My take on new Cataclysm Talent Specs

What’s that? My take on Cataclysm talent specs?

It’s that I’m not going to bother doing one.

I wish I hadn’t even bothered to open the damn talent calculator to look at them.

What’s the point?

They’ve done a complete reboot of the concept they had and thrown it out there, and it’s just unfinished. It’s incomplete. All you can say about it is, it’s a good start.

You know what, when I plan on unveiling a big project at work, I don’t get 85% through the first iteration of my concept, and then hold a staff meeting to say, “Hey, here ya go, what do you think? Give me your honest feedback on what we need to do to improve it.”

What do I think? I think it’s a good concept but you left it 85% done, and what do you expect me to say about it? “Hey, that bit doesn’t look right?”

Gee, what do you say in reply? Something like, “Oh yeah, we know that isn’t right, we’re planning on fixing that soon.”

Well, tell you what. Hows about you carry your happy ass on back and fix all the things you already know need fixing, and then when you’re actually thinking you’re DONE, then you let us see it? Then, with a concept you think is ready for prime time in hand, when we tell you we have a concern, instead of saying “Oh yeah, we already knew about that”, you can just make a list of NEW things that you DIDN’T know.

Things that aren’t bloody obvious.

What is obvious? No, I’m not going to bother. I’m not wasting one more freaking ounce of my precious time dissecting these things.

No, I’ll wait until they actually release something that indicates they think they’re close to done. I know they don’t need my feedback; they’ve got Beta testers to point out the obviousness. 

Wait, am I supposed to thank Blizzard for giving us a tease?

Yay! Thank you for rushing it out the door in the middle of all your bad press last week! Appreciate it! Woo!

Man, I’m so excited I feel dizzy.

9 thoughts on “My take on new Cataclysm Talent Specs

  1. There’s a very simple reason touched on by your first commenter. They HAVE to release interim builds. And not just for QA of the interface itself. Sure, they may know that X talent isn’t really ready or that Y talent may be a little OP. What they DON’T know is how players are going to spend their points, which talents they will or won’t pick, and how they all work together. The only way to see how each talent point interacts altogether is to have beta testers … well .. testing them out.

    Also, while they may know a specific talent is underpowered or not exactly right, they want that interaction with other talents and differing builds to know HOW wrong it is. How to scale it properly in combination with everything else. Number crunching can only go so far and they need real people to give it a spin.

    That being said, you were right by not commenting on them. They didn’t release them to be analysed in isolation (they can do that themselves). They will change, there will be alterations, things will get dropped or added or transformed beyond recognition.


  2. Just playing devil’s advocate here, but technically Blizzard did not “release” the new talent trees for consumption by the general public beyond providing a glimpse at the general UI; that would be the fault of the fan sites that datamined the info.

    Currently the trees are so broken in beta that it’s not even possible to get some talents if you’ve trained the spell at the trainer, so my guess is they released the beta with the changes in place so that the testers could comment on the UI, not the talent trees.

    That said, I agree that it’s a complete waste of your time to comment on the talent changes at this point.


  3. Lissanna over at Restokin actually posted some interesting ideas for rearranging the first two tiers of all the druid trees to be a bit tidier and more appealing for all three specs.

    @Moonra: if you mean Swiftmend, all Resto druids get that when they choose to specialise into the Resto tree at level 10 (or whenever they respec).


  4. In their defence, this build *did* open up WPL, Deepholm and the Stone Core for testing. I expect getting that content out to the beta players for testing was their real reason for pushing the build to the beta server and the criteria for the talent trees was “will the beta players be able to put a spec together and actually play their class?”

    That said, I think they’re getting some useful feedback on the more finished classes (like warriors) and druids were explicitly listed as “really not very done yet folks” in the build patch notes.


  5. LOL … I KNEW you couldn’t resist it. My OH is a tree druid and he wasn’t much impressed either – I’m refusing to even look, because otherwise I’ll end up feeling like you do now!


  6. Main restodruid here and yes, it took me a while to view the new builds cause of massive traffic on mmo-champ and my old browser at work but when, after a spending a lot of time trying, go it up i felt it was a waste of my time.

    It’s nice to see where they want to go with this but I’m a bit scared, the former Beta tree’s were a bit to much maybe. But where are all the amazing talents? Ye we get a few but where’s my instant rejuvenation heal? haste talents? cast time reduction stuff?

    Blizz said that fire mage is more complete that some others, but I do believe they are missing a lot of stuff to..

    I’ll wait for more finished content before I write a review on the new talents


  7. During software development and testing, unfinished things are released all the time, not for the press but to get them out there and being tested. Right now they’re not caring whether the talents are all correct or balanced, right now the important part is getting the UI right, making sure it does give you the spells you’re supposed to get when you select a spec no matter what the conditions of timing or how you click or heck, there’s probably some tester out there picking a spec as they’re being pummeled in combat. That the whole thing doesn’t crash the game as soon as you bring up the talents panel. (Well, ok, I’m sure internal testing discarded that last bit, but you can never be sure.)

    So, you’re right. Don’t waste time analyzing the talents, they’re definitely not ready yet. But also don’t be mad at them for releasing something unfinished until Cataclysm ships and there’s still showing signs of being only 85% done.


  8. No, wait, I lied. I can’t let this go. I’ll keep my damn mouth shut about every other class, and every other spec, but WTF is up about the entire first tier of restoration for Druids being either for other specs, or for ALL specs?

    Hey, they’re nice talents, but is this REALLY the best you could come up with for making the first point in the Restoration tree feel like you invested an actual valuable point in Restoration?

    Damnit, no, I’m shutting up. They do not deserve my giving a shit. They do. not. deserve. my caring.


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