I still aten’t dead.

Just being killed by work.

Amazingly enough, I have finally found the amount of stress necessary to finally stop me from posting daily. It only required continuous equipment failures and personally covering other people’s shifts for weeks on end.

Local RPG

For those of you that have emailed me about starting up a local pen and paper RPG group, thank you, I do believe I have replied to you, but in case I haven’t… I will soon.

Responding to Email

For those of you that have emailed me in the last few weeks with questions… most likely I haven’t replied, but I’ll certainly try. Someday. Really. No, really.

Local get together/Meet the Bear/Yell at the Bear

For those rare few of you that have asked me when I might be planning to do a local Twin Cities get together, like I’ve done at Buffalo Wild Wings before… I’d like to do it again soon, but I think BWW might be played out. Any suggestions? It’d have to be some place that could have flexible seating since ya never know how many folks might be coming (although all things considered, a small booth is probably cool), and be smoke free. And well lit. And safe for people to visit who are nervous about meeting complete strangers they only know through the internet.

Be Safe

Oh, and while I’m thinking about it… chaperones to these things are not only welcome, but encouraged. There are some stone freaks out there, so if you do go out anywhere to meet people you only know from the internet BRING A FRIEND. And a shotgun. If you can’t conceal a shotgun in your back pocket, well, Minnesota IS a conceal carry state, so get your permit, and I happen to know from MY childhood that a Baeur .25 auto/Baby Browning fits in a back pocket admirably.

Plus, it’s cheaper to feed than your cousin bubba.

Anyway, in short… I may be quiet, but I aten’t dead yet.

16 thoughts on “I still aten’t dead.

  1. Ahh the Steyr Plastic Fantastic. Standard issue down here, dont forget unless your full auto only newbs have the barrel grip down.


  2. my fav comic strips are dilbert (it’s not fiction..) and sequential art (webcomic)

    C&H is great too, but for my money dilbert tops them. (I did sniffle a little at the Calvin on Ritalin strip..) poor hobbes becomes a little stuffed animal again.. 😦


  3. I have been reading you since I rolled my druid and started tanking with him about 5 months ago, and today with your mention of CCW, I think I love you now 🙂


  4. Also, you can read into the political stances and philosophies rampant in those comics, and how they relate to my own during various stages of growth, that you’d like. I think a choice of comic you truly 100% resonate to says more about who you really are than anything else possibly can.

    Which probably should have been a post all it’s own; psychoanalysis by comic strip preference.


  5. First… feel free to use this the next time you try and explain logical fallacies.

    All things that are Pratchett are cool, but all things that are cool are not Pratchett.

    Second… I have been a huge fan of the Steyr AUG, and bullpup design assault rifles, for… oh, about 26 years now. Wassup Austria?

    Finally… when I was but a teen, when asked what my favorite comic strip of all time was, I would answer “Bloom County”. When I was a young adult, when asked what my favorite comic strip of all time was, I would answer “Calvin and Hobbes”. Now, if asked what my favorite comic strip of all time was, I’d answer “The Boondocks.”

    I realise now, to my horror, that when I love something as the greatest of all time…. I kill it.


  6. It’s always safer to meet Internet People with A. people you already know and B. guns. That’s what I did when I first met my husband IRL (all right, so he had the guns not me but some of the People I Knew had guns too)

    It just makes things… so much more cordial…


  7. I for myself ( as i am from Austria) would favor a Steyr AUG Z but that is hard to wear hidden.

    As i am checking your Blogsite everyday i was wondering if you silently stopped blogging but i think you won’t do such nasty things to your readers 🙂


  8. Glad to hear your still swimming along.

    Same here, San Jose is even farther then Dafydd.

    Totally forgot about conceal weapon states, been in california way too long. You know, the state where only the stone freaks are allowed to carry concealed.
    Ive often wondered if that affects crime rates or not. Does the local junky hit the 7-11 and pull out his .38 knowing that at least 2 to 3 others in the store could be carrying at the same time? As it is, so many lawyers here, if a person breaking into your home gets hurt, they can sue you =/


  9. Glad to hear your doing (reasonably) well, hope the plant stops collapsing around you sometime soon.

    Like yesterday soon.

    Too bad I live a good 5 hours away, I would totally take you up on both the meetup and the RPG group.


  10. I’d visit. But Sacramento is an inconvenient drive to your area.
    And… the nice thing about being Poppa Bear Sized is that a Kahr K-9 still fits in a pocket. Or a 1911. But don’t sit too long- it digs into places that hurt.


  11. Glad to see you are alive and kicking.

    Glad to see you give good advice for real world, too. Too bad I’m 7 hours away from there.


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