swap to a class that has a bit more sensibilities. Maybe a rogue or a paladin.


  16. since i haven’t been planning on rolling a worgen, I’ll only comment on a troll. love the tusks, but those color combinations…oh god. did someone give too much suger to a flock of fingerpainting kindergartners and then let them loose?

    cats look like escapees from Sex pistols concert mosh pit O_O

    and again, every single one of them look so damn male…the tusks especialy as cool as they look? very male by their size.

    oooh lordie, goo thing I decided that my troll druid is going to be healing, but I was going to give her kitty offspec :/ I’m starting to wonder now 😦


  17. personally when i think bear tank, i think grizzly, not yogi on shrooms. the troll bears are a mockery of druid tanks imo. i can see people liking the colors. not for me, but i can see why people like the colorful sides of bears. however, the one thing i really dislike about the troll bears is the tusks. they look ridiculous. they look ok on the kittys, but not on the bear. i’ll stick with the more serious colored bears, but have fun with the vandalized ones 🙂


  18. What I find interesting about these is the troll cat looks similar to nightelf, apart from the day-glo colouring obviously, and the Worgen similar to the Tauren.

    I’m wondering how that will play out in PVP where Blizzard have stated in the past that silhouettes are important to help identify faction (think it was given as a reason why high elves wouldn’t be a playable Alliance race because you wouldn’t be able to distinguish them from Blood elves).

    I’d have expected the worgen/nelf and tauren/troll to be closer to each other than to the opposing sides forms. Thought I think its Worgen ? Tauren thats going to cause the identification issues those day-glo colours are more than enough to know you’ve a troll around (and the orange one should have a proper tiger stripe body not just the mane)


  19. Meh, Worgen bears look good, but their cat form just looks to much like tauren without horns.
    As for the Trolls, there you go mr. T your mohawk is ready, Cats would proly look better if the made the hair a bit lower on the front part of the head.
    Bears look like some dev let their kid take his colours and paint theses, and again to much mohawk and sideburns.


  20. Since there’s one moonkin model each for tauren and nightelves (horns vs. antlers; slight color difference), I bet trolls and worgen will each have a moonkin variation too. But I’d really love to see resto trolls turn into trees with gorgeous orange leaves — or yellow, or blue, or whatever!


  21. Dangit…I just knew Trolls were going to get the best forms of the bunch. Or at least the ones I was going to like the most. That cat form is so fun. Alas, I’m Alliance and have no desire to leave my guild just to be the coolest cat in town. (See what I did there?!)

    I like the Worgen forms, but they scream “leather daddy” to me. I feel like they’d fit right in with the Village People. Or IML. I’m cool with that. Just…yeah.


  22. I love the colors of the Trolls, but the tusks in bear form kill it for me, they look stupid. They look fine on the Cats though

    As for the Worgen the bear form is kind of meh aside from the gauntlets IMO. But I love the cat forms.


  23. After BBB’s comment above, I really have to agree on the Worgen forms. I think the Troll forms overshadow the Worgen only because of the colors.

    But looking at the bears – they have SPIKES! The “gloves” are nice, but the SPIKES are awesome! I really like the coloring, especially the top left examples (both bear and (especially) cat). The swept-back mane on the Cat looks good, but I really want to see in “in action”.

    Those trolls colors are just so distracting!


  24. Well your son and I have something in common! I wish the bear orange was as orange as the kitty mane! I’ve never dropped my sub, but I haven’t been playing much, this is wanting to make me come back.

    BBB, are you still raiding? About when are you, if you are? I want to casually see some of the fun stuff before Cata comes. I won’t transfer my druid, but I’d transfer my lock, or roll a fresh druid. I just want to play with like-minded people. Haven’t played in forever because of that, and time.


  25. My personal impression is, the Worgen textures and colors are very refined, subtle and skillful in the way the worgen physicality is incorporated into Bear. Those few big changes, like the Bear form guantlets on the front paws, are great touches.

    It’s just when you compare that to the, well, playful fun of the Troll feral colors and the little fetish skulls and feathers on the colllar and the earrings, that it’s a drastic difference.

    If we hadn’t seen troll bears or cats, we’d all be talking about how cool bear guantlets looked.

    I know other people feel differently about their feral druids, but I’ve said plenty of times that the biggest thing for me is that Bears are the ‘fun’ tank, the light hearted bouncy bouncy tank, the “let’s pull this and then bear dance on their bodies’ tank. And kitties are great. 🙂

    So, for me… damn, I do lov that Troll Bear with the orange mane. My son would freak. Orange is his favorite color.


  26. I thought I couldn’t be more excited for Troll Druids. I was wrong. I mean, if you’ve done your research on trolls ( >.> <.< DON'T JUDGE ME) you find that their skin colour comes from the fact that they've actually got blue/green/brown/grey fur, and not skin. So the fact that the fur colours on the shapeshifted cats/bears pop just as much as the pigment in troll hair/"skin" is drool-inducing.

    As far as worgen go…they just seem too similar to Tauren. Lacking, of course, horns. They do have sweet claws in bear form, though…if I ever get an Alliance bear going, it'll be worgen. I've always been one to have weapons in third-person perspectives effect me more than normal people…if it's more visible, I feel like I'm really smacking Crusaders with an axe or stabbing scourge in the back. It also kinda depends on attack animations and how realistic they look (cough blood elves cough). I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this, but essentially, them claws in bear form seem like they could really smack some foo's. And that's exciting to me.


  27. While I love the Troll Cat form / textures… the bear form makes me go “Orly?”. The top 3 (Troll Bears) aren’t bad, but the bottom two? I guess “pop” is one term for those colors… not necessarily the term I would have used, though. 🙂


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