New Shirt Idea – inspired by Chawa!

So, we were chatting for a second in guild, and someone asked about our impressions of the Troll Druid colors. I think we now have our new controversy of choice. Oh goodies, a new polarizing issue to debate. Some folks don’t like ’em, others do.

For my two cents, can I just say, I’ll take something that makes a bold statement over something that inspires a whole lot of ‘meh’. At least, so long as there are a bunch that like it as WELL as people that don’t.

I still think Worgen Bear Guantlets are butch.

And really… color or no color, where the hell are the FEMALE Druid forms? Huh? Sleek and sinister? Fangs a bit… oh, I dunno… delicate, rather than overcompensatingly prominent? What about jeweled fangs as a facial feature that transfer to forms?

And where are my flying cars! I was promised flying cars by 2010 in Popular Mechanics magazine. Well?

Got that worked out? Good!

As we were chatting, Chawa totally broke out with “Troll Druids can’t stealth”.

Perfect timing.

So that brought to mind a t-shirt with the following scene…

Three Druids of the other three races, standing around in normal form around a vibrant Troll Kitty with light green fur and the bright orange mane. Picture it JUST as if it were three guys holding beers standing around a sports car, looking down at it and debating it’s various merits. Each has a word balloon over his head.

  • First Druid; “I bet those tusks add a good bit o’ DPS”
  • Second Druid; “That nice red color sure does make ‘er look mighty fast”
  • Third Druid; “Gonna need all that speed, ’cause she sure ain’t gonna stealth fer shit”

9 thoughts on “New Shirt Idea – inspired by Chawa!

  1. Well, Demon, the tree color should probably stay the same. If anything a slight variation in tint. This is, of course, if Blizzard wishes to maintain realism. It’s not everyday you see a tree with it’s trunk NOT brown or some color near that. It’s wood it’s gotta be that color. :p
    Though, this is where I kinda open myself to your opinion.
    It’s also not everyday you see a green cat/bear. -_-


  2. I’m all for the female druid forms, but also IMO the other druid forms should offer some color variety, not the same boring boomkin and tree colors =


  3. I’m personally really excited about the troll druid forms. =) Sometimes I feel like we need a bit more vibrancy in wow… other than trade chat. Teres and I are with you on on the female druid forms… C’mon blizz, you make the human forms sexy, why not the shape shift forms at LEAST more delicate? ❤


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