Why can’t they make MOVIES like that?

Look, have you SEEN the damn video trailer for DC Universe Online?

I honestly want to know, in looking at this trailer, in looking at the Starcraft II trailer from the last post, dear lord why can’t that insane level of quality actually make it into a real movie?

Why do we keep getting TV show mass produced cartoon crap released as actual movies? Why, lord?

I see that trailer above for DC Universe, and I think about the crap animation in the most recent DC animated movie I saw, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, and it makes me want to scream in frustration.

If you’re going to leave the half hour TV show episode realm and venture into the bright lights of movie making, for crap’s sake, BRING YOUR “A” GAME!!

Iron Man: Armored Adventures was a style I really, really enjoyed. I thought I could live with that as my new standard for enjoyable, smooth animation.

No. Hell no. If they want to make a movie costing millions that we’re going to pay our hard earned money to see (I know our family drops $35+ on a single movie going experience) how about stepping up and making something somewhere remotely close to the level of quality in the game trailer above?

Am I crazy? Did that 6 minutes of footage above really cost them so many millions that another 124 minutes would cripple the world’s economy?


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  1. I think the only word that can be used to describe that video is: awesome. I watched, then agina and then again. Personally I agree with BBB – if you can do that for 6 minutes of ilm and how many others of cut scenes then by gods do a decent animated version of the death of superman or the original infinite crisis. Plus Superman is just so bad ass in that. Laser eyes to the face? Sweeeeeet!


  2. I used to read/watch Marvel and DC a lot but lost touch over the years. Seeing that clip has just rekindled my want to watch the animations of both DC and Marvel again.
    Think i’m going to hit the ‘NZB’ world later!


  3. Brimoonfang, thanks for answering those questions. I knew Black Adam, but wasn’t sure who the giant woman was. There is also that lady from the Doom Patrol, I think, plus others. Attack of the 50 foot woman is a favorite, isn’t it?

    I actually like Black Adam in some ways, as he seems to have some depth to him rather than being a cookie cutter.

    I will admit I’m getting tired of the “Shazam call is used like a thermonuclear weapon dropped from orbit” technique. It was interesting in Kingdom Come, but I thought it was supposed to only be the shapechange signal. Now, what, if you have some other intent when you yell “shazam” you might get blown up instead of turn into an adult superhero?


  4. Eberron, the villain who defeats Green Lantern and Flash is Black Adam, the arch-enemy of Captain Marvel (they have identical powers, unfortunately).
    His costume is black rather than red, but it’s hard to see when everything is so dusty.

    The giant woman is most likely Giganta (aka Doris Zuel).


  5. Ok, that was a super sweet trailer. I am totally agreeing that should be a feature length movie and I’d pay readily to see it and then most likely to buy the DVD. Hell, it even makes me interested in the game until I see the game looking like crap.


  6. I wasn’t all that impressed with the DC Online video. The animation wasn’t any greater than most of those we get for games these days, and the story was pretty comic-book-standard.

    The SC2 trailer, though, was all kinds of awesome.

    THAT SAID – I agree that animation for “straight to DVD” and television is really, really lacking these days. The style of animation we see on Cartoon Network (I see it when my nephew has it on) is just spartanly simple and lacking any real artistry. It doesn’t help that the stories there are just as vapid.


    No idea where I was going to go with that.


  7. Take solace in the fact that it’s being run by Sony Online Entertainment (SoE) which is pretty much a Bizarro-Midas: Everything it touches turns to crap and/or dies horribly.

    …Not unlike Uwe Boll, now that I think about it.

    See: EQ, Planetside, The Matrix Online, SWG, and the various small Station.com-based games, (Infantry, Tanarus, Cosmic Rift)

    I’m aware that Free Realms is being run by SoE right now, as will be The Agency when it comes out… I’m just counting the days until flameout. =(


  8. I’ll take the animation, but the voice acting can take a hike. Apart from the Joker (Mark Hamill!!!), everyone else is just wrong. Overacting FTL.


  9. Hesston’s pegged it. I’ve been to panels with the music and cinematic teams. I can’t recall how long it actually takes but it’s on the order of months to get that 6 minutes of CG done.

    Yes, Pixar can pull off stuff like that, but Pixar is a CGI studio and nothing else.

    I’m about to chew my nails off waiting for the Cata cinematic. If you watch the vanilla, TBC, and Wrath cinematics back to back, you see a leap of quality in each one. Gods, you can see the individual hairs of Arthas’ furry boots blowing in the wind. I cannot WAIT for those minutes of ecstasy.


  10. I had a really long post typed up and then I read it and realized it had traveled far afield of the topic at hand. It’s at time like this I think I should start a blog so I can store my drivel someplace 😛

    Ok back on topic with a short post

    Tesh brings up a good point. It’s easy to get us to go” Oooh me wants” when you show us the characters we all know kicking some ass with not much in the way of dialogue 😀

    I’d have more faith in a company like Blizzard doing something as I feel that the cinematics are based off an already established solid story. Assuming of course they kept their hands in the production of the movie.


  11. So, having been out of the DC loop for years, any heads up on what was up with Captain Marvel?


  12. Pixar seems to do pretty well.

    It’s worth noting that with them, story comes first.

    Not saying that comic movies can’t have good stories, but six minutes of comicy goodness is easier to string together than a couple hours.


  13. That was an awesome trailer. My first MMO was City of Heroes and if DC Universe Online brings that level of quality to its game play and design I’m going to have to make some serious decisions about where my entertainment dollars go.


  14. My guess is that they can put a lot more money onto a 6 minute trailer than an animated TV series can put into individual episodes, because it’s part of their advertising budget for a multi-million dollar game production.

    Now, as for movies, which have a much huger budget, however? No clue, unless the game companies have stolen all the best animators.


  15. Time = money

    The time it takes to animate and render an entire 120 minutes of high-res computer animation is ridiculously longer than cell animation.

    And most of these new DC/Marvel animated movies are contract jobs between an animation company and the studios. Contracts are usually produce X movies in Y amount of time.

    Since most of the profit on these movies are in DVD sales, the ROI on putting the time and effort into the CG movie over cell movie just isn’t there.

    But I agree, the CG looks hella cool.


  16. Oh, I know! I SO wanna see the story that lead up to that “final” battle, put forth by the same people that did that trailer. Granted I’m not a comic reader these days, and that story might be out there in comic form, but, just WOW.

    We got “You are not prepared!” They got … oh baby.

    DC Universe without the politics of making a movie, perfectly executed without missing a note. I wonder if Hollywood can hear its pulse slowing?


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