Real Life – The Game!

I was browsing the blogorama this morning, and couldn’t help but notice Miss Medicina talking about a new game she’s been enjoying lately.

I guess it’s called “Real Life”, or something like that.

I thought it was called “Second Life”, but I guess that’s some other game.

Reading about this cool new game gave me the urge to try it on for myself.

The hard part in getting started, however, is that the match making service is still in Beta.

I mean, it turns out I’ve got a character in the game already. I don’t like the name they gave me, it feels kinda like the game assigned it to me at startup, but I checked out the rules and while I could change it, that requires extra payment and there’s a cooldown on how often I can do it, so I figure I’ll just keep it.

But now that I’m in the game, and I’ve got a character and everything… well, it’s hard to get a party going.

It turns out that the LFD in Real Life is full of trolls like you would NOT believe.

Okay, hold on while I talk “In Character” now. Yeah, I know, it’s part of the game. Feels wierd. Okay, here we go, let me see if I can do this. 

John Patricelli says; Hi folks! I’ve been thinking about getting back into playing pen and paper style role playing games that require actual face to face interaction. I’m just kicking the idea around, no definite plans just now. For one thing, Cassie might decide I haven’t been nearly nice enough to have a ‘gaming night’ in our already hectic schedule.

John Patricelli says; What I wanted to do was throw the idea out there and see if any of you in the area of the Twin Cities, Minnesota, were interested in getting together and forming a gaming group. If you’ve been reading the Converging Forces stuff, you’ve got a fairly good idea of the kinds of games I run when I GM, lots of story and character development, some action, and lots of long term consequences and drama. And sarcasm.

John Patricelli says; So, again, this is totally just to see if there are enough folks out there in my area that are both interested in stepping away from WoW once in awhile to get together in real life for pen and paper role playing, and are also interested in doing so with me. If you are, toss me an email at

Why do I have the feeling I’m going to be hearing crickets? This is a group of readers focused on playing video games, after all, not playing RPGs.

Again, totally not starting anything right this second, just looking to see if there would be local interest, and maybe I should say, the campaign would not take place in WoW. At least, not if I’m GMing. I don’t know the lore NEARLY well enough.

Hey James, would you be in once or twice a month?

22 thoughts on “Real Life – The Game!

  1. Good luck getting a group together! I was in a steady D&D group for a few years in my early thirties before I moved. They still play, and send out updates. If I were in the area, I’d be game. Anyone on the West coast down?


  2. LFD works so much better in a more populated server. I play on NYC, and have little troubles finding like-minded people for my endeavors.


  3. I dont know how it is with you but we (me and some friends) have a few (2 or 3) campaigns running at any given time next to our “wow-lives”.
    Shouldnt be too hard really. We usually play in the weekends session from to hours, depending on the mood and time.
    As a matter of fact it is tabletops that got me hooked on wow 🙂
    And before you ask: yes we do work, have family’s, social lives and all that junk 🙂
    For the fact of finding peeps to tabletop with: if your from belgium mandragon is a site that handles about gaming and has a dedicated channel to bring together groups. Maybe something like that is available in your area B?
    And if that doesnt work: try running in to a gameshop with fake guns and the line: “none of you pigs move! This is a robbery!” wich started a new gamegroup playing deadlands as well 🙂


  4. I’ve been feeling the withdrawl from tabletop lately as well, having had to give up my last campaign (GMing Deadlands) when I became employed again. My main problem is that I work weekend night shift, which tends to clash with normal schedules. Keep us posted if you do decide get something together. I would definitely throw in if I can. =)

    And for the record, I only started playing WoW to keep playing with my D&D buddies who were moving away. Video gaming and TT RPGs are not mutually exclusive activities by any stretch of the imagination. Most people I know that do one, do both.


  5. Ah, I do so love it when people project their own problems onto me. Sorry for your problems, Anon. I hope you find a way through them.

    And now, back to having fun.


  6. Good timing on this post. Late last week I was looking at craigslist postings and there was some group looking for a 4th player to join their D&D campaigns. I was just looking for various activities as I’m trying to meet some new people where I live. So if you can’t find anybody here try your local craigslist.


  7. Man, I wish I could join your Real Life raid and have some D&D fun with you. We actually did this very thing a couple of weekends ago with Fuubaar and Fulguralis from Killingemslowly, and I do some pen & paper with a bunch of my friends around here every couple of weeks. Minnesota is a bit of a trek from Ohio though :/


  8. My dice still hate me from the last time I played…. heck, they’ve followed me into WoW because my in-game dice hate me, too…


  9. If I were in the area I’d do it, but alas I’m stuck in Arkansas for a bit longer. Then, I’m not too sure where I’m going next. I would do a pbem though.


  10. I am definitely down for a session every month or two…even if there are others in between my forays into this Real Life thing.


  11. Um… Well John you see there is this game called Dungeons and Dragons Online where it’s stated purpose is to get all those “pencil and paper” types to play online since they can’t get the old group from High School back together again.

    Life happened to all of us… I can no more get together with my old D&D group doing Keep on the Boderlands than I can go back in time.

    Think about it… you can have poker night with the “guys”. But can you have role play night with the “guys and er that one girlfriend everyone thinks is cool”?
    You can go golfing Saturday morning as long as your spouse does not have “honey dos”. You can go on bike rides for hours on end as long as mom in law is not visiting.

    But THOU SHALT NOT PLAY THAT “GAME” OVER ANY “REAL” ACTIVITY… Yeah I know it’s real to all of us but not anyone outside of gaming.

    sorry buddy we all grew up… we are blessed with modern technology that allows us to visit our childhood from time to time… but we left Fun and Games station long long ago.

    I really think that was the shock of the REALID thing. To many of us old school gamers we were offended that not only would we be exposed as gamers. But that we would have to “check” in at the park entrance too.

    They wanted us to announce what demographic we were not what class we played. In other words Blizz now wants us to “Bring the Paystub not the Class”.


  12. I’d play. I’m in New Zealand, so do you think we could host alternate gaming sessions over here though? 😉


  13. I tried out that “Real Life” game a couple of weekends ago and I gotta say, I was a bit alarmed. I logged in first thing in the morning and my in-game house had empty bottles all over, chips and pretzels ground into the carpets, and my toon kept complaining about things like “headache”, and “thirsty”, and “are those my pants in the driveway?” I suspect my account might have been hacked, because I don’t recall any of those events.

    Best of luck with your P&P RPG!


  14. Thanks! That’s going to be a little far for me, unfortunately. People complain about travel times in WoW but it’s got nothing on Real Life.


  15. Bear I wish we lived in the area. We took a break from WoW because of our RPG. The kids joined and everything lots of fun. 🙂 I wish you luck in getting things set up!


  16. My apologies, Ryan. Clearly, i fail at Real Life!

    I live in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA. Saint Paul is closest. I had stated that in my lead paragraph, bu clearly I cleared it and didn’t notice. Sorry for the confusion.


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